harry potter dress

This unique dress features the text of Harry Potter in a very, very easy to read font size. Plus there’s a matching bag!

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The Japanese Isetan Department Store and fashion brand Samantha Vega are joining forces for a new line of stylish Sailor Moon bags. The above Moonstick Leather Bag and Luna Fake Leather Bag, along with the Sailor Guardians wallets and mini-bags behind the jump, will be available at a pop-up shop called “GIRLS SPARKLE LOVE – LET’S PRISM POWER MAKE UP!” from March 25-31 on the second floor of the Shinjuku Isetan store. You know, if anyone’s in the area.

’90s-esque Sailor Moon watches will also be available, as will a line of bags, jewelry, shirts, and plastic folders that desiger Anna Sui got in on. Hit the jump for a peek.

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I’ll admit, we’re addicted to Etsy. We’re also addicted to Doctor Who.

That having been said, we’ve collected some fun and stylish finds for fans who share our passion. The kind of passion that would lead you to wear a crochet Ood hat ($60).

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star wars r2d2 felt bag

This highly detailed Star Wars inspired bag was designed by Russia-based Lyuba and Max of Krukru Studio. These are the same wonderful felt-sewing geniuses that brought us the Instagram Bag.

“Made of fine quality wool felt and decorated with prints and embroidery, the bag is designed with attention to details. The bag is padded and keeps it’s shape well. The bag has a removable adjustable strap and inner pocket.”

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The bag is a generous size too measuring 17″ high (with an effective height of 12″) and 7.5″ in diameter. And this may be the only bag in existence that can stand while you load it with your “diplomatic” essentials.

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An “insta-bag” if you will. Ok, I know I throw this phrase around a lot, but I really and truly mean it this time. I just cannot with this bag.  Made of wool felt, this “iconic” shoulder bag is fully lined and has an interior pocket.

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I hate to be kitschy, but I’m totes in love with these totes by Etsy user Telahmarie. They really are adorable, unique and fun.

She’s got a number of different fandoms to choose from, so you you’re likely to find one that suits you. Personally, I’m torn between the 10th Doctor and R2 – oh and the sloth.

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You have to be worthy to lift Mjolnir, but everyone is a goddess when it comes to this purse.

It’s made from a cigar box covered in gunmetal leather. Etsy seller Geek Retroactive also added a leather wrapped handle and a leather strap so you can sling it across your body.

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While bombshells like this usually graced the screen or the sides of bombers in WWII, DC Comics Bombshells will grace your backpack while you daydream in class.

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Maybe take it to a con and put some awesome DC Bombshells art or action figures in it, then you’d have Bombshell-ception.

Product Page ($34.99)


Every good ninja needs an ample supply of shuriken throwing stars. But to be honest, they’re rather difficult to store–I mean, it’s not like you can just toss them into your pocket, right? Ouch.

If you need a good way to transport all your throwing stars (or you’re just into Naruto), consider preordering one of these backpacks. There’s the Naruto Shuriken bag, pictured above (available March 2015), and there’s also the Naruto Gaara Gourd Bag (available April 2015) to choose from. Difficult decision, right?

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These fantastic bags by MacGuffin Designs help define your fandom for the masses. Each features a definition for things like Cumberbitch, Hiddlestoner, and Superwholock. There are also matching wallets so you can make the look complete.

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