I saw it on tumblr

How strange is the Internet world? Well, this post is inspired by a tweet about how people say they saw things on Tumblr.

Anyway, here’s the tote bag. I’m pretty sure when you buy it and a friend asks, you can now say “I saw it on Fashionably Geek, who saw it on Twitter, who saw it on Tumblr”.

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These Star Wars Bowling Bag Style purses come in either either Boba Fett or R2-D2 designs and I’m betting they’ll look pretty awesome the next time you want to go retro on a night out.

Do they make Star Wars bowling shoes? Now I have to do some research.

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If you’re living in the Star Wars universe, it may not always be a good idea to go traveling with something that immediately identifies whether you’re in The Empire or The Rebel Alliance – but since we don’t need to worry those things, here’s a perfect chance to show your allegiance and have a very cool travel bag at the same time.

I’ve gotta say—I really like the Rebel version. It’s a very cool design.

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I’m not the kind of gal who carries a purse regularly, but if I need to carry a purse, I’m not likely to go with something plain or nondescript. Because, hey, that’s no fun!

This new Star Trek:The Original Series Retro Tech Purse is a great option. It’s fun, unique, and matches any Star Trek themed outfit or event.

It’s a satchel-style handbag that comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, so you have the option to sling it or carry it – which makes it great for cons and other events where you may need a more versatile purse. It also has a Trek style gold inner lining and gold, blue, and red detailing.

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You can carry your stuff like a badass, sword-wielding, zombie slayer with this sling bag like the one Michonne has on The Walking Dead. It’s got special details that are a nod to other parts of her signature look like a faux leather patch and padded shoulder strap that looks like her katana sword. There’s also a gathered side panel that resembles her head band and pyramid studs like you’ll find on her boots. Preorder now for delivery in January.

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hogwarts purse 1

Harry Potter had a difficult time receiving his invitation to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry thanks to the Dursleys, but you can just buy a version of it and carry it at all times. Etsy seller Tobacco Pouch has re-created the letter from leather and turned it into a small purse.

The front of the purse features Harry’s address, and the purse closes magnetically with a faux wax seal made from polymer clay. The interior features the text of the entire letter. You can’t fit a ton of stuff into the purse, but it works well as a clutch or wallet.

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This black and silver Zelda Skyward Sword messenger bag is just the thing for carrying everything you need on your next epic journey. It measures 15.5″ wide x 11.75″ high x 4″ deep and is an officially licensed Nintendo product. It’s big enough for laptops up to 15″ wide with two large inner pockets including one with a Velcro closure that’s perfect for that laptop. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap, hanging strap, large mesh zippered pocket, large rear zippered pocket and a side slip in pocket.

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death star xmas sweatshirt

Ugly Christmas shirt designs seem to get prettier every year. This one from Look Human might be my favorite of them. It features the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, and other spaceships from Star Wars. It also has tauntauns because, well, they’re tauntauns. The print comes on a cozy-looking scoop neck sweatshirt as well as t-shirts and tanks.

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There aren’t many people who can rock a poncho like The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon, but everyone can rock this awesome messenger bag.

If you have a zombie apocalypse survival kit, this would be a pretty cool bag to stash it in — just in case.

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You can never have too many bags, and ThinkGeek has two exclusive designs that you might need to add to your collection. The satchel-style purses feature a repeating pixelated pattern of 8-bit swords, hearts, flasks, books, and robots in bright colors. You can choose between white or black faux leather for the background – the symbols look great with both. The bags have double handles and look as though they have plenty of room for your essentials.

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