Let it be known that MrZ does not screw around when it comes to his Fallout cosplay. Back in October he completed his power armor, and no detail was overlooked. You really need to see the video below to fully appreciate this amazing build: [click to continue…]

Vox is a dog that knows a thing or two about cosplay. Especially Overwatch cosplay. Check out more cosplays below—Vox has done them all. [click to continue…]

Lovely Sailor Neptune Cosplay

Lucile aka Bulleblue Cosplay sent us photos of her lovely Sailor Neptune cosplay, noting that she made all of the accessories herself. The cosplay also allowed her to indulge in her love of photo editing. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

The Finest Onion Bro Cosplay

This Dark Souls Siegmeyer of Catarina cosplay by Durp0012 of PretzelBotProps is simply superb. With armor that cumbersome, I’ll bet this cosplayer gets in all kinds of awkward scrapes. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Then again, spandex and a toy helmet might not hold up well in an accident. You’ve got to admire this dude’s commitment to color coordination though.

(via Reddit)

Philip Odango aka Canvas Cosplay has finally delivered on that Maui cosplay he promised us back in October. It’s everything we hoped it would be. [click to continue…]

Cosplayer Geo Kuromi has brought a design by Zach Fischer Illustration to life with this badass battle armor Elsa. Check out more photos from Cassiel Cosplay Photography below. [click to continue…]

Watch as Adam Savage builds an upgraded bandolier for his beloved Chewbacca costume. His frustration is your entertainment. [click to continue…]

Kylo Ren Vs. Baby Rey

Adorable but, as Reddit points out, this picture is prime fodder for the tiny Trump meme. [click to continue…]

I can’t say that I see much Interview With a Vampire cosplay these days, and it’s rare to find a group cosplay of this caliber. We’re not sure who the cosplayers are in this photo from Alyson Tabbitha (who is an amazing cosplayer in her own right), but we are very impressed. The costumes are amazing. UPDATE: Credits were added to the Instagram post below. [click to continue…]