Pants and Shorts


This is what Brock Davis does when his jeans rip. I like it ;-)

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Tard the Grumpy Cat is freaking everywhere. You may as well go with it and put her on all your clothing – including your shorts. iLoveToCreate contributor Suzie Shinseki has transformed a pair of denim shorts so that Grumpy Cat’s unhappy eyes stare out the back pockets. It just takes some bleach, some paint, and time to complete the transformation. Tard won’t approve of the finished product, but everyone else will.

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Real armor might not be comfortable to wear, but these incredible leggings are a different story. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors so you can get everything from medieval armor to futuristic bionics. Each pair is hand-printed on polyester/spandex fabric with a brushed finish so they’re super soft on your skin.

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There’s no need to carry an extra battery when you’re wearing a pair of shorts with the Power Pocket. They were designed by Vodaphone with researchers at the University of Southampton and made their debut at the Isle of Wight music festival.

Lined with foam-like ferroelectret materials with permanently-charged surfaces, whenever the Power Pocket is deformed by movement it produces kinetic energy. You’ll get a four-hour charge from a full day’s worth of walking or dancing.

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Usually when you think overalls you think of farmers plowing a field or little kids running amuck, but these are for us nerdy grown-up types. They’re one size fits most and made of 100% cotton in black or green with a colorful Mario for the bib. They’ve even got his little red-shoed feet on the pockets.

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Bronies can take their pick between two fantastic My Little Pony swim trunks this summer. There’s Rainbow Dash in light blue or Muffins in light gray. Both have a tie waistband and a velcro-closure side pocket to hold your magical belongings.

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We don’t have pricing information or even a product link yet, but when this tweet went out, we’re pretty sure there was a worldwide, Doctor Who fankid squee.

We’re definitely looking forward to this. How about you?

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Thermo jeans

Naked & Famous denim designers come up with wacky ideas. Their latest pair of jeans are anything but normal – they change colors in accordance with the wearer’s body temperature.

Like the old Hypercolor shirts from the ’90s, the pants are thermochromic and change from blue when you’re cold to white when you get warmer. If you live in a climate where weather actually changes, these could be fun. I’m still not sure I’d throw down over $200 for them though.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Jeans

Like Eva? Then you need these jeans. They feature the racing logo on the front and a large Nerv symbol on the back pocket. Though they are cool, they’ll set you back over $300. Maybe it would be best just to airbrush a pair of pants you already own.

Product Page (¥26,250 or approximately $333 via Kotaku)

A pissed Dad wasn’t going to let almost 16 years of parenting culminate in a kid who wears skinny jeans. Therefore he took matters into his own hands and decided it was time to school his son on camera with some hilarious common sense.

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