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Considering that snowmen are dressed with all manner of scarves and hats in front yards during the winter, it makes sense that Frozen‘s Olaf would want to play dress-up, too. The designs are the work of TortallMagic as a part of his Daily Olaf project which features new Olaf artwork every day.

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TIE fighter ring

If you read us regularly, you know we love Paul Michael Design, so when we spotted a new X-Wing ring and a new TIE Fighter ring, you bet we had to show them off.

I love the colors on the X-Wing version pictured after the break. As someone who’s partial to sapphires, I’d love to see a version with them, but it looks pretty just the way it is. I’m also putting in a couple new Star Trek Bat’leth necklaces because, well, Bat’leth necklaces!

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tree tattoo

Artist Jan Mráz brings his flair for illustration into his tattoo work at Bobek Tattoo in Prague. It looks as though the images were sketched onto the skin.

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league of legends group

When you envision a League of Legends cosplay that involves 14 cosplayers and an epic background, you have a few choices. You can find a cosplay group and then work in the background or you can find 14 separate cosplayers, photograph them and then group them into an epic backdrop with the magic of Photoshop.

Darrell Ardita of BGZ Studios decided to go the latter route. It took patience, cosplayers from Fanime 2013, Photoshop, a couple do-overs (and I’m betting some swearing), but he got it done and I’m pretty sure Darrell’s pretty happy with himself right about now.

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jgzz2xofxluum7ly3kj6 copy

Live-action DC Superhero costumes have come a long way… or at least, most of them have. Reddit user hitokirivader created a unique tribute to the evolution of Superman and Batman costumes—he also included a nice jab to help remind everyone just how little cinematic attention the one true Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, has received in the last few decades.

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GOT Nail Art nailasaurus

More details on The Nailasaurus.

cardboard iron man

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts knows a thing or two about creating creatures, so there’s something really fun about hearing the sheer amazement in their voices when they’re looking at the work of Taiwanese student and Cardboard Artist Kai-Xiang Xhong.

Xhong and the SWSCA talked about a year ago. They saw some of his work and were blown away by it, so they asked him to let them know about any new work he did. As they put it, “We anxiously waited for nearly a year to see what he would create next, and we were blown away to see all of his new work, including a full-size, wearable CARDBOARD IRON MAN SUIT!!!”

Head after the break to see more pictures and the video of their conversation. It’s pretty awesome.

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This Fluttershy tattoo was drawn by and inked onto DeviantART’s Captain Ambivalent by Shakara Tattoo.

Somehow, seeing Fluttershy with words by Morrissey/The Smiths works. It does take strength to be gentle and kind.

(via Neatorama)

woman in moth

We loved the woman body painted and posed to look like a parrot and now we have another awesome optical illusion with this body paint by artist Paul Roustan. There’s a woman painted and hidden within this illustration he also did of a Pandora Sphinx moth.

I could say something here about transformations and the intent behind the art, but I’ll let you make your own conclusions when you hit the jump and see how cool this is.

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While Legend of Zelda cautions against wearing Majora’s Mask, I’m hoping there’s a loophole if it’s the mask on leggings and not on your face.

Cause these are really cool.

They may be a bit on the pricy side, but they’re made to order in Australia and are hand cut and sewn by designer Sam Kays.

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