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Planning on attending a Minecraft-themed wedding, banquet or gala event? Well, if that’s the case, then it’s important that you dress to impress. I’m talking all the necessary accessories: socks, sunglasses and, yes, even a Minecraft-themed bow tie. Once you pick up this gear you’ll be absolutely stylin’–I guarantee it!

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It’s no fun having to wear a tie, unless it’s one of these silk space shuttle console neckties. They’re available in either narrow or standard widths in a variety of colors. Each has communications systems diagrams of the space shuttle and will put you in the company of real astronauts. From the product page:

Our spacecraft schematic and blueprint neckties have thus far graced the necks of the following astronauts: Scott Carpenter, Mercury-Atlas 7; Thomas Stafford Apollo 10; Neil Armstrong Apollo 11; Dick Gordon & Al Bean, Apollo 12; Al Worden, Apollo 15; and Charlie Duke, Apollo 16. (Really! We even have pictures!)

Just think, should you be called upon to fly a shuttle, all you;ll have to do is look at your tie and you’ll be good to go.

Product Page ($45 Crazy Abalone via Boing Boing)

Prom season is drawing to a close, but if you’re still looking for inspiration for a dress to wear, we suggest looking to a classic pop culture institution: Disney. Between princesses and villains it’s no surprise that a number of prom gowns have been created with certain Disney characters in mind. We found dresses specifically inspired by Disney that might be the perfect fit for your magical night.

Of course it’s not just the dress you need for prom, but the cosmetics to match. If your dress is already Disney-inspired, then why not continue the pop culture theme with some geeky cosmetics? Have some fun matching your makeup colors to your gown for an extraordinary, stunning look.

After the break discover eight pairings of Disney-inspired dresses with some beautifully geeky cosmetics that will make you the nerdy belle of the ball!

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rpg dice tie 4

Show your love for gaming and look snazzy at the same time with High Roller ties from Etsy seller Binary Winter Press. The cool design is slik-screened by hand with black or silver ink on a microfiber satin tie. You can choose from Rogue Red, Paladin Purple, Tiamat Teal, or Black Magic. Or, you could just buy one of each color to ensure you’ll have a tie to go with each of your shirts and suits.

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I’m thinking the only person that could afford this suit is Tony Stark, and likely he could make good use of it if caught without his armor. It’s made by a company called SuitArt based out of Switzerland and keeps you safe with Diamond Armor that involves actual diamonds.

Furthermore, the lapels and buttons contain 880 tiny black diamonds to give you a little sparkle as you go about your day. It’s also waterproof and air-conditioned, because if you’re springing for a bulletproof, diamond encrusted suit, it’s simply ridiculous not to have it air conditioned. Each suit is custom fitted to the purchaser and includes a matching 24-carat gold silk tie.

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We all know bow ties are cool, but when they’ve got Doctor Who designs they’re even cooler. Each of these bow ties features elements from the world of Doctor Who like the seal of Rassilon, the TARDIS and even Gallifreyan symbols.

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Shailey and John DeBroeck’s wedding looks like it incorporated elements from several fandoms. The part that amazes me is that it all looks subtle and classy instead of over the top! You can spot touches including Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Batman, and other superheroes from both DC and Marvel. And, at least one of their rings was made from dinosaur bone (probably similar to these). I really enjoy the way they worked their various fandoms into their big day, and I think you will, too.

Photos by Stephanie Rose Photography.

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triforce silk tie 1

Add another heart on the life bar of your day by wearing the Triforce. This beautifully printed silk tie from Level Up Studios is geeky but still subtle enough to blend into a corporate setting. It would look great with gray or even pale yellow button-ups. Wearing this tie would make any suit a power suit.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and these cufflinks would make the perfect gift for the man in your life. They’re officially licensed Star Wars products made with rhodium-plated base metal and enamel. One has Princess Leia with the words “I Love You.” and the other features Han with “I Know.” Aw, ain’t love grand?

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geek wedding 1

Logan Fernandes gave his wife Brooke a creative present for their 10th wedding annivesary: her dream wedding. Their initial wedding was small, and Logan knew she wanted to have something bigger and more in tune with the nerdy things they love. He got ideas on what his wife would like from her best friend. As he collected suggestions, he worked them into the big day and managed to keep it a surprise until his wife showed up at the event.

They had comic book boutonnieres, Star Wars rings, their son Kal-El as ring bearer in a Superman cape (yes, that’s his real name. Their daughter’s name is Harley Quinn), and an awesome wedding cake representing multiple fandoms. D’awww! This has to be one of the best surprises ever. Hmm, I wonder if I can hire Logan to plan my wedding.

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