Jackets and Sweaters


Fashionably Geek has been given the exclusive reveal of WeLoveFine’s new Adventure Time apparel collection! Kudos go to Catherine Elhoffer for these amazing designs. There are items for both men and women (and we want them all).

Check out pieces from the collection after the break…

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These new Hawkeye and Nightwing zip hoodies give you the look of a superhero with maximum comfort. The kind of superhero that might spend an entire day gaming on the couch.

The Hawkeye version has some great accents and detailing (and I wish they had a ladies cut), but both of them look pretty slick for a reasonable price.

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Transform into a Colossal Titan in this full zip hoodie! You’ll be the one Titan that prefers to spend all it’s time devouring Taco Bell instead of humans.

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If Furiosa could shop online, this apocalypse-style jacket would definitely end up in her cart. Etsy shop Vontoon specializes in clothing designs from dystopian futures.

“These up-cycled jackets are more of an artistic statement than just mere clothing. Every one of them unique. They have been sanded, kicked, thrown and even shouted at to get that desired worn look.”

And when you’re not preparing to fight down dusty roads, the shoulder and elbow pads can be removed. Check out more views of this sexy apocalypse jacket after the break. [click to continue…]


Back to school. Can you even believe it’s that time again? I feel bad for the kids who are already seeing commercials reminding them that summer is almost over. However, grown up kids are getting a little something awesome for back to school courtesy of Her Universe.

These cute new Marvel and Star Wars Back To School collections include everything you need from t-shirts and totes to cardigans and scarves.

I’m trying to decide if I’d mix and match or do one fandom per day. What do you think?

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The Triwizard Tournament is one of the most exciting events in the Harry Potter saga. Relive the adventure with this Triwizard Tournament tee. Etsy shop Way Cool Tees makes these fantastic designs from ultrasoft soft ringspun cotton and there’s tons of styles to choose from.

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goku varsity jacket

Etsy seller Player1clothing has added a Dragon Ball-themed varsity jacket to their collection of wares and it’s pretty fantastic. A bit more subtle than this hoodie, that’s for sure.

Product Page ($56.11)


It might be hot now, but the weather will be cool again before you know it. Nothing beats a good hoodie when it comes to comfort in chilly weather—especially when there’s an element of cosplay thrown in. Enter the BMO Adventure Time hoodie. It’s a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend and even has a little BMO zipper pull!

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BauBax is like the smartphone / Swiss Army knife of jackets. It simplifies your life in 15 different ways. They literally thought of everything.

The jacket comes in four different styles for both men and women: water-proof windbreaker, fleece lined bomber, wrinkle free blazer, and 100% cotton sweatshirt. The jacket breaks the mold with built-in everything that includes gloves, a hood, nine utility pockets, drink koozie, inflatable neck pillow, pen and stylus, earphones, and tons more.

Check out the BauBax jacket video and more pictures after the break to see everything it can do.

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Star Trek TNG cardigans are definitely hot right now. We featured similar designs previously and Her Universe just came out with their own version. However, ThinkGeek has gone the extra mile with a complete set that’s unisex and slightly more affordable.

These 5-button, v-neck sweaters feature combadges embroidered in place so you can’t lose them. Choose Sciences Blue, Command Red, or Operations Gold. We could totally see Dr. Crusher adopting this as part of her uniform for when she wasn’t seeing patients. Couldn’t you?

Product Page ($49.99)