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tardis noir

For those of you with a love for all things Doctor Who and Victorian/Steampunk, check out this beautiful Tardis Noir dress that features the original TARDIS console.

The dress consists of three pieces: Steel boned bodice, an underskirt, and a bustled overskirt/apron drape. It can be made in either cotton or satin and comes in either black and white (like the first seasons of the classic series) or the traditional TARDIS blue.

It’s made to order and fully custom sized to your measurements. Tracy Michelle also offers Renaissance style TARDIS and Dalek versions.

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10296312_hi (1)

Here’s a great dress to wear the next time you head out to a Supernatural convention. Quiz people to find out how many symbols they recognize. You’ll make lots of new friends and look great doing it.

Product Page ($27.60)


Twitter user Shitaraki Kongo loves to tweet about his passion for the anime Love Live!, a Japanese series about adorable school girls who become music idols to save their school from closing.

He appears to have a sizable collection of merch, but the posable dolls are his favorites.

Even though he was trying to keep his true identity a secret, his mother figured it all out (as mothers often do) much to his embarassment.

Since he doesn’t live with his parents, she could have ignored the situation. She could also have made things especially awkward. However, this awesome mom decided to grab her sewing kit.

When she found out about her son’s obsession she said:

“I don’t know much about Twitter, but it seems like you’re really into dolls. Give me the doll, and I’ll make whatever outfit you want for it.”

And her sewing skills are spot on. Check out the fabulous frocks after the break.

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Celebrate your love of Batman with this fantastic skirt that will be the prefect thing for Spring. It features the many versions of the Bat Symbol that have existed over the years. Each is handmade with an elastic waist and is available in a range of sizes and can be made in either 18″ or 21″ lengths.

Product Page ($40.99)

boba fett dress

We love casual cosplay options like this handmade Boba Fett dress by Etsy seller ActionPink. It’s perfect for all sorts of events.

Wear it for a night out or for a casual con day, or even just around town for a fun and geeky look.

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This beautiful Labyrinth tank dress is the perfect match to these Labyrinth door knocker earrings we featured recently. It’s actually a men’s shirt that has been altered into a dress and can be made to fit a variety of sizes. The dress is 100% cotton and is made-to-order within 1-7 business days.

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rebel maxi dress

Just because most of us can’t afford to wear anything in Rodarte’s fall 2014 collection, it doesn’t mean we don’t want Star Wars prints on long dresses. This new exclusive Star Wars Ships Maxi Dress from ThinkGeek may be my new favorite thing ever.

Personally, I love a good maxi dress and this one is well priced and geeky to boot. The dress is black is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend and it ranges from small to 3x, so it’s good for lots of us ladies.

Product Page ($39.99)


You probably had no idea Pokemon could be so sexy and classy, right? I’m about to blow your mind with this super cute pin-up style Pikachu dress from Etsy shop owner KooKeeBoutique. She totally nails this character re-imagined as a retro cocktail dress making Pikachu’s rosy cheeks into sleek hip frames and his ears into straps. The yellow and red fitted frock is meant to hug the hourglass curves, but each dress is made to your own measurements.

These sexy pin-up dresses come in a ton of nerdy flavors including Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Check out more examples after the break.

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Everybody has their favorite cheesy nerdy “love quote,” and this dress is practically covered with all the best ones. The Geek Love A-Line Dress features a print design of heart candies, and each one features a fun nerdy quote like “As you wish…” and “I know.”

Check out a close-up of the heart design after the break…

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Meet your new fairy godmother, Allen Gale. Inspired by his grandmother who was a professional seamstress for over 60 years, Allen became passionate about theater and costume design. Although mostly self taught, he earned his degree in Costume Design and Construction to make his passion and unbelievable talent a career.

His Etsy shop currently has magnificent costumes made with high quality fabric that look like they just came off the set of a live action Disney princess movie. The detailing is incredible and Allen models almost all of them himself! Actually, he makes princess Aurora, Belle, and Ariel look stunning. I’m absolutely in love with all his dresses and he completely captures the character at heart.

Take a look at his fantastic work after the break.

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