Artist NoFlutter reimagined four fan favorite superheroines in adorable steampunk style and I’m just gushing all over these images. Power Girl, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl look amazing in their traditional colors fitted with bustle skirts, goggles, and corsets. I cannot wait to see a cosplay group take on these lovely ladies.

Check out the rest of the beauties after the break.

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In Japan, people used to carry items wrapped in elegant cloth that came in various colors and decorative patterns called “furoshiki.”

Inspired by that tradition, designer Masaya Hashimoto partnered with Italian footwear company Vibram to release Furoshiki Shoes. Much like the traditional cloths wrap around items, the shoes are designed to wrap around your feet and secure with a velcro patch. Vibram is calling it the first ever “wrapping sole.”

The wrap shoes come in a variety of colors and look like they would be comfortable. Kinda like those minimalist/barefoot shoes with a stylish twist. Check out more images and a video after the break.

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Stitched from suede and leather, Etsy shop Made of Leather makes each of these fantasy-themed bags by hand. At 15″ tall, this bag can hold a good amount of your earthly belongings and even comes with an zippered pocket on the inside.

The shop welcomes custom ideas as well. Check out more of their fantasy-style backpack designs after the break.

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hand art

Using pen and markers, artist Natalie Nakles did a real number on herself, making it look like she spent some time with Hannibal Lecter eating ladyfingers.

Check out a video and more pictures after the break.

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Haven’t decided on a Halloween costume? Have access to a 3D printer? If so, check out this sick Immortan Joe mask from Mad Max:Fury Road. Designer Andrew Sink used a 3D model uploaded by Thingiverse user filipturz and bonded the two-piece design together with a sandable joiner. With a lovely shiny and chrome paint job, I’d say it looks pretty close to the real thing.

The design is available for free download so you can make your own. Check out more pics of this dystopian overlord mask after the break along with an easy printable Mad Max version.

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Imagine standing next to your betrothed in this extraordinary and intricately designed elvish wedding dress. Etsy shop Firefly Path hand sews each gown from an ombre silk charmeuse accented with delicate lace and beaded details. The inside is fully lined with plastic boning as well as snap-in modesty panel for more coverage if so desired.

This stunning dress is custom sized and available in six ombre color styles. It isn’t cheap, but Elves marry for life and this dress would definitely be memorable.

There’s more up-close images of the amazing detailing after the break.

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ferrofluid shoe

Take a look at these crazy 3D printed Nike sneakers as magnetic ferrofluid rolls back and forth across the surface. I’m half expecting some sort of hideous monster to come bursting through.

Originally, ferrofluid was designed by NASA to draw fuel to the engine using magnetic fields rather than a pump for efficiency in a weightless environment.

As part of the advertising campaign for Nike’s new Kevin Durant line of sneakers, a design studio called Guild resurrected this medium for an impressive display. What looks like some weird alien creature climbing down the shoe is actually the inky ferrorfluid following magnetic waves.

If you can’t make it to the live display at the Niketown NYC location, then click below to watch the mesmerizing video after the break (UPDATE: Official video added). And bring on your best Terminator jokes.

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Prepare yourself for a journey into far far away fashion thanks to The following infographics break down the evolution of Star Wars character costumes for both the original trilogy and the prequels. Of course, it was necessary to focus on the high points a little in Padme’s case.

Check out the infographics after the break.

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ear cuffs top

Etsy shop ranaway makes enchanting bronze ear cuffs in over 90 different designs that feature everything from forest leaves and steampunk bumblebees to faeries and dragons. 

Check out more images of the cuffs you totally need in your life, after the break.

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Los Angeles based apparel company Foreground aimed to re-invent the tee shirt and came up with these clever 3D Overlay Tees.

“The 3D Overlay Tee retains the classic comfort and fit we all love, but replaces tired logos and marketing catch phrases with original artwork along a totally unique mesh-stitch design that has never been seen before or available in stores anywhere.”

Check out more eye-popping designs along with a teaser trailer after the break.

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