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There are many questions to ponder about the universe and our place in it, but are any of them more important than determining how a Xenomorph might wear a hat? I think not. Thankfully, Twitter user @RayNarvaezJr has offered up a visual aid to help us decide—but we have some thoughts of our own. [click to continue…]

Imgur user 1158pm decided that the toad that hangs out on his porch needed a hat. Hats actually—formal and casual. That’s sensible. I mean, the toad’s skin is looking a bit rough. It’s probably best to minimize sun exposure. [click to continue…]


This Spider-Gwen scarf hat…thingy is all about versatility. It can be a headband, mask, cap and more so you can change your look (or disguise your identity) at a moments notice. Check out more of the looks below. [click to continue…]


Bioworld has revealed their merchandise for Rogue One and I really love some of these pieces—and the the color scheme is awesome. Instead of the traditional orange and white, we’re getting some muted earth tones here (except for the Scarif trooper bag, which is fantastically tropical). Perfect for being stealthy about what side you’re on.

There’s a variety of options from bags to wallets to hats, some of which you can check out below. [click to continue…]


Yes, there is such a thing as a carbon fiber fedora. Who would wear (and pay $200 for) such a thing? I’m sure I don’t know—but I feel like something creative can be done with it. Like an alternate reality Indiana Jones or what have you. At any rate, it is unique—I’ll give it that.

Carbon Fiber Fedora ($199)

(via The Awesomer)



Fall’s coming and then winter, right? You’re going to need to keep your head warm. Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis beanies exist. Need I say more?

Sailor Moon Luna And Artemis Beanies: $13.20

So Many Super Mario Beanies!


SO MANY! Chain chomp? Goomba? Bullet Bill? Piranha Plant? I can’t decide between all of these awesome Super Mario beanies! Winter is coming and here I am, beanieless. Well, actually I have several beanies—but they’re all dead to me now. Check out the rest of the collection below. [click to continue…]

Your Cat NEEDS This Bonnet


So you know that look your cat gives you? The one where you’re pretty sure it’s contemplating murder? If your cat was wearing this bonnet, you could think of the Firefly line “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you” and laugh and laugh. Watch your back though.

Cat Bonnet ($4.76)

pokemon go accessories

By now, several of us have begun our journeys as trainers in Niantic Labs’ hit new augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. The new mobile title based on Nintendo’s hit game franchise is helping people explore their surroundings in new ways, and it’s getting tons of us out of the house. But when it comes to long-haul trips like those required by the game, even the most physically fit trainer can find themselves weary.

So, here are a few suggestions for creating a trainer ensemble that will make your journey a bit easier (which you should cap off with comfortable shoes, of course). [click to continue…]


We’ve featured the unique handmade hats of Etsy seller HandiCraftKate in the past, but now there are comfy hood versions in her whimsical and (mostly) colorful style.

Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]