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You might not ever get to go into space, but this jacket will make you look like you’re well on your way. The SpaceLife Jacket is designed to look like an astronaut’s spacesuit complete with patches and even a non-functional aluminum port.

It’s made of trilobal fiber and is waterproof and reflective so you’ll be warm and safe in your astronaut jacket (on Earth anyway). There are also Bluetooth speakers in the hood and playback buttons built into the cuff.

You can order it now, but you’ll be waiting awhile for your first flight as it doesn’t start shipping until September 2015. It’s also really, really expensive.

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You don’t have to go through intensive training or join a special group to become like Ezio Auditore da Firenze of Assassin’s Creed II; you only have to buy this hoodie from ThinkGeek. This zip-up sweatshirt was designed with style in mind and has plenty of snazzy features that tie to Ezio’s outfit in the game. It has laced cuffs, an Assassin’s Creed logo zipper pull, a pointed hood, and embroidered details. Bonus: the hoodie looks super comfortable.

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star wars tree sweater

(Dakota Hommes via Boing Boing)


If you’re looking to become a Witch of the Wild and truly delve into the dark arts, you’re going to need the proper attire. We suggest picking up this Morrigan Draped Ladies’ Hoodie–it has the overall look of Morrigan’s  cowl, but… well, let’s just say that it will probably keep you a little warmer than the actual thing.

This official Dragon Age merchandise features a hood and cuffs that are 100 percent polyester and also have gold lining and piping. Once you pick up this hoodie, you’ll be all set for just about any adventure.

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Have strong feelings for both Miranda Lawson and Tali’Zorah in Mass Effect 2? You don’t have to choose between them because ThinkGeek has new cosplay hoodies for each character. The Tali design features a beautiful drape-over hood that mimics the character’s design in the game, and the Miranda hoodie features the hexagon futuristic print of the character’s bodysuit.

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Wonder Woman doesn’t need a man to save the day and neither do we. This comfy-looking scoop neck sweatshirt features Diana’s tiara and reminds us all that girls will save the world.

Product Page ($35 via Wicked Clothes and SGC)


Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Cassandra Pentaghast isn’t the sort of character that tolerates any bull. The Seeker of Truth works to restore the Inquisition in the new game, and she has some wicked armor. This long hoodie emulates the look of Cassandra’s ensemble without any of the weight. The zip-up costume hoodie is a cotton and polyester blend and features the following highlights:

Oversized Seeker symbol stencil on front and back
Body is black and red 80% cotton / 20% polyester
Sleeves are 60% cotton / 40% polyester and have thumb cuffs
Faux-leather cuffs and spaulders
Hood is detachable and jersey-lined
Metal buckle, grommet, and stud details

It’s so fancy!

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This hoodie version of Half-Life 2’s Hazardous Environment suit (HEV) won’t protect you from the hazards of the Black Mesa Research Facility, but it will keep you warm. The design is based on the Mark V version of the suit and lets you look just like Gordon Freeman. It has kangaroo pockets, the Lambda logo, and a custom metal Black Mesa zipper pull.

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Show off your past in the galaxy far, far away with these Star Wars varsity jackets. You can go dark side or light side with a black and red Sith Lord design or orange and gray with a Rebel Alliance pattern. Dark side features the Imperial cog and a Darth Vader silhouette, and light side has an X-wing and the Rebel symbol. Choose wisely.

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ugly xmas sweater rental 1

Ugly holiday sweaters continue to be a thing. If you’re attending a Christmas party this year that requires you to wear an ugly Christmas sweater but you’re not willing to spend the time and money on something you’ll only wear once, you can rent one instead.

Rent the Runway has a whole section just for the gaudy jumpers. Rentals are just $15 for four days, and they have some spectacularly tacky designs. However, if you want something that’s ugly AND nerdy, make sure to check out all of our ugly, nerdy Christmas sweater/shirt coverage.

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