deathball shirt copy

The Magic Death Ball is not a moon or a space station–it’s a t-shirt. The triangle dice in the little window (where the planetary laser should be) reads: “I have a bad feeling about this.” If you shake the T-shirt again, a peaceful planet without any weapons will be blown up as a message to all that rebel scum in the galaxy.

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backpack Collage

We found a plethora of awesome geek-themed back packs, satchels and more..

Star Wars back packs, TARDIS back packs, Legend of Zelda back packs. Something called a Harry Potter suit up, Transformers back packs. Heck, there’s even a Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon back pack with a HOOD!

I feel some how robbed that we didn’t have back packs this cool when I was a kid. But I’m somewhat mollified by the fact that I can now buy one and run around carrying it and I don’t actually have to have any schoolbooks inside.

Of course, my generation was the first to have Fonzie lunch boxes, so I feel a tiny bit better.

Product Page ($39 – $69 / Pre-Order for April 2014)


Is there anything more inconvenient for a zombie during the apocalypse then losing a foot or an arm and having to load up one perfectly good killing hand to carry it around?

Neatoshop certainly thought so and offered this conveniently labeled “Zombie Body Parts” tote for just such an occasion.

This jumbo tote bag has a large carrying capacity and is machine washable, which is good because bodily fluids can get rank.

Product Page ($15)


These are the perfect bags for animal lovers. Etsy seller Ben Tsang has made them in the shapes of different animals’ heads with their images on the front. You can choose from a whole variety of cats and dogs and there’s even a raccoon in there to mix things up. And yes, if you want one sporting your pet’s face, he does take custom orders.

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valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day is creeping closer and closer, and you don’t want to be left in the themed aisle of the grocery store scrambling for a box of chocolate and flowers at the last minute. We’ve got a few ideas for the special geek girl in your life that are sure to brighten her Valentine’s Day—or any day for that matter.

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Batarangs. Grapple Gun. Thermite Grenades. Kryptonite ring…

Honestly, Batman’s utility belt had pretty much everything on board. But do you know what it didn’t have? Diapers.

Nope, Batman never had to face the prospect of having to change a dirty diaper. But new parents/Batman fans will have to change more than few, which is why they should carry a steady supply of diapers in this cool Batman Diaper “Utility” Bag. Yep! I smell justice.

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dragon backpack 3

If you spotted someone sporting a backpack like the one pictured above, you’d give them instant respect. It’s one of the most badass bag designs I’ve seen because dragon! Having a dragon on your back is so much worse than a monkey. The wicked leather design is by the Bob Basset workshop. The sad news is that the backpack was made in 2009, and you can’t buy one. You could try to take it Targaryen-style though – with fire and blood.

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clockworkorange2 copy

This literary tote bag does one of two things: It tells folks that you like to read dystopian literature (the good kind too), and that you like to carry things. Probably books. Or bricks. Whatever works.

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embrace plush backpack

Need a pat on the back or an embrace from time to time to lift your spirits? Or do you just want to creep out your friends with a weird backpack? In either case, the Embrace Plush Backpack is for you. I think this is the weirdest backpack I’ve ever seen. It’s not only soft like a stuffed toy, it has arms that can reach out and hug you.

As to why the hands are blue instead of flesh colored, I have no idea. I also don’t see how the arms would actually wrap around you in a hugging fashion. However, it is the perfect base to create a zombie style backpack, so there’s that.

Product Page ($24.99 via GA)


Now you can take Catbug with you wherever you go and look like it’s hugging you while you wear it.

This new backpack debuted at 2013 New York Comic Con and is officially-licensed Bravest Warriors merchandise.

The backpack pouch is 9″ wide x 10″ deep and zips closed. The straps adjust up to 35″ long and it’s for ages 13 and up.

Product Page ($44.99)