Tiny BB-8 In Tiny Hats

bb8 hats

I think that @BB8 is on to something here. Somebody needs to open an Etsy shop filled with stylish crochet hat options for your Sphero BB-8.

Check out another adorable example below.

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mr meeseeks hat

Mr. Meeseeks has been tasked with keeping you warm. He will stop at nothing to fulfill this request. NOTHING.

If you’re one of those people that’s perpetually cold, buy at your own risk. Should Mr. Meeseeks be unable to complete this task, things will get crazy in a hurry.

Product Page ($25.95 and up)


Are you afraid that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wi-fi, satellites, tv, radio, microwaves and “heavy doses of cosmic rays” might be affecting your health?

Are you afraid that a vague, yet menacing, government agency (or aliens) may be spying on your thoughts?

If so, then Shield: Signal Proof Headwear may be for you.

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one punch man knit cap

Even if you know nothing about anime, you’re going to want the One-Punch Man knit cap. Just look at it.

But seriously though—who is One-Punch Man? He’s a bald man that can take out any enemy with one punch. It’s complicated.

See Also: Nothing In The ‘Fallout 4’ Wasteland Can Handle One-Punch Man

Just be prepared to hear “hey, that Stewie cap is awesome!”

The One-Punch Man knit cap is expected to retail for 3,500 yen (US$29).

(Ensky Hobby via RN24)

pokemon trainer hats

These Pokemon X&Y trainer hats from Etsy seller Akiseo are made of fleece, so you know they’re super warm. Plus, they come in every color imaginable (custom options are also available).

Product Page ($20)

sailor moon hats

Etsy seller Akiseo has made hats based on Sailor Moon cats Luna, Artemis, Diana, and Luna P complete with ears and a metal moon accessory. They’re made of fleece, so you can keep your own ears warm when you wear them.

You can even get custom colors or fits if you want.

Seriously, so cute.

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harley quinn beanie mask

Harley Quinn cosplay anywhere with this beanie that transforms into a mask. Plus its dangly jester hat game is in full effect.

Product Page ($26.99)


If I had free time, and the ability to knit, I would be all over this Star Wars: The Force Awakens hat project. The pattern is a free download!

Alas, I am left out in the cold on this one. Quite literally. Gonna need a Tautaun to survive I suppose.

(via Club Jade)

A Very Cunning Wreath

jayne's hat wreath

“Man walks down the street and sees this wreath on someone’s door, people know they’re not afraid of anything.”

This holiday wreath is all the rage in Canton.

Product Page ($32)

Awesome Animal Ski Masks

cat balaclava

Balaclavas (ski masks) are great for keeping your face warm as the weather gets colder, but you have to admit that they can be a bit…boring.

Not any more! Teya Salat, a 22-year-old Russian tattoo model, is selling some stunning new balaclavas with animal themes.

Just remember that they’re for staying warm, not engaging in criminal activity. Nobody is going to believe that a giant raccoon robbed a bank.

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