Makeup artist Kenzie Gregg has created a cosplay that is wickedly fantastic. With elegantly exaggerated ears and subtle brown and cheek forms, she has accomplished something that’s both creepy and beautiful. What’s even more impressive is that Gregg completely designed, sculpted, molded, applied, and painted this character herself.

Check more photos of the character and the creative process after the break.

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Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin along with Silicon Valley inventor Frank Cohen have created a whimsical collection of vintage pocket watches that glow in brilliant colors. Starling pocket watches are available in six intricate designs with a calming light show that illuminates the time:

“These remarkable time pieces are the tangible embodiment of intangible concepts. They illuminate with your touch, the Chillovean lights dance about as if to whisper the secrets it holds to its owner. Chillovean lights feature multitudes of different random color arrangements, more than you can see in a lifetime. This beautiful piece of fantasy jewelry is a wonderful family heirloom and an amazing unique gift”

The pocket watch collection is also part of a six chapter fantasy story that follows three time traveling characters as they unlock great powers with each timepiece. When you register on the Starling website, a new chapter is sent every week, beautifully illustrated in bas relief sculptures.

Take closer look at the watches (including a video) after the break…

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Chanel Catwoman

chanel catwoman

Chanel Catwoman sketch by Kevin Wada.


This epic leather and metal armor was made by Onirium Studios – Ivalysse Leatherwork for a LARP. What’s even more amazing is this is an original character. I’d say this gives game and movie costume designers a serious run for their money.

The original cosplay collection includes a Chaos Warrior, Tribal Warrior, Celtic Warrior, and Battle Faun.

To complete the collection, Onirium Studios partnered with Calimacil to create the weapons, L’atelier du Grimeur for the faun mask and horns, and Maskworld for the boots. Modeled by the lovely Deakath, the studio-ready costumes were photographed by Croc-blanc and Pandora-photography.

I’m in love. Check them all out after the break.

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German artist Peter Aurisch creates tattoos that are influenced by the works of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Picasso. Rather than inking from a sketch, Aurisch draws freehand using the stories of his customers as inspiration.

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His use of bold lines, geometric figures and (at times) vibrant colors result in some stunning and unique tattoos. Check out more of his work after the break.

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If Tim Burton’s wild costume designs hit the runway, you would probably see something like this. Guillermo Meraz‘s illustrations perfectly blend characters like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, Willie Wonka, and more into a posh fashion collection. This season is stripes, stripes, stripes—and it looks good.

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These fantastic felt hats will surely spark your whimsical side. Needless to say, they would have been the perfect accessory for Burning Man.

Etsy artisan Feltthink uses 100% wool to spontaneously design each hat, which he says are always crafted in “high spirits.” With nearly 80 unique hats his imagination seems to know no bounds. You can even work with Feltthink on your own custom design.

Check out some of the most creative designs after the break.

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Etsy shop HardResols uses recycled computer circuit boards to create unique necklaces based on a variety of fandoms. Each pendant is cut, sanded, polished, and protected in resin by hand.

For computer geeks like me, this is the best way to combining everything I love into jewelry. In this collection, there are symbols from sci-fi and video games like Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Mario, Assassin’s Creed, and Zelda.

Check them all out after the break.

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Laura is a left arm transradial amputee and a kick ass cosplayer who recently commissioned Michelle Sleeper of Overworld Designs to create a real, working Furiosa arm from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

It’s beyond awesome.

Their partnership originally stemmed from the idea to re-create a Terminator-style Endo Arm. but after seeing Fury Road, their plans quickly changed (naturally). Michelle details the process in a thread on RPF:

“We had a short conversation and I asked her permission to build her the Furiosa arm as a real actual prosthetic, much like we were going to do for the T-800 Endo Arm and she couldn’t have been more thrilled. Our plan was to finish it for Dragon Con 2015. Needless to say, I was excited too.

During our planning for the Terminator Endo Arm project, I took a 3D scan of her using an Xbox Kinect and a software called Scannect. It allows you to easily get a rough 3D scan of someone or an object. It’s not high enough detail to look photo realistic, but it’s enough to get basic proportions. I use this myself to scale Pepakura files and do other digital sculpting. We tried getting a 3D scan of her arm and the results were alright. Really it was just enough to use for scaling and “subtracting” her arm from the Endo Arm model.

When we shifted gears to Furiosa, I decided the first thing to do was to get a plaster cast of her arm – The prosthetic would have to actually fit her, and there was no way for me to “try on” the prop myself while building it. After an afternoon at the shop, I had one of the weirdest casts I’ve ever made, but it was exactly what we needed!”

It just doesn’t get any cooler than this. Check out photos from the build after the break.

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Of course Belle would be reading a book while getting some new ink.

Artist Joel Santana gives a few Disney Princesses a pin-up girl makeover complete with sweet tattoos. Belle, Ariel, and Snow White star as badass broads in his vintage style artwork called ‘Inked Princess Series’ and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Pay close attention to the girls’ very symbolic ink. More images after the break.

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