harley quinn beanie mask

Harley Quinn cosplay anywhere with this beanie that transforms into a mask. Plus its dangly jester hat game is in full effect.

Product Page ($26.99)


If I had free time, and the ability to knit, I would be all over this Star Wars: The Force Awakens hat project. The pattern is a free download!

Alas, I am left out in the cold on this one. Quite literally. Gonna need a Tautaun to survive I suppose.

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A Very Cunning Wreath

jayne's hat wreath

“Man walks down the street and sees this wreath on someone’s door, people know they’re not afraid of anything.”

This holiday wreath is all the rage in Canton.

Product Page ($32)

Awesome Animal Ski Masks

cat balaclava

Balaclavas (ski masks) are great for keeping your face warm as the weather gets colder, but you have to admit that they can be a bit…boring.

Not any more! Teya Salat, a 22-year-old Russian tattoo model, is selling some stunning new balaclavas with animal themes.

Just remember that they’re for staying warm, not engaging in criminal activity. Nobody is going to believe that a giant raccoon robbed a bank.

See more examples after the break.

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fdny helmet NYCC

The FDNY has been protecting New Yorkers for 150 years, and to commemorate their anniversary, Marvel has teamed up with New York Comic-Con to auction off ten special Marvel helmets to raise funds for the FDNY Foundation.

The helmets have been created just for NYCC and were designed by top Marvel comic book artists. They include heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and The Hulk.

If you’ll be at NYCC, the helmets will be on display in Artist Alley from Thursday 10/8 to Sunday 10/11 and the auction starts at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday 10/10.

Proceeds will go to the FDNY Foundation, which provides community awareness and outreach as well as training, support, technology, and equipment for the FDNY.

Check out a Captain America-themed helmet design after the break…

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These fantastic felt hats will surely spark your whimsical side. Needless to say, they would have been the perfect accessory for Burning Man.

Etsy artisan Feltthink uses 100% wool to spontaneously design each hat, which he says are always crafted in “high spirits.” With nearly 80 unique hats his imagination seems to know no bounds. You can even work with Feltthink on your own custom design.

Check out some of the most creative designs after the break.

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Magic Cats Need Wizard Hats


From the moment we met, I knew my cat was special. For one thing, he makes every single friggin’ mouse toy I get him disappear. Seriously, where do they all go?

Magic. That must be the answer.

This regal and inflatable wizard hat looks great and it glows in the dark. “Magic cats love it!” And to prove it, there’s a wizard kitty after the break who’s totally relaxing in his hat.

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This photo of a guy rocking an tiny fedora tribly on top of a bun is being hailed as a new fashion trend. WAT.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Community Blog claims this is what’s trending for “Hill male fashion.” But there doesn’t seem to be any visual confirmation of this trend taking place in the wild. Fashion magazine Styleite reached out Capitol Hill for a comment and their spokesperson responded:

“I myself haven’t seen this in person but our community posts submitted by site readers are often out in front on trends.”

Here’s hoping that the man bun tribly is the hipster equivalent of Bigfoot.


We just discovered ZARCADE!Wear and their super-punch graphic blend of classic sci-fi, punk and comic book mashups. They offer designs on everything from dresses to swim trunks that pay homage to classics like X-Files, Hellboy, RoboCop, Batman Returns, Barbarella, Fight Club, Twin Peaks and more.

The illustrations look like they popped right out of a comic and the colors are bold. I desperately need one of everything. Check out more examples after the break.

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crochet star wars hats for pets

We’ve featured Etsy seller iheartneedlework in the past with her crochet viking helmet for cats, but now she’s back with something even more fantastic—Star Wars-inspired Darth Vader and Princess Leia crochet hats!

Or should I say Darth Pug and Princess Kitty?

Product Pages: Dark Lord / Space Princess ($25-30)

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