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kimono tardis

Cosplaying doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Designer Darling Army developed adorable yet low maintenance cosplay pinafores, and now she’s figured out how to create cosplay kimonos. She used a “ton of fabric and lace for them,” and they have three parts: the skirt, the jacket, and the obi/sash. That means you can wear it at least three different ways!

She already has designs featuring the TARDIS, Link, and Elric. She’ll be opening her shop for orders for the stylish pieces soon!

See a couple more styles after the break.

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captain and ms marvel mod fashion designs

(Just Betsy via Just Jenn Pinterest)

six collection

Anovos has just announced new additions to their Battlestar Galactica line with The Six Collection.

The Six Collection is made up of Six’s signature red dress and the jewelry paired with it during the series. Both the dress and jewelry are replicas and are researched and examined from the original screen-used items.

They’re gorgeous as a set or worn separately and, no matter where you wear them, are sure to be conversation starters. Initial runs are limited, so check the product pages for additional details.

You can see more pictures after the break.

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Che Saunders of Auckland, New Zealand and her new husband Ford are both animators and they wanted a super low-key picnic wedding that was all about fun, family and geeking out.

One of the ways they accomplished it was by taking the strain out of the dress code and having each of their bridesmaids pick out their own Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors fit ‘n’ flare dresses from WeLoveFine.

That’s one way to make sure everyone has a dress they like (that they’ll wear again). Hats off to Che and Ford.

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firefly quotes dress

Browncoats get a lot of different Firefly apparel, but usually dresses tend to fall into the Kaylee Shindig dress category.

That sort of frilliness is great for cosplay, but not so much for daily wear or any kind of activity, which is why we like this Gorram Skater Dress by Complicated Spoon Clothing.

The dress has a Firefly quote pattern with many favorite sayings from our Big Damn Heroes and it looks really comfortable.

See more after the break, including a close up of the pattern.

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paper dresses 5

Meet 4-year old fashion designer Mayhem. Well, okay, Mayhem’s not her real name – it’s the name her mom Angie gave her daughter once she started posting pictures of the paper dresses she and her daughter started creating.

This all started when Angie noticed Mayhem wasn’t all that into princess dresses, but she was all excited about wrapping herself in scarves and bedsheets to create dresses for herself. Which must have led to a serious increase in laundry and ultimately led to a new construction material.


Wrapping paper, construction paper, tissue paper, even plastic bags depending on what they wanted to make. Angie says that the designs are a 50/50 split, and Mayhem helps as much as possible with the taping and gluing. Even when Angie’s doing some of the outfit building, Mayhem’s right there, watching and learning.

The results are pretty amazing.

Between their website and Instagram, Angie and Mayhem sure have a lot of fans and I’m pretty sure they’re inspiring all sorts of budding fashionistas all over the world.

Check out more of Mayhem’s killer fashion after the break.

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Photo by Donna Granata. Model: Kristen Dalton.

From intricate chainmail dresses to armor-like leggings, it’s hard not to be amazed when we see fashion designers inspired by unique materials like chainmail and plate armor. Each style might conjure images of a medieval age when knights would have been more likely to be seen sporting these materials, but instead contemporary designers make us see how they can work and be extremely stylish in the present day.

It’s not easy creating elegant designs from metal materials or printed patterns that look so much like the real thing. So how do designers actually do it? We spoke with Elaine Unzicker of Unzicker Designs and Holly Renee of Shenova to find out.

Discover more amazing fashions—along with some behind-the-scenes peeks at their creation—and learn how these designers work after the break.

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Most of the time, when you see an amazing karate stunt, the person doing the stunt is wearing a traditional gi. However, Japanese actress Rina Takeda is wearing a lovely pink frock with pearls when she uses her head to break a stack of roofing tiles. It’s all for a credit card commercial airing in Japan with the tagline, “It depends on how you use your head. It depends on how you use your credit card, too.”

Oh, and that’s no double breaking those tiles. Takeda who has been studying karate since she was ten and is a black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate. She made her acting debut in a film called High Kick Girl! where she did all her own stunts.

See the commercial and making-of videos after the break…

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lord of time pinafore

We’ve written about Darling Amy before and we we love her pinafores, but these new additions to the Darling Doctor Collection are gonna blow up your skirt.

The first addition is a Lord Of Time pinafore with a definite Rassilon feel.

She’s also debuted two new pinafores that are meant for Sailor Moon/Doctor Who cross-over cosplays. You can check them out after the break.

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deadpool ballgown

(via Cheezburger)