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If you’ve been to SDCC in the last few years, it’s possible you saw cosplayer Tony Kim running around either at the show or helping people get ready for the con. I’ve known Tony for years, and he’s a passionate and super helpful person and cosplayer.

He’s also has a great eye for style, so it didn’t surprise me in the least when he announced his new, officially licensed Hero Within clothing line, which he describes as a fashion brand that blends sophisticated style with pop culture. [click to continue…]


Inspired by a certain trickster, this Mischief Office Wear Collection from Catherine Elhoffer makes a bold statement.

Something like “you were made to be ruled”.

The Mischief sheath dress and hi-lo blazer are sold separately or as a set. Personally, I’m eyeballing that blazer and trying not to drool. Check out more pics after the break…

classy star wars ties

Actually, these Star Wars ties skip over classy and go straight for elegant.

The Imperial and Rebel logo designs are subtle, but they’re also handmade in Italy with 100% silk. Not surprisingly, they’re also pretty expensive a $54.99 each. But, BUT—you can also get an awesome BB-8 pin with a spinning base free with your purchase (all ThinkGeek Star Wars purchases over $30 qualify). Just use the code “BB8PIN” at checkout.

Check out more pics below.

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OppoSuits has redesigned the conventional men’s business suit with a retro nerd flare by covering it with the classic stage layout from Pac-Man. The suit also includes a matching tie and an unexpectedly affordable price of $109. Classy.

There doesn’t seem to be any information about materials, but chances are this is just a trifling detail to classic arcade fanatics.

Check out additional pics below.

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nerdy ties

Etsy shop g2n17 believes that if you have to wear a tie, make it a nerdy one.

To that end he’s making ties for the professional geek with designs that cover Mario to Cap and everything in between. Each tie is 100% satin poly in a slim style measuring 2.75″ in width and 58″ in length.

Check out more designs below.

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When John Hodgman says to put him on a fashion blog, you do it. Just look a that shirt—he’s clearly a fashion icon.

Here he is modeling a Dark Crystal trading card pack as a pocket square. I’m sure this will spark a hot new trend.

Check out his Instagram post below.

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Clearly, Doctor Who missed a golden opportunity here. Picture David Tennant or Peter Capaldi wearing this fine TARDIS kilt.

After all, proper ventilation and unrestricted movement would definitely be advantages in the Doctor’s adventures through time and space.

Product Page ($450)

(via Geek & Sundry)


Design studio Nervous System is giving professionals a way to fend off boredom in the boardroom with their Kinematics 3D printed ties.

The product features interlocking pieces printed from nylon and hinged to move fluidly, giving wearers something to fiddle with while “eight different bosses drone on about mission statements”.

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Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s vintage line of clothing includes this comic print ‘JPG’ jacket with long sleeves, peaked lapels, a double breasted front fastening and side slit pockets. It’s also $800.

Part of me thinks its cool that designers are doing stuff like this but, on the other hand, it could be a sign that superheroes have jumped the shark.

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dapper star tours

I find myself bummed and shocked that I didn’t know Dapper Day at Disneyland was a thing, but I know now and knowing is half the battle! If you’re like me and didn’t know about this semiannual gathering of sophisticated and stylish fashion fans, you’ll enjoy this.

There are so many gorgeous and imaginative outfits! From what I can tell, attendees aren’t the only ones who dress up either. While Dapper Day isn’t an official Disney event, it looks like Mickey got into the swing of things along with some other cast members over the weekend.

See more getups after the break.

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