lady red skull cosplay

Cosplayer Constantine In Tokyo takes on this Lady Red Skull Cosplay with deliciously evil style.

From the make up by The Art of Horror, to the costume to the look in her eyes, there’s some brilliant mania going on here.

Photos by Jeff Williams.

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Sexy Harley Quinn Cosplay on pointe

Cosplayer Lisa Lou Who brings grace and insanity to this Harley Quinn Cosplay inspired by Sakizou.

Not only is the costume gorgeous, but seeing it captured this way makes it all the more mesmerizing.

Photos by Andrew DH and Player 2.

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powerpuff girls sexy

When IDW asked artist Mimi Yoon to do this variant cover for The Powerpuff Girls #6, I’m sure they didn’t expect the vitriolic reaction from people like comics retailer Dennis Barger, Jr.

To say the cover got some heat would be understating the matter. Fans of the Powerpuff Girls definitely felt a certain squick factor in seeing their beloved pint-sized heroines grown up and filled out.

IDW responded to the complaints with VP of marketing, Dirk Woods saying:

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elektra cosplay header

Elektra is badass. She’s one of many female comic book heroines cursed with an impractical and skimpy outfit, but she still rocks. Cosplayer ivettepuig has done a great job capturing the character with her take on the costume. The shiny red might not be good for hiding in the dark like a ninja, but for cosplay? It’s so intense and pretty.

Photos by AOJ.

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crisis core tifa lockhart

This Crisis Core Tifa Lockhart Cosplayed by Narga-Lifestream is sexily on target. Nice shootin’, Narga.

Photos by TaisiaFlyagina and Dmirty Smirnov.

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sexy transformer costumes

These Transformers costumes have the word “sexy” right there in the title, but we’re not sure we agree. They’re definitely…something.

Look for them to arrive soon in Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron versions.

Product Page ($80)

© 2013 of  Julian M Kilsby

Cosplayer and Fashionably Geek reader Sophie Roach tipped us to her purrrrfectly sexy Adam Hughes New 52 Catwoman cosplay.

The catsuit is a joint effort between Sophie and latex designer Lacing Lilith. The photos by Julian M Kilsby capture it beautifully.

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These shots all feature cosplayer Jess in some beautiful costumes. She looks incredible as four very different characters with hair and makeup that transform her so you don’t even realize it’s all the same person.

Photography: Studio 95 Photographix

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group cosplay header

BlizzCon is the place to be if you want to see costumes from all the games. It makes for some excellent photo opportunities. Photographer David Ngo caught this striking trio outside the convention center. You’ve got a Blood Elf (Jessica Nigri), a Protoss Wizard (Kamui Cosplay), and a Death Knight (Andy Rae), and all of their costumes are stunning. They look like they’ve walked right out of World of Warcraft and Starcraft II.

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tron body paint 5

This Tron: Legacy body paint cosplay is the product of a talented trio.

The body paint was done by Allyson Averell and is cosplayed by Farrah DeFulio. The photography is by Joey D.

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