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Giveaway week is in full swing on our sister site Nerd Approved with Star Wars Rebels and book lovers giveaways, and today we’re giving three lucky readers a free shirt of their choice from TeePublic!

You can choose your favorite design from the shirts we’ve hand selected in our merch store, or from the entire TeePublic selection.

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Nerd Approved TeePublic Store

Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet? There’s still time to grab tons of nerdy shirt designs in our store for just $14.

We’ve added some new shirts to the store as well, so head on over to the store and grab your favorites while you still can!

shirt sale

We’re doing one final sale for 2014 in our Nerd Approved / Fashionably Geek merch store! Through the end of the week you can score every nerdy shirt in the store for just $14.

So head on over to the store and grab some awesome gifts while you still can!

old man yells at cloud

There’s been a trend recently where comic creators have taken to social media to decry cosplayers as a detriment to comic book conventions and the comics industry as a whole.

The latest example comes courtesy of Pat Broderick, who has recently rejoined DC Comics after a 20 year absence. Indeed, things have changed quite a bit in while Broderick was away, and he doesn’t like it.

Broderick posted a recent update to his Facebook page that laid out his thoughts on cosplayers pretty succinctly. If you’re a cosplayer, he doesn’t want to be your friend. If you’re doing a convention and you want him to be there, it better not be a cosplay-heavy con:

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It’s Black Friday, but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to rush out to fight the crowds. I would rather stay at home and browse some of the awesome deals to be had online.

If you feel the same way, check out the list of Black Friday deals from some of our favorite merchants after the break. It’s loaded with places that you can find great prices on toys, games, and clothes from all of your favorite fandoms.

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new shirts

We’ve added six new shirts to our new Nerd Approved / Fashionably Geek TeePublic Merch Store! Head on over to see all of the designs and get in on the $14 sale.

Better hurry though. Today is the last day!

Katie Cassidy black canary 1

If you’re not caught up on Arrow, stop reading this post now. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

Season three of Arrow kicked off with a shocking loss. Sara Lance was killed, leaving her sister Laurel behind. Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy, is angry and channeling her feelings by training to be like her deceased sister. These are the first images of Cassidy in the full Black Canary costume, and she will make her debut as the character in an upcoming episode titled “Left Behind.”

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teepublic top 2

We’ve teamed up with TeePublic to launch a Nerd Approved/Fashionably Geek shirt store that features hand-selected designs from some of our favorite artists (like Megan Lara, Karen Hallion, Captain RibMan and more). But the best part is that all of the shirts are on sale for just $14 through Friday. So grab them while you can!

Head on over to the store to see all of the designs. And stay tuned because more designs will be added regularly.


Being that it’s “Movember“, you should probably know that Edge shaving gel is offering some special DLC content for the new Assassin’s Creed Unity game. So, when it comes time to do a bit of man-scaping (while leaving that pristine mustached untouched), you can pick up a can of Edge and acquire a limited-edition sword, armor, or assassin’s hat for the game.

Or, you could just just forget the DLC stuff and grow a beard for No Shave November. Fancy DLC armor is overrated anyway. Up to you!

(via Kotaku)

felicity smoak

Here’s a very nice little present for all of the Felicity Smoak fans. Not only have we had her on both Arrow and The Flash, but we’re getting an origin episode.

Felicity was a goth!

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