When it comes to the debate over impractical female superhero costumes, Emma Frost is always in the conversation. X-Men fan Terry Blas decided to take on the problem, but he needs your help.

To that end he created The Emma Frost Project and asked readers to show off their ideas for what a thoroughly modern and fashionably Frost might wear. Feel free to submit your designs to share with other Frost fans.

(The Daily Dot via The Mary Sue)


This stylish stamped leather bag would definitely complete any fantasy ensemble or even spice up a casual outfit. Whether carrying your wallet or potions, the Celtic knot design with intricate rivets just make this a fun bag.

Etsy shop Petit JuJu fabricates these genuine leather bags in a variety of patterns and color options. Discover which bag matches your inner fantasy fandom after the break.

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We’ve done the math and these scarves full of equations and beakers from Etsy shop Dream Express definitely compute. They’re stylish and affordable.

Plus, they remind me of my notebook doodles from school (I was totally paying attention).

Check out more smart scarf styles after the break.

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Makeup artist Luca Luce has created some very realistic 3D images on his own hands. They’re both impressive and super creepy with examples that look like his skin has cracked open or tentacles are bursting from inside his body.

Check out more of his work after the break.

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hex mortis

The amazing prop makers at Hex Mortis are at it again, this time with new Black Templar Champion helmets from Warhammer 40k. The folks at HM make most of their stuff for private collectors or film and TV projects, so these are likely going to a very loving home.

They sure are pretty.

Take a closer look after the break…

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baymax eye

We’ve featured the wonderful work of makeup artist Tal Peleg several times in the past, but when we saw this adorable new design featuring Baymax and his hairy baby we had to share.

Check out the Instagram post after the break for more details on how it was done.

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These fashionable Jewelbots bracelets actually teach pre-teen girls the basics of coding. And it looks super fun. Once again I’m so happy more companies are helping to introduce the world of STEM to young girls. I only wish this kind of thing was around when I was younger.

The bracelet itself is a fairly simple design with one button and four different colored LED lights. The super fun part comes in when it’s paired with the iPhone or Android app. Girls can program a wide variety of functions that include adding their friends to color-coded groups so the bracelet will light up when nearby. “Secret” messages can be also sent to friends through vibration sequences.

Check out more images and the Kickstarter project video after the break.

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BauBax is like the smartphone / Swiss Army knife of jackets. It simplifies your life in 15 different ways. They literally thought of everything.

The jacket comes in four different styles for both men and women: water-proof windbreaker, fleece lined bomber, wrinkle free blazer, and 100% cotton sweatshirt. The jacket breaks the mold with built-in everything that includes gloves, a hood, nine utility pockets, drink koozie, inflatable neck pillow, pen and stylus, earphones, and tons more.

Check out the BauBax jacket video and more pictures after the break to see everything it can do.

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borat spidey

Never stay inside the lines kids.

(via Reddit)


This handmade steampunk leather corset from Etsy seller Harlots & Angels looks like it’s powered by Iron Man’s arc reactor. Among all the brass claps, pipes, and wires, the wooden LED centerpiece really glows. This would be perfect for a Victorian-age Iron Man (Maiden) cosplay.

Check out more pics of the illuminated corset after the break.

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