These fashionable Jewelbots bracelets actually teach pre-teen girls the basics of coding. And it looks super fun. Once again I’m so happy more companies are helping to introduce the world of STEM to young girls. I only wish this kind of thing was around when I was younger.

The bracelet itself is a fairly simple design with one button and four different colored LED lights. The super fun part comes in when it’s paired with the iPhone or Android app. Girls can program a wide variety of functions that include adding their friends to color-coded groups so the bracelet will light up when nearby. “Secret” messages can be also sent to friends through vibration sequences.

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Extreme adorableness alert! You have to check out these handmade Animal Cling rings by Japanese artist Jiro Miura. Miura also makes a variety of other jewelry, including the most adorable hedgehog earrings, but I’m going to focus on the rings for now or we’ll be here all day.

All of these rings are hand carved and painted. From what I can tell, they retail for roughly 1300 yen or around $13. That seems crazy to me for this much detail!

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Etsy shop Little Literature crafts these tiny Harry Potter papers in incredible detail.

In addition to the Daily Prophet, there’s also miniature Quibbler Magazine, Advanced Potion-Making book, and a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book.

Check out these adorably tiny books that you can keep close to your fangirl heart after the break.

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Yuck, who wants to see cat butts? Twinkle Tush aims to cover up that butt with a shiny jewel and give your cat some class.

Of course, Twinkle Tush is just a gag gift. You can buy this dangling sparkly for $6, but please don’t leave this thing on your cat’s butt. It won’t be so fancy after your cat has visited the litter box.

Now click below to watch the ridiculous Twinkle Tush commercial. 

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Made from laser cut acrylic, these Harley Quinn-inspired earrings are super eye-catching. Her signature diamond shape is embellished with what looks like an upside down jester hat. Hmmmmmm.

Etsy shop Pint Sized Maria uses nickle free backings and swarovski crystals to add a little extra bling (although I think Harley would prefer a little extra bashing).

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Knights and squires should be prepared for battle with full body protection, and that includes armor ear cuffs. Etsy shop Mountain Ursus Designs hand makes each cuff, then carefully layers each metal plate to contour to your ear. You can also choose between silver and copper finishes.

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disney jewelry

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then I’m likely going to dream about Japanese jeweler K. Uno’s Disney jewelry line. From rings invoking Cinderella’s carriage and Rapunzel’s hair to a Baymax pendant and Frozen snowflakes, there’s a lot of beautiful jewelry to covet.

Plus, they ship overseas.

The Poison Apple ring may be my personal favorite, but I’ve always been a sucker for the villains.

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These lovely planet rings by Etsy seller LostInSpaceJewelry are made from sterling silver with two planets on the bezel. They’re sold individually or as a set of four with Mercury and Venus, Earth and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and Uranus and Neptune. Collect them all and rule the universe.

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While QMx makes all sorts of collectibles, their heart belongs to Firefly and they’ve got some shiny new debuts for SDCC. The first is a 14k gold and sterling silver version of their Leaf On The Wind pendant which also comes with a sterling silver plated 24″ chain and a velvet-lined wooden box that looks straight out of The ‘Verse.

The other item is an official replica of Jayne’s cunning hat. Both Firefly costume designer Shawna Trpcic and actor Adam Baldwin have said that the pattern and colors are very true to the original.

Both the pendant and the hat will be available at SDCC and online.

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clue themed necklace

Artist Kiersten Essenpreis is a huge Clue fan an she “JUMPED at the chance!” when Gallery 1988 asked her to be a part of a show dedicated to the movie.

Essenpreis created her favorite quote from Clue in necklace form and even made sure to package them in black and purple boxes for the die hard fans.

They’ll be available at Gallery 1988 starting this Saturday for $60.

Check out the clip that the necklace is based on after the break…

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