Crusader costume flying

Do you drool over beautiful costumes and lament the fact that you can’t sew? I’ve been there, but you know what? An inability to sew or a schedule that’s too busy for making intricate ensembles doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay. You can simply commission someone else to make a costume for you. I’ve had a few costumes made, and though each experience is different, the basic steps are the same: choose your dream costume, find a seamstress/seamster, send in measurements, pay, and receive a ready to wear costume. It’s kind of like magic.

If you’ve been thinking about commissioning a costume of your own – maybe an Elsa ensemble? – we’ve broken the process down step by step. Read more about it after the break.

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a constantly changing variety of perfumed oils based on your favorite characters and the places they call home and I was fortunate to sample some of their newest offerings.

This was the first time I’ve experienced these incredible oils and, now that I’ve tried them, it is very possible that I’ll be stalking the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab site to keep up to date on their latest creations. I received over 30 vials of perfumed oil along with two products from their sister site, Black Phoenix Trading Post, which specializes in things like jewelry, clothing, bath and body, and room sprays.

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Photos courtesy of Paul Pape and Paul Michael Design/Etsy

Geeks are quite creative when it comes to memorable events in their lives—especially weddings and proposals. For the most hardcore fans, ring boxes and even the engagement rings themselves get specialized with a geeky theme. It’s a big moment when you decide to spend your life with someone who is probably just as, if not more, passionate about a fandom as you are. What better way to make them remember that moment forever than by having the items in your proposal be geeky too?

Over the years we’ve shown you a number of amazing custom made rings and ring boxes with themes from Batman to World of Warcraft. But how are these works of geeky art created? If you’re interested in making a special custom engagement ring or ring box but don’t know where to start, we have you covered.

We spoke with two of the best in the business, Paul Michael Design and Paul Pape Designs about how you can have your own custom engagement ring or ring box made. Take a look inside the process with our guide and find some inspiring photos after the break.

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Photo by Donna Granata. Model: Kristen Dalton.

From intricate chainmail dresses to armor-like leggings, it’s hard not to be amazed when we see fashion designers inspired by unique materials like chainmail and plate armor. Each style might conjure images of a medieval age when knights would have been more likely to be seen sporting these materials, but instead contemporary designers make us see how they can work and be extremely stylish in the present day.

It’s not easy creating elegant designs from metal materials or printed patterns that look so much like the real thing. So how do designers actually do it? We spoke with Elaine Unzicker of Unzicker Designs and Holly Renee of Shenova to find out.

Discover more amazing fashions—along with some behind-the-scenes peeks at their creation—and learn how these designers work after the break.

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Ali-Fateh-page-55 (1)

Purse: Ali Fateh; Model: Aamina Sheikh; Photo/makeup/styling: Maram & Aabroo.

Steampunk is a unique, growing area of fashion that invokes images of a world where steam-powered technology rules and 19th century style mixes with goggles and gadgets. It has appeared regularly in creative cosplays and convention fashion, but the world of steampunk goes well beyond this and can seem so vast that it could be intimidating for beginners to figure out where to jump in.

Luckily a new book released last fall by writer and editor Katherine Gleason can help. Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism includes interviews with steampunk fashionistas and groups along with over 200 color photos that, according to Gleason, will help develop and educate the reader on the steampunk aesthetic. Beginners, steampunk veterans, and anyone interested in fashion will find something to catch their eye in this impressive book.

Discover more beautiful photos, along with Gleason’s inspiration and tips for steampunk beginners after the break.

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valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day is creeping closer and closer, and you don’t want to be left in the themed aisle of the grocery store scrambling for a box of chocolate and flowers at the last minute. We’ve got a few ideas for the special geek girl in your life that are sure to brighten her Valentine’s Day—or any day for that matter.

Check out the gift suggestions after the break.

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budget geek

Buying holiday gifts can be expensive and getting geek chic items for everyone on your list can add up. If you’re on a budget though that doesn’t mean you can’t still find exactly what you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas for fashionable geek gifts in three different price ranges…

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There are lots of ways to show you’re a geek through the clothes and accessories you wear, but what about through your makeup? Fashionable beauty geeks who like to try the trendiest products have endless choices these days. Luckily if you want to subtly show your fandom passion at the same time there are a growing number of beauty products that will let you do that too!

From eye shadows to perfumes, here are a few beauty gift ideas for the geek girl in your life.

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nerd jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, some of us like understated, some like flash, and some of us go either way depending on our mood.

So, we’ve put together a few gift ideas to cover a variety of geeks and a wide swath of tastes.

Check them out after the break.

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kid gifts for adults

We all have to grow up someday, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all the kid stuff we love. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is a kid at heart, there are crazy slippers, footie pajamas, and even costume hoodies that will let them relive the best parts of your childhood all over again.

See all the great gifts after the break…

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