totoro flipflops 1

Totoro is one of those characters who is so cute that you just want to carry around a plushie version of him all day long. Unfortunately, that’s not an acceptable option for every situation. When you can’t have Totoro by your side, you can keep him under your feet with these painted flip flops by Etsy seller Anime Spice Store.

The shop has a variety of sizes, and each pair of gray flip flops are painted by hand to resemble Totoro. They’re glossed and sealed to keep the cute little creature safe from water and your sweaty feet.

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This unbelievable footwear was made by Japanese designer Masaya Kushino as a part of his Bird-Watched collection. It was inspired by artist Jakuchu Ito who painted real animals in unique ways back in the Edo period of the 18th century.

Masaya makes custom women’s shoes inspired by nature, and although some of his designs can’t be worn and are intended only for ogling, these pieces are actually wearable. They’re currently on display at the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art and will be making their way to the US where you’ll be able to see them later on this year at the Brooklyn Museum.

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tardis oxfords

Shoes with geek flair make me happy, and though I’ve seen plenty of decoupaged and painted footwear, I haven’t seen anything quite like these nerdy oxfords by Sew What By Monica before. She buys oxford style shoes in the size you specify, paints and seals them, and adds Doctor Who fabric. They’re beautiful and even though the patterns are obvious, they have a more classy look to them than painted shoes.

She has styles featuring the TARDIS and Gallifreyan writing. The shoes even come with a matching bow for your hair! Turnaround time for the oxfords is 3-4 weeks.

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Vans has teamed up with the ASPCA on a line of products inspired by the organization’s efforts to help save animals that are being abused. There’s an allover print featuring dogs and another featuring cats and both are available in a variety of styles. There are laced shoes, slip-ons and high tops in sizes for men, women, and even the kids.

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k-9 slippers 1

Are your dogs barking? Take a load off, remove your shoes, and slide into these cute and fuzzy K-9 slippers. There’s nothing quite like a mechanical dog to help you relax. If he’s good enough for Doctor Who, he’s definitely suitable for your home.

The slippers come house-trained and ready to wear, and though they look just like the robot from the series, they’re made from much more comfortable material – polyester doesn’t have sharp edges!

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For once, having a little poo on your shoe isn’t such a bad thing. These slippers have emoji-style designs embroidered on the toes. The collection is called “M’oticons” and is a joint effort between shoemaker Del Torro and designer Edie Parker. Not only do they have cute images, but they’ve got equally cute names.

There’s #theshit with poo, #dancingqueen with a dancer and a crown, and #highmaintenance with lipstick and high heels. Each has an available matching clutch to complete the look.

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cap shoes 1

Customizing any kind of shoe is a form of art, but I think it’s got to be especially difficult to transform shoes like this. Artist Sekure D makes it look like a breeze with his seamless work, and his latest Captain America design is just amazing. He dressed up a pair of Air Jordans with the red, white, and blue, and he added some Cap-specific symbols such as his “A” and his shield. I don’t normally get into sneakers, but I’d happily try these on for size.

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wonder woman heels 1

Whether you need fancy footwear for a fun geeky outfit or shoes for an occasion like prom or the wedding, Etsy seller Death Star Doll has you covered. She not only makes nerdy shoes, she makes super classy designs. Her Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and Pulp Fiction designs look like they were printed that way instead of modified. It’s seriously impressive.

She takes custom orders and turnaround time is two weeks.

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FilaFlex filament sneakers

Here’s something that’ll make you feel like you’re living in the future.

A company named Recreus makes a flexible filament called FilaFlex for 3D printers that actually lets you 3D print your own custom sneakers.

Aside from the fact that they look like shoes Marty McFly would wear, we’re talking about shoes that are literally created using plastic and your imagination.

Oh and, you may want to add some airholes until someone creates a breathable plastic version of FilaFlex. But, foot sweat is a small issue when you’re living in the future.

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marvel boots 1

As much as I love slip-on style shoes and boots, I can’t resist a sexy combat boot. These Marvel Comics shoes from Wet Seal are winners. They have two options: a boot with an all over comics cover print (pictured above) and a foldover boot with the images peeking out from the inside. The second design is more subtle, but I really dig having Marvel all over my feet and on display for everyone to see.

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