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When grandma’s jewelry box and dreams of space exploration collide, super sweet embroidered galaxy jewelry is born. Etsy crafter Baobap Handmade hand stitches each planet and shooting star onto these mini black canvases.

The earrings are about 16 mm in diameter while the pendant is 34 mm in diameter and comes with your choice of a gold and black or a simple gold chain. Either order takes 3-4 weeks to complete, as I imagine charting out space onto mini jewelry is a very precise and lengthy undertaking.

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Unless you live in New York or LA, finding quality fabric can be tough unless you shop online. Well, that’s about to change.

Cosplay Fabrics will be available Jo-Ann’s Fabrics Stores nationwide staring in Spring 2016. Cosplay Fabrics partnered with Yaya Han to create a line made for cosplayers by cosplayers.

I have a feeling fabric shopping at Jo-Ann’s is going to be a lot more fun.

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Czech artist Anna Curlejová turns tools of art into the art itself with her colored pencil jewelry. With a rainbow of pencil colors at her disposal, she slices the wood and crayon in different angles and shapes to create her unique designs. Once she’s achieved the desired shapes, the pendants are lacquered to protect the design and give it a glossy finish.

Her Etsy shop has tons of whimsical wearable art. Check out some of our favorites after the break.

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These fantastic felt hats will surely spark your whimsical side. Needless to say, they would have been the perfect accessory for Burning Man.

Etsy artisan Feltthink uses 100% wool to spontaneously design each hat, which he says are always crafted in “high spirits.” With nearly 80 unique hats his imagination seems to know no bounds. You can even work with Feltthink on your own custom design.

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hobbes scarf top

Etsy seller LoopTeeLoops is offering warm, fuzzy nostalgia for Calvin and Hobbes fans with this crochet Hobbes-inspired tiger scarf.

Described as “super soft and squishy”, the garment is handmade from yarn and felt, measures 192 cm, and will help identify those who have great taste in comics.

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stargate jewelry top

Inspired by the sci-fi classic Stargate, Etsy artisan Olga Volodina has created stunning silver jewelry that includes an Anubis pendant and a brilliant ear cuff, a pendant of Horus, and the Stargate itself.

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Buckle up Etsy, because Joann Fabrics has unveiled a selection of Star Wars fabrics and TFA is among them in both cotton and fleece.

Whether you want to make a dress, shirt, bag, sheet set, or a comfy throw, they’ve got you covered.

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Imagine standing next to your betrothed in this extraordinary and intricately designed elvish wedding dress. Etsy shop Firefly Path hand sews each gown from an ombre silk charmeuse accented with delicate lace and beaded details. The inside is fully lined with plastic boning as well as snap-in modesty panel for more coverage if so desired.

This stunning dress is custom sized and available in six ombre color styles. It isn’t cheap, but Elves marry for life and this dress would definitely be memorable.

There’s more up-close images of the amazing detailing after the break.

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From Shakespeare to Sherlock, proclaim your love for fine literature with these unique cuff bracelets. Etsy shop Jezebel Charms fuses passages from the works of Austen, Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte, Poe, Doyle, and more with beautifully polished brass cuffs. Each cuff features sections from the books adorned with wonderful detailing like burnt edges and typewriter ink smudges.

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This Arkham Knight suit looks ready for bat-battle, and it was made on a 3D printer. Cosplayer Crimson Coscrafts teamed up with Graphix Monster for the incredible build and photographer Lucas Ambrosio brought life and lighting to the awesome suit.

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