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Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe just keep cranking out awesome themed clothing lines and the new Transformers collection is no exception. From a Bumblebee A-Line dress to Autobot leggings to a Dinobots baseball shirt, it’s got something for everyone.

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She-Ra, AKA the Princess of Power, is no push-over. She wields an indestructible sword, occasionally hangs with He-Man and throughly enjoys kicking butt. Sure, her outfit might not be the most practical for battle, but she beats up Skeletor on a regular basis without breaking a sweat, so she can pretty much do and wear whatever she wants. I can’t promise that you’ll have the strength to tear down mountains if you don this She-Ra skater dress, but you’ll at least look the part.

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Maleficent dress

In Disney’s live-action Maleficent, the fairy mostly wore dark and earthy colors. In Sleeping Beauty though, she wore a black cape lined with purple. This A-line dress from ThinkGeek emulates that pattern. The comfortable looking dress is so subtle that most people won’t get the connection unless you add the character’s signature horns. However, you’ll know you’re dressed like Maleficent, and that’s all that matters.

Product Page ($39.99)


This is probably the most clever Hail Hydra shirt ever created. With the lights on, it looks like you’re loyal to SHIELD. Turn the lights off and the symbol for Hydra glows eerily from your chest. This is just one of the new Marvel items that Her Universe has revealed. There’s also a Captain America cardigan, hooded tank, and adorable costume dress as well as jerseys, t-shirts, and even Avengers leggings.

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Star Wars bodice

The Sydney version of Supanova Pop Culture Expo happened over the weekend, and Instagram user @Deensey spotted this precious Star Wars bodice. I want one! It features several characters from the original trilogy drawn in a cute and cartoony style. They look like appliques. The brown shades of the bodice and skirt also give the ensemble and Ewok vibe.


Fans of The Last Unicorn are going to love this new clothing line based on the fantasy novel that many know best as a 1982 film. There are fantastic choices like Schmendrick Leggings, the Red Bull Dress, and Unicorn Battle Leggings. Dresses, leggings, skirts and even ponchos are a part of this gorgeous collection.

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These cute skater dresses will turn you into your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this summer. You can choose from either Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, or Michelangelo, all with buff turtle abbs on the front, their signature colored sashes, and appropriate weapons appearing on their turtle shell backs.

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Just in time for summer, Her Universe has debuted two new Doctor Who aline dresses and a tank shirt. The first dress is all about the villains with daleks, cybermen, and weeping angels everywhere. The second dress is for having a little cosplay fun and turns you into the 11th Doctor. And if dresses aren’t you’re thing, there’s always the “I Never Know Why, I Only Know Who.” tank t-shirt.

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Bad Password dress

Want to get an idea of what passwords not to use? You simply have to look at Lorrie Cranor’s bad password dress. She gathered information on the weakest and most commonly used passwords, used a word cloud tool, and edited the design to create a dress showing off a whole bunch of password no-nos. Some examples from the print: 12345, password, princess, and abc123. There are a ton more that might make you rethink your current choices.

Want to make a dress or tote out of the bad password fabric? You can buy it on Spoonflower.

(Lorrie Cranor via CNET, photo via @JuliaAngwin)


This dress is made entirely out of several years worth of the bags they hand out to Comic-Con attendees. It’s the creation of DeviantArtist Bandoodie who is, unsurprisingly, a huge fan of the convention. She made it using a Butterick dress pattern and then wore the creation to the con that served as inspiration.

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