ghost of christmas present costume 1

There aren’t enough Muppet Christmas Carol-inspired costumes in the world, but Redditor daddymacbrain, a.k.a. Chris Brain, is doing his part to remedy that problem. He truly made this Ghost of Christmas Present costume come to life. He made it for a stage production and explained a little about what the outfit’s made from:

The Head was made using paper mache, clay, sythetic hair and a adjustable head strap to fit all head sizes. The Jaw is hinged and elasticated so it can move with the wearers own jaw movements.

The robe is made with green velvet style material lined with faux fur, feature buttons and trimmings. The robe is is Large but would still look great on a smaller person as the wearer can just use a pillow to pad it out (pillow not included).

See more photos and a video of the costume in action after the break.

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Well, here a frickin’ gorgeous League Of Legends Blood Moon Akali & Shen cosplay. The costumes were made by Giulietta Zawadzki who’s also cosplaying alongside Sam Dowse.

Photos by Kevin Hennequin, Alex Laberge & Paper Cube.

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You don’t have to go through intensive training or join a special group to become like Ezio Auditore da Firenze of Assassin’s Creed II; you only have to buy this hoodie from ThinkGeek. This zip-up sweatshirt was designed with style in mind and has plenty of snazzy features that tie to Ezio’s outfit in the game. It has laced cuffs, an Assassin’s Creed logo zipper pull, a pointed hood, and embroidered details. Bonus: the hoodie looks super comfortable.

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Gorgeous Korra Cosplay

korra cosplay 1

Korra, current Avatar and protagonist of The Legend of Korra, is one sassy, kick-butt, and occasionally bratty character. I love most of her qualities, and cosplayer Ally, a.k.a. CosmicNya, really communicates the character’s spunky personality in this photo series. Also, it doesn’t hurt that her Korra costume and hair are spot on.

Photos by CMOSs Photography.

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I’ve never played The Witcher: Battle Arena, but this cosplay of Philippa Eilhart by Issabel Cosplay have definitely intrigued me. This version of Philippa is from a rare skin called Avian Legacy and I think it’s gorgeous.

While we’re talking gorgeous, the photos by MLC foto are that and more.

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This beautiful World of Warcraft cosplay features Akishuna as Tyrande Whisperwind. This is her first foray into cosplay and it was captured perfectly by Narcissus Photography.

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batgirl costume 1

What if Batgirl from Batman: The Animated Series met Batgirl of Burnside? That costume mash-up would be amazing, and cosplayer EmberPhantom has made it happen. The outfit has the yellow Doc Martens and accessories from the new Batgirl comics but pairs them with a black body suit rather than a purple one. I love it.

Photos by Shannon Vetack Photography.

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silver surfer body paint 1

This picture of the Silver Surfer looks like it came out of the pages of a comic book, but it’s actually body paint by Cris Alex. The talented makeup effects artist wanted to re-create the cover of Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #20 by Ron Lim, and she used body paint for the project. I’m going to say she succeeded in her effort. I can’t believe this isn’t a flat illustration. My mind is blown.

Alex used “PPI Skin Illustrator and board and rock created with foam core and acrylic paints” for the effort. She shot the photos with a strong light in order to make the body paint appear flatter and more comic book-y (that’s totally a word).

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amell firestorm

Robbie Amell seems to be following in his cousin Stephen’s footsteps when it comes to teasing his fans on the Internet. He recently posted a first look at Firestorm for The Flash and it really is a tease. He managed to make it intriguing and frustrating all at the same time.

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beat down boogie

We got tipped to this X-Men Epic Cosplay video, and when you put “X-Men”, “cosplay” and “video” in the same sentence we’re probably going to like it.

This video by Distractotron definitely brings all manner of X-Men cosplayers together at DragonCon 2014. t’s a nice blend of cosplay, special effects, music and staging.

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