Planning on attending a Minecraft-themed wedding, banquet or gala event? Well, if that’s the case, then it’s important that you dress to impress. I’m talking all the necessary accessories: socks, sunglasses and, yes, even a Minecraft-themed bow tie. Once you pick up this gear you’ll be absolutely stylin’–I guarantee it!

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save dobby

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sailor scout socks 1

Don’t leave your feet out when you don a Sailor Scout uniform! These adorable socks let you dress like a Scout from head to toe. The five fuku designs feature Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Luna tags along as an added bonus. My feet are feeling excited about tracking these down and transforming.

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Quick! I don’t have much time. The cephalopods might be listening in. Ok, I’ve seen Sharktopus, and I’m convinced that the human race is doomed. Our best bet is to show all the tentacled overseers that we don’t mean them any harm. So, if I were you, I’d don a pair of these Octopus socks to show that you aren’t a foe. One size fits all, and each sock features one octopus.

Or, if you’d really like to be safe, you can wear these Octopus leggings. When it comes to human-munching monsters that are half-shark, half-octopus and 100 percent power hungry, you can never be too careful.

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baby bat in a batman sock

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Firefly socks 1

Keep your feet flying and comfy with new Firefly socks from ThinkGeek. The acrylic, nylon, and spandex combo socks come in two different designs: one features Jayne Cobb’s cunning orange and yellow hat with the phrase “Stay Shiny” and the other design is white and blue with the Blue Sun logo. You never know when you’re going to get stuck on a cold and drafty spaceship so go ahead and buy both designs to be on the safe side.

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cat tights top

A while back we posted these adorable cat tights that look like knee highs and lots of readers loved them.

The only bummer was that they were impossible to find.

Well, we just found out that the LOVEsick Cat Garter Tights in stock at Hot Topic and they’re even on sale.

Cat, tights, and garter lovers rejoice!

Product Page ($10)


These Harry Potter Deathly Hallows over-the-knee socks will look fantastic with your shorts and skirts this summer. They feature an allover print on a 70/20/10 polyester/nylon/spandex blend so they’ll fit nice and snug and you won’t have to worry about constantly pulling them up all the time.

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commodore 64 socks

Remember the good ‘ole days of the Commodore 64? If you weren’t around in the 1980s to appreciate the 8-bit home computer, you’ve at least probably heard of it. These socks by Sock Union feature the same colors as the Commodore 64 logo, and they’re a great tribute to the past. You get everything pictured in the photo above when you place your order; the mailing includes a pair of socks, a Sock Union sticker, a friendship bracelet, buttons,and more!

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Product Page ($12)

thigh high sock store

If this new store in the geek district of Akihabara, Tokyo has its way, there will be a lot more ladies in longer socks this spring and summer. We already know they’re popular, but will there be enough legs in search of just the right thigh high to keep this store in business?

The store is called Zettai Ryoiki, and they claim to be the first store on the planet devoted entirely to thigh-high socks. At the opening on February 8th (the unofficial Knee-High Day), Zettai Ryoiki plans to have more than a hundred different kinds of socks for around 300 yen ($3 USD) per leg. For that price, I can definitely see the value in picking up a few pairs.

(Radio Kaikan via Kotaku)