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Living Dead Clothing has unveiled their “Fantasy” collection and it is absolutely loaded with armor-style designs on both dresses and leggings.

Check out some examples and more info after the break…

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Elven Battle Skirt

battle skirt

Elven. Battle. Skirt.

This badass leather skirt is the work of Etsy seller Larperlei. Awesomely enough, the cotton part of the skirt can be removed so it can be worn as a miniskirt.

Product Page ($103.15 and up)

BB-8 Rolls On To A Sateen Skirt


We’ve seen plenty of R2-D2-inspired skirts over the years, but now the torch has been passed to BB-8.

Don’t worry R2—we will always love you.

Product Page ($54.99)

fairy tale fashions

I recently read Uprooted by Naomi Novik, which is a fantastic read for anyone that loves fairy tales. I also read Alice by Christina Henry which isn’t technically based on a fairy tale, but it will take adult Alice In Wonderland fans down a rabbit hole that is very deep and very, very dark.

At any rate, these books got me thinking about some of the amazing fairy tale and fantasy-inspired fashions we’ve featured over the years. Head after the break for a collection of some of the best examples.

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This Sailor Moon Artemis and Luna Dress provides all of the cuteness and talking cats your wardrobe needs.

Product Page ($34.50)

unicorn dress top

How many unicorns do your dresses have? One? Two maybe? This dress is absolutely loaded with them—and bright colors to boot.

So magical.

So majestic.

Check out the full dress after the break…

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Recently, Hot Topic released fashion collections for Orphan Black and Penny Dreadful. Now, they’re doing it again with a new collection inspired by Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

The Hot Topic American Horror Story Collection debut includes five new dresses inspired by characters and costumes from each each season of the show, including the upcoming AHS: Hotel. Prices will range from $69.50 – $89.50. In addition to the dresses, the AHS collection will include t-shirts, gifts, accessories, and more.

See more pictures after the break.

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Armor can be clunky and uncomfortable, so why not fly casual in this Star Wars Boba Fett dress by Her Universe?

Product Page ($34.50)

Oh, and if you need a backpack, this one and this one are pretty good options when pairing with this dress.

final fantasy wedding

Grace and Chris took their fandom and relationship to a whole new level with their Final Fantasy-themed wedding. The entire wedding party cosplayed as characters from the series and the newlyweds even made FAQs to help non-gamer guests.

The cosplay included the bride dressed in Princess Garnet’s coronation gown from FFIX, the bridesmaids dresses were inspired by white mages from FFIII & FFV, Chris and the groomsmen played characters from FF Type-0, the ring bearers rented suits inspired by Turks from FFVII, and there was littlest Aerith flower girl from Crisis Core.

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The couple said their wedding was the “Happiest Day of [their] lives!! No phoenix downs needed!!”

Check out the video of their special day after the break.

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ghost cat dress top

I think we found the centerpiece to your crazy cat lady Halloween costume. Hell, why not fully commit and wear this “Spirit In The Fright” dress year round?

It features scaredy cats, ghost cats and spooky jack-o-lanterns!

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