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It’s not Cera and Littlefoot, but this Land Before Sublime dress is on the cutting edge of Jurassic style. It runs XS to 4X, so it’s for dino loving ladies of all sizes.

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There are times the Internet makes me insane, but its all worth it when I see stuff like this custom made cat library skirt from Fangirl Boutique. Cats and books (and maybe a cup of coffee) are all you need.

The image above isn’t great, but you can take a closer look at the design after the break.

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It’s R2. On a pencil skirt. I mean, come on. What do I even have to say? It’s an R2 Pencil skirt!

Go. Buy it. You know you want to.

Product Page ($35)


This adorable pinup dress is full of pizzazz and just perfect for sassy math/science geeks.

“Featuring and all-over print of equations to strike fear into the hearts of middle schoolers, this cotton dress offers a cute white collar, white trim, and pockets big enough for small calculator (not that you’d need one, right?!?). Finished off with a back zip and intelligent design from top to bottom”

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Grimhilde & Maleficent Selfie

Being bad never looked so good as this Grimhilde & Maleficent Selfie pencil skirt shows. The only thing I have to wonder about is whether or not these ladies would meet and be this friendly. Maybe they meet as local villain meetups for coffee and destruction.

Product Page ($35 / Design also available on everything from t-shirts to leggings)


This cute summer D’oh Happy Dress looks like it’s covered with cute versions of the characters from The Simpsons, but look closely and you’ll see Hello Kitty mixed in with the bunch. It’s 95% polyester/5% spandex and has a sweetheart neckline with a pleated skirt.

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art in motion

You may have noticed that Redbubble has been expanding their product line into things like leggings, scarves, and pencil skirts, but it looks like they’re not done yet.

Redbubble just announced that they’ll be expanding into studio pouches, drawstring bags and panel tops, which basically means that you’ll be able to wear and accessorize with original art from head to toe.

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Redbubble continues to expand their product line with new scarves and pencil skirts that pretty much ensure that you’ll never run out of nerdy wardrobe options.

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AT-ATs should always be considered high fashion, and these super cute dresses from Utinni Bikini are perfect for Star Wars fangirls this summer.

Plus, there’s a ton of colorful patterns and styles to choose from (Rebel designs are also available).

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The partnership between Her Universe and Hot Topic just keeps bringing the awesome. It includes everything from Marvel to Star Wars to Doctor Who and, of course, My Neighbor Totoro.

This adorable Studio Ghibli Her Universe My Neighbor Totoro circle skirt comes in sizes XS-3x.

Product Page ($28.50)