Don’t quote us on any actual world records, but Assist Wig claims that this is the cosplay industry’s longest wig. At over 5-feet in length, I’m inclined to believe them.

Available in ten colors (white silver, black, yellow sun, honey blond, rose pink, red orange, purple ash, blackberry, aquamarine, and dark blue) the wig is made of straight fiber locks, and is just long enough for that Sephiroth wig you want to make.

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black panther cosplay top

Cosplayer Chase Calloway thinks his current Black Panther cosplay is okay but not great, and he says that he’s planning to make another one. Meanwhile, I’m looking at his cosplay and thinking “Damn, that looks great”.

Top photo by tonnoy_kay.

You be the judge. Check out more photos below.

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Robert Downey, Jr. continues to prove he’s an awesome human being. This time he took a little side trip to The Great Ormond Hospital before the London premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

While he was there, he took pictures with some of the kids, including 7-year-old Ethan Miller who, based on the costume, is definitely Team Iron Man. Needless to say, Chris Evans needs to follow up for Team Cap.

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Cosplayer Michael Wilson aka Knightmage has put together an Afro Samurai cosplay that makes me think we need a lot more Afro Samurai cosplay in our lives.

I love the hair and I’m kind of fascinated with the headband. I wish I could walk around looking like the wind was constantly blowing around me.

Photos by Gwendolyn Graham and Black Apple Studios.

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Whether you’re traversing the hills of Hyrule or smashing an innocent villager’s pots, it’s always important to be prepared. Now, cosplayers can feel just like Link from Legend of Zelda with these awesome, officially licensed accessories.

The Zelda line from Merchoid includes the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, costume hoodies, beanies and more.

Check out some of the items from the collection below.

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Kids come up with the darnedest crossovers.

Jeremy Marbler constructed this awesome cosplay costume for his six-year old daughter when she wanted to celebrate her favorite fandoms at once. Combining My Little Pony with Doctor Who, this awesome Rainbow Dash Dalek is adorable in a terrifying way. He notes:

My six year old daughter wanted another Doctor Who themed costume after her recent K9 cosplay and she picked a Dalek.  As I was sketching the design, she was playing and yelled out “a My Little Pony Dalek!”

After shaking my head, I asked “A Rainbow Dash Dalek?”

“Yes!” she giggled…  And then looked at me seriously and said “It’s gotta have wings.”

“Wings…  So it’s twenty percent cooler?”


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sailor moon elhoffer

Another day, another dress by Elhoffer Design that I love. Seriously, I don’t where this woman finds the time to execute all of these awesome ideas. Not that I’m complaining. Drooling, yes. Complaining, no.

This new Sailor Moon-inspired design was a commission for client (speaking of which, Catherine says she has a few spots open if you’d like a custom dress) and the bow is removable for washing.


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© _2016 Cindy Kelleher. Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas.

The well-known motto of the 501st, “Bad Guys Doing Good”, rings true once again thanks to a photoshoot with Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas.

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These wonderful pics from photographer Cindy Kelleher were created in support adopting a dog over purchasing one from a breeder or puppy mill.

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These officially licensed Harry Potter corsets aren’t SERIOUS corsets, but they are a looot more affordable. Perfect for a creative cosplay on a budget.

Although they have lacing in the back (and a privacy panel – thank you very much whoever designed these), they also have a zipper on the side. A zipper on a corset? Well, yes. It’s not a srs corset, people. You’re not going to do waist training in this. It has plastic boning. But the zipper on the side means we can get in this without requiring another human’s intervention or, you know, magic.

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The Harry Potter corsets are available in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin styles. Check out more pics below.

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You probably saw the Lip Sync Battle sneak preview teasing Clark Gregg’s eye-searing Britney Spears performance, but now you can experience it in full.

Clark Gregg enlisted his shimmy, some dancing stewardesses, and even wife Jennifer Grey for his version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” while Hayley Atwell went full body latex for Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.

It was Gregg in booty shorts and Hayley in black sky-high heels. How can you not enjoy it? Check it out below.

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