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Purse: Ali Fateh; Model: Aamina Sheikh; Photo/makeup/styling: Maram & Aabroo.

Steampunk is a unique, growing area of fashion that invokes images of a world where steam-powered technology rules and 19th century style mixes with goggles and gadgets. It has appeared regularly in creative cosplays and convention fashion, but the world of steampunk goes well beyond this and can seem so vast that it could be intimidating for beginners to figure out where to jump in.

Luckily a new book released last fall by writer and editor Katherine Gleason can help. Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism includes interviews with steampunk fashionistas and groups along with over 200 color photos that, according to Gleason, will help develop and educate the reader on the steampunk aesthetic. Beginners, steampunk veterans, and anyone interested in fashion will find something to catch their eye in this impressive book.

Discover more beautiful photos, along with Gleason’s inspiration and tips for steampunk beginners after the break.

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crown 1

You don’t need a fancy occasion to wear a crown. In fact, crowns and tiaras aren’t worn enough. It makes me happy to wear one while doing mundane tasks like folding laundry. Try it sometime while wearing one of these gorgeous designs by Elemental Child. The crowns are made from gemstones such as quartz and ametrine and they are woven with wire. They are stunning. These accessories would be ideal for pairing with a fairy or renaissance outfit, wearing to a wedding… or just emptying the dishwasher.

Check out more stunning crowns after the break.

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Now you can keep the TARDIS (or at least its sign) with you wherever you go with MombieZombie’s Doctor Who Call Box Sign Pendant. The sign’s cast in black resin and features hand-painted lettering.

Check out a close-up of the necklace after the break…

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red riding hood coat 1

There are coats, and then there is this jaw-dropping design by Etsy seller Armstreet. It’s romantic and beautiful, and I never thought I’d have so many feelings about a coat. The design definitely evokes fairy tales and a more magical environment, but on the practical side, the jacket is made from wool so it will be warm and toasty. The descending silhouette makes the coat have a flattering fit and all the details add to the beauty.

If gray isn’t your color, they have other options. It’s made to order and total manufacturing time and shipping from Ukraine takes about 40-57 days.

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kitiara uth matar

Like most geeks, I went though a DragonLance phase, so this High Dragonlord Kitiara Uth Matar cosplay by Tabitha Lyons would have already impressed me, but then she just had to go and include Kitiara’s blue dragon Skie and blow my mind.

She created this complex cosplay in partnership with Artyfakes Action-Props and you can view 4 separate videos on the making of this epic cosplay after the break (along with a look at the final product)….

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sherlock heart earrings

These handmade, heart shaped, Baker Street wallpaper patterned earrings are a lovely little way to declare your love for all things Sherlock.

The shop owner is on vacation at the moment, but you can be notified by email when she returns.

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Frivolite Handcrafts has designed this gorgeous scarf that tells the story of The Hobbit through a series of pictures. And to prove they really are fans of the book, they’ve even written a little fanfic origin story for the scarf.

When her Uncle Bilbo returned from his grand adventure, young Peony Took sat at his feet and listened to his stories. She did not laugh like the others at his wild imagination. She went home and knit his entire story into a scarf, starting from his green door at home straight on through to his legendary treasure chest, and gave it to him for Christmas. Bilbo treasured that scarf and wore it every winter until it was practically in tatters, though his neighbors laughed to see his silly, impossible tale hanging round his neck.

Those of you with the talent can download the pattern right now and get started knitting this scarf for your favorite Hobbit fan.

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This X-23 by KOCosplay was created and modeled for both Katsucon 19 and NYCC 2013. She worked in partnership with Ravenswood Leather for the leather features, but made everything, including the claws, herself.

Both badass and talented. Always a nice combination. Just like her X-23 counterpart.

You can check out more pictures after the break.

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armor top

Thanks to this tip from Fashionably Geek reader and armor maker Deakath, we get to show off some truly exquisite leather working and armor from her Deviant Art gallery.

Her bio states she’s a self taught artist and 26 years old. Given the level of awesome in her work, I think she’s reincarnated from some past armor master.

Take some time to check out more of her work after the break.

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mother of dragons

This Daenerys Targaryen cosplay would be amazing on its own, but when we found out that the cosplayer made the stunning dragon claw necklace as well, we knew we had a winner.

You can find the necklace pictures as well as versions of Dany’s slave collar and dual claw necklace at her Jellyfish Soup Etsy store.

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

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