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Japanese company Trove has redesigned the haori (a traditional short coat normally worn over a kimono) with new fabrics that are designed for warmth as well as comfort and ease of movement.

The samurai look is going to be hot next year—I can feel it.

The navy wool haori has a wool shell and is lined with cupra rayon. It’s also understated enough to pair with contemporary clothing. The golden haori also has a wool shell, but the lining is made from a fabric developed for the British Royal Air Force called ventile (you learn something new every day).

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star wars retro

Somebody needs to bring these jackets back ASAP.

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This new plus-sized Doctor Who Fair Isle knit open cardigan is a stylish and nerdy way to embrace the winter and get into the holiday spirit.

It also works wonders on drying up all the tears from emotional character exits.

Product Page: ($58.50 $43.87)

This Jumpsuit Has A Cat Pouch


The Meowgaroo Hoodie has been upgraded into an entire jumpsuit.

Now you can walk among the cats and they will accept you as one of their own. They will revere you for your unique ability to transport other cats around in a special pouch. They will watch in awe as you unzip your tail to poop in a human toilet.

You will be a god among cats.

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I’ll be honest, the second I checked out Musterbrand’s website, I wanted EVERYTHING. Then I saw the Star Wars limited edition items and started planning a bank robbery (shh, don’t tell).

These Star Wars jackets and coats have amazing detail and the designs are sleek. The Sith coat, for example, has a gorgeous lining with a picture of the Death Star. Plus, everything but the Skywalker jacket are available in women’s sizes.

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star wars jacket

New Star Wars fashions from Her Universe are set to hit Hot Topic on November 16th. We’ve already given you a taste and, well…here’s another.

Can’t. Wait.

Stay tuned – we’ll have the entire collection for you as soon as it’s available.

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tee fury ugly christmas sweatshirts

Ugly, nerdy Christmas sweater/sweatshirt designs are really starting to flood in at this point, but TeeFury has unveiled a large selection with some unique options.

They even have a Labyrinth-inspired design!

Plus, there’s Rick And Morty, X-Files Sailor Moon, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Supernatural and more.

Each sweatshirt runs $25-$27 and you can check out the entire collection here.

mondo sweaters

Mondo is getting into the holiday spirit with new Iron Giant and updated Gremlins merchandise created by Middle of Beyond. Stand tall against the cold in the Iron Giant knit sweater, or get the Gremlins knit sweater, cardigan, or scarf.

I’m thinking someone fed the Gremlins Knit Sweater from last year after midnight and that’s how we got the extra merchandise.

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dc comics xmas sweatshirts

Well, sweatshirts. Still…so festive.

Merchoid has unveiled the DC Comics Christmas sweatshirt lineup for 2015, and you can check out all of the new designs after the break…

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eveee costume hoodie

Know the stats:

Number: 133
Type: 60% cotton; 40% polyester
Category: Evolution
Height: 1’0″
Weight: 14.3 lbs
Abilities: Run Away, Adaptability
Weaknesses: Fighting, Washing In Warm Water

Product Page ($54.50-$58.50)