Let’s face it. PJ’s are awesome—and these Marvel sleep sets from Target are doubly so because they are completely covered with Captain America, Spider-Man and comic panel designs.

If only Target would offer some female superhero options.

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r2-d2 slipper boot

Crazy and comfy I assume.

I think you should pair these fuzzy R2-D2 Slipper Boots with these updated Batman Caped Slipper Boots for maximum fun.


While it may not feel like Fall for some of us, cooler weather is bound to come sooner or later.

That means you’ll need cozy clothes to keep you warm—which is where this pair of Harley Quinn plush slippers and a Harley Quinn cardigan come in handy.

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It doesn’t matter what side of the force you are on, these Star Wars slippers will keep your feet cozy. They definitely beat crawling into a taun taun on Hoth for warmth.

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Last week we posted some of the Star Wars sleepwear at Target, and one of the things that caught my eye were the adult onesies. Knowing they existed for Star Wars I had to do another search. This time I found some amazing family sleep collections that even include costumes for the dog.

In addition to more of the Star Wars sleepwear , I also found collections for Captain America, TMNT, and Batman—which includes some of the cutest dog costumes ever.

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star wars sleepwear

I know some people are worried about Star Wars burnout, but I’m way more worried about the damage to my checking account because there’s so much good stuff available. That having been said, check out the new Star Wars women’s sleepwear at Target! I saw the Princess Leia onesie and pretty much died of the awesome. They have five different sleepshirts available (the Dark Side one with the hood is great too) so you have lots of options to choose from.

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tng loungers

As you may or may not know, the crew of Star Trek: TNG began their run wearing spandex jumpsuits. Apparently, they were incredibly uncomfortable. Perhaps things would have been better if they went straight to loungers made of 100% polyester brushed fleece.

These TNG loungers feature a hood and ribbed cuffs on the arms and legs. There isn’t a butt-flap or footies, but the latter problem could be easily solved with a pair of TNG boot slippers.

As for the butt-flap issue, you’ll need to deal with that the hard way unless you’re supremely lazy and opt for the space diaper option.

Product Page ($39.99)


Can you picture Picard wearing these Star Trek TNG Uniform Boot Slippers? Let’s find out what that would look like…

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harley quinn cami

This Harley Quinn mesh camisole and panty set is just the thing for getting into mischief. It’s 95/5 nylon/spandex and features a harlequin pattern on the cami top and the panties.

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These camis and panties are a cute and comfortable way to add a little superhero (or supervillain) style to your wardrobe.

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