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BauBax is like the smartphone / Swiss Army knife of jackets. It simplifies your life in 15 different ways. They literally thought of everything.

The jacket comes in four different styles for both men and women: water-proof windbreaker, fleece lined bomber, wrinkle free blazer, and 100% cotton sweatshirt. The jacket breaks the mold with built-in everything that includes gloves, a hood, nine utility pockets, drink koozie, inflatable neck pillow, pen and stylus, earphones, and tons more.

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Protect yourself when you’re at the beach this summer with these 80/20 nylon/polyester rash guards. You can choose from Wonder Woman or Batman and each provides +50 UPF and ultraviolet protection. You’ll look like a hero while you’re safely soaking up the sun.

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true wetsuits

Yes, that is a guy getting out of the water in a business suit—but don’t worry about him. He hasn’t snapped under the pressure of his demanding job. Quicksilver Japan’s “True Wetsuits” include a jacket, pants, and tie made with two-millimeter super high-stretch jersey Neoprene and a shirt made from Drylight which is a special fabric made in conjunction with 3M.

You can choose a black suit, blue suit, or tuxedo suit if you want to be a super fancy surfer. Not sure how your boss or other surfers will feel about your look, but you just keep being you on the beach or in the boardroom.

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Whether you’re casting spells or vampire slaying, this versatile velvet cloak can meet your needs.

“Super plush, heavy weight velvet featuring an oversized hood, matching string tie, and secret pocket.”

The luxurious hooded cape is available in three rich tones: Midnight, Black Velvet, and Oxblood.

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Spring has sprung and so it’s time to start thinking about bathing suits for the summer.

If you like your suits with a little extra cosplay flair, these Black Butler and Sailor Moon-themed versions should do the trick, especially if you’re planning to hit up Colossalcon.

Product Pages: Black Butler Ciel Costume Swim Top $18.38 / Black Butler Ciel Costume Swim Bottoms $18.38 / Sailor Swim Top $18.38 / Sailor Swim Bottoms $18.38


Too bad you didn’t have this adorable 3-toed sloth scarf this past winter. Just look at that smile on his face…the sloth’s face I mean. He looks so happy to be keeping his human friend warm.

The double layer fleece will definitely keep you toasty and it’s long enough to wrap around more than once. And the little smooshy sloth face can be positioned anywhere on the scarf for ultimate cuteness.

Josh, owner of Etsy shop Obey My Brain, makes the fleecy friend in a few different colors and models all the sloths himself.

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This beautiful space-themed clothing line features real images from space. There are hoodies, scarves, tights, and a range of swimsuits so you can look spacey on the beach this summer. I know, winter is here, but it has to go away eventually.

Each item is digitally printed with materials that are sourced locally by the Brooklyn based duo that are Shadowplaynyc. They design each piece very carefully so that almost every bit of fabric is used and nothing goes to waste—making them an Earth-friendly label that will help you get lost in space.

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Get you mind off the cold and snow for a moment and “Marvel” at the latest in superhero summer fashion. SciFeyeCandy has added these awesome Dark Phoenix and Deadpool-inspired bikinis to her shop.

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Space Cape. SPACE CAPE!

space cape

This “Space Cape” is made with images from the NASA Hubble telescope printed on organic cotton. It’s kind of like an invisibility cloak…but for space.

Actually, it’s more of a space vest, but it has a hood and it’s flowy, which is cool. It’s available in four different patterns and comes with either tank top or cap sleeves. It would probably partner well with this space scarf.

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Zelda And Mario Map Scarves

zelda scarf

This Zelda Overworld map scarf looks toasty, and nerdy. But the Mario version looks awesome too.

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