It’s not a purse! It’s a knapsack…or maybe a satchel. Whatever you call it, this bag has Star-Lord’s seal of approval.

In an interview with GQ, Alexandra Byrne, the costume designer for Guardians of the Galaxy characterized Star-Lord’s aesthetic simply, stating “What I loved about Peter Quill was that he had swagger without vanity.”

That’s what this bag conveys. It’s practical. It lets you carry a reasonable amount of gear. It gives you an air of confidence, because you know you have your stuff with you and that you’re toting it in an epic bag. A bag worthy of someone who calls himself Star-Lord. Better yet, yours hasn’t seen the dark underbelly of the universe yet, so it’s pristine and fresh. No blacklight required.

Product Page ($49.99)


During my trip to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press event this weekend, I had a chance to check out some of the new and upcoming merchandise, and I noticed that there’s a lot of cool Rey stuff out there.

Rey was front and center when it came to costumes, figures, clothes, bags, toys and more. Phasma’s also well represented.

Between you and me, it took everything I had not to run away with the Rey backpack and billfold (we believe they’ll be out soon from Bioworld). Check out more merch from the event below.

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I think we all need to raise a glass and toast whoever it is that came up with the idea of these Bubble Pet Carriers. Insta-Space Kitty!

These carriers have all the trappings of a regular carrier but they’re also a mobile pet bed and car seat, they have ventilation holes, and a space bubble porthole.

They also come in a backpack, shoulder bag and even a rolling bag, so you have lots of ways to carry your kitty or small dog as you travel.

Seriously. Awesome.

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This Dragon Fang/Scale Laser Cut Bag looks awesome with those dragon scales popping off the red background. Plus it has a dragon fang closure.

Just tell everyone that you took out a dragon with a laser to make it. Now that would be an interesting battle.

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unicorn tears bag

Unicorn tears are valuable and, as it turns out, delicious. That being the case, you can fool the public into thinking that you have an extra large cup of the magical elixir in the form of this faux leather clutch that comes complete with rainbows and a glittery look.

Product Page: ($29.67)

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boba fett barrel bag

Holy crap—look at this faux leather Boba Fett barrel bag from Loungefly! Friggin’ awesome.

Now check the price. Cyber Monday in action!

Product Page ($49.50 $34.65)

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Why get boring luggage when you can have this BB-8 hard-shell rolling luggage? You couldn’t ask for a cuter companion.

If you weren’t sold on “BB-8 Luggage”, additional features include:

-BB-8 screen art and shape
-Durable molded casing with double-zip closure
-Telescopic handle mechanism with push-button locking feature
-Fully lined
-Two interior compartments
-Zippered main compartment
-Locking elastic ties
-Quiet gliding full-rotation wheels
-Retractable top carry handle

Product Page ($59.95)

pantone bags

PANTONE has partnered with Redland London, a high-end luggage company, to create a series of bags that feature designs inspired by PANTONE’s vibrant colors. The new series will include a variety of different bags such as backpacks, duffle bags and luggage in eight different colors (Beeswax, Cabaret, Capri Breeze, Castlerock, Loganberry, Mood Indigo, Phantom and Tango Red).

The PANTONE bag series will officially debut on November 30th on Redland London’s website.

Take a closer look at the collection in the video below.

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nixon star wars top

Nixon recently debuted Part II of their “Dark Side Collection”, which features watches, wallets, belts and bags with designs inspired by Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers and Imperial Pilots.

The pieces are loaded with details—but my favorite has to be the Han Solo in carbonite hidden on the Boba Fett band.

Check out some highlights from the collection below.

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Bloomingdale’s has put a new Star Wars spin on their signature brown bags as part of their collaboration with Force 4 Fashion.

The Rey and BB-8 bags were designed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens costume designer Michael Kaplan and are exclusive to Bloomingdale’s. A portion of each sale will go to the Child Mind Institute on behalf of Star Wars: Force For Change. So, you get a cute bag and help people along the way.

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