astronaut space suit 1

If you’ve ever harbored the dream of becoming an astronaut, there’s a shortcut option – a sweatsuit! This Apollo 11 sweatsuit features an all-over print and is made from a polyester, fleece, and elastane combo. It’s ideal for nighttime wear, lazy day lounging, or even casual cosplay. Maybe you’ve been needing something to wear to the Cosmos marathon your friend is hosting.

The two piece spacesuit sweatsuit has a drawstring elastic waistband, fitted cuffs, and three pockets.

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Who says you’re too old to dress like the Power Rangers? Sure, you have a job, and a home and all sorts of adult responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t don your favorite pair of Power Rangers PJs and bounce around on your bed while singing “Go, go, Power Rangers!” at the top of your lungs. Right? Right?

These one-piece loungers look super comfy and they feature a hood!

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Is there such a thing as owning too many pajamas? It seems like a wise idea to always have comfortable pants and full pajama suits on hand, and these Christmasy loungers are perfect for any Doctor Who fan. The print features TARDISes, Daleks, snowflakes, and sonic screwdrivers. It has a hood and looks ideal for wearing during all day Who marathons when it’s really cold outside.

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These Star Trek slippers will keep your toes warm as the temperature falls. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes and are available in either Gold (Command), Blue (Science), or Red (Engineering/Security) with matching insignias. These are officially licensed products and have no-slip bottoms to keep you from falling, but if you opt for the red ones even that safety feature might not save you.

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robe harley quinn 1

The options for nightwear just keep getting geekier. There are enough costume robes these days that you could curl up in a different one every day for a month. Kinda cool, no? ThinkGeek has three new options for your closet: Batman, Harley Quinn, and a Walking Dead sheriff robe. Each design features appropriate touches: Batman ears, Harley Quinn’s jester hat, and fake gashes. Plus, they’re all made from polyester.

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These officially-licensed 10th Doctor pajamas will let you lounge like a Time Lord. It’s all one piece and designed to look just like his signature costume with a brown coat and blue suit. There’s even a sonic screwdriver in the pocket in case you run into trouble.

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After a long day of robbing banks and beating up Gotham’s finest with a certain Mr. J, you’d probably like to head back home and slip into a comfy pair of pjs, right? If so, I’d recommend trying out this Harley Quinn Ladies’ Pajama Set. They feature an elastic waistband and cuffs along with glittery diamonds. I’m not sure if they fit the asylum dress code, so that might be an issue.

Product Page: ($39.99)


This officially licensed fleece robe will turn you into the Merc with the Mouth during his off hours. We figure this is appropriate because he would probably lounge around in his underwear most of the day eating pancakes.

It’s designed to look like Deadpool’s costume with a hood that even has his eyes on each side. There are also two pockets and an embroidered Deadpool logo on the back. This will have you looking the part, but the attitude and snappy comebacks are all on you.

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costume sleeping bags 1

We’ve seen blankets and snuggies that look like costumes, but Selk’bag is taking the cozy yet wearable concept to the only place left to go: sleeping bags. They’ve created bag-costumes for Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America, and you can sleep in the bags or wear them. Or both! It’s like magic.

The sleeping bags are rated to 45 degrees and have removable booties and hand openings. Now you can go ahead and plan that Avengers-themed camping trip.

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Join the realm of Midgard in Magicka and get comfortable at the same time with this new cosplay robe from ThinkGeek. The bright red design is trimmed in gold, and you’ll look just like the wizards from the game when you put it on. If you’re not going on a secret mission to the kitchen for a midnight snack, you can remove the hood screen you see in the above picture.

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