sherlock heart earrings

These handmade, heart shaped, Baker Street wallpaper patterned earrings are a lovely little way to declare your love for all things Sherlock.

The shop owner is on vacation at the moment, but you can be notified by email when she returns.

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Frivolite Handcrafts has designed this gorgeous scarf that tells the story of The Hobbit through a series of pictures. And to prove they really are fans of the book, they’ve even written a little fanfic origin story for the scarf.

When her Uncle Bilbo returned from his grand adventure, young Peony Took sat at his feet and listened to his stories. She did not laugh like the others at his wild imagination. She went home and knit his entire story into a scarf, starting from his green door at home straight on through to his legendary treasure chest, and gave it to him for Christmas. Bilbo treasured that scarf and wore it every winter until it was practically in tatters, though his neighbors laughed to see his silly, impossible tale hanging round his neck.

Those of you with the talent can download the pattern right now and get started knitting this scarf for your favorite Hobbit fan.

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This X-23 by KOCosplay was created and modeled for both Katsucon 19 and NYCC 2013. She worked in partnership with Ravenswood Leather for the leather features, but made everything, including the claws, herself.

Both badass and talented. Always a nice combination. Just like her X-23 counterpart.

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armor top

Thanks to this tip from Fashionably Geek reader and armor maker Deakath, we get to show off some truly exquisite leather working and armor from her Deviant Art gallery.

Her bio states she’s a self taught artist and 26 years old. Given the level of awesome in her work, I think she’s reincarnated from some past armor master.

Take some time to check out more of her work after the break.

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mother of dragons

This Daenerys Targaryen cosplay would be amazing on its own, but when we found out that the cosplayer made the stunning dragon claw necklace as well, we knew we had a winner.

You can find the necklace pictures as well as versions of Dany’s slave collar and dual claw necklace at her Jellyfish Soup Etsy store.

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

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subzero beanie mask

Hats and scarves are great and all, but here’s a great way to keep your face warm without inadvertently giving someone a means to choke you should you suddenly be challenged to a “FIGHT!”.

I present the Sub-Zero crochet mask/beanie hat by Etsy seller Sun’s Fashion.

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star wars xmas sweater

Fashionably Geek’s own Amy Ratcliffe may have stumbled upon the world greatest sweater for all of your “Ugly Christmas Sweater” needs.

Of course, as she mentions, it’s not ugly. It’s GLORIOUS.

It was made by Redditor imnojezus‘ co-worker by modifying an existing sweater with some needle-felting skills.

But, I’m sure those people who do not worship at the altar of Star Wars will think it’s ugly, which means you can wear it and fulfill your party requirements while still allowing you to feel utterly fabulous.

(via Geek With Curves)

destiny cosplay

Maybe it’s cheating, but cosplayer Sloan Hood has an inside track when it comes to this cosplay for the upcoming Bungie game Destiny.

He’s an artist at Bungie. Which means that he had all kinds of access to the artwork for the costume and the 3D models for the “Thorn” sidearm (which, incidentally, looks frakkin’ amazing).

Apparently, he got his hands on the actual model for the gun from Destiny’s 3D artists, broke it up, and ran it through a 3D printer.

I wonder if he’ll make an extra one for me. :-)

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lady cassandra cosplay

Cassandra cosplay by Hannah Bockenfeld. Photos by Lauren Rapciak.

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despicable me minion mittens

Whether you’re an adult with chilly hands or you’re trying to keep a baby’s teeny fingers warm, these Despicable Me Minion Mittens come in a size you’re looking for to make sure that your hands are nice and cozy.

They’re handmade, adorable and knitted to warm your heart ;-)

Product Page ($14 via Cheezburger.com)