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We’ve previously featured Studio Ghibli leggings from Etsy seller Lunariaboutique and this time it’s Sailor Moon. They are poly spandex with no cotton for a great fit and feature vibrant images of Sailor Moon.

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These fantastic leggings are the perfect thing for Studio Ghibli fans. They feature an assortment of characters from Miyazaki’s films on a polyester-spandex legging with no cotton so they’ll be a snug fit and won’t shrink. Available in sizes small to large.

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These crocheted shorts are handmade by Etsy seller Schuyler Ellers using recycled materials. Each pair is custom made so you get to help with the design. You can specify the approximate length and even give ideas for the colors and pattern if you choose.

You’ll be the sexiest dude at Burning Man, that’s for sure.

Product Page ($45 Ace of Spades HQ via Neatorama)


If you count yourself among the loyal legion of “Cumberb*tches” we have an outfit for you. It’s so intense, that if you were fortunate enough to actually meet Benedict Cumberbatch while wearing it, he would be justified in calling the police while sprinting away from you.

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The line from Poprageous includes a pair of leggings and a top—so you’ll be literally covered in Cumberbatch. Just like you’ve always dreamed.

Product Pages: Leggings ($80) Shirt ($45 via PopSugar)


These lovely tights feature the words of your favorite stories from Alice in Wonderland to Shakespeare. There are a variety of colors and styles from which to choose or you can get creative and come up with your own lines of prose to wear. What kind of wonderfully nerdy prose would you put on a pair of these tights?

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phone upgrades

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Thor and Loki don’t really work well together, but they do look great together on this pair of leggings. They’re 100% polyester with Thor printed on one leg and Loki on the other to bring a little villain and superhero style to your day.

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nbx thigh highs

As a fan of Hot Topic’s faux thigh high tights, I love this version for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Whether you wear them with a LBD or something like the Jack Skellington or Sally cosplay dresses, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them.

Product Page ($11.60)


Yoga pants are technically for doing yoga, but they work just as well as the perfect lounge wear for lazy weekends. There’s a blue pair with a star-spangled waistband and the Wonder Woman logo or a black pair with the Batgirl logo on the waistband. Both are a 55% cotton/40% polyester/5% spandex blend for a snug and comfy fit.

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Nothing is quite as nice as lounging about in your pajamas on a Sunday morning. Okay, that’s not true. It’s even better if you can manage to lounge around in your pajamas on a weekday because you’ve called in “sick.” Either way, these Doctor Who themed pants will do.

There are four different styles so you can wear the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, Weeping Angels, the TARDIS, or an allover TARDIS print. Each is 100% cotton that makes it perfect for doing absolutely nothing all day (except watch Doctor Who of course).

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