We featured a beautiful set of Doctor Who wedding bands from etsy seller Cloud9Tungsten in the past, and now we’ve got even more great designs from the shop.

There are designs for fans of the Rebel Alliance and Imperials, Batman, and Legend of Zelda. Each features a wedding band for him and her as well as an engagement ring with tungsten carbide, cubic zirconia, and sterling silver.

The sets are priced at $150, which leaves you plenty of room to replace that fake stone with the real thing. It even includes free engraving.

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These wonderful Harry Potter-inspired earrings feature three charms that represent an owl, the acceptance letter, and Hogwarts itself. They measure about 3″ long and have nickel-free hooks.

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These Cardcaptor Sakura sneakers and necklace are the perfect way to dress up your wardrobe. The sailor-collared sneakers feature the insignia of Tomoeda Elementary where Sakura Kinomoto goes to school. Flaps at the ankles mimic the school uniforms and they come with both pink and white laces.

The necklace looks like Sakura’s Sealing Wand and is gold-plated with Swarovski crystals with the face of Kero-Shan hanging from the clasp. It hangs from a 23.6-inch chain of gold-plated brass.

The necklace will be available in Japan this April and the shoes will follow in July.

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Looking for the super unique accessory? Well mateys I’ve found you a mighty pirate ship being attacked by the monstrous tentacles of the legendary Kraken…on a ring!

Etsy shop owner KilroysAttic is literally going to sink my wallet because their jewelry designs are simply fantastic. The same shop that brought us Khaleesi Dragon and Egg ring, has traveled to the great seas to capture this iconic scene in resin.

“Meet Black Pearl, the fastest pirate ship in the Caribbean Seas! She won’t outrun your finger as long as her Kraken anchors her hull to your carcass!! Pearl will grace your scurvy fingers U.S. size 5 up to U.S. size 14.”

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Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord might kick butt and save the galaxy, but here they are nothing but cute. The pair has been turned into chibi earrings that are metal charms attached to hypoallergenic ear wires. They’re just two of the styles available through Etsy seller laminartz.

There are also characters from Pokémon, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z and more. There’s even a pair with the TARDIS.

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Deathly Hallows Ring by Carolyn Nicole Designs (1)

Jewelry designer Carolyn Nicole sent us some of the geekier examples of her work and we were absolutely blown away. These gorgeous designs are inspired by everything from Doctor Who to Zelda.

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Etsy seller dtekdesigns makes all kinds of custom nerdy jewelry (some of which can be pretty elaborate), but we love the simple elegance of this Doctor Who wedding band featuring the groom’s name in Gallifreyan.

This particular band was a custom order, but you can probably have something similar made.

Then again, there’s always this Doctor Who wedding ring set which is a super bargain.


Remember the most hilarious pair of door knockers in Labyrinth? Well now you can own your very own handsome mumbler and hard-of-hearing figures as awesome jewelry from Etsy shop owner ArtByAelia.

She sculpts each knocker by hand using polymer clay, then casts it in resin, and carefully paints them by hand to give them that aged brass-look. The earrings from in three styles; dangle, post, or clips (for non-pierced ears) and all made with nickle-free findings). Her attention to detail in the sculpts are spot on to the originals, just don’t ask them for directions.

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It’s hard not to love these Pokemon Mega Ring-inspired bracelets by Etsy seller Toriroz. From the description:

Bracelets are hand cast with resin, and the gem cast in clear epoxy. The details are made with a metallic vinyl decal for that crisp clean look. The back is open for easy wear-ability, as the plastic is slightly bendable.

And the best part is there are several different designs to choose from. Head after the break to see the bracelet being worn.

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I’m so flippin’ excited about these Adventure Time necklaces. They wrap around your neck like they are giving you a great big hug. And the most unique part about the super vibrant jewelry is that they are hand drawn on shrink film. It’s like fusing Adventure Time with your ’80s childhood.

This Fionna and Cake necklace is awesome and Etsy shop Doppledew has several more of your favorite Adventure Time characters to choose from.

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