main warhammer

Wanna see something pretty? Check out this amazing Warhammer armor by Drack Props. The armor is made with foam covered in Worbla, plus a lot of patience, talent, and skill.

It’s a work in progress, but considering how great it already looks, I can’t wait to see it painted and finished.

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joker cosplay

This Joker cosplay by Jesse Oliva is so spot on it’s disturbing.

Man, I miss Heath Ledger.

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If you’ve seen any of the previews for the upcoming season of Star Wars Rebels, you may have noticed a few changes in the crew. Most notably, fans picked up on some changes to Sabine’s hair and armor.

Lots of fans wondered about the reason for the change and Rebels producer Dave Filoni has provided some good answers—including the joy of messing with cosplayers.

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goat minions

People dress up their pets all the time. This usually means putting the family dog or cat in a costume, but this time around it’s a pair of twin Nigerian dwarf goats. I wonder how Gru would feel about having a couple of these guys join the team?

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We all know that many female superheroes tend to wear costumes that are impractical at best. Artist Lord Ingvard is working on a series of revamped costumes that are functional but still feminine. He writes:

I love comics and superheroes as much as the next nerd, but the women’s costumes—sweet mother of Moses!—the COSTUMES. At the very least, highly impractical. And at worst, incredibly sexist. I mean, EXTREMELY so. Honestly, I don’t know why women haven’t been a lot more angry and vocal about this kind of thing over the years. Like “Ferguson riot” angry. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that expressing one’s sexuality is a natural, healthy thing, and certainly not something to be censured or shamed, but holly hammer of Thor, there’s a time and a place for everything!

That being said, I just had to take a shot at addressing the most obvious problems. Now, I am not by any means an experienced or accomplished character designer. I am not suggesting these costume re-designs are ideal, or even very good. My main goal was to at least TRY to approach the subject of female superheroes with the degree of logic, equality, and respect they—and their readers—deserve.

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rapunzel cosplay

The trickiest bit of a Rapunzel costume is replicating that beautiful woven hairstyle. Redditor ohemgrace took it a step further by making the hair glow like it does in the movie. She used 120 LEDs in the wig and programmed them to fade on progressively. The lights are controlled by an arduino mega at the nape of her neck that’s connected by a wire to the battery packs in her pockets. Brilliant.

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Distractotron was on the scene of HeroesCon 2015 in Charlotte, NC and captured some of the best cosplay on video for all of us to enjoy.

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robin hood cosplay

As a kid, I loved Disney’s animated Robin Hood. I also had a huge crush on Robin. I thought it has passed, but seeing this Robin Hood cosplay by Deaththorn Cosplay has me crushing all over again.

Photos by York In A Box and Estrada Photography.

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We featured the first wave of Sunstaches mask sunglasses last month, but a whole bunch of ridiculous new options are on their way. We’re talking Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Minions.

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jareth top

This bit of fantastic cosplay features Ebony Amber as the Goblin King from Labyrinth. She looks perfect from that signature crazy hair to the makeup to the costume.

See Also: I’d Run Off With Jareth The Goblin Queen [Cosplay]

Photography by Mandi Martini.

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