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Cosplayer Casey Renee loves both Disney and the study of history, which is why she describes her Rococo Belle cosplay as “a dream project”. She writes:

Back in February I finished a dream project of mine. Rococo Belle is a historically accurate version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I narrowed the time period down to the 1750s in France and used popular silhouettes such as the boufant wig and the watteau train to construct this beast of a project. It took over 300 hours to make the 9 garments (including socks and shoes) complete with over 2000 beads and pearls. The entire garment weighs 22 pounds with 30 yards of fabric and a wig that Cogsworth (which I also constructed) sits upon.

She says the costume allows her to share her love for Disney and history with children who tend to follow her around.

I can see why! Check out more pics of the costume below. [click to continue…]

star ships skirt

Well, about to battle anyway (I assume). This skirt is a powderkeg—a stiff summer breeze could set off the greatest battle the galaxy has ever seen.

Star Ships Skirt ($35)


Ben Templesmith is unleashing his demons in a new Demonogica Collection that includes dresses, tees, and leggings.

They’ll be available for pre-order until July 10th, so you better hurry if you want them before they return to dark below. [click to continue…]


We’ve had a preview of Elhoffer Design’s Hamilgown Collection, but now it’s ready for opening night. Plus, the photos by Lauren Elisabeth Photography capture both the fun and beauty of the collection and the cosplayers.

What started as Katie’s personal plan to make a dress for when she went to see Hamilton: An American Musical, became a collection—because she never does anything small.

This collection is also more elaborate than much of her previous geek fashion and uses fabric-covered and metal buttons, cuffed sleeves, pocket flaps above side-seam pockets, epaulettes, lace detailing, and more. They’re also light and easy to wear because none of these pieces actually have coats. It’s a very cool illusion due to topstitching and asymmetrical patterning.

I really hope Lin-Manuel Miranda sees this collection. I think he’d be thrilled to see what Hamilton has inspired. [click to continue…]

firefly path top


We’ve been fans of Firefly Path for quite some time, but damn…they’ve really outdone themselves with these Elegant Armor and Art Nouveau Tinkerbell designs. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

diy star wars dress

One of the things I like most about Holly Frey is the sheer delight she takes in things like her fabrics—the geekier the better.

When she found a First Order Star Wars fabric print a few months before The Force Awakens, she grabbed it without having a plan for it. She just knew she wanted to make something.

Cut to the acquisition of a pattern she’d been coveting and, with a couple hours of sewing, she made herself a dress she’s in love with.

I can totally see why. You get to wear Star Wars and twirl to your heart’s content.

Head on over to Sew Nerdy to see more on how the dress was made.


Straps and frills and TIE fighters? I am into this. The Dita Von TIEs Dress is available in sizes 6-12 with free shipping.

But that’s not all.

There’s also a Power Of The Dark Side dress design in the collection that you can check out below. [click to continue…]


Inspired by a certain trickster, this Mischief Office Wear Collection from Catherine Elhoffer makes a bold statement.

Something like “you were made to be ruled”.

The Mischief sheath dress and hi-lo blazer are sold separately or as a set. Personally, I’m eyeballing that blazer and trying not to drool. Check out more pics after the break…

R2-D2 Can-Can Cosplay

r2d2 can can top

God, we love everything about this lady and her R2-D2 can-can cosplay. We’re not sure who she is, but she was captured at C2E2 by the legendary David Ngo.

UPDATE: Her name is Lauren Zawilenski and she is awesome. Thanks to her friend Nick for the heads up! Check out the entire costume…


Catherine Elhoffer is a huge fan of Hamilton so, naturally, the musical has become the inspiration for some of her new designs.

See Also: More Catherine Elhoffer Designs

In this case, she’s started a #Hamilgown project. Judging by how quickly all of this has progressed, I think she’s definitely feeling all sorts of inspired. I can’t wait to see these dresses on models. [click to continue…]