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One of the things that makes Guardians Of The Galaxy such a great movie, in my opinion, is just how visual it is. Even if you put aside the characters, action, music, and story, it would still be an amazing movie to just…look at.

Maybe that’s why this new Guardians collection from Living Dead is so eyecatching. They’ve taken iconic imagery and turned it into fashion that’s sleek and sexy. From the Star-Lord leggings, to the Groot skater dress, there’s a little something here for everyone to enjoy.

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Now you can wear your favorite places as maps printed on a skirt or tank top. There is a huge database of maps from which to choose. You pick your clothing, align the map exactly the way you like, and your custom piece with your favorite place will be made specially for you.

Product Page ($45-$85 via Boing Boing)

gold bubble black friday 12

Gold Bubble Clothing flooded their shop with several new awesome and nerdy items on Black Friday. They added fresh designs for leggings, tight dresses, skater dresses, skirts, and ponchos. You can get a velvet variant Sherlock skirt, skater dresses based on Anna and Elsa’s Frozen outfits, D20 leggings and tops, scale mail leggings and dresses, and so much more. My wish list just got so much longer.

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pokemon dress 1

If you’re tired of not being able to snag all the pocket monsters in Pokémon, try wearing them! This dress from Koala Art & Design is made from polyester/spandex with a pattern that features pixelated Pikachus and Poké Balls – what more do you need?

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bmc chainmail 1

As much as I wish it wasn’t the case, wearing chainmail every day isn’t practical. It’s heavy, loud, and metal isn’t pleasant against the skin when it’s cold outside. Black Milk Clothing has another option though: fabric printed to look like chainmail. They have a new collection of apparel that includes skater dresses, a swimsuit, leggings, a body con dress, and more with the chainmail print.

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anna and elsa dress

Hot Topic is having a very good time with their costume dresses these days and they’ve just debuted new Disney versions. You can choose Elsa and Anna from Frozen or you can go old school Disney with Aurora, Snow White, and Belle.

Now that I think about it, I bet an Esmerelda would look super cute.

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marvel strapless

The weather may be getting cooler, but there’s no law against layering so you can still wear this Marvel Collage Spaghetti Strap Dress.

Lots of your favorite Marvel heroes in a cool retro style? I dig it for sure.

Product Page ($26.99)

nbx thigh highs

As a fan of Hot Topic’s faux thigh high tights, I love this version for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Whether you wear them with a LBD or something like the Jack Skellington or Sally cosplay dresses, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them.

Product Page ($11.60)


As if we didn’t already love Marvel enough, all the recent cinematic universe news has Marvel front and center in our fashionably geek brains. We have a feeling many of you might also be looking for ways to display your excitement for Marvel in your style, so we assembled some everyday cosplay outfits that perfect for showing your love of their classic heroes and villains in just about any situation.

For each outfit we found dresses inspired by Marvel characters along with some heroic cosmetics and accessories to continue the theme and really capture the spirit and style of each character.

From Captain Marvel to Iron Man, after the break you can find seven Marvel-inspired everyday cosplay outfits that will make you the stylish hero (or villain) our universe needs!

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cap dress 1

Captain America wouldn’t be the same without his vibranium shield, and this dress from Living Dead captures the weapon’s technical side. The polyester and spandex blend features the schematics in vivid red, white, and blue and makes a heroic statement.

See the dress from a couple more angles after the break.

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