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Turn yourself in one of The Monarch’s henchman with this costume hoodie from cinemasterystudios. It’s a pullover styled after their bright yellow outifts and has a hood with antenna and a mask.

Basically, all you need to become one of the henchmen is $30. The Monarch isn’t picky.

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This Baymax-inspired hoodie features the healthcare robot’s sweet face on the hood and his emoticon pain chart on the front. This chart just increases the Big Hero 6 hoodie huggable factor to level 10. Just keep in mind that if any of your friends or family feel #6 or higher, you can’t leave until they’re satisfied with their care.

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I didn’t know I wanted a Sailor Moon varsity style jacket until I saw these.

Unfortunately, they’re not made in the US, which means getting your hands on one might be difficult. Still, they’re super cute.

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Last month we let you know about the exclusive line of stylish Sailor Moon bags available in a Japanese Isetan Department Store.

Now an exciting addition of high fashion Sailor Moon inspired clothing will be available in the pop-up store called “GIRLS SPARKLE LOVE – LET’S PRISM POWER MAKE UP!” from March 25-31 on the second floor of the Shinjuku Isetan store. Three major Japanese fashion labels, Honey Bunch, Secret Honey by Honey Bunch, and Riccimie Premiere Salon joined together to create the extensive catalog.

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Female Snape Has Style

snape jacket 4

Severus Snape was many things over the course of the Harry Potter saga – friend, foe, killer, lover, traitor – one thing he also had going for him was some excellent tailoring.

Snape’s jacket gets a female cut thanks to Evening Arwen and it’s a thing of beauty.

It’s made from a medium weight wool and lined in green cotton or silk if preferred, all the buttons are hand covered in the same wool as the jacket and it’s hand made to order. As you might expect, it doesn’t come cheap.

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rainbow dash sweater

If you’re going to knit a Rainbow Dash sweater, KNIT A RAINBOW DASH SWEATER. This version from Etsy seller TheCheshiresHat doesn’t hold back.

On that note, you can also get versions for children and Bronies.

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Stay warm and travel everywhere with this Zelda-inspired Sleek Sheik Hoodie.

While it starts with a basic hoodie, there’s a lot of craftmanship that goes into turning it into a very cool cosplay item. It’s hand stitched with lots of accents, like the Eye Symbol in red, and bandage-like wrappings around the waist and arms.

It’s custom made to order and can be made in sizes small to XL.

Product Page ($120)


This beautiful space-themed clothing line features real images from space. There are hoodies, scarves, tights, and a range of swimsuits so you can look spacey on the beach this summer. I know, winter is here, but it has to go away eventually.

Each item is digitally printed with materials that are sourced locally by the Brooklyn based duo that are Shadowplaynyc. They design each piece very carefully so that almost every bit of fabric is used and nothing goes to waste—making them an Earth-friendly label that will help you get lost in space.

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I was not the biggest fan of Jupiter Ascending, but I have literally nothing negative to say about society6 user Stefanie’s fanart of Caine, Channing Tatum’s genetically spliced human-wolf. Given some of the stupid stuff that went on in that movie, I think there’s a Moon Moon crossover to be made next.

You can buy “Three Wolf Jupiter” as a print, shirt or hoodie on Stefanie’s shop.

(via Tor.com)


Simple but cute is something I can always appreciate. This Studio Ghibli Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Cardigan from Hot Topic is exactly that. The JiJi on the front is probably my favorite feature.

I feel like it would be great to wear on a day when I have a ton of errands to do.

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