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The Doctor has worn many hats over the last 50 years of Doctor Who. Cowboy hats, fezzes, fedoras – the Doctor’s tried on plenty of them and they’ve mostly been cool. Though I will always remember the Eleventh Doctor’s fez the most, this infographic from Hats.com reminded me of ones I’d forgotten about and also points out which Doctors never wore hats.

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You’ve got your choice of two different Firefly-themed trucker hats to keep things all shiny. The brown hat features the Independents’ patch with the star upside down just like on the show. The white hat has the builder plaque that’s on the bridge of Serenity. Each has six panels with an adjustable snapback closure.

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it's a trap hat

Admiral Ackbar is known for saying, “It’s a trap!” In case you’ve forgotten the line, this trucker hat will slap you in the face with neon yellow to remind you. The foam hat features the quote and a small Rebel Alliance symbol and is sure to be noticed wherever you wear it. Possibly because you’re blinding people with it.

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This “straight outta Hyrule” hat will keep you cool as you explore the sunny Hyrule landscape. As an added bonus, it’s got a definite street-cool vibe that will let all those baddies know that you ain’t to be trifled with. Now go and rescue that princess!

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If you’re aiming to join up with the Transformers, you have to keep two things in mind. One, you’re a person, so you’ll need a disguise (duh). Two, you need to pick a team: Autobots or Decepticons? Well, this officially licensed, one-size-fits-most Optimus Prime trucker hat features a built-in mask that will help you blend in with the Autobots. If you’re thinking of doing some dastardly deeds, then you’ll need the Decepticon Trucker Hat pictured after the break…

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warcraft grad cap

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tmnt mask Michelangelo

It’s important to stay safe while you’re fighting bad guys, eating pizza, training under Splinter, or just riding your bicycle or skateboarding. You can protect your head and look cool with these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle helmets. There’s a design for everyone with Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo plastic masks. They even have fabric ties for a more realistic, costume look!

The helmets are certified for safety and sized for kids 5 and up.

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If you want to live longer (and prosper) you’ll need to build up the necessary speed and stamina to outrun your enemies. These Star Trek Athletic Hats are perfect for the job. From the product page:

For our Star Trek athletes who are ready to boldly go at a moment’s notice, we offer these athletic caps. They’re designed for runners, made from a flyweight polyester that quickly wicks sweat away from your head. Choose blue, gold, or red. They feature vibrant colors, reflective areas on the front and back for added safety in low-light conditions, and unique under-the-bill designs.

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dragon ball z scouter 1

If you’re cosplaying a character from Dragon Ball Z Kai or even if you just adore the series, this cap is for you. Costumer Cospa designed a hat that has exact look from the anime and comes with a fancy scouter lens already built in. Anyone can wear the cotton cap; you don’t need to have a high power level or anything. You can absolutely use it to look upon your friends and determine their power levels.

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cat dalek

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