dragon ball z scouter 1

If you’re cosplaying a character from Dragon Ball Z Kai or even if you just adore the series, this cap is for you. Costumer Cospa designed a hat that has exact look from the anime and comes with a fancy scouter lens already built in. Anyone can wear the cotton cap; you don’t need to have a high power level or anything. You can absolutely use it to look upon your friends and determine their power levels.

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cat dalek

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pandito mask 1

Keep warm and go incognito with this new Pandito balaclava from Blamo Toys. The cotton knit panda hat was designed by Spencer Hansen, and it provides almost full face coverage to mask your true identity. While the ski mask is perfect for hitting the slopes, I think you could get away with wearing it all the time. You could take it to the next level by only wearing black and white clothing with the mask. Go ahead, embrace your inner panda.

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Coruscant Vaders

Star Wars football helmets by John Raya have me wishing for the Galactic Football League vs the Republic Football League match ups.

Can you imagine the Twi’lek cheerleaders? And the halftime shows?

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r2d2 baby helmet

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yoda baby

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Now you can turn your real human child into a Cabbage Patch kid! These hats look just like the yarn hair found on the dolls and will look adorable on your chubby-cheeked little one. If you know how to knit, then you can download the pattern. If you don’t, then you can order the hat premade in a variety of sizes, even for adults!

Product Page (Prices Vary via Geeks are Sexy)

pastafarian town councilman

Forget national politics, local politics is where it’s all happening.

First we had the town council man with the Klingon resignation letter and now we have our very first town council Pastafarian swearing in ceremony.

Pomfret, New York’s newest town council member Christopher Schaeffer just got sworn into public office wearing a colander on his head.

He’s also breaking new ground. According to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s site, for which Schaeffer is a minister as well as a practitioner, he’s the first Pastafarian to be officially sworn in wearing the traditional colander.

Personally, I hope he’s starting a trend.

(via Laughing Squid)

Glow in the dark zombie horse mask

I’m not sure exactly what goes on in the mind of the folks over at Archie McPhee, but I do know that it’s not the same stuff that goes on with other people. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that they’re not like other people.

I really, really, really would have liked to have been in on the product meeting that birthed the following newly announced items: A Zombie Horse Mask (Which, I will have you know, glows in the dark), Horse Hooves (that also say “for humans” and go on your hands. I would have thought feet, but what do I know?), a Lady Horse Mask, and a Creepy Horse Man Hand Puppet which is exactly what you imagine it is.

One thing’s for sure. If you want to go somewhere dressed as a horse, Archie McPhee has you covered.

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subzero beanie mask

Hats and scarves are great and all, but here’s a great way to keep your face warm without inadvertently giving someone a means to choke you should you suddenly be challenged to a “FIGHT!”.

I present the Sub-Zero crochet mask/beanie hat by Etsy seller Sun’s Fashion.

Product Page ($49 via Geeks Are Sexy)