These socks just made me laugh.

In a world where socks have capes, these rabbit-eared Louise versions are just the best.

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Etsy shop Dance Macabre sells these wonderful hand-printed socks featuring a silhouette of Cthulhu.

The distressed light grey design is printed on the outside of each cozy sock. Check out more pics after the break.

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Now that we know Nike will release self-lacing sneakers in the Spring of 2016, you’re going to need some awesome socks to go with them.

Fortunately, Rock ‘Em Apparel has four Back To The Future-inspired options to choose from. The first three will be released in a limited edition Flux Capacitor box set that’s hand-numbered up to 300 and includes a secret message from 2045. The fourth style will be available to purchase outside of the set.

Check out all the great socks after the break including a ridiculous product video.

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Wizards and muggles alike have begun leaving socks in front of a Dobby statue that’s part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London in an attempt to “free” him from his glass prison. They’re also posting to Twitter under the tag #freedomfordobby. It’s an adorable way to pay tribute to the most loyal creature of the wizarding world.

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These Harry Potter Hogwarts Over-The-Knee socks are stylish and functional. Got scabby knees from Quidditch? Handled. Need to stay warm but robes will trip you in a dungeon? Fixed.

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Get ready for your next interview in serious style with Business Dog Socks. Dressed in a fashionable argyle sweater and tie, this dog has one thing on his mind: promotion.

The only problem is Cat and Bear are ambitious and will stop at nothing to keep your feet cozier than the competition.

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We can’t get enough nerdy and kawaii thigh high styles like these “Fur The Win” fox socks. I mean, c’mon, they sleep on your knees. That’s next level adorable.

See Also: This Cute Little Fox Dress Even Has Ears On The Shoulders

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These cute cat socks can be found at Japanese bargain chain 3 Coins and they’re a must-have for feline fans. The stores are kind of like Dollar Tree stores in the US, but at 3 Coins everything costs 300 yen, or about $2.43.

The designs are based on famous foods, stories, or products found in each of Japan’s 42 prefectures and regions. Also, a cat. So, they’re cute and have some cultural relevance.

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These little cat paws socks are designed protect your floors from scratchy chair legs. They are called “Nekoashi” which translates to “cat feet”. They come in a selection of cats including calico, silver, or brown tabby. Wacky, yes—but so, so cute.

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You’ll never look more majestic lying on your couch watching Netflix as you will when you wear these magical unicorn socks.

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