super mario cuff 1

Square rhinestones make wonderful pixels – who knew?! Instructables user mactothefuture was aware of the trick and used tons of rhinestones to make a cuff bracelet featuring the question block from Super Mario Bros. She wrote a how-to, and to make your own, you only have to make or purchase a leather cuff and buy tons of rhinestones (okay, like 300 of them). Then you carefully apply them to the cuff with a rhinestone picker. It might be tedious work but just look at the finished product! I love sparkly and geeky combos.

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TIE fighter ring

If you read us regularly, you know we love Paul Michael Design, so when we spotted a new X-Wing ring and a new TIE Fighter ring, you bet we had to show them off.

I love the colors on the X-Wing version pictured after the break. As someone who’s partial to sapphires, I’d love to see a version with them, but it looks pretty just the way it is. I’m also putting in a couple new Star Trek Bat’leth necklaces because, well, Bat’leth necklaces!

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Heart-shaped lockets are swell and all, but if you’re looking for a lovely locket that’s a bit more accurate then you’ll have to pick up one of Peggy Skemp’s necklaces.

Most of Peggy’s jewelry is inspired by nature, and her heart locket line is a tiny testament to the complex, natural beauty of the human heart. It’s accurate inside and out and the chain passes through the superior vena cava and the left pulmonary vein. The locket itself hangs anteroinferiorly (towards the front but slightly below), much like the human heart. They are also not designed to hold pictures, but are solely meant to serve as artistic testaments to the complexity of our bodies.

The lockets are handmade, and they are available in sterling silver and gold. The latter locket can also be made to include diamonds.

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These best friends rings are the perfect things for nerd besties. Each pair features an inseperable duo from your favorite fandoms. There’s the Doctor and Companion, Mulder and Scully, Batman and Robin, Link and Zelda, and more. Each is hand stamped from aluminum. No matter your love, there’s a set of rings here for you.

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skyrim amulet of mara

Skyrim has a lot of options on the roleplaying side of the game. Your character can be friendly and flirt and can even enter into a marriage with another character if the Amulet of Mara is present. It unlocks certain dialogue that’s not otherwise available. So, when Sarah Briody’s boyfriend wanted to propose and incorporate their mutual love of Skyrim into the special occasion, he gave Sarah an Amulet of Mara first.

Sarah told Kotaku:

“He gave me the amulet and while I recognized what it was—it didn’t really click as to WHAT it was. I put it on and he started to smile from ear to ear. Then he said:

‘Is that an Amulet of Mara? I’m surprised someone like you isn’t spoken for.’

“Then it finally registered that he was proposing! He got down on one knee and slipped the ring on my finger.”

D’aww! As you can see from the picture above, she of course said yes.

(Reddit via Kotaku)


So, do you consider yourself a true League of Legends master? If so, now you can show off your love for the immensely popular arena game by wearing one of Esty shop LockHornsJewelry’s League of Legends necklaces. They feature mini-versions of some of the most popular champions’ preferred weapons (like the Fizz Trident necklace, pictured above).

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She Said Yes!

lego proposal top

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book brooch 1

Being obsessed with reading probably means you always have a book close at hand. Well now, you can carry a piece of a book with you just by pinning on a brooch. Etsy shop House of Ismay takes random pages from old and battered books and gives them new life as brooches. The shape of the wooden brooch relates to the book that covers it. Sherlock Holmes gets a pipe-shaped brooch, Alice in Wonderland gets a rabbit, etc.

These would make lovely accessories and fantastic gifts. Since they’re made from wood or MDF board, they’re lightweight, and they’re carefully sealed so they won’t be ruined by water. Turnaround time for orders is about ten days.

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[XHDW°§æ´? ª™œƒ]£®3£©ª’÷›»ÀµƒÀ„?ëÈ?·

The idea of wearable tech, while fantastic, is nothing new. In fact, it’s centuries old. China Daily shared this picture of a functioning abacus ring that reportedly dates back to the 17th century, during the Qing Dynasty. It’s being manipulated with a needle because the beads are too small for clumsy fingers to handle. The delicate jewelry is smaller than a thumb!

It may be one of the first smart rings. The abacus is a tool used to complete calculations, and even though most people rely on computers and mobile devices to do math for them, the abacus is still used in some parts of the world – perhaps not on such a small scale though.

(HuffPo via Gizmodo, pic via @StJohnDeakins)

league of legends jewelry 1

Thresh, the Chain Warden in League of Legends, has a distinctive look. He seems to glow from the inside out, and Etsy seller TrinketySlot has captured that in her jewelry inspired by the character. The Scythe and Lantern set are miniature versions of Thresh’s prized weapons. Warning: neither charm actually harvests or stores souls.

The pieces have much of the detail of what you see in the game, and you can even get them engraved. Items are made to order, but turnaround time is just 1-2 business days.

See how they look around the neck after the break.

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