Of course Belle would be reading a book while getting some new ink.

Artist Joel Santana gives a few Disney Princesses a pin-up girl makeover complete with sweet tattoos. Belle, Ariel, and Snow White star as badass broads in his vintage style artwork called ‘Inked Princess Series’ and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Pay close attention to the girls’ very symbolic ink. More images after the break.

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This photo of a guy rocking an tiny fedora tribly on top of a bun is being hailed as a new fashion trend. WAT.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Community Blog claims this is what’s trending for “Hill male fashion.” But there doesn’t seem to be any visual confirmation of this trend taking place in the wild. Fashion magazine Styleite reached out Capitol Hill for a comment and their spokesperson responded:

“I myself haven’t seen this in person but our community posts submitted by site readers are often out in front on trends.”

Here’s hoping that the man bun tribly is the hipster equivalent of Bigfoot.

final fantasy wedding

Grace and Chris took their fandom and relationship to a whole new level with their Final Fantasy-themed wedding. The entire wedding party cosplayed as characters from the series and the newlyweds even made FAQs to help non-gamer guests.

The cosplay included the bride dressed in Princess Garnet’s coronation gown from FFIX, the bridesmaids dresses were inspired by white mages from FFIII & FFV, Chris and the groomsmen played characters from FF Type-0, the ring bearers rented suits inspired by Turks from FFVII, and there was littlest Aerith flower girl from Crisis Core.

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The couple said their wedding was the “Happiest Day of [their] lives!! No phoenix downs needed!!”

Check out the video of their special day after the break.

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Youtuber Jerry Berg, aka Barnacules Nerdgasm teamed up with designer Lloyd Roberts of MyMiniFactory to create a custom 3d printed Stormtrooper suit.

Noting the changes in Stormtrooper armor in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Roberts and Berg along with a few other designers from MyMiniFactory worked to create a custom build specifically for Berg. Each piece of the suit and even the blaster were all created with 3D programs and printed just in time for PAX.

If you didn’t get to see the suit at PAX, then check out photos and two videos chronicling the process after the break.

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Step aside Mark Ruffalo, 11-year old Ellijah Davila is a truly badass Bruce Banner underneath his custom-made wheelchair Hulk cosplay. Unveiled for TerrifiCon in Connecticut two weeks ago, Ellijah’s uncle Eric D. Levine built the entire ensemble. In a recent interview with Sentinel Source, Levine said he wanted Ellijah’s costume be “the Hulk with butt-kicking action:

“He started researching materials he could use to make legs that would attach to the wheelchair and move. He settled on a foam used on treadmills and PVC pipe, he said.

He then had to carve, sand and spray paint the foam pieces to make them look like the Hulk’s legs when they were put together with screws and nuts, he said. He also carved “HULK” in one of the foam knees, and “SMASH” in the other, and put green LED lights behind the letters, which involved some wiring, he said. He put the same kind of lights in the Hulk’s body, which were foam front and back plates held together with Velcro.”

Ellijah’s family attended the con dressed in cosplay as well, including the characters Agent Carter, Maleficent, Poison Ivy, Iron Man, a Minion and Princess Anna. Uncle Eric even made things more interesting by dressing as Doctor Banner to push The Hulk around the convention.

Check out another pic of Ellijah after the break.

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Etsy shop Cats And Sheeps hand makes these delightful chamois leather barefoot sandals in 12 colors with beautiful butterfly decorations. The butterflies can be positioned anywhere on the rope so the style can become all your own.

Check out more color and tie options after the break.

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Etsy shop Makosla Creations designs incredibly detailed custom dragons that rest upon shoulder armor. The dragons and armor are crafted with epoxy clay with hand painted eyes and Swarovski crystal accents. You can choose the dragon size, colors, and pose—the only limit is your imagination.

If I has a shoulder dragon like this I would just take him everywhere, they are just beautiful works of art. Check out some of the finished custom designs after the break.

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Artist NoFlutter reimagined four fan favorite superheroines in adorable steampunk style and I’m just gushing all over these images. Power Girl, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl look amazing in their traditional colors fitted with bustle skirts, goggles, and corsets. I cannot wait to see a cosplay group take on these lovely ladies.

Check out the rest of the beauties after the break.

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In Japan, people used to carry items wrapped in elegant cloth that came in various colors and decorative patterns called “furoshiki.”

Inspired by that tradition, designer Masaya Hashimoto partnered with Italian footwear company Vibram to release Furoshiki Shoes. Much like the traditional cloths wrap around items, the shoes are designed to wrap around your feet and secure with a velcro patch. Vibram is calling it the first ever “wrapping sole.”

The wrap shoes come in a variety of colors and look like they would be comfortable. Kinda like those minimalist/barefoot shoes with a stylish twist. Check out more images and a video after the break.

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Stitched from suede and leather, Etsy shop Made of Leather makes each of these fantasy-themed bags by hand. At 15″ tall, this bag can hold a good amount of your earthly belongings and even comes with an zippered pocket on the inside.

The shop welcomes custom ideas as well. Check out more of their fantasy-style backpack designs after the break.

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