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Groot beanie

If I had to use one word to describe Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, it would be kind. His niceness continues with this fleece hat by Etsy seller The Pink Castle because he’ll keep your head warm and protected. My favorite part of the hat is the little leaves!

The Groot hat is made to order and will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Product Page ($20)


While we’re all still holding out for flying cars, we can at least have these sneakers that look just like the self-lacing ones worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. Plus, they are a million times cheaper than the Mags Nike released on eBay back in 2011.

In fact, these are officially licensed by Universal so they look exactly like the real deal complete with LED lights in the insoles. If only they actually laced themselves, too.

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captain marvel dress 1

The Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel is beyond awesome, and it’s been amazing to watch the Carol Corps grow over the last couple of years. I see more and more cosplayers wear the red, blue, and yellow, and Tumblr user pineapplesquid made a fancy dress version of Captain Marvel’s outfit. This design is much cooler than any of the poufy dresses I wore to high school dances; in fact, I think it would make a pretty rad wedding dress.

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This Chewbacca dog might not pull your arm out of its socket, but he could kill you with cute. The picture was posted by redditor ejara80 whose friend dressed up the little pooch and entered him in a Star Wars costume contest at Petco. He won third place, which seems entirely unjust because he is the cutest ever. Perhaps there was a Jedi mind trick involved in the judging.

(via Tastefully Offensive)

sally cosplay dress main

If you want to put together a quick but fun NBX cosplay, Hot Topic has this The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cosplay Dress and a pair of The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Tights that should do nicely.

Whether you want to wear it as is for an NBX inspired look or go the extra mile with the make up and hair, it’s a pretty good deal and great for someone who doesn’t sew or wants something they can cosplay in and also wear casually.

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ikea cosplay 1

Mega furniture store IKEA is a cosplayer friendly place. You can find cheap LEDs and miscellaneous items to use in costumes or simply peruse the vast number of storage options the store offers. IKEA Malaysia took it to another level by hosting an IKEA product look-alike contest. Yes, it’s IKEA cosplay. That means entrants dressed like lamps, clocks, plushies, and alarm clocks—it’s hilarious. I love the creativity on display in photos of the 21 winners.

The prizes? Gift cards for IKEA. Of course.

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These beautiful Harry Potter dresses let you relive your glory days at Hogwarts. Each features fabric patterned with the crest of the house of your choosing. Since they’re custom made, you’ve also got a little room to customize choosing either a tank or skater style and the option of short sleeves or even longer or shorter hems.

Product Page ($75 Geekymerch via Boing Boing)

sherlock cosplay

I’ll be honest. A good Sherlock cosplay will make me weak in the knees and this Sherlock cosplayed by Mi-caw-ber definitely caused a bit of a buckle.

The combination of a great cosplay and beautiful photography by ItsLOKI really works.

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frozen Quinceañera 1

If Anna and Elsa were younger and went to the Arendelle High School prom, their dresses might look like these Quinceañera gowns. They’re poufy and sparkly, and I would happily wear one. I especially love all the ruffles on the purple and blue dress inspired by Anna. The Frozen dresses are part of the Disney Royal Ball line for spring 2015 and are priced at $530 and up.

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steampunk boots

Tired of carrying a purse while wearing your favorite steampunk ensemble? These fantastic vegan leather boots can help you with that problem. They have pouches! Plural! This design is so clever and cool looking I can’t stand it.

The mid-calf boots have three completely functional pockets with snap closures. They have reasonable one inch heels and would look great with jeans, skirts, and every steampunk and renfaire outfit ever. They’re available in black, brown, and dark red.

Product Page ($99.88)