This very sexy Lady Deadpool body paint cosplay features Shelle-chi as photographed by ArtistiCurves. She’s a big Deadpool fan and was excited about the challenge of trying to get an accurate bodysuit with body paint, and the end result is stunning.

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This beautiful Miss Marvel cosplay features cosplayer Fanini Rabbids in a costume designed by her friend, Magda Roguer. The photos were all captured by Arturo Vega who did a fantastic job.

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sonic the hedgehog cosplay

Okay, so I know rule 63 is when you bend a gender, but what is it when you bend a gender and a species?

Whatever it is, Santana Cosplay does just that with this cosplay of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I’m also guessing it may cause you to never look at the game quite the same way again.

Photography by Jayce Williams.

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Dressing like a barbarian doesn’t mean you have to go grungy. Cosplayer Andy Rae looks the opposite in her Diablo III ensemble. She did a remarkable job with the entire costume, but I’m especially impressed by the armor. It’s shaped well, and the paint job looks incredible – there’s a lot of nice shading. She looks like she could step right into the video game.

Photos by ZRB.

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Cosplayer JazzHandsCosplay and her friend RokusannCosplay decided to bring the glory to the MCM Expo in London this past May. The duo, along with some friends, decided to dress up as the Spartans from the film, 300. Do you think they went around screaming, “This is COSPLAY!” all day long? I know I would.

Photo Credit: Jon Fisher Photography

Cosplayers: Rokusann Cosplay (Queen Gorgo) and JazzHandsCosplay (King Leonidas)

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pin up juno eclipse 3

The Empire goes for a pin-up-style recruitment in this Juno Eclipse cosplay by Kim of Jef & Kim Cosplay.

No wonder so many people signed up to be Imperial officers!

Photography by One Photography and Michael Revelakis.

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This is an amazing mashup of My Little Pony and Transformers in some very sexy body paint. It’s the work of RoustanBodypaint who made the shoes by using hot glue to attach pieces of foam core that were then sculpted into the right shape with a knife. It took about 10 hours to make the costume and then 2.5 hours more hours to apply the body paint for the stunning finished product.

(via reddit)

Disney pinup 1

Disney princesses have been reimagined in an amazing variety of styles, and Lone Star Pin-Up thought it would be fun to put a pin-up girl spin on the characters. They gave princesses such as Aurora, Belle, and others cheesecake style costumes, perfect hairdos, and fun backgrounds. The result of a few months of work is a photo series that is completely enchanting and slightly sexy.

Photos by Lone Star Pin-Up, costumes by Sew She Said, and makeup by Blood and Glitter.

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Dugtrio costumes

Pokémon is full of odd characters, and the Dugtrio are among them. The strange brown creatures look like fingers, and you never see their bottom halves. One piece of fan art imagines that underneath the dirt, the Dugtrio is really three men with super buff bodies. Well, Redditor Zalot and his friends brought that concept to life at Fanime 2014. Their group cosplay finally revealed what the entire Dugtrio looks like, and it’s not so bad.

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Lust is a tough baddie from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, and this cosplay by Ryuu Lavitz totally nails the character’s seductive and dangerous vibe.

Cosplayed and photographed by Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay.

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