dot cosplay

Cosplayer Amber Harrison combined time, creativity and prosthetics to create a Dot cosplay that has Reddit completely on the fence at to whether it’s cute or creepy. I’m gonna go with cute. After all, Dot is the cute one.

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Black Cat At Sunset [Cosplay]

black cat 14

We’ve seen our fair share of Black Cat cosplay in the past, but the photography by Joe’s Studio really sets it apart. Plus, Sadie by Design really nailed the look. She notes:

Black Cat is really a simple outfit, but the setting and lighting for this actually made the cosplay. The reason I love these photos so much is because of the way Joe was able to capture the setting sun in the background. He really went above and beyond for me in this shoot.

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Chun-Li and Cammy from Street Fighter find themselves in the Star Wars universe with this awesome photoshoot featuring Malicious Cosplay as Chun-Leia and Bubblesgal0re as Cammy Fett.

Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi.

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zombie samus top

Then again, this Zombie Samus by Kitnip Cosplay is absolutely brilliant. It would be awesome to see it in person.

Alas, most of us will have to be content with the image gallery after the break, which includes a shot on the metro. That must have been an interesting ride.

Photo by Standing Vertigo.

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_DSC0526 edit

We always appreciate when readers send us their cosplay work, especially when it looks as good at this Pirate version of Poison from Street Fighter by Elena Blueskies.

Photography by Jaycee Estrella.

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accurate snow white

If you liked our earlier post that featured artwork of historically accurate Disney Princesses, you’re going to love this new Buzzfeed video that brings those Princesses to life.

The video features several of your favorite princesses and some interesting facts that explains why each one is dressed in her period garb.

Amusingly, there’s a debate going on in the YouTube comments about whether Aurora is English or French, but I can understand if you want to avoid the comments section.

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This stunning hand-sewn Legend of Zelda dress is perfect for your next con or even a ren faire. Etsy shop owner Frockasaurus painstakingly recreates this cosplay gown per order with the highest level of care and detail.

“This particular costume is made from 100% cotton, trimmed with crushed gold lamé and gold leatherette. Fully lined in polyester cotton, with 3 layers of net underskirting. Boned bodice, back zip fastening with corset effect lacing over the top. Top stitched in gold thread.”

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The last time we featured one of these adorable charm necklaces by The Gorgonist, the Cosplay Girls were dressed as the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. This time around, they battle as the TARDIS and a Dalek and it’s just as cute.

The charms are both 1.5 inches, and the necklaces are between 15-18 inches, but you can request different sizes as needed. She’s got a lot of cuteness going on in her shop, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Product Page ($25)

kim possible

Kim Possible cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu. Photo by Jaycee Photography.

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Renato García was a Puerto Rican boxer who spent much of the last few weeks of his life dressed in a Green Lantern costume. After his passing, his family decided to dress him in the costume one last time and stand him up at the wake as a tribute to how they viewed him as a hero in real life. His sister, Milagros García, told Primera Hora in a translated interview:

He was always very helpful. He was left anyone wanting. Never say no. You beckoned and he was always there. …I was going to a regular funeral for him, but the neighbors and the community had this idea. I know he would have liked it.

It wasn’t just family, but the community who also felt he was a hero.

Lots of mourners, relatives, friends and residents of the village of San José in Río Piedras, wore shirts alluding to the famous character, as a symbol of mourning on the death of Renato, who attributed all attractive qualities and virtues. Neighbors said that when Renato found a Green Lantern costume in the trash can and decided to dress and embody the character, nobody scoffed at him, and were sympathetic when they out found what he did.

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