These handmade leather and metal bracelets feature the message of your choice engraved in Gallifreyan. It could be your name or any secret message that you might want to send to the Doctor should he and his blue box show up in your yard. There’s also a leather phone wallet case that can personalized with a Gallifreyan message.

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These stunning and super shiny dragon ear cuffs are hand made by the talented Francis Prachthauser  a.k.a. Bronze Smith. Working with metals for over 30 years, his art work has been exhibited in galleries across the globe.

Lucky for us, his passion for beautiful fantasy designs has inspired a jewelry shop with almost 200 items. His beautiful bronze and copper creatures take the form of dragon jewelry, octopus hair buns, faerie circlets and more.

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Who knew the cast from Adventure Time would be even cuter as little round polymer clay charms? Each adorable friend is hand molded by Etsy shop owner Egyptian Ruin, then painted and coated with protective varathane. There’s over 30 charms to choose from and this bracelet holds a whopping 14.

The shop also has charms for fans of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli, Mortal Kombat, and more.

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Etsy shop MiraCrafts creates these fantastic little flask pendants that are protected by magical, leafy roots to keep the precious contents safe. She hand sculpts each one then paints it with Citadel-Colors so every vial is truly one of a kind.

“Fillable with little gems, sand from your favourite beach or your recommended mana potion.”

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This elegant Steampunk heart pendant from June’s Night has such wonderful detail that I just want to keep gazing at it.

“All metal parts torch soldered together and accented with sparkling Swarovski rhinestones, pendant hangs on 18 inch stainless steel cable chain with lobster clasp.”

The watch parts don’t actually move (so if you hear a ticking sound you might be going mad), but this pendant is still gorgeous and unique. Check out more pics of the pendant, including a brass version, after the break.

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This musical dragon jewelry is a bit unexpected, but a beautiful combination nonetheless. The ancient-looking carved dragon sits perched on and also blends into a treble clef, as if the two were one.

Etsy shop owner Rare Crafts hand makes each pendant by carving the knot-work creature from brass then covers it in a dark patina to give it a wonderful antique finish.

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These beautiful planet necklaces are the work of etsy seller Chrysalism who has turned jasper stones into little worlds. Each is wire-wrapped inside antique copper rings. They even have little pyrite moons in orbit.

Red, green, gold, amber, teal, ivory, brown, gray; these stones are rich with many different colors and intricate designs! 18 inch antique brass chain with lobster clasps (other chain lengths available upon request!). The planets measure 12mm in diameter, and the rings are 18mm.

You pick the style and planet of your choice to make exactly the world you want to wear. Since each stone is unique, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind world of your very own.

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They say that few can endure the gaze of the Eye of Sauron, but not so with these earrings. Etsy seller CuriologyJewellery laser cut these acrylic Barad-dûr earrings and embedded 8mm glass “Eye of Sauron” domes to complete the awesome LOTR look.

Product Page: ($10.88)


Here’s a perfect little bit of My Little Pony sparkle for your MLP cosplay or everyday outfit. These necklaces by Etsy seller Edenki feature the elements from ponies like Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and more.

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pendant necklaces top

These layered wood, metal, and acrylic pendants are laser cut and hand painted by Curiology Jewellery.

Each pendant tells it’s own story and has it’s own signature style. I already want about seven of them.

See a few designs close-up after the break.

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