Pants and Shorts


If you reverse the day and month, this past Tuesday was 22.1 which is darn close to 221B. To celebrate Sherlock Holmes Day Gold Bubble is unveiling new products and a great sale. They’re bringing back two pieces that were available when they first launched and adding two brand new pieces to the line. Use code SE221B now through January 29th and you’ll get 15% off your order.

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There’s nothing more comfy than a pair of leggings, and nothing cuter than these Kawaii Star Wars and Superhero versions. They’re made from a 95/5 polyester/spandex blend for a snug fit and are covered with adorable versions of Chewie, Vader, Spider-Man, Captain America and more.

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You can where a jaeger on your butt with these fantastic Pacfic Rim leggings. They’ve also got the main characters from the film around the calves, but not a kaiju in sight. Man, monsters bent on destroying the planet just get no respect.

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You’ve got to figure that every now and then a superhero doesn’t have time to completely change outfits. Except for Superman who is always ready. Poor Batman looks like he was out doing a little yardwork when the call for help came and didn’t have time to change out of his jeans. Thor has it worse. Wait till you see him wielding Mjolnir in his Daisy Duke cut-offs!

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Check out these Asuka or Ayanami Rei Eva 00 and 02 leggings from Etsy seller Zelas, which she designed herself and are made from a nylon and polyester blend.

Needless to say, these are likely to produce some excellent cosplay ideas for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans.

Product Page: ($38.00)

sweater pants top

Cozy sweaters are one of my favorite things about cold weather. They make you feel enveloped in warmness. Steven May thinks your legs and butt should get to share in the joy your arms and torso get from sweaters so he’s come up with swants. Sweater pants! Sure, they may look a little silly but how many of us wear tights with character faces all over them? This isn’t so different. I bet this guy can’t wait to make a pair to match his cat sweater.

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This is what Brock Davis does when his jeans rip. I like it ;-)

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Tard the Grumpy Cat is freaking everywhere. You may as well go with it and put her on all your clothing – including your shorts. iLoveToCreate contributor Suzie Shinseki has transformed a pair of denim shorts so that Grumpy Cat’s unhappy eyes stare out the back pockets. It just takes some bleach, some paint, and time to complete the transformation. Tard won’t approve of the finished product, but everyone else will.

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Real armor might not be comfortable to wear, but these incredible leggings are a different story. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors so you can get everything from medieval armor to futuristic bionics. Each pair is hand-printed on polyester/spandex fabric with a brushed finish so they’re super soft on your skin.

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There’s no need to carry an extra battery when you’re wearing a pair of shorts with the Power Pocket. They were designed by Vodaphone with researchers at the University of Southampton and made their debut at the Isle of Wight music festival.

Lined with foam-like ferroelectret materials with permanently-charged surfaces, whenever the Power Pocket is deformed by movement it produces kinetic energy. You’ll get a four-hour charge from a full day’s worth of walking or dancing.

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