dc comics underwear 1

Even if you’ve maxed out on nerdy t-shirts, you’re probably not there yet with bikini, robes, dresses and nightshirts. Brazilian company Thais Gusmão has a wide range of DC Comics design to help you round out your geeky wardrobe.

You can find shiny bikini tops with Batgirl and Wonder Woman motifs, slinky robes, bras and panties, boxers, camisoles, long johns, and the list goes on. The styles that stand out the most feature colorful prints as pictured above. I adore the Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman art, and they also have a cool Wonder Woman tattoo design I’m drooling over. I’ve not seen anything quite like it before, and I love the look!

Check out a sampling of the collection after the break.

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greyhound pajamas

This is Mosely the Greyhound and, while I don’t know everything about him, I do know he loves his Batman pajamas.

Thanks to his owner Scott Merrihew, we have video of Mosely in his Batman pj’s happily running around in the snow.

Enjoy it after the break.

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Finally, stepping on LEGO is a good thing! Sorry, I meant stepping on “Building Bricks”. Either way, these slippers are awesome and they can be had for just $9.99 for a limited time.

Product Page ($9.99)


Your bed will feel like the Enterprise when you wear one of these Star Trek uniform pajama sets. They come in Kirk Gold, Scotty Red, or Spock Blue and are available for a limited time at just $29.99. That’s 25% off the list price!

Product Page ($39.99 $29.99)

breaking bad pajamas

I’ll admit. Breaking Bad Heisenberg Pajama Pants seems like an odd bit of merchandising, but they look cozy and they’re on sale. I don’t know if you’re okay with having Heisenberg’s face that close to your crotch…who am I to judge? ;-)

Product Page ($19.59 $14.63)

grumpy cat kirigumi

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have those days where I just want to curl up on the couch and be left the heck alone to have a good grump.

Well, thanks to ThinkGeek and these Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas, you can have that grump and inform anyone who may see you just what kind of mood your in.

ThinkGeek says it’s one of those “one size fits all” sets of PJ’s, which is really one size fits most, but they say it’s gonna fit those of us that may a bit more than average as far as height or weight and TG is usually pretty honest when it comes to their product descriptions.

It’s also in stock now. Get your Grumpy Cat on.

Product Page ($59)


There’s a chill in the air but you’ll stay warm and look fantastic in these Wolverine Costume Footie Pajamas. It’s even got a hood so all you need to do is provide an angry, angst-ridden snarl and you’ll look just like him, minus the claws and regenerative powers, but so very close.

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11th doctor pjs 2

It’s not often that you get to wear a bow tie with your pj’s which really is a shame if you think about it. Well, guess what? The days of no pajamas and bow ties are over thanks to this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Pajama Set.

ThinkGeek describes the set this way:

This 11th Doctor costume Pajama Set includes a pair of bottoms in black. Straight leg, they feature a button fly and an elastic waist with a red drawstring. DW Doctor Who logo ironed on the upper left hip.

The shirt itself is 100% polyester with a boat neck and long sleeves. Printed to look like the front of the 11th Doctor’s costume complete with printed-on bow tie. We hear they’re cool now.

They run in sizes Small to XXL and you can check out the sizing at the product page. You still have time to get them before the 50th for watching at home.

Product Page $39

walking dead pajamas

If you feel like a zombie before you’ve had your morning coffee then these pajamas will make you look as rough as you feel. They’re unisex, adult footie pajamas that turn you into one of the bloody, brain-eating masses. You can even pull he hood over your head and give yourself a zombie face.

Product Page ($38 via 7 Gadgets)


These incredible robes mimic the armor characters wear in World of Warcraft. You can choose between either Avatar Regalia (Tier 5, Priest) or Judgement Armor (Tier 2, Paladin). These officially licensed World of Warcraft products feature an all over design with a hood and are 100% cotton with satin detailing.

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