deadpool cupcakes

Recently a guy dressed as a Stormtrooper put a street on lockdown thanks to citizens that weren’t familiar with Star Wars. This time, commuters in Australia who are clearly not comic book fans called the cops on a Deadpool cosplayer named Reuben Rose who was on his way to a charity event.

Granted, he was openly carrying (plastic) swords, and firearms which was probably not the best idea in this day and age, but he was also carrying cupcakes—which is where this story gets amusing.

Thankfully, he was not charged with any crime and was soon on his way to work where he was trying to raise money for Bear Cottage at Manly, a hospice for children.

Check out a video of Deadpool dancing on the train after the break…

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her universe ghibli

During the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con, Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe revealed a new line of clothing featuring characters from Studio Ghibli! She teased the team-up on Instagram recently and confirmed it by donning a haute couture Totoro dress at the fashion show.

Models wore items from the new Ghibli including tank tops and a Totoro cosplay dress. The Studio Ghibli items will be available exclusively at Hot Topic beginning this holiday season, and there will be designs for both men and women. My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service will be the first titles in the collection, but others will follow.

UPDATE: A couple of photos of the collection from the fashion show are after the break…

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welovefine sdcc 1

WeLoveFine has plenty to offer at San Diego Comic-Con. They have fresh off the line apparel and some Comic-Con exclusives. The hilarious Spock tee featured above is limited to just 200 pieces and will be on sale at booth 1235. Other exclusives include designs from Transformers, Geek & Sundry’s Co-Optitude, and Bee and PuppyCat.

You can find WeLoveFine in three places at the convention: booth 1235, booth 5647, and booth 2913N inside the Lucasfilm pavilion. The last spot will have all their Star Wars gear, and you should definitely check it out because they have some cute dresses.

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The creative team behind Batgirl is changing up and the character is getting a new costume to match. Gail Simone is moving on with Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher taking over writing while Babs Tarr takes on drawing. Batgirl’s look gets a nice update with some chunky yellow boots and a slick leather (not spandex!) jacket that cosplayers will likely jump all over.

The first issue with the new look (#35) hits shelves this October. Check out an interview with the team on MTV.

(via The Mary Sue)

marge and mac

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons and you like makeup, get thee to SDCC.

MAC’s Marge Simpson collection will be available online on August 28 and in stores on September 4th, but if you’re headed to SDCC, you can get your Marge on early.

The Marge Simpson Collection will be available for sale for one day only during SDCC on Saturday, July 26th at the M·A·C Cosmetics Gaslamp store located at 234 Fifth Avenue in San Diego.

Fans are invited to visit the store for this opportunity to purchase the collection and also receive a Marge makeover from the ten piece collection that includes nail stickers ($16.50), eye shadows ($44), lipglosses ($16.50), and lashes ($18.50). You can follow #MACandMarge for more details.

I know where I’ll be Saturday. This sounds like so much fun!


If you missed out on the sold-out Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition, don’t fret. You can still score the Digital Collector’s Edition exclusively through the PlayStation Network Store. It features the game and all of the downloadable content included in the physical collector’s edition, along with a price tag that’s $15 cheaper at $64.99. Features include:

Replaces the voice over audio with the original Japanese. (sold individually for $4.99)

CAIM’S GARB: Based on the protagonist of the original Drakengard, this costume halves stamina use when performing stamina attacks. (sold individually for $2.99)
NIER’S GARB: Modeled after the protagonist from NIER Replicant. This costume boosts damage by 5%. (sold individually for $2.99)
KAINÈ’S GARB: Modeled after Kaine from NIER. Doubles the window for triggering a parry. (sold individually for $2.99)

BEAUTIFUL CHILD: Originally Included in the CE, this is a giant baby hat for Mikhail. (sold individually for $0.99)
EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON #7: Dragon headwear for Mikhail modeled after Emil from NIER. ($0.99)

ONE’S PROLOGUE: Additional prequel chapter featuring One as a playable character with her own level and unique weapons. Also contains its own unique trophy set as well.

Zero, Mikhail, Cent, Octa, Decadus, and Dito. ($0.99 each)

But that’s not all. There is lots of Drakengard 3 DLC available to purchase separately, including prologues for each of the other sisters for $5.99.

dk3 cover

In ancient days, six beautiful sisters descended upon the world and used their powers of song to usher in an age of peace. These sisters came to be worshiped as “Intoners,” each ruling over a piece of the world. But the day has come when that peace will be shattered, as the eldest sister, Zero, sets out on a quest to murder each of her younger siblings.

This is the set-up for Drakengard 3, a prequel to Drakengard and Drakengard 2 originally released on the PlayStation 2. It’s features a dark storyline for mature audiences (with plenty of dark humor) that explains how this fantasy world began. It allows any newcomer to join in the mayhem in the shoes of Zero, an anti-hero with a grudge against the world.

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Little Brayden Denton loved superheroes, so when he passed after a battle with brain cancer, his family decided to dress as his favorite characters to honor him at his funeral. His pallbearers dressed as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Thor, The Hulk, and Iron Man as they carried him to his final resting place.

Our thoughts go out to Brayden’s family.

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ben affleck batman

Today, Zack Snyder gave us all our first look at Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit for the upcoming movie known currently as Batman Vs. Superman. The ears are shorter, the suit is stockier and there appear to be be visible veins. We like what we see so far—and the new Batmobile doesn’t look bad either.

What do you think? Make sure to click on the image above to enlarge.

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Happy Star Wars Day!

star wars

Happy Star Wars Day!

How to you plan to celebrate this momentous day? A viewing party with some clever Star Wars treats is always a good idea, and the Official Star Wars Blog has a good roundup of product releases and events.

On that note, if you plan on doing any cosplaying, take pics and send them to (this goes for anything from Free Comic Book Day as well).

You can also head on over to our sister site Nerd Approved to check out the full trailer for Star Wars Rebels!

May The Fourth Be With You!