It’s no secret that I’m a huge Star Wars Rebels fan and I’m pretty sure I’ve declared my love for Hera more than once, so imagine how thrilled I was when I saw this gorgeous Hera Syndulla cosplay by Feyische.

The lekku alone get a thumbs up from me. Wow.

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These beautiful engagement photos evoke the love between Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand from Game of Thrones. Betrothed cosplayers Jesse and Nick first met online because of their passion for the series and specifically for their belief in the R+L=J theory. They even have R+L=J tattoos.

Jesse hand painted the trim details on their costumes while the jewelry was 3D printed by Etsy artisan PrintMyProps.

Instead of a desert climate like Dorne, the pair took photographer Matthew Druin to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The deep greens and old stone structures are the perfect backdrop for their vibrant costumes.

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This fantastic body paint is the work of twistinbangs aka Corie Willet. It’s impressive work, especially when you know that she applies it all herself without help. She’s created all sorts of brilliantly colored looks from zombies, to mermaids, to melting faces.

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pikachu dance

For the second year in a row, a Pikachu outbreak is set to devastate the city of Yokohama, Japan with cuteness. This year, a pack of Pikachus will dance their way through Yokohama’s bayside Minato Mirai district.

In preparation for the event, the Pokemon Company has released a instructional video that teaches you how to do the Pikachu Dance. All you need to do is get a costume and drill on like a million steps. Easy!

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This fantastic video compilation by YouTuber MaximumDiver features some of the best cosplay from Montreal Comic Con 2015. Deadpool, Batman, and Star-Lord show up along with Black Widow, Captain America, and plenty more of your favorite characters.

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immortan joe

Rule 63 Immortan Joe cosplay by Variable Cosplay.

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This Arkham Knight suit looks ready for bat-battle, and it was made on a 3D printer. Cosplayer Crimson Coscrafts teamed up with Graphix Monster for the incredible build and photographer Lucas Ambrosio brought life and lighting to the awesome suit.

See Also: 3D Printed Arkham Origins Batman Armor

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cosplay boom

When I first started writing for Fashionably Geek, I had almost zero idea what cosplay was about. It’s been amazing to get such a great education in what cosplay is and why people love to cosplay in the years I’ve been a contributor.

Recently, Cosplay Boom founder Todd Kenreck went to Geek Girl Con and interviewed some of the cosplayers who attended the Seattle convention. Each person has their own story and reasons for cosplaying, but one thread flows through every interview –– the empowerment and joy of being able to express yourself fully and be accepted and embraced by other people for being who you are.

As to why he chose Geek Girl Con, Kenreck told Polygon, “I go to GeekGirlCon to hear a perspective that isn’t inherently my own, that’s how you grow as a human being.”

Kerneck’s video is a lovely insight and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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Team Star Fox is made up of adventurous woodland creatures, but these cosplayers came up with fantastic human variants of the characters. Leo Camacho is Falco, Chris Villain is Fox, Sarah Sterling is Slippy and Elizabeth Ragea is Peppy.

Photography by York in a Box.

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