stormtrooper animal helmets

If there’s one thing we call all agree on as Star Wars fans, it’s that Stormtrooper armor is just cool. Especially the buckets. Stormtrooper helmets are iconic.

New York City designer Blank William has put a crazy spin on the Stormtrooper helmet design with versions for wild animals. His collection called “The New Order” reimagines those iconic white helmets for a Disney Robin Hood army filled with elephant, hippo, and rhino soldiers.

The addition of gold and silver accents makes these helmets even more beautiful, so do yourself a favor and check them out after the break.

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sketch tattoos 5

Vancouver-based tattoo artist Naomi Chi has an awesome style that looks like pencil drawings in progress. I love the idea of a tattoo that looks like it came out of a sketchbook—a drawing that you loved so much, you had to make it permanent.

See more examples after the break.

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We were all impressed by the movie-quality Rocket Raccoon costume Christina Borchardt made for her 6-year old son. But now we get to see what actually went into the build.

Starting in June of this year, Borchardt chronicled her work as it progressed on the Replica Props Forum. Everything was entirely made from scratch, including Rocket’s head which she designed using a plaster mold of her son’s face. She then sculpted the entire face and cowl, attached faux fur which was shaped and painted, and affixed teeth to a movable upper and lower jaw.

Her work is so good that even James Gunn took notice and gave it a shout out on Instagram.

Check out more photos of this parenting win after the break.

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Have an idea for a tattoo but you’re afraid to commit? Good news! Momentary Ink will print any custom design as a temporary tattoo so you can test it out.

The temporary tattoos last between 3-10 days and range in price from $15 for a 4-inch design, $19 for up to 8-inches, and $21 for up to 12 inches. The company says if the temps are paired with their special sealing and matting solution, the design should look very close to the real thing.

This is a great idea for experimenting with different designs before making that final, very permanent decision. Check out more examples after the break.

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These amazing Celtic battle costumes were created by expert cosplayer and LARPer Onirium Studios – Ivalysse Leatherwork.

Vanessa (a.k.a. deakath), the talented 28-year old designer behind this cosplay, is an avid RPG gamer and creates every costume from concept to completion. Inspired by characters from her LARP group, this self-taught artist hand makes each costume, including all the leatherwork, for herself and her friends. She also designs the props, applies make-up, and styles the hair for each model. It’s an insane amount of work for one artist and we are super impressed.

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Vanessa is proud to be a female costume artisan and has “a dream about working for the movie industry as a final goal”. Seriously, somebody give this talented lady that job!

Check out more amazing photos of this celtic cosplay (with a pack of real wolves) after the break.

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Etsy shop Dance Macabre sells these wonderful hand-printed socks featuring a silhouette of Cthulhu.

The distressed light grey design is printed on the outside of each cozy sock. Check out more pics after the break.

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ponytail wraps

One can never be too prepared for a Ren Faire, and these Medieval hair wraps are the perfect fashion accessory for such an occasion.

Etsy shop Medieval Metal has tons of styles and sizes to choose from and they’re all pretty affordable.

Check out more designs after the break.

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cat armor top

Tremble before Bobo the Battle Cat!

Wait…get up Bobo. This isn’t the time for napping! Come on – don’t turn your back on the enemy! Stop licking yourself!

Okay, so Bobo isn’t cut out to be a warrior cat—but maybe your cat is. Fortunately, his human Jwall has provided all of the files you need to 3D print the cat armor yourself on his Thingiverse page. There’s also a video after the break that details the process (plus you can get a better look at Battle Bobo).

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A year ago we wrote about an Indiegogo campaign for Axent Wear headphones that had cat ears, LEDs, and external speakers. Ever since then we’ve waited eagerly for them to hit the market.

Today’s the day! Features include:

-Enjoy your music privately—or turn on the cat ear speakers to share with friends
-LED accent lights on cat ear speakers and earcups make a statement anywhere
-Speakers and lights are controlled independently
-Over-the-ear cushioning for noise reduction and a secure fit
-USB rechargeable—up to 5 hours of playing time per charge
-Detachable gaming boom mic
-Inline volume control plus forward & back buttons

Cat Eat Headphones are now available for purchase in blue, red, purple, and green thanks to their partnership with Brookstone.

Product Page: ($149)

(via Rocket News)


Here’s Jeremy piloting his very own Star Wars rebel snowspeeder built by his awesome Dad. It even features working flaps and guns that shoot Nerf darts loaded with glow sticks. Fantastic!

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In previous years, Jeremy and his Dad transformed the wheelchair into Captain America’s motorcycle and a spectacular float in a Disney Night Parade.

Check out all three videos of these awesome wheelchair costumes after the break.

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