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Oh Puddin’ now Jared Leto’s gone platinum! Earlier this week we reported photos from Twitter that appeared to show that he was cutting his gorgeous Oscar winning locks in preparation for his upcoming role as Joker in Suicide Squad. Now there can be no denying it. I know from experience, in order for a bright hair color dye to stick (like green), the blonde needs to come first and it must be just right.

In a Instagram post that accompanies one of the photos he says:

“Be brave. Risk it all. Without failure there is nothing. #WhistleWhileYouWork”

Here’s hoping that Leto continues to share his Joker transformation with us.

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joker hair

David Ayer, director for the upcoming Suicide Squad, has been tweeting teasers. His latest shows the back of Jared Leto’s ponytail in the hands of a barber. Could this mean Leto is finally cutting his hair in preparation for his role as the Joker?

He also used an interesting word to describe the character. Find out what it is in the tweets after the break…

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The Awesome Mix from Guardians Of The Galaxy is a fantastic soundtrack, but I dunno if I could listen to it day in and day out for over 20-years or anything. Plus, people who are old enough will remember that cassette tapes were a pain in the ass. There’s no way it would have survived that long.

This necklace doesn’t have that problem. It’s tiny. It’s made from zinc alloy. It doesn’t play music.

It is, however, a very awesome necklace indeed.

Product Page ($24.99)

unite the seven

Late last night Zack Snyder dropped the first pic of Jason Momoa in full Aquaman attire ahead of his appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The “Unite the Seven” tagline likely refers to both the seven seas and the seven members of the Justice League.

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In case you needed more confirmation that the Deadpool movie is actually happening

Ryan Reynolds tweeted a picture that included a prototype of Deadpool’s mask as your first glimpse of how the character may look. The photo is sepia tone, which Reynolds says is to disguise the fact that the mask is actually “ballerina pink”. Let’s hope he’s joking.

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Now that’s some movie-quality cosplaying right there! Cosplayer Tina Rybakova dressed up as Tauriel from The Hobbit, and it honestly looks like something out of the film. This has to be one of the best cosplaying shoots I’ve seen in a long time. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Makar Vinogradov

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Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

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So, Gandalf the Grey didn’t know about incognito mode? Well, I guess wizards aren’t all that wise. I’m going to take a guess and say that Gandalf had some Balrog-sized viruses plaguing his hard drive too. Shady web history aside, this t-shirt is a fun take on the “fly, you fools!” scene. It comes in a whole bunch of different sizes and it’s made from ringspun cotton.

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A live-action version of Attack on Titan has been filming in Japan and they’ve released an incredible series of cast posters with everyone in full costume. It reveals a lot about the setting of the film which looks to be more post-apocalyptic than the medieval-esque world the manga/anime depicts. The cast includes Miura Haruma as Eren, Mizuhara Kiko as Mikasa, Shu Watanabe as Fukushi, Ayame Misaki as Hiana, and Rina Takeda as Lil.

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This Lego version of Star-Lord’s mask from Guardians of the Galaxy was built by Orion Pax who says:

STAR LORD, the main character from Guardians of the Galaxy, like every famous rapper, for sure is wearing a nice looking mask. This is built with the red light brick, so the eyes light up. The printed pattern reflects nice in the dark on any surface. The scale is close to 1:1!

Light up eyes and a 1:1 scale? This thing is brilliant!

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