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Would you like to relive the best parts of your childhood and teenage years? Etsy store Von Trash Jewelry will help you travel back in time with their colorful retro necklace designs. Their big pendants feature logos from shows such as Saved By the Bell and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and from companies such as Nickelodeon and Walt Disney. They scream nostalgia.

Each pendant is made by hand with a saw and a drill, and they’re made to order. Turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

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This absolutely wonderful Star Trek Galileo Shuttlecraft necklace is the latest by Paul Michael Design. We’ve featured many of his nerdy jewelry designs in the past, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The shuttle opens like a locket to reveal six gems to represent the passengers in either yellow, blue, or red. You get to pick which colors you want in your shuttle, but better not pick too many redshirts or the whole thing will go down in flames.

Product Page ($395 and up via technabob)


These rings are the work of Paul Michael Design who we’ve featured many times for his nerdy works of jewelry art. He’s turned his attention to anime this time with Sailor Moon rings available with your choice of stones. You can also choose silver, gold, or even platinum depending on how much you want to spend.

Product Page ($295 and up via The Mary Sue)

Lantern rings 1

Whether you want to join the Green Lanterns or the Sinestro Corps, Guild Jewellery has you covered with their sterling silver and enamel designs. The superheroic jewelry is officially licensed and looks beautifully made. They’re obviously ideal for your Lantern Corps cosplay but would also work with any outfit – anyone who doesn’t recognize the Lantern Corps symbols would just think you were wearing cool abstract designs.

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Disney stores sell Disney princess tiaras, but they’re just inexpensive costume pieces with plastic parts. What if they made real gem or crystal covered metal tiaras for each of the princesses? Tumblr user Eclectic Charms has plenty of ideas for them. She’s designed a collection of elaborate tiaras and crowns inspired by the likes of Elsa, Rapunzel, Snow White, and more. She hopes that Disney or another official source will take interest and work with her to create actual products soon.

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This necklace features one of the most well-known sound waves in all of sci-fi. It’s the vworp vworp sound of the TARDIS captured in a visual form. It’s available in either acrylic or wood and measures 3″ by 1.5″ and comes on your choice of a silver or black plated chain.

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arc reactor ring

If you like Iron Man, this is the ring for you. The latest accessory from Paul Michael Designs features Tony Stark’s arc reactor in a more delicate setting than the Iron Man armor. It’s made from palladium and custom cut light blue sapphires. Yes, you probably need to be as wealthy as Tony Stark to afford it, but the quality and design makes it worth it.

(via Paul Michael Design’s Facebook)


These adorable rings feature your favorite Studio Ghibli characters. They’re sold in sets of three with one Totoro, one Soot Sprite, and one No Face cut from high quality acrylic plastic. Each is made to order so you can specify your size and be assured of a perfect fit.

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One of the most memorable scenes from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is when the giant squid attacks the Nautilus. Artist Marty Magic has brought that moment to life with a lovely pendant available in silver and bronze. She worked with her husband to create the intricate piece; he printed a 3D image of the Nautilus, and she sculpted the tiny squid from wax. The result is an incredibly neat and wearable piece of literature.

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Woodworker Peter Brown created an easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial on how to make a ring using a bunch of colored pencils. It might take some practice to craft one as fine as the one Peter made, but I have confidence in you! Good luck!

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