Pants and Shorts


So, you think you got what it takes to be the Sheriff of Lynchwood? Well, if you think you can fill Nisha’s boots, go right ahead. But if you’re going to act the part, you’ve got to look the part too. These Borderlands Nisha Leggings are modeled after Nisha’s outfit from Borderlands 2. You’ll definitely look good when you’re doling out some frontier justice.

Check out more pics below.

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sailor moon tights and socks

Sailor Moon tights and over-the-knee socks are here! To transform, you’ll need your magic wallet. The transformation itself could take a few days—just wait by the mailbox.

Product Pages: Sailor Moon Uniform Tights ($12.99) Sailor Moon Uniform Socks ($12.99)

Deadpool Thigh High Tights

deadpool tights

Fact: Deadpool wears these thigh high tights under his suit. They make him feel sexy.

At the time of writing these tights are out of stock, but I would expect more to be added soon.

Product Page ($14.50 $11.60)


Gold Bubble Clothing knows that geek girls have a love for webs and the ladies who sling them, so it makes sense that these Wraith designs have a certain look and feel. The inversion of the white and black gives this clothing line it’s own personality and I like that it comes in two different dress styles and leggings.

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When it comes to Supernatural-themed leggings, you can’t do much better (or bloodier) than this awesome “Wayward Sons” design.

Product Page ($39)


For the last few years, Minneapolis resident Tom Grotting has been taking advantage of the area’s brutal winters by setting up a series of frozen pants sculptures to entertain his neighbor and freak out passersby.

The weirdness is created by soaking a pair of pants in water then hanging them outside to let winter do its thing. After posting the results on Facebook, others have gotten into the act, resulting in what could be a new winter tradition alongside making snowmen, scraping your windshield and complaining about the cold only weeks after you complained that it didn’t feel Christmassy because it was too warm.

Happy now? Frozen pants!

See more examples below.

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Real armor isn’t so great for running errands and stuff, but Etsy store TAFI has a perfect solution. These Elven green and gold plate-mail armor printed leggings which should do nicely for your daily battles in the urban jungle. They also cost a lot less than armor, too.

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chinobakama 2

If you saw our post about these gorgeous Japanese Haori jackets, we just found the perfect pants to go with them.

Japanese apparel company Kokichi has released an update on the traditional Hakama pants worn by Samurai with these new chinobakama versions (Kokichi also bills them as “Ninja Pants”) that are half chino, half hakama. Made of a 50-50 cotton/polyester blend, the pants include modern amenities like pockets and a zipper.

Kokichi is planning to open these pants up to international orders sometime in the near future, so you won’t have to go all the way to Japan to buy them. They even made a video that shows you how to wear them. You can watch that, and check out more pictures below.

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We’ve seen a lot of awesome silhouette tights over the last year or two, but finally, FINALLY a Totoro version is available.

Plus they’re on sale for a limited time. How can you possibly live without them?

Product Page ($14.50 $10.87)

fantasy collection top

Living Dead Clothing has unveiled their “Fantasy” collection and it is absolutely loaded with armor-style designs on both dresses and leggings.

Check out some examples and more info after the break…

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