Though he is trained as a nurse, Baymax is expanding his resume to include ‘flight attendant.’ Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Aviation wants to make learning fun (and profitable), so they’re stuffing flight attendant trainees into a giant Big Hero 6 Baymax costume.

Just look at all the smiling faces. Or is that polite confusion – should they ask Baymax for another drink or just a hug?

Actually the school has done cross-promotions like this in the past, and since Big Hero 6 is taking over the box office in China, the cuddly puff of fluff is a perfect choice to join the class.

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Spring has sprung and so it’s time to start thinking about bathing suits for the summer.

If you like your suits with a little extra cosplay flair, these Black Butler and Sailor Moon-themed versions should do the trick, especially if you’re planning to hit up Colossalcon.

Product Pages: Black Butler Ciel Costume Swim Top $18.38 / Black Butler Ciel Costume Swim Bottoms $18.38 / Sailor Swim Top $18.38 / Sailor Swim Bottoms $18.38


Disney recently teamed up with the popular Japanese clothing boutique Baby The Stars Shine Bright to bring an exclusive new line of lolita-style princess dresses. Their whimsical collaboration called the “Cinderella Project” will have four different color schemes with images our favorite glass slipper wearing princess.

The line will launch starting in April, with a new color dress released every month. While each dress will be available online, the blue version will also be sold at the Tokyo Disney Resort. And let’s hope you have princesses pockets because these dresses cost 40,000 yen (US$333).

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No, this isn’t some sort of crazy military demonstration. It was actually part of the recent 11th annual Nipponbashi Street Festa. The streets were shut down to cars so hundreds of cosplayers, photographers and fans could gather and revel in their fandoms. The cosplay is fantastic and the scale of it all is incredible.

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This great cosplay features Kira Krueger as Tank Girl and Tia Sakura as Jet Girl. Their costumes are great and the props are fantastic. I mean, the’ve got an actual tank.

Photography by Andrew Harrison and Barry Kevin Flewitt

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elsa dad

You can’t deny that this took guts. Everyone seems happy enough in this picture, but the subway ride was a different story. Check out that pic after the break…

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There is so much cosplay at conventions these days that it’s hard to see it all during the course of a weekend. Sneaky Zebra captured video of the cosplayers at the recent London Super Comic Con breaking out their best poses and has collected them all in one fantastic video.

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“Dovahdorable!” Another awesome parenting win emerges from the intarwebs with this super cute dragon slayer costume. Mom and wife of redditor AreYouJustKiddingMe made the Skyrim-inspired cosplay for their daughter. Aside from the fabulous helmet and armor, just look at that fearlessness in her eyes. She is a natural born warrior.

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I’m really a sucker for dresses with hoods and/or pockets, but this one is something kind of amazing. This jersey knit high-low dress from Mirimirifashion looks like it could be part of a cosplay, but it’s actually a stylish casual dress that won’t break the bank.

Available in 9 different colors, this dress comes in all standard women sizes plus custom sizes by request. But the angle cut of the skirt, hood, and lace-up back really makes this outfit stand out. And when you’re not attending a con, it can be paired with a sexy set of boots perfect for a night out.

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Darling Army has alerted us to some of her new designs, and we instantly fell in love with her Big Hero 6-inspired pinafores and skirts. But there’s more!

Check out more new designs after the break including a Frozen-inspired kimono and Zelda pinafores.

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