Just when I thought we saw all of the best Halloween cosplay this year, up pops this video from Mark Vandiepenbos. You might get a chill up your spine the 34 second mark. [click to continue…]


This pup has cosplay potential! Keep at it little pup, and you might rise to the level of Dog Jareth.

(Ughleni via Tor)


Husband and wife cosplaying duo Shan Claw and Elfengamez appear to have one very specific thing in common—the ability to pull off kick ass Gijinka (humanized) Pokémon cosplay.

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Shan and Elfengamez cosplayed as Gijinka Arcanine and Rapidash respectively, and IT IS STELLAR. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayers James Reese and Anthony Grillo love Power Rangers. Like…a lot.

They also love each other. So much so that Anthony dropped to one knee right in the middle of a video shoot with KevinTheDirector and proposed to James.

The cosplay itself would have made this cool, but the proposal and reaction are completely adorable and sweet and I’m totally verklempt over here. Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayers and fans of all things Elvish, someone has made earbuds with silicone ear tips to make you look straight out of Rivendell. They use a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so you’ll have to figure out how to hide the cord (wigs), but for ¥99.00 (roughly $14), that’s a small price to pay for Elf ears that play music. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Well, the makeup artist known as Amazing Jiro does some damn fine work. Just look at how he transformed singer/actress/TV personality LiLiCo into Ryuk from Death Note. They captured the creepy look perfectly, but then they kicked it up a notch… [click to continue…]


Lindsey Stirling has released a new music video for “Hold My Heart” from her album Brave Enough featuring ZZ Ward on vocals. The video’s Alice In Wonderland theme is supported by the gorgeous cosplay that we’ve come to expect from Stirling. Watch (and listen) below. [click to continue…]


Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be creepy, but I can definitely see that potential.

The two new patterns in McCall’s cosplay lineup are Papillon and Manikin:

M2084 Papillon This is the latest design ifrom Seattle Cosplay.
This versatile double breasted coat has two different views, for two completely different looks. The swallow tail coat can be modified forArtistocrat Fashion, oji(or sometimes ouji), a Prince or Elegant Goth. This is also perfect for any Romantic Goth character, vampire, or just a great addition to your Steampunk wardrobe. The second view, which is featured on the back cover of the envelope is a beautifully feminine in an elegant silk duponi with black lace details. This version is also great for any steampunk looks.

M2035 Manikin.
This design has a lot of fun elements that you can use to achieve a look pretty look in the Lolita Fashion .The design has four different pieces; a dress, overskirt, blouse and bow.The blouse is very useful for all different and all the other pieces can also be modified for different types princesses, Alice in Wonderland and a variety of other characters. Make sure to take a close look at the photos-this design is chock full of little details, extra fancy lace, buttons, bows, charms. The more, the better.

Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]


Remember that Doctor Stranger Things cosplay by Christopher G. Moore that we featured earlier this week? Well, now you get to briefly see him in action along with the other amazing cosplayers that attended NC Comicon. Check out the video below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayer Raquel Sparrow is back on the blog, this time with a Darth Talon cosplay. Not surprisingly, it looks like her Talon was a hit at PAX Australia.

Dark Side down under. Love it. Check out more pics, including the aforementioned Rey battle below. [click to continue…]