Every good ninja needs an ample supply of shuriken throwing stars. But to be honest, they’re rather difficult to store–I mean, it’s not like you can just toss them into your pocket, right? Ouch.

If you need a good way to transport all your throwing stars (or you’re just into Naruto), consider preordering one of these backpacks. There’s the Naruto Shuriken bag, pictured above (available March 2015), and there’s also the Naruto Gaara Gourd Bag (available April 2015) to choose from. Difficult decision, right?

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These fantastic bags by MacGuffin Designs help define your fandom for the masses. Each features a definition for things like Cumberbitch, Hiddlestoner, and Superwholock. There are also matching wallets so you can make the look complete.

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r2-d2 purse 1

You never have to lose the droid you’re looking for again if you carry this R2-D2 handbag. The dome shaped patent purse appears to be made from vinyl, and I love the glossy finish. It looks like a freshly scrubbed and shined Artoo. Besides resembling the beloved astromech, the purse handles have snazzy Rebel Alliance accents and the interior is lined with Star Wars logo fabric. Beep, boop. I’m putting it on my shopping list.

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playstation 20th anniv 1

If you were around when PlayStation got its start, brace yourself because this might hurt. PlayStation hit its 20th anniversary in 2014. Twentieth! Though we’ve passed into 2015, you can still celebrate the console by purchasing a sleeveless jersey-style shirt, a messenger bag, and a varsity jacket from Insert Coin Clothing. Each item follows a similar motif with the PlayStation logo, the number 20, and the recognizable gray of the console. That shade of gray isn’t my first choice for clothing, but the designs do have a nice retro vibe.

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I spotted this thanks to the lovely Natalie and now I want every single thing in the collection!

Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this Library collection by BookRiot, but the site of those date stamps and library cards just takes me back and gets me right in the nostalgia feels. They have cool stuff from coasters to tees to totes and I honestly want all of it.

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If you’re going to cosplay KiKi, you’re going to need a delivery bag and Jiji. Since bringing cats to conventions is generally not allowed, may we suggest this Studio Ghibli Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Cosplay Bag from Hot Topic? The nice thing here is that you can use it for cosplay or for general use. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute to boot.

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I was thinking that it might be mean to make super cute totes about the tiny arms of a T-Rex, but then I realize that I’m pretty bad at some of these things even with normal arms and that a real T-Rex would eat me.

Sometimes, fanciful recreations are much more fun than the real thing.

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This R2-D2 messenger bag is the perfect way to carry all your galactic goods. It measures 37.5cm x 27.5cm x 13.5cm and has an allover print that makes it look like everyone’s favorite astromech.

Product Page ($49 via Gamefreaks)

cat purse 1

Fellow cat enthusiasts: prepare yourself, for you are about to learn of the most wonderful handbag of all time. Are you ready? It’s a purse made with a picture of a cat! Just look at it. Instructables user push_reset crafted the canvas bag with adjustable straps from the printed image of a reclining feline. You have to print the kitty on fabric and perform some intermediate level sewing to assemble the purse – if it’s beyond your skills, grab a friend to help because this bag is worth it.

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sw purses

If you thought you had seen all the Star Wars purses you might want or need, I have three more that may just make it onto your holiday wish lists.

These three different faux leather Star Wars purses each have their own distinctive styles and design. There’s a Dia De Los Muertos style Stormtrooper, a retro tattoo style, and a black and white grid style that I’m definitely partial to.

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