Remember the most hilarious pair of door knockers in Labyrinth? Well now you can own your very own handsome mumbler and hard-of-hearing figures as awesome jewelry from Etsy shop owner ArtByAelia.

She sculpts each knocker by hand using polymer clay, then casts it in resin, and carefully paints them by hand to give them that aged brass-look. The earrings from in three styles; dangle, post, or clips (for non-pierced ears) and all made with nickle-free findings). Her attention to detail in the sculpts are spot on to the originals, just don’t ask them for directions.

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I’m so flippin’ excited about these Adventure Time necklaces. They wrap around your neck like they are giving you a great big hug. And the most unique part about the super vibrant jewelry is that they are hand drawn on shrink film. It’s like fusing Adventure Time with your ’80s childhood.

This Fionna and Cake necklace is awesome and Etsy shop Doppledew has several more of your favorite Adventure Time characters to choose from.

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unicorn scarf

Not sure if you can commit to that full back tattoo of a unicorn? Well now you don’t have to with these gorgeous scarves. Etsy seller VolareShop makes majestic unicorn scarves by hand. When opened across your back, the 5′ x 8″ wing span can be displayed in all its glory.

And amazing as this print is, the shop also offers scarves with images of a phoenix, Maleficent, and even a Hippogriff.

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Medieval Weapon Hair Sticks

One can never be too prepared for a spontaneous medieval battle. Protect yourself and those you love with these single bladed battle axe chopsticks, ready to be whipped from your lovely locks to taste the blood of thine enemy. *fist in air*

The dangerous devices of hair styling are actually made from 3D printed PLA plastic then mounted on 8″ solid oak shafts. Pieces are then hand painted, stained, and assembled.

I’ve never thought about flesh-wounding hair sticks before, but now I can’t live without them. Check out more weapon styles after the break.

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Yes, that is an itty bitty Stormtrooper in an itty bitty hand-blown glass terrarium globe. On a ring. For your finger. Have you ever wanted to cuddle a Stormtrooper so hard? With his blaster raised and mounted on a sandy surface, it’s like this little imperial soldier was just waiting to be scooped up into a bubble for your fashion needs!

The ring is adjustable as well as brass and nickel free. Etsy shop owner The House Of Boo says that each ring may have tiny imperfections since they are all hand-made:

“I feel that as each piece is totally unique, it adds charm and character that only handmade can provide.”

I agree that may be the first and only time that anyone from the dark side has ever been considered charming.

On that note. you’ll want to check through the store for even more geeky terrarium jewelry.

Product page ($23.67)


Hide your pearls and your gossip in the Golden Girls box! This wonderfully decoupaged box includes plenty of room for your sparklies.

And if The Golden Girls aren’t your thing, Etsy shop owner PZcreations22 offers a ton of super geeky boxes to match your personal decor.

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star wars r2d2 felt bag

This highly detailed Star Wars inspired bag was designed by Russia-based Lyuba and Max of Krukru Studio. These are the same wonderful felt-sewing geniuses that brought us the Instagram Bag.

“Made of fine quality wool felt and decorated with prints and embroidery, the bag is designed with attention to details. The bag is padded and keeps it’s shape well. The bag has a removable adjustable strap and inner pocket.”

See More: Star Wars fashion

The bag is a generous size too measuring 17″ high (with an effective height of 12″) and 7.5″ in diameter. And this may be the only bag in existence that can stand while you load it with your “diplomatic” essentials.

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The Call Of This Cthulhu Hoodie


Hang out with your tentacles out in this handmade Cthulhu hoodie. This wild zip-up fleece will keep you warm from your face down! Guys, the hood has tentacles! And eyes! I just can’t!

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These mittens are designed to look like you’re holding the Andromeda galaxy right in the palms of your hands. They’re just perfect for space-loving knitters and you can make them yourself by downloading the pattern. You can even change up the colors to get just the look you desire.

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knit link gauntlets 1

It’s January, and that means many of you are dealing with chilly weather. A pair of arm warmers can be just the extra touch you need to feel more cozy outside (or in an overly air conditioned office). And yes, you can make them geeky. Emily Hastings has two styles of fingerless gloves that look like Link’s gauntlets from Legend of Zelda, and you can download the patterns for free. She has both knitting and crochet options available.

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