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After this stunning Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman Trinity artwork, Artist Stephen Byrne goes from DC to Marvel to take on Black Widow. Needless to say, we love her look.

Byrne doesn’t currently have an online store, but you can find him at cons if you’d like to pick up some of his artwork or follow him on Facebook.

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Etsy shop Fashion4Freedom blends fashion and fantasy in these unique wooden platform heels.

“Fashion4Freedom takes liberty in translating the timeless beauty of ancient Vietnamese wood art through the lens of modern luxury. After 18 days incubated in the hands of village artisans, our reincarnated soles are born. The collection is a fusion of ancient symbols found in traditional art combined with a modern sensibility for comfort.”

These shoes also feature rubber soles for traction, a pig skin lining and an outer-skin of semi-gloss ultra smooth leather. And each beautiful style is made from wood representing that dragon’s legendary heritage.

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During the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, friends and family pay homage to loved ones that have passed on and help guide their spirit through the afterlife. The festival includes customs of cooking the departed’s favorite foods, building ofrendas, and making decorated sugar skulls in honor of Mictecacihuatl, the Lady Of The Dead.

Inspired by this beautiful tradition, California-based photographer Tim Tadder created a stunning photo series called ‘Las Muertas.’ His subjects adorn intricate makeup from artist Krisztianna and evocative costumes from designer Julia Reeser.

Macabre and mezmorizing, check out more pics from the series after the break.

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The 8-bit pixel style is awesome for geek gear, and Etsy shop The Pixel Bar even lets you create your own designs.

After you select a bag type (messenger or backpack) you can request your favorite characters from Marvel to Disney to Minecraft to be pixelated in silicon blocks which are affixed to the silicon panel.

Or you can create your own character using a template of the purchased bag. The template will let you place each pixel on the board and tally up how many blocks you will need to purchase. You could have a different design to match your fandom every week.

Check out some bag styles and pixel designs below.

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Disney recently teamed up with the popular Japanese clothing boutique Baby The Stars Shine Bright to bring an exclusive new line of lolita-style princess dresses. Their whimsical collaboration called the “Cinderella Project” will have four different color schemes with images our favorite glass slipper wearing princess.

The line will launch starting in April, with a new color dress released every month. While each dress will be available online, the blue version will also be sold at the Tokyo Disney Resort. And let’s hope you have princesses pockets because these dresses cost 40,000 yen (US$333).

Take a closer look more styles after the break.

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Baymax is cute, but he doesn’t have much style. So, Scottish artist Demetria Skye dressed him up in some familiar clothes. She’s drawn him as other famous Disney characters like Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Donald Duck, Elsa, and more. He looks too cute for words no matter how he’s dressed.

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trinity main

DC Comics characters are no stranger to costume changes and artist Stephen Byrne has thrown his hat into the ring with new looks for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman that appear to take some cues from Denis Medri’s work. That resulted in this Trinity image, which combines the three perfectly (though the Wonder Woman design is our favorite).

See more of his art after the break.

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Twitter user Shitaraki Kongo loves to tweet about his passion for the anime Love Live!, a Japanese series about adorable school girls who become music idols to save their school from closing.

He appears to have a sizable collection of merch, but the posable dolls are his favorites.

Even though he was trying to keep his true identity a secret, his mother figured it all out (as mothers often do) much to his embarassment.

Since he doesn’t live with his parents, she could have ignored the situation. She could also have made things especially awkward. However, this awesome mom decided to grab her sewing kit.

When she found out about her son’s obsession she said:

“I don’t know much about Twitter, but it seems like you’re really into dolls. Give me the doll, and I’ll make whatever outfit you want for it.”

And her sewing skills are spot on. Check out the fabulous frocks after the break.

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Things have changed a lot since the ’70s, and the costumes worn by Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are no exception. The original Sid and Marty Krofft series had the pair in red and yellow spandex with capes, but Grace Helbig and Hanna Hart get much better outfits in the upcoming Legendary webseries. This new costumes are fantastic!

See the original costumes for comparison after the break.

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Robert Downey Jr. continues to prove that he is an awesome human being in this video where he presents a 7-year-old boy with an Iron Man prosthetic arm. It’s all set up so that Alex, who was born with a partial right arm, has no idea what’s about to happen. He walks into the room and there’s Downey in character as Tony Stark. Imagine how you would react to that.

Then, he opens up two Stark Industries cases to reveal his Iron Man arm and one made with the help of Microsoft One Note’s Collective Project and Limbitless Solutions, a group led by Albert Manero who is an engineering doctoral student at University of Central Florida. Their goal is to provide affordable bionic, 3D limbs to those in need.

Naturally, Downey is a great sport, even wise-cracking that the boy’s limb is better since Downey’s has a malfunctioning light and Alex’s works just fine.

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