D20 Knee high socks

It’s time to roll for anti-bruising powers for your legs!

I’m not saying these D20 knee high socks will keep your shins safe and sound, but I’m not saying they won’t either. This exclusive design from ThinkGeek is printed on red and gray, and the colors are complementary enough you can mix and match them. They’ll be soft and comfy since they’re a cotton, nylon, and spandex blend. Wear them to game, to grocery shop, and to everywhere ever – D20s improve every outfit.

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Sloth Socks

Sloths don’t move fast. If they spoke, the word quick wouldn’t even be in their vocabulary. However, the internet loves them. You can embrace their attitude by wearing these knee high purple socks. They’re perfect for lounging on your couch and being lazy. Alternatively, you could teach those sloths a thing or two by wearing the socks while running.

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8 bit socks

Plain white socks are boring, and these designs from Sammy Icon are the opposite of that. They feature the bright colors of 8-bit video games like Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, and Pac-Man. The company already is in the sock business, but they’ve got a Kickstarter project to launch this new line.

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Your feet will be magical when you’re wearing these Rainbow Dash My Little Pony socks. You can choose between two styles. There’s either a rainbow striped version with Rainbow Dash prancing at the top of the sock or a second version with a rainbow of fabric pieces down the back to make her mane.

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Winter is most definitely not coming, which means it’s time to break out your cutest socks to wear with your shorts and skirts. It doesn’t get much cuter than these Rainbow Dash socks that have her eyes and mane and even her cutie mark on the toes. They’ve also got a little ruffled trim at the top to finish off the look.

Product Page ($9.99)

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.50.39 AM

It’s hard to pick just one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as your favorite, which is what makes this four-pack of socks perfect. There’s one for each of the four turtles, complete with little bits of mask fabric flapping from the back of each sock. Your only problem will be deciding which pair to wear each day.

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Multiple pairs of superhero socks are never a bad thing, and ThinkGeek has a package of three that need to be in your wardrobe. These subtle designs feature Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man motifs. They’re brightly colored, but they don’t have cartoon characters printed all over them. You might get away with wearing these with a suit. Maybe.

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Threadless is hosting a sock design competition and user tides came up with this wonderful Star Trek design – Spocks. I love every part about these socks, and as someone who rarely wears plain white socks, I’d absolutely add them to my drawer.  From the designer:

Not wanting these socks would be highly illogical, for wearing them will cause you to live long and prosper. Resistance is futile. You know you find these socks on screen fascinating, and you wish to engage. Boldly go where no man has gone before and make it so. I’m giving all she’s got with these Star Trek References, Captain. KHAAANNNN!

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(Threadless via Laughing Squid)

Now you can add Thor to the socks with capes lineup—but that’s not all. There is also a new Captain America version with wings. WINGS!

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It’s fine to have plain white and black socks on hand for certain occasions, but I recommend keeping your sock drawer full of wacky designs for everyday wear. Seriously, looking down at your feet and catching a glimpse of Batman can turn a frustrating day into a happy one.

Superhero Stuff has your sock needs covered with new styles featuring Batman and Robin, Spider-Man, Superman, and The Avengers.

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