Here’s another one of those items that feels like it could be part of a cosplay, but is designed for everyday use. In fact, this hooded wrap around coat from EuphoricGarments is made from thick (300 grams/meter) anti-pill polar fleece that is 100% polyester and is touted as being perfect for Spring and Fall weather.

The coat is made to order and can be customized with a long pixie hood (you know you want that), different buttons and a variety of colors.

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Inspired by the Omni Tool and Omni Blade from the Mass Effect universe, this gorgeously detailed ring is the work of Ammnra Creations. The design is 3D printed in wax, cast in bronze then hand polished and aged with black enamels to make the tool pattern pop. Although it won’t help you in a fight against Reapers, the super unique ring design will definitely make you feel powerful.

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This is the best How To Train Your Dragon wearable fashion I have seen so far. Etsy shop RozaBracelets hand fabricates each adorable pet dragon from black leather and decorates it with a burning technique for lasting detail. I especially love that it differs from other dragon accessories in that the dragon is perched on your arm ready to take flight.

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Redditor Manzinat0r custom made this super sleek Triss Merigold costume from The Witcher 2 as a booth promotion for WB Interactive and CD PROJEKT RED.

Model: Jessica Dru
Photgraphy: Greg De Stefano Photography

Details like the corset, half sleeve hood, and broken-in boots help to bring this siren sorceress to life. On his website, Manzinat0r explains:

“The bodice, pouches, belts and boots are real leather, custom fabricated and dyed. The sleeves and bolero are faux suede with real leather trim. This costume was hand made to match their models measurements.”

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Etsy shop Fashion4Freedom blends fashion and fantasy in these unique wooden platform heels.

“Fashion4Freedom takes liberty in translating the timeless beauty of ancient Vietnamese wood art through the lens of modern luxury. After 18 days incubated in the hands of village artisans, our reincarnated soles are born. The collection is a fusion of ancient symbols found in traditional art combined with a modern sensibility for comfort.”

These shoes also feature rubber soles for traction, a pig skin lining and an outer-skin of semi-gloss ultra smooth leather. And each beautiful style is made from wood representing that dragon’s legendary heritage.

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It’s only a matter of time before octopus hair becomes the hot new trend, so you should definitely jump on these octopus fascinators. They’re made by artist Kirstie Williams, can be customized in a variety of colors.

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This Baymax-inspired hoodie features the healthcare robot’s sweet face on the hood and his emoticon pain chart on the front. This chart just increases the Big Hero 6 hoodie huggable factor to level 10. Just keep in mind that if any of your friends or family feel #6 or higher, you can’t leave until they’re satisfied with their care.

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Too bad you didn’t have this adorable 3-toed sloth scarf this past winter. Just look at that smile on his face…the sloth’s face I mean. He looks so happy to be keeping his human friend warm.

The double layer fleece will definitely keep you toasty and it’s long enough to wrap around more than once. And the little smooshy sloth face can be positioned anywhere on the scarf for ultimate cuteness.

Josh, owner of Etsy shop Obey My Brain, makes the fleecy friend in a few different colors and models all the sloths himself.

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“Dovahdorable!” Another awesome parenting win emerges from the intarwebs with this super cute dragon slayer costume. Mom and wife of redditor AreYouJustKiddingMe made the Skyrim-inspired cosplay for their daughter. Aside from the fabulous helmet and armor, just look at that fearlessness in her eyes. She is a natural born warrior.

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Twitter user Shitaraki Kongo loves to tweet about his passion for the anime Love Live!, a Japanese series about adorable school girls who become music idols to save their school from closing.

He appears to have a sizable collection of merch, but the posable dolls are his favorites.

Even though he was trying to keep his true identity a secret, his mother figured it all out (as mothers often do) much to his embarassment.

Since he doesn’t live with his parents, she could have ignored the situation. She could also have made things especially awkward. However, this awesome mom decided to grab her sewing kit.

When she found out about her son’s obsession she said:

“I don’t know much about Twitter, but it seems like you’re really into dolls. Give me the doll, and I’ll make whatever outfit you want for it.”

And her sewing skills are spot on. Check out the fabulous frocks after the break.

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