apollo 11 sneakers

Walk on the streets like astronauts walked on the moon with new footwear from General Electric and JackThreads. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing, the companies have made limited edition sneakers/moon boots that resemble the astronauts’ footwear. They’re off white and gray and feature translucent and thermoplastic soles.

The shoes go on sale this Sunday, July 20th, at JackThreads. They’ll be $196.90 per pair and will deliver in September.

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batgirl docs

If you’re already looking to put together a Batgirl cosplay based on the new costume design change, we may have you covered on the boots. Dr. Martens has this great pair of yellow boots that look like they’d be a perfect match.

Plus they’re currently on sale with free standard shipping in the US.

It’s the traditional 1460 8-eye boot, with laces, but it’s completely waterproof and made of vulcanized natural rubber, so they’d be perfect crime fighting boots or just good for jumping in the rain.

Product Page: $60 ($48 with discount code TAKE20SALE via So Geek Chic)

harley quinn shoes 1

It looks like retailers are catching on to the fact that fans will just hand paint shoes if they can’t find them on the market because Hot Topic has two new shoe styles featuring Harley Quinn colors and symbols from Supernatural that resemble painted Toms. They look comfortable, but I’d love to visit a store and try them on and see how sturdy they are. The Supernatural shoes would have to be able to withstand multiple hunting trips.

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red rocket skates

While you may feel a little Kickstartered out thanks to a certain potato salad project, the ACTON R RocketSkates project is worth a look if you like the idea of roller skating minus all that pesky exercise. The project page describes them best:


They are electric, motorized skates. Simply strap the RocketSkates™ over your shoes and off you go!

Remote controllers? We don’t need remote controls! Your hands are now free for interpretive dance moves as you cruise about town- your feet control the skates.

Each skate has two hub motors controlled by an on-board microprocessor, and are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The skates communicate with each other so they maintain the same speed and behavior.

RocketSkates™ connect to smartphone via the ACTON App. You can monitor your skates and their performance. Route tracking, skate diagnosis, battery status, games, and social interactivity; the app keeps you in touch with other RocketSkaters.

A Software Developer Kit (SDK) will be available for developers interested in creating games and app features for RocketSkates™.

I say best because, of course, I’d describe them as “OMG SKATES THAT MAKE YOU GO ZOOOOOOOM!”

Currently, they come in 3 models: the R-6 lasts for 45 minutes/6 miles, the R-8 lasts for 70 minutes/8 miles, and the R-10 lasts for 90 minutes/10 miles.

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chainmaille shoes

Chainmaille isn’t just for the renaissance faire anymore, it’s for running too! PaleoBarefoot offers a chainmaille shoe suited for running and hiking. The texture allows them to grip surfaces, especially natural ones like grass or soil. On the downside, you will have to train your feet to use the shoes since they are not light. It looks like a men’s 9.5 size shoe weighs almost half a pound.

See them in action after the break.

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mario shoes 1

The power-up star from Super Mario Bros. is flipping perfect for the Converse One Star shoe line. The Super Star can take the place of the regular star, and as you can see from the above photo, it looks stylish and awesome. Converse is making the style available in red and green, but they’re only selling them in Japan.

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Doctor Who shoes

Allons-y! It’s time to pull together some craft supplies (a sonic screwdriver won’t hurt) and make some fancy Doctor Who canvas shoes. Jenny Barnett Rohrs shared the project at Craft Test Dummies and said it only took her half an hour to transform a pair of black canvas shoes into the galaxy. I think it’s worth trying out.

Watch the video how-to after the break.

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Golden Snitch Sandals

The Golden Snitch is an elusive ball in Quidditch that’s worth a lot of points. You don’t have to fly around on a broomstick like the Seeker to catch one though; instead, you can put the object on your feet with this shoe design by Instructables user mactothefuture. She used an existing pair of sandals that fit her and mocked up a pattern that she cut from leather. She made everything from the soles to the Snitch, and the sandals look comfortable and stylish.

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Reebook has already done a Ghost in the Shell insta pump fury sneaker, but that was two years ago. Now they’ve taken another crack at it, this time with a special, limited run based on Logicoma in Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

This new version will have a red shell and silver body to look like the exterior of the four-legged robot with the original graphic printed on the footbed. These will start appearing at select Reebok retailers, including Styles in Japan, beginning on June 21st.

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Iron Throne shoes

Get ready for this Sunday’s Game of Thrones season four finale by wearing appropriate footwear: Iron Throne shoes! This striking design is by artist Nixxi Rose, and it looks both fierce and stabby. You can wait to see if Rose offers these kingly shoes for sale, or you can make your own version with heels or flats, cocktail picks shaped like swords, and some paint.

(Geek Pinata via SGC)