wonder woman cosplay

I wrote about Kamui Cosplays Armor Making E-Book yesterday, so it’s pretty nice to see her armor front and center in this Wonder Woman cosplay at Comickaze 2013.

She really does amazing work. Check out another view of this gorgeous cosplay after the break.

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sweater pants top

Cozy sweaters are one of my favorite things about cold weather. They make you feel enveloped in warmness. Steven May thinks your legs and butt should get to share in the joy your arms and torso get from sweaters so he’s come up with swants. Sweater pants! Sure, they may look a little silly but how many of us wear tights with character faces all over them? This isn’t so different. I bet this guy can’t wait to make a pair to match his cat sweater.

See more photos of this spectacular creation after the break.

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don't panic towel messenger bag

Don’t panic and always carry a towel! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is full of useful advice, and it’s worth putting some of it into practice. Blogger Nerd by Night came up with an easy way to be prepared and to always have your towel by crafting a towel messenger bag. It will keep you hidden from unsavory creatures and hold all of your adventuring supplies. All you need to make the bag is one large towel and a sewing machine. Yes, it is that simple. Check out the full tutorial.

(Geek Crafts via Neatorama)

mass effect sweater 1

When there’s not an awesome Mass Effect sweater on the market, all that’s left is for you to hand knit your own. Tumblr user Crafty Consulting Cannibal put together this impressive jumper for a convention. I dig all the details and can’t even imagine how complex the pattern must have been. I would have ended up with a shapeless blob full of different colors instead of a striking one-of-a-kind wearable. Luckily this crafter has way more knitting skills than me!

Check out the back of the sweater after the break.

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gandalf the fabulous

Redditor gnatman64 wins Halloween.

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

sherlock beanie

Fan fashion always earns extra points in my book when it’s subtle and still recognizable. For example, I really like this 221B Knit Beanie by knitter Sami Brooker.

To the regular eye, it’s a cool knit pattern with a happy face, but to the Sherlock fan it’s so much more.

Check out an additional pic after the break.

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cutie mark shoes 1

Which pony is your favorite? You can show your love for Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie or anypony with these customizable cutie mark shoes by Etsy seller Seriously Savage. She paints them onto Converse and all you have to do is specify your size and the cutie mark you desire! I like how besides the cutie marks on the side that she also paints the toes to match the characters.

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Check out more examples after the break.

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tardis engagement ring box 1

The larger on the inside nature of the TARDIS makes it perfectly suited to be a ring box (I mean, when it’s not traveling through space and time). Artist Paul Pape has made a police call box engagement ring box that certainly looks bigger on the inside.

He’s managed to improve his earlier TARDIS design and include the interior of the beloved ship. As far as I can tell, it’s the design from the 11th Doctor’s run. It has a hidden ring compartment that pops up and comes with sound effects and lights. Of course.

See more photos and a video after the break.

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Here’s a perfect way to keep warm and show off your DC knowledge. Hoodies inspired by DC characters such as Young Justice Dick Grayson, Artemis, Red Hood, Damian Wayne, Kid Flash and more.

Created by Sandra over at TheLittlestBat.tumblr.com, these hoodies can range in the $180 – $200 area when they go up on ebay, but when you’re talking hand made, custom pieces, that’s not too bad.

Check out more pics after the break and see how many you can name.

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cosplay dress phoenix

Everyday cosplay outfits are a brilliant idea, but many of them seem to be drifting into the tight and spandex category. If I’m going to be wearing a dress all day at a convention, I want to feel cozy instead of constricted. Etsy seller Unnatural Redhead appears to be offering dresses that fit that specification. She makes t-shirt cosplay dresses from cotton jersey. Genius. The Dark Phoenix design featured above is trimmed with spandex and the hip sash is attached. I love that.

Each dress is made to order; you just need to provide detailed measurements. Turnaround time is about two weeks.

See Batwoman and Harley Quinn designs after the break.

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