top gun pajamas 1

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire, Top Gun pajamas are a thing that exists. Though they’re technically called the “Aviator Onesie,” the back of the onesie says, “I feel the need, the need for sleep.”

The concept is so silly that it’s kind of fantastic. And bonus: the pajamas sound like they’d be more comfortable than actual flight suits since they’re made from cotton. The onesie also has plenty of pockets for… whatever it is you take to bed with you.

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Listen up, Cadets! Even with the use of your 3D maneuver gear, your chances of surviving an ambush by a group of titans is pretty low. Like gut-wrenchingly low. Sorry about that. So, the best thing we can do to up your chances for survival is to make you all look like titans. This Titan Colossal Titan Fleece Cozy is comfy, warm, and it’ll make you look like the imposing Colossal Titan in all its icky, skinless glory. It’s available for pre-order now, so I’d pick one up if you’re hoping to not get bitten in half anytime soon.

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jedi slanket header

Cosplay just got incredibly easy. Just take this Jedi sleeved blanket to bed with you, wake up the next morning, put your arms through the holes, and tada! You’re ready to head out into the world and share your knowledge with Padawans. Don’t worry if you look tired and grizzled, it just makes you appear to be more wise.

This cozy wrap has a hood, pockets, and is made from polyester. At 62-inches wide and 68-inches tall, you’ll have plenty of room to get snuggly.

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You might not be Captain America, but you’ll look just like him in this Captain America robe. It’s made of 100% cotton with satin accents on the sleeves and embroidered details. Best of all, when you pull up the hood it has cutouts for your eyes so you can stay incognito even when you’re relaxing.

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k-9 slippers 1

Are your dogs barking? Take a load off, remove your shoes, and slide into these cute and fuzzy K-9 slippers. There’s nothing quite like a mechanical dog to help you relax. If he’s good enough for Doctor Who, he’s definitely suitable for your home.

The slippers come house-trained and ready to wear, and though they look just like the robot from the series, they’re made from much more comfortable material – polyester doesn’t have sharp edges!

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Commander Shepard from Mass Effect rocked some pretty spiffy N7 armor, but do you know what might’ve looked better? Leather. Probably would’ve offered very little protection from lasers, but it would’ve looked really stylish.

Indeed, Bioware will soon release a limited edition leather jacket with all of the classic N7 markings. It’s currently available for preorder, and it should ship in April. But reserve your jacket quickly, folks: they only have 600 and they’re going to go pretty fast!

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portal pjs 1

Being a test subject for Aperture Laboratories isn’t exactly a glamorous gig. You can make the situation tolerable by wearing these cozy draw-string pants. The Portal 2 design is bright orange and made from cotton and polyester. Though the pants are ideal for lounging, their vivid color makes them work for jogging, too. You’ll probably want to hone your running skills anyway so you can get away from GLaDOS.

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Managing the ship’s communications is tough work. When you’re off duty, you need to relax the stress away. Cozy robes can help you unwind; it’s a scientific-ish fact. ThinkGeek is here to assist you with a red, knee-length polysatin robe that’s inspired by Uhura’s uniform on Star Trek. It not only looks stylish, it has all the robe perks you need including interior and exterior ties and pockets. You know you want to go Starfleet casual.

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glow in the dark i love you i know

Star Wars sleep shirts are the best sleep shirts, and Her Universe has a smashing new style. The glow-in-the-dark nightwear features the Millennium Falcon on a field of stars with “I love you.” Honestly, I could leave it there and call this my love letter to the Millennium Falcon nightgown, but there’s more!

When you flip out the lights, the phrase “I know” glows through the dark. It’s creative, fun, and not like any other Star Wars merchandise I’ve seen. You can order one just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Ghostbusters Stay Puft Union Suit

Okay, I have a confession. I always promised myself that I’d be honest and never pretend to like something just for the sake of a post. Which kinda leaves me in a bind here because this Stay Puft Union Suit scares me.

Chose the form of the Destructor! The choice has been made…the Traveler has come…and the 100% polyester Ghostbusters Stay Puft Union Suit! Hey, you tried to think of something awesome from your childhood(like Ghostbusters) and also thought of sweet sleep PJs at the same time and BAM! Now we have the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Union Suit which has thumb holes, zip off feet, a zipper up the center, and will allow you to look like that fearsome marshmallow man! Just remember; if somebody asks if you are a God…you say yes!

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