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When Karen Gillan revealed her bald head by removing a wig at SDCC last year, people gasped at the idea that her hair was gone. However, it turns out her hair may not be gone after all.

Gillan recently spoke to Collider and had this to say about getting her head shaved and the fate of those signature locks:

“No, I was laughing hysterically. It really hit me when I woke up the next morning. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh, my god, where’s my hair?!’ But also, everyone kept me in good spirit. Everyone was laughing and telling jokes. Marvel are the best company to work for, they really are. They treat you really well. They made my hair into the most incredible well-made wig and they gave it to the Star Wars people. It’s just so funny to think that my hair is made into a wig, next to all these Star Wars monster heads in a warehouse. I thought that was really funny.”

Elsewhere on the internet, I’ve seen a couple people speculate that the wig in question may be for Mara Jade.

Either way, I think there’s something kind of interesting about Karen Gillan’s hair being in a movie without actually being on her head. Let’s hope it gets the love and attention it deserves.

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Live-action DC Superhero costumes have come a long way… or at least, most of them have. Reddit user hitokirivader created a unique tribute to the evolution of Superman and Batman costumes—he also included a nice jab to help remind everyone just how little cinematic attention the one true Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, has received in the last few decades.

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There’s a scene in Thor 2 where Loki briefly takes on the form of Captain America. What we see in the movie is Chris Evans, but in this untouched clip we actually see Tom Hiddleston dressed up as Captain America complete with his signature shield. According to Hiddleston:

“I did an impression of Loki in the Captain America costume, and did the whole performance, and then they showed Chris [Evans] my performance on tape. It’s him doing an impression of me doing an impression of him, and it’s brilliant. Brilliant. I think it’s great.”

I think I’ve become lost somewhere in the meta of who’s doing an impression of who, but either way, it’s a fantastic clip.

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James Bond Grafik Blende

Here’s proof that no matter your age, you’re never too old to have a little cosplay fun. This group of seniors aged 75 to 98 dressed up as characters from famous movies for their 2014 calendar. They’re all residents of the Contilia retirement home in Essen, Germany and they’ve dressed up as everything from James Bond to The Blues Brothers. You can even download the calendar (PDF) to hang on your wall.

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As you probably know, Michael Bay, AKA the director with the affinity for over-the-top CGI explosions and lingerie models, is producing the new re-boot of the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise. Things have been pretty quiet on the news front since the whole aliens fiasco, so this leaked image of what is purported to be an upcoming children’s costume of Michelangelo is our only idea of what the new turtles might actually look like. It’s pretty horrible.

Granted, it’s a bit unfair to judge the turtles we’ll see on film based on this, but a few details can be gleaned. It looks like Bay is going for a “grittier” vibe for his turtles, as they seem to be wearing bandages, and there are some curious accessories like torn pants, a sweater, sunglasses and a backpack. Maybe the new Turtles can store stuff in their shells. Guess that might come in handy. They also seem to have lips. LIPS people!

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It turns out that one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in the Marvel universe uses the same sort of software as a toy computer.

Yep, according to computer programmer John Graham-Cumming and his Tumblr “Source Code in Television and Films“, Tony Stark uses the same programming code that powers a Lego robotic toy for his specialized Iron Man suit.

Graham-Cumming spends a good chunk of his free time hunting through famous movies for scenes that depict programming codes. After doing some snooping through the latest Iron Man flicks, he saw that the code looked vaguely familiar.

What the crafty programmer discovered was pretty interesting. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) confirmed his discovery, and posted the following on its Iron Man trivia page:

The code that appears on the computer screen at 34 minutes into the movie is a utility that downloads firmware into Lego robotic toy (called RCX). It may suggest that Tony Stark used this program to download firmware into his robotic suit.

Man, who knew that Lego toys could be so versatile? We should use them to power everything!

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Someone at the Solihull Police department in the UK is a Tolkien fan. The proof comes from a series of tweets that start off pretty normal, with the police seeking help finding the owner of a lost ring. Soon, things take a turn for the awesome when they photoshop a picture of Gollum into a tweet. The whole thing finishes with a pun worthy of only the most dedicated Tolkien fanboy.

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frozen cosplay

Kristoff: JimmySherfy
Anna: ItsCourtoon
Elsa: ALCBlueyes

Send your cosplay pics to

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I’ve always liked lockets because they’re like having a secret you wear in plain sight. But I also think a lot of what’s out there today is, well, boring.

Until now. These geeky lockets by Etsy Store ThreeTwelveTrinkets are a perfect way to keep your secrets close to your chest and still let your geek flag fly. The shop covers many fandoms like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel and Minecraft and even offers an option for a custom made version, so you’ve likely to find something that’s just the right fit.

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