We can’t get enough nerdy and kawaii thigh high styles like these “Fur The Win” fox socks. I mean, c’mon, they sleep on your knees. That’s next level adorable.

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These cute cat socks can be found at Japanese bargain chain 3 Coins and they’re a must-have for feline fans. The stores are kind of like Dollar Tree stores in the US, but at 3 Coins everything costs 300 yen, or about $2.43.

The designs are based on famous foods, stories, or products found in each of Japan’s 42 prefectures and regions. Also, a cat. So, they’re cute and have some cultural relevance.

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These little cat paws socks are designed protect your floors from scratchy chair legs. They are called “Nekoashi” which translates to “cat feet”. They come in a selection of cats including calico, silver, or brown tabby. Wacky, yes—but so, so cute.

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You’ll never look more majestic lying on your couch watching Netflix as you will when you wear these magical unicorn socks.

Product Page: ($11.99)

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velociraptor socks

Now you can freak out your family by leaving dino prints around as you walk around the house. These Dinosaur Footprint Socks come in T-Rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor styles in sizes 3-7.

I think I’d opt for the Velociraptor and then walk all over a freshly mopped kitchen floor.

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This 3-pack of knee high socks features some of your favorite Marvel ladies fighting the forces of boring footwear. There’s Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Woman each in a cotton/polyester/spandex blend.

Product Page ($14.99)


I spotted this thanks to the lovely Natalie and now I want every single thing in the collection!

Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this Library collection by BookRiot, but the site of those date stamps and library cards just takes me back and gets me right in the nostalgia feels. They have cool stuff from coasters to tees to totes and I honestly want all of it.

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Planning on attending a Minecraft-themed wedding, banquet or gala event? Well, if that’s the case, then it’s important that you dress to impress. I’m talking all the necessary accessories: socks, sunglasses and, yes, even a Minecraft-themed bow tie. Once you pick up this gear you’ll be absolutely stylin’–I guarantee it!

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save dobby

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sailor scout socks 1

Don’t leave your feet out when you don a Sailor Scout uniform! These adorable socks let you dress like a Scout from head to toe. The five fuku designs feature Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Luna tags along as an added bonus. My feet are feeling excited about tracking these down and transforming.

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