My Kingdom For This Castle Ring


I’ve been in a whimsy of fantasy jewelry from Etsy lately, and I’ve just landed in Medieval heaven with the castle ring. Designer MONVATOO in London explains it best:

“Imposing walls, majestic towers, magnificent columns, endless staircases, and expansive rooftops condense into one little masterpiece and one grand style gesture in this enchanting ring. Starring a castle that begs for a centuries-old tale, this MONVATOO London creation puts a glimmer of fantasy and a forest of creativity at your fingertips.”

This ring is black ruthenium and rhodium plated, textured and clear coated to prevent wear and tear. It’s also nickle free so your royal finger won’t look like a mossy moat after use. Each ring is made one size fits all adjustable band.

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cthulhu ring

This Cthulhu-inspired engagement ring by DTEK Designs was a custom design for a client. We’ve featured Drew’s jewelry before (we’re fans) and, while this beautiful creation is currently not available for sale, it’s a good example of the delightfully insane custom designs that are possible.

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The “Drogon the Baby Dragon Ring” hatches before your very eyes to reveal a beautifully sculptured baby dragon. The bond between a mother and her baby dragon is impenetrable and lasting forever, on your finger.

Just look at those sweet little eyes and the faithful gaze that says “wear me and I will protect you.”

This gorgeous ring can be custom made from size 5 to 14, including half sizes. The set includes not only your brand new baby dragon, but the egg that serves as his home, and a 3 sword stand for display.

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The last time we featured one of these adorable charm necklaces by The Gorgonist, the Cosplay Girls were dressed as the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. This time around, they battle as the TARDIS and a Dalek and it’s just as cute.

The charms are both 1.5 inches, and the necklaces are between 15-18 inches, but you can request different sizes as needed. She’s got a lot of cuteness going on in her shop, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Product Page ($25)


Made from old radio wires, discarded beads, and other pieces of scrap metal, this inspiring jewelry has story to tell.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, 23-year old film student Carolina Breeze explained that her father had found a new outlet for his creativity after losing his job. He continued to create with his hands drawing in the magic of ancient and mythological worlds into gorgeous jewelry designs. She spoke about the first piece he presented to her:

” It was a big pendant made out of copper wire from an old radio combined with some ugly beads he took from an old piece of my jewelry. My father had never made jewelry before, and there it was, simple yet perfect and annoyingly beautiful.”

Woven together with bold beads and dancing wire, the styles are clearly a mix of ancient cultures with shapes representing scarabs, Fleur-De-Lis, and the Root of Life.

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Yes, that is an itty bitty Stormtrooper in an itty bitty hand-blown glass terrarium globe. On a ring. For your finger. Have you ever wanted to cuddle a Stormtrooper so hard? With his blaster raised and mounted on a sandy surface, it’s like this little imperial soldier was just waiting to be scooped up into a bubble for your fashion needs!

The ring is adjustable as well as brass and nickel free. Etsy shop owner The House Of Boo says that each ring may have tiny imperfections since they are all hand-made:

“I feel that as each piece is totally unique, it adds charm and character that only handmade can provide.”

I agree that may be the first and only time that anyone from the dark side has ever been considered charming.

On that note. you’ll want to check through the store for even more geeky terrarium jewelry.

Product page ($23.67)


The T-Rex was a fierce dinosaur, but this one probably won’t try to eat you for dinner. Maybe a nibble at your finger at most.

The T-Rex ring is available in either antique silver or antique gold finishes and is made of brass. There are a range of sizes available so you can have a chomping T-Rex on whatever finger you choose.

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Etsy seller Papillon9 has a shop filled with beautiful glow-in-the-dark jewelry, including some whimsical dragons (Toothless!). There are pendants, earrings, and ear cuffs made in metals like sterling silver and bronze then accented with glow-in-the-dark materials. They can store a glow that will shine for up to 9 hours and will continue to recharge and glow for as long as 20 years.

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9 planets ring

This gorgeous 18k gold ring hails from Metamorphosis Jewelry designer John Biagiotti and includes nine planets made of meteorites and gemstones. And I know what you’re going to say…yes, dwarf planets count.

The center of the gold band features an inlaid ring of Gibeon Meteorite which spins independently. It’s like the entire solar system is revolving around your little finger.

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Given their “bigger on the inside” nature, the TARDIS always feels like a great starting point for items that need to hold things. These TARDIS jewelry boxes are a great example and Lucky Lycan Designs has gone the extra mile to make sure there’s something here for Whovians of any age or Doctor preference.

The box itself is made from Balsa wood and, while she makes them in Ten and Eleven styles, she also leaves room for customization.

Everyone has a favorite doctor, if Ten or Eleven aren’t yours, please feel free to specify which you’d like to see for your TARDIS when choosing “OTHER”.

…The matching interior motif is meant to embody the overall look and feel of the specific type 40. If you choose “OTHER”, again, please specify what you’d like to see in the notes!

Now I’m curious to see a custom Tom Baker TARDIS with an interior based on his scarf.

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