Get you mind off the cold and snow for a moment and “Marvel” at the latest in superhero summer fashion. SciFeyeCandy has added these awesome Dark Phoenix and Deadpool-inspired bikinis to her shop.

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Say hello to the Crown Princess of Crime. Cosplayer Dark Incognito / HydraEvil’s crossplay take on the Joker is pretty amazing. I love that she went with an old school, classic version of the Joker–it honestly brings back memories of watching Batman: The Animated Series as a kid.

Photo Credits: Akami

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felicity smoak

Here’s a very nice little present for all of the Felicity Smoak fans. Not only have we had her on both Arrow and The Flash, but we’re getting an origin episode.

Felicity was a goth!

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velma cosplay

Cosplayed by BevanMaria.

Photo by Ronald Ladao.

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stormtrooper undies

We’ve heard many different recruitment calls to join the Galactic Empire over the years, but these panties might be among the most effective.

These hipster style custom made undies are only available in Stormtrooper and Vader styles, but you may be able to ask Etsy shop Licorice and Cream if they can make you a Rebel Alliance version. Considering the various other geek styles in her store, I’m thinking you’ll find something fun to fulfill your lingerie needs.

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Cosplayer Fanini Rabbids dressed up in lingerie for a Sailor Moon shoot, and I’m going to take a wild guess and say that she’s probably pretty stoked about Sailor Moon Crystal. Because, you know, the entire Internet can’t get enough of the new Sailor Moon reboot… which means there’s now one more series that I have to add to my ever-growing of list of must-watch anime. Will I ever finally get all caught up? Probably not. Oh, well.

Cosplayer: Fanini Rabbids
Photo credit: Arturo Vega

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Irene Adler

The Woman appears in BBC’s Sherlock, and she’s fierce, beautiful, and not the kind of woman you want to mess with. Irene Adler is stunning, and cosplayer Scruffy Rebel (a.k.a. Victoria from Heroes of Cosplay) really nailed the look in this costume.

Photo by @gregdestefano, hair by @misschrissylynn, makeup by @makeupbysiryn.

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(via @scruffyrebel)


This very sexy Lady Deadpool body paint cosplay features Shelle-chi as photographed by ArtistiCurves. She’s a big Deadpool fan and was excited about the challenge of trying to get an accurate bodysuit with body paint, and the end result is stunning.

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This beautiful Miss Marvel cosplay features cosplayer Fanini Rabbids in a costume designed by her friend, Magda Roguer. The photos were all captured by Arturo Vega who did a fantastic job.

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sonic the hedgehog cosplay

Okay, so I know rule 63 is when you bend a gender, but what is it when you bend a gender and a species?

Whatever it is, Santana Cosplay does just that with this cosplay of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I’m also guessing it may cause you to never look at the game quite the same way again.

Photography by Jayce Williams.

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