This cute, leafy utility belt from TalismanaDesigns has more than enough room for your phone, wallet, or your mana and health potions. There’s actually a total of six pockets including two hidden ones, all with zipper and button closures.

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen while cosplaying is having a wardrobe malfunction during a convention. This “Tailor’s Assistant” from Mardigan Enterprises can definitely be a lifesaver.

The beautiful handmade leather bracer is accented with rivets and brass filigree to match perfectly with your Renaissance-steampunk-knight-warrior-pirate-whatever cosplay. And check out the giant list of sewing essentials:

-replica vintage crane sewing scissors, very usable and quite sharp!

-removable brass thimble with a cut slot for attachment via a strap

-wooden needle case with needles and pins

-handmade red felted pin cushion

-removable wooden bobbins with decorative colored thread; thread and bobbins could be replaced for practical use

It’s even tied together with a cloth measuring tape. Just lovely.

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This unique dreamcatcher bodice is definitely eye-catching and absolutely perfect for your next Ren Faire. According to Etsy shop owner Firelight Fashions:

“This dream catcher bodice is totally unique and truly amazing! With a large crocheted dream catcher on the back, this bodice is guaranteed to catch the eye of just about anyone! It has been a favorite of many people and has been seen on the runway at LA Fashion Week!

This bodice has adjustable laces on the on the front, and both sides. It comes to a beautiful point at the back and down the front. It’s also fully reversible!”

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clockwork, steampounk, heart, necklace, pendant

This beautiful steampunk heart pendant is extremely intricate with some parts measuring less than 2mm. Etsy shop owner Steelhip Design has true passion for vintage and for making inspiring pieces like this. Her signature mechanical heart pendants take about 16 hours of labor and are made from tiny watch gears, optical screws, a 3D copper heart, and wonderful artisan detail.

This heart in particular is already reserved. Now I truly need a mechanical heart because mine is broken. However, like most Etsy shops, you can request another design.

There are more wonderful photos of the magnificent mechanical heart after the break.

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unicorn horn top

Remember those Unicorn boots we shared the other day? Well, tipster Ryan M. alerted us to headdresses that are a perfect match.

The headdresses from Idolatre Clothing Company come in several different styles that cater to unicorns with a bright side or a dark side. They’re also customizable with options to alter the colors in whatever way you choose.

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It’s-a tiny little Mario hat and Princess Peach crown that you can wear in your hair! These adorable mini accessories are hand molded from polymer clay by Etsy shop owner Lizglizz and are available in Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi versions.

This picture doesn’t even do them justice. Check out the how these cute hair pins look being worn after the break…

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These stunning and super shiny dragon ear cuffs are hand made by the talented Francis Prachthauser  a.k.a. Bronze Smith. Working with metals for over 30 years, his art work has been exhibited in galleries across the globe.

Lucky for us, his passion for beautiful fantasy designs has inspired a jewelry shop with almost 200 items. His beautiful bronze and copper creatures take the form of dragon jewelry, octopus hair buns, faerie circlets and more.

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tribal pixie

This sexy hooded top is perfect for the summer. The fantastic pixie hood cascades down to meet a glitter knit section that gives the entire top that extra stand-out sparkle. Etsy shop owner Luna Design hand makes each top from super soft jersey knit so it’s durable and breathes easy.

The pixie top comes in ton of great colors too. Check out another pic of this must have summer-festival top after the break.

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This elegant Steampunk heart pendant from June’s Night has such wonderful detail that I just want to keep gazing at it.

“All metal parts torch soldered together and accented with sparkling Swarovski rhinestones, pendant hangs on 18 inch stainless steel cable chain with lobster clasp.”

The watch parts don’t actually move (so if you hear a ticking sound you might be going mad), but this pendant is still gorgeous and unique. Check out more pics of the pendant, including a brass version, after the break.

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This musical dragon jewelry is a bit unexpected, but a beautiful combination nonetheless. The ancient-looking carved dragon sits perched on and also blends into a treble clef, as if the two were one.

Etsy shop owner Rare Crafts hand makes each pendant by carving the knot-work creature from brass then covers it in a dark patina to give it a wonderful antique finish.

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