Chuck Taylor All-Stars are as iconic as they are uncomfortable. After 98 years, they are finally getting an upgrade. The official title of the new kicks is Chuck II (although Chuck 2.0 would have been been funnier), and although the outside maintains the classic look we know and love, the inside has been revamped with Nike technology.

The major difference is the inclusion of Nike’s proprietary material called Lunarlon. It’s a lightweight, bouncy foam that will be added to the Chuck II’s sole to give it some overdue comfort. The other differenc is a $15 increase on the price tag (naturally). High and low top versions will run you $75 and $70 respectively when they launch on July 28th.

So, it’s the same great look, but should feel way better your feet after a day full of convention walking. Check out more pics of the new sneakers after the break.

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jurassic heels

Jurassic World features lots of dinosaurs and some stupid humans fleeing from them, like Claire Dearing who wears high heels the whole time. This insane parody gives everyone in the Jurassic Park series high heels, making it way more stylish in the process. Even the dinosaurs get a little something special to wear as they hunt the hapless humans.

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Finally, a cheaper alternative to unicorn hoof boots.

These black and white hooves are attached to thigh-high leggings for the ultimate in fawn fashion and comfort. Etsy shop Chaos Costume notes:

“The construction of these hooves will be of high strength resin fused to a heelless 4 inch shoes. The arch is rigid plastic, and does not bend, so it keeps that beautiful silhouette, effortlessly.”

Apparently, the hoof shoes are so stable, you could even run in them. I’ll take their word for it.

You can even order the leggings and hooves in any color you wish. Check out the leggings with an entire costume after the break, along with some additional styles.

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In case you haven’t heard, our oceans are full of plastic and other garbage. Thankfully, scientists around the world have started to map out all the heavy pockets of ocean-borne trash so, eventually, we can work on cleaning it up. Plus, we can turn that plastic into cool new products through the magic of recycling.

Case in point: Adidas and Parley for they Oceans recently partnered up to create a design concept for a running shoe that’s sourced from oceanic trash. Fibers, filaments and yarn are pulled together from illegal deep-sea gillnets—which is noticeable in that distinctive blue netting pattern.

Most of the trash was picked up off the West African coastline during a lengthy, 110-day expedition. The shoe is still in the design phase, but the two companies are planning on releasing similar consumer products later this year.

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Batman and Killer Croc battle it out on this awesome pair of hand painted hi-tops by Geektrooper. This particular pair is a custom job for a very special Batman fan, but he’s also made custom painted shoes for Star Wars Rebels, Vanessa Marshall and others.

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These POLYPODIS shoes look like they should be the official footwear of Cthulhu cultists. Designed by Kermit Tesoro, each shoe is a mass of tentacles that is both captivating and likely torturously uncomfortable to wear. Oh yes, Cthulhu would approve.

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ariel flip flop

Ariel flip flop. Punk rock. Etsy shop.

I’ll stop.

Product Page ($36.80)


Etsy seller brazilianplace has designed the perfect flip-flops for when you’re ready to raid the beach. There are seven different retro Dungeons and Dragons styles available in unisex sizes. Each features designs by Brazilian illustrator Alexandre Salles.

See more designs after the break.

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Images of Adidas’ upcoming line of retro-style basketball sneakers inspired by the heroes of Avengers have been unveiled.

See Also: Marvel And Adidas Join Forces For Avengers Sneakers And Running Shoes

The new line takes the style of Adidas basketball sneakers from the ’90s and early 2000s and splashes them with the fantastic colors and silhouettes of several members of the Avengers team. Iron Man covers the Adidas Crazy 8, Captain America colors the Adidas Crazy 97, the Hulk is on the Adidas T-Mac 1, and Thor is on the Adidas Real Deal. No details on pricing or a release date thus far.

Take a closer look in the gallery after the break.

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These Wonder Woman flip flops are perfect for hitting the beach and the pool this summer. There are two new styles from Havaianas to choose from this year, each available in a range of sizes.

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