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Geeky socks have always been one of my favorite types of apparel because they’re subversive and fun. You may not being able to wear a Star Wars t-shirt because of a dress code, but socks are a whole different story.

Then again, these might not be the most subtle Star Wars socks.

Made in kid and adult sizes, you can get matching socks like R2 and Chewie, or you can mismatch with a theme like Luke and Vader or Jabba and Leia.

They’re also made from premium combed cotton and have 200 needle count stitching with a reinforced heel and toe so they won’t wear out on Trooper duty.

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Netflix has been having a good time with their “Make It” series. The Netflix and Chill button came first, but now they’ve created a pair of socks especially for binge watchers who lack the endurance to reach the finish line:

We’ve based our sleep detection system on a popular method called actigraphy. An accelerometer detects when you’ve stopped moving for a prolonged period of time and triggers a signal to your TV that pauses Netflix. When it detects that you’ve dozed off, an LED light in the cuff of the sock flashes red, warning that the pause signal is about to be sent to your TV. Any motion will stop it from firing.

They’ve even included patterns for those of you who prefer to knit your own Netflix show socks in addition to the electronics DIY. See more about how the socks work in the following video.

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These socks just made me laugh.

In a world where socks have capes, these rabbit-eared Louise versions are just the best.

Product Page ($10)


Etsy shop Dance Macabre sells these wonderful hand-printed socks featuring a silhouette of Cthulhu.

The distressed light grey design is printed on the outside of each cozy sock. Check out more pics after the break.

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Now that we know Nike will release self-lacing sneakers in the Spring of 2016, you’re going to need some awesome socks to go with them.

Fortunately, Rock ‘Em Apparel has four Back To The Future-inspired options to choose from. The first three will be released in a limited edition Flux Capacitor box set that’s hand-numbered up to 300 and includes a secret message from 2045. The fourth style will be available to purchase outside of the set.

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Wizards and muggles alike have begun leaving socks in front of a Dobby statue that’s part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London in an attempt to “free” him from his glass prison. They’re also posting to Twitter under the tag #freedomfordobby. It’s an adorable way to pay tribute to the most loyal creature of the wizarding world.

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These Harry Potter Hogwarts Over-The-Knee socks are stylish and functional. Got scabby knees from Quidditch? Handled. Need to stay warm but robes will trip you in a dungeon? Fixed.

Product Page ($9.50)


Get ready for your next interview in serious style with Business Dog Socks. Dressed in a fashionable argyle sweater and tie, this dog has one thing on his mind: promotion.

The only problem is Cat and Bear are ambitious and will stop at nothing to keep your feet cozier than the competition.

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We can’t get enough nerdy and kawaii thigh high styles like these “Fur The Win” fox socks. I mean, c’mon, they sleep on your knees. That’s next level adorable.

See Also: This Cute Little Fox Dress Even Has Ears On The Shoulders

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These cute cat socks can be found at Japanese bargain chain 3 Coins and they’re a must-have for feline fans. The stores are kind of like Dollar Tree stores in the US, but at 3 Coins everything costs 300 yen, or about $2.43.

The designs are based on famous foods, stories, or products found in each of Japan’s 42 prefectures and regions. Also, a cat. So, they’re cute and have some cultural relevance.

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