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This one-piece Wonder Woman bathing suit will let you channel your inner superhero at the beach this summer. It’s an 80/20 nylon/spandex blend with a 100% polyester lining and an over the shoulder design. Tiara, lasso, and bracelets not included, but they’d really mess up your tan lines anyway.

Product Page ($40 via Geek Alerts)

Mermaid bikini

The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to start thinking about jumping into the pool or ocean to cool down. If you’re going to swim, why not dress like you belong in the water? The Firefly Path came up with this beautiful mermaid design, and it looks just like something Ariel would wear for a day at the beach when she doesn’t have her flipper. I love the ruffles and the shiny fabric. The design isn’t for sale yet, but you might be able to place a custom order in the designer’s Etsy shop. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

(via @fireflypath)

shining carpet collection

MONDO is teaming up with Middle of Beyond to create the MONDO 237 Collection based on the carpet from The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel.

Now through May 10th, you can purchase the MONDO 237 sweater and cardigan which come with a custom die-cut Mondo Room 237 key (while supplies last).

You can also get 6-inch scarf, a ski mask (that’s so helpful!), a door mat, and an area rug. An area rug based on a carpet pattern. How meta!

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ww suit 1

It’s almost summertime and whether you’re headed to an exotic island or kicking back by a friend’s pool, you deserve a new swimsuit. Superhero Stuff has plenty of options for you, including these Batman and Wonder Woman versions. Thankfully both one-piece swimsuits. There’s nothing wrong with bikinis, but I don’t see enough one-piece designs.

Their Batman swimsuit features the hero surrounded by sound effects while their Wonder Woman design features Diana facing off against Cheetah.

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tumblr_n3a6awkCgw1qdbp1ro4_500 copy

As far as I know, Commander Shephard was never really down with the whole “casual winter wonderland” look. But if he (or she) had been, and if the N7 military code had been cool with commanding officers wearing scarves, then Shephard probably would’ve rocked this N7 scarf from Sanshee. It looks rather comfy. Not intimidating in a military sense, but definitely comfy.

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scough 1

Any time you step outside, your body is assaulted with germs and pollution. This is especially true in a big city. You could inhale everything, wear a surgeon’s mask, or turn to a stylish scarf. The latter is now an option thanks to the group behind the Scough.

The Scough is made for “style-conscious germaphobes.” It uses an activated carbon filter to put a barrier between you and the infectious world. Scoughs come in many designs and colors and don’t look at all medical. While the makers mention wearing the Scough isn’t guaranteed to prevent illness, it certainly can’t hurt.

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gundam snowboarder

I’m not sure if Twitter user @funyafunya0320 realizes that he’s ruined the Olympics by posting this picture of someone snowboarding while wearing a Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 costume, but I know I’m going to be watching Sochi in hopes someone else cosplays during an event.

You get a perfect 10 from ALL the judges, dude. Rock on.

Can we start doing ski races with Jaegers and Kaiju? Please?

(via Comics Alliance)

mens 11th doctor coat

If you’d like to cosplay the 11th Doctor and wear his purple coat, ThinkGeek now has one for you in both men’s and women’s styles.

These officially-licensed tweed cashmere/wool blend coats come in sizes small through 2xl. They have a corduroy collar, 2 large pockets on the inside, 2 average pockets on the inside, 1 chest pocket on the outside, and a purple lining.

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dalek scarf

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and enjoy stylish fashion, you’ll probably like this lovely Dalek scarf. Officially licensed by the BBC, this acrylic/wool blended scarf comes in both grey and petrol blue.

You can also practice your Sherlock scarf moves with this beauty.

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The Polar Vortex that recently swept through the United States has people thinking about keeping warm. College Humor came up with five winter clothing innovations that I can only hope will be kickstarted by some enterprising individual before next winter.

Body-sized boots, jackets with insulated tubes that hold hot liquids, and the ultimate hoodie pictured above are just a few of the creative designs. I want one of each!

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