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I’ve been lucky to find a whole passel of other Star Wars fangirls on Twitter and it generally results in me pointing at my screen and saying “WANT” at least once a day.

This time around, it’s all thanks to my friend Johnamarie, who shared this adorable BB-8 dress by Etsy seller Lizzie’s Fashion. BB-8 appears to be rolling across the desert landscape on this Kona cotton print that comes in sizes 4 – 16.

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Just when you thought Sanrio had done it all, they go and redesign The Simpsons into adorable Hello Kitty characters. The new clothing line from JapanLA features Springfield favorites with button noses and donuts (with no mouths to eat them).

The prices range from $60 to $160, but for fans of both, the fashion and fandom combination might be worth it.

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This Hawkeye Costume Women’s Mesh Back Dress is daring little number for your wardrobe. This sublimated print of Clint Barton’s iconic uniform is sheer mesh on the back, so that quiver and arrows won’t cover a whole lot.

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anime dresses top

The latest in adorable geek wear from Darling Army includes a line of anime-themed cosplay dresses and tights. They can be worn separately or together as the perfect tribute to your favorite characters.

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tattoo dresses

Etsy shop owner Pajamasquid translates bold tattoo-style art into these fun skater style dresses. Each pattern brings eye-popping graphics to the fabric for a perfect mix of sweet and sassy.

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I’ve never been a math person, so I look at this dress I see an awesome pattern and leave it at that. However, the description by Etsy seller Shenova does a great job of explaining the inspiration for the design:

This mathematically fashionable dress is calculated to be fabulously figure flattering. The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. When we make squares with those widths, we get a nice spiral…It is that simple!

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lace and lore

What better place to shop than a store created by two gals who love video games, sci-fi, comics, and anime? We just discovered Lace and Lore and we dig their quirky and cute style that covers dresses, skirts, hand bags, leggings, and accessories. Their fun patterns and designs cross over so you can mix and match accessories with the clothing.

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Kaylee never had much opportunity to dress up, but this adorable dress from Darling Army would have been a perfect choice on her days off. Her mechanic’s jumpsuit has been reimagined into a vibrant green dress with the teddy bear, flower, and heart. It’s not as fancy as her shindig dress, but it is cuter.

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We recently showcased this amazing Phoenix Dress by Fairytas and now she’s back with this gorgeous Valkyrie Rider Costume.

The skirt is 10 meters of golden silk, while the chest piece is attached to a semi leather corset for comfort and has special absorbent fabric under the chest plate and scale sleeves since it’s being worn for a horse show and needs freedom of movement.

Horse show? Picture how awesome this is going to look.

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Gnome It All Skirt

gnome skirt

Bring your wardrobe’s whimsy level to the max with this “Gnome It All” skirt.

I mean, the gnomes are riding bees! How cute is that?

May we suggest this bag to go with it?

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