The 8-bit pixel style is awesome for geek gear, and Etsy shop The Pixel Bar even lets you create your own designs.

After you select a bag type (messenger or backpack) you can request your favorite characters from Marvel to Disney to Minecraft to be pixelated in silicon blocks which are affixed to the silicon panel.

Or you can create your own character using a template of the purchased bag. The template will let you place each pixel on the board and tally up how many blocks you will need to purchase. You could have a different design to match your fandom every week.

Check out some bag styles and pixel designs below.

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This stylish Firefly bag from AijoEcoTotes is perfect for holding all kinds of stuff. It features a damask pattern with Serenity and leaves on the outside and is available in three sizes. The secret is only visible when you look on the inside of the bag where an image of Serenity has been carefully embroidered.

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From Toothless to Cthulhu, Etsyseller CapallMara has a felt backpack for you. Check out the red dragon and Toothless versions after the break…

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Fans of Frieza from Dragon Ball Z are really going to love these new shirts. There’s even an awesome tote. First off, there’s is a shirt with Frieza screaming, “You’ll pay for this you filthy insects!” available in either black or purple. The more bold alternative is a graphic t-shirt with Frieza simply screaming in rage, like he does.

Lastly, there is a shoulder tote with the same image that’s on the first shirt. It has a strap large enough to sling over your shoulders and even has an interior pouch for small stuff like your phone or wallet. All three items can be ordered now for delivery in May (if you live in Japan that is).

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Yeah, go ahead and start mouthing off at a Sailor Soldier. Wait and see what happens–I promise that you won’t like it.

Product Page: ($20.00)

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awesome mix

Tote bags are so much cooler now than they were when I was a kid. Back when I was little, the only totes I ever saw were the funky ones my mom got if she bought $25 or more of Estee Lauder products and I’d only carry them when I needed to cart stuff around at the beach or something.

These days, we get geektastic tote bags like this Guardian’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 bag. I have a billion totes and use them for everything now, so one more won’t hurt.

Product Page $40

warrior pack 2

These awesome Warrior Packs by Warrior Creek can be worn eight different ways.

By adjusting the strap system this bag can be changed to a purse, thigh holster, shoulder holster, protected purse, handbag, backpack, fanny pack, or messenger bag. It’s cool, functional and stylish.

I’d love to see someone do this with a more geek flair.

Also, if they’re a little too pricy for you, there’s also a Sassy Pack. It’s smaller, but still has all the flexibility.

Product Pages: Warrior Pack ($240) Sassy Pack ($85)

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Let Totoro or Catbus carry your things with these new My Neighbor Totoro totes. These totes from CanisPicta come in three different sizes and you can get Totoro with his simple expression, or get him looking either dubious or curious. The Catbus tote comes in regular or Chibi style.

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firefly bag

How do I describe this Firefly purse and make up bag from Crescent City Couture as anything but adorably kawaii? I mean, come ON. If you’re a Browncoat and you have to admit this is pretty gorram shiny. I love Kaylee’s parasol.

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star wars totes

Ikea duvet cover, you’ve had a nice run, but you don’t have TIE fighters, you don’t have Stormtrooper helmets, and I spy upon your surface not a single solitary hair bun. I’m sorry, but Etsy seller TheGretest has you beat. Now BRB, replacing all my bags with Star Wars totes and covering every single inch of my apartment floor in Star Wars rugs.

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