saber earrings

These new Lightsaber Stud Earrings by Han Cholo come in stainless steel or 2-tone Sterling Silver and 14k gold, which makes them an even more elegant weapon than usual.

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Czech artist Anna Curlejová turns tools of art into the art itself with her colored pencil jewelry. With a rainbow of pencil colors at her disposal, she slices the wood and crayon in different angles and shapes to create her unique designs. Once she’s achieved the desired shapes, the pendants are lacquered to protect the design and give it a glossy finish.

Her Etsy shop has tons of whimsical wearable art. Check out some of our favorites after the break.

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Takayas Custom Jewelry has announced a sequel to their original Legend Of Zelda-themed ring collection with a new set that’s based on the three Spiritual Stones from the Ocarina of Time: Kokiri’s Emerald, Goron’s Ruby, and Zora’s Sapphire.

Each ring’s Spiritual Stone is framed by the wings from the Hylian Shield’s crest. The band is sterling silver and the center piece is Swarovski Zirconia.

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Etsy shop Geek and Freak has a wonderful and super sparkly collection of Poke Ball-inspired jewelry including this necklace, ring, and matching earrings. Wrapped in sterling silver, the Poke Ball is made with a double tone red-white cubic zircon stone with a small white CZ in the center.

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I lost my real high school class ring. Never even considered getting one in college. I didn’t exactly have much school spirit. Besides, I did all that work and all I had to show for it was a piece of paper and crippling debt.

Amazingly enough, I can get a Jedi Order class ring for only $59.99 without actually earning it!

Well, I actually have to lift a finger to put it on. If I went to class then I could probably just float it on to my finger—but whatever.

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Valve employee Chandler Murch presented an engagement ring to his girlfriend while she was wearing a VR headset, and then totally backed it up with the real thing.

On her Facebook page, Kelly Tortorice recalls the most romantic use of VR technology so far:

“So there I was, typical day…on a sunken ship deck; fixing robots; painting three-dimensional fire; walking through the Alps; and then suddenly, a virtual engagement ring started floating my way. Chandler told me to grab it. Then told me to take off my headset, and there he really was, on one knee, with a real ring. It wasn’t imaginary anymore. But I didn’t say yes. I said, “OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!” Thank you for such a hilarious and fun surprise. I love you and I can’t wait for the life ahead of us. “

According to the Ars Technica, Murch used a trackable HTC Vive wand controller programmed to look like an engagement ring so that when Tortorice removed her headset, the real ring took the place of the virtual version.

She noted that her proposal was “a hilarious and fun surprise.”

(via GeekWire)


The Element Cube Kickstarter has fused 62 elements into one compact cube that sits on your desk. Yep, it’s a metal cube that sits there, anxiously awaiting the day one of your co-workers asks “what is that”?

Then you hit ’em with some science.

That pretty cool I guess, but we think the wearable versions are far more interesting. You can carry over half of the known elements around wherever you go in the form of a necklace or bracelet. Plus, all cubes will come with an SGS material analysis report, documenting that all 62 elements are present.

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Etsy seller PipStarPop has a shop full of amazing steampunk designs—including a selection of intricate, eye-popping bracers with customizable acrylic gems.

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nbx engagement ring

The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t a typical theme for an engagement ring, but Austin Moore of Earth Art totally made it work. And why not? The romantic scene where Jack and Sally meet on the hill is perfect for something like this.

This ring features a blue topaz as the night sky and two tiny white diamonds as Jack and Sally.

Just gorgeous.

(via Neatorama)

pensieve ring box

This custom Harry Potter Pensieve engagement ring box is the work of Paul Pape Designs. It’s one of several amazing Harry Potter-themed ring boxes he’s done over the years.

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