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The next time you need something for a party or the end of the world, this ThinkGeek exclusive Majora’s Mask A-line tank dress is pretty much perfect.

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We just discovered ZARCADE!Wear and their super-punch graphic blend of classic sci-fi, punk and comic book mashups. They offer designs on everything from dresses to swim trunks that pay homage to classics like X-Files, Hellboy, RoboCop, Batman Returns, Barbarella, Fight Club, Twin Peaks and more.

The illustrations look like they popped right out of a comic and the colors are bold. I desperately need one of everything. Check out more examples after the break.

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With Fin and Jake boots having already made their appearance, these new Adventure Time Marceline Dr. Martens boots are bloody fantastic. Each boot captures a different expression of Marceline’s vampy face and would look killer with a dress or some leggings.

Check out more images of the boots after the break.

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fantasy wedding dress top

Earlier this week we featured an elvish wedding dress from Etsy seller Firefly Path, but we noticed another gem in her fantasy collection—the ‘Lady of the Lilac’ gown.

This gown is for the bride who desires a truly ethereal ceremony. The dress embodies all of the elements that come to mind in a fantasy gown: Princess skirt, corset, and off the shoulder sleeves that flutter in the breeze.

Like the previous gown, the details here are top notch. Materials include Dupioni Silk, spiral steel boning, taffeta, chiffon and beaded lace.

Check out more photos after the break. Apparently, the color of the dress on the mannequin is more accurate than the photos featuring the model. As you’ll see, they appear to be much darker.

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This fleece Cheshire Cat scarf is pretty great. But should you go with the zombie cat scarf after the break?

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Cosplaying Chewbacca is generally a warm, maybe itchy, and generally uncomfortable affair.

This new Star Wars Chewbacca Women’s hooded tank top lets you stay cool while you play one of the hairiest co-pilots in the galaxy.

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Crocs are not my thing AT ALL, but these fuzzy-lined Chewbacca Crocs may be turning me to the dark side of footwear. With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens right around the corner, it looks like Crocs are getting in on the fun with a Chewie shoe in both kid’s and adult sizes. That’s right—they do come in adult sizes. I just don’t know if I can bring myself to get a pair. I must …resist.

While I’m fighting an internal battle between good and evil footwear, check out more pics of these Chewie Crocs after the break.

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Can you picture Picard wearing these Star Trek TNG Uniform Boot Slippers? Let’s find out what that would look like…

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For gentlemen scientists on the go, this Tesla Watch is the ideal timepiece. The weathered-brass face sits securely on your wrist with genuine leather straps, and it’s accented with two light-up vacuum tube-style LEDs. It’s a gorgeous accessory and everyone will want to ask you for the time. Just remember to say “’s 1875.”

Check out more images of this stylish steampunk watch and a demo video after the break.

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10410357_hi (1)

Cuteness abounds on this Disney Princess Icons tank top with adorable illustrations of Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, and more.

With a light, breezy fabric and some of your favorite princesses, it’s a little Disney for your day.

See more pictures after the break.

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