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zelda hoodie 2

You can never own too many hoodies. The lightweight jackets are ideal for so many seasons and climates. Any time you need to build up layers, turn to a hoodie. This Legend of Zelda design from Gamer Heaven was made for going on adventures. It will keep you warm and cozy on a hike in the woods, by the ocean, or on the way to Lake Hylia. I love the Hylian crest on the back and the chevron patterns on the sleeves.

Pre-order now to receive the hoodie near the end of May.

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If Loki’s helmet is going to be printed on leggings, it’s only appropriate for it to be printed on gold lamé. These shiny leggings from WeLoveFine are made from spandex and are therefore super stretchy. Though they’d work great with Loki t-shirts, they also lend themselves to everyday cosplay ensembles. Pair them with a hunter green tank top or tunic to embody the trickster.

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femme jayne 1

Above all else, Firefly’s Jayne Cobb is one tough son of a gun. He has a soft spot when it comes to his mom, but otherwise, he’s all hard edges. We’ve seen Lutetium’s impressive femme take on Jayne’s outfit before, but now she’s added in some thrilling heroics. She wore the ensemble while using aerial silks, and it’s kinda perfect. It takes a lot of strength to support yourself on the silks, and Jayne is not a wimp.

She even poses with a chain which is hilarious because of Jayne’s “You know what the chain of command is?” quote.

Photos by What a Big Camera.

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pikachu armor

When Pikachu takes a stand, he doesn’t kid around. This Pokémon meets Warhammer 40K cosplayer was spotted at Supanova in Melbourne by Instagram user furbeach. There’s so much to appreciate about this ensemble. I love the Poké Ball shoulder piece, the ears on the helmet, and the lightning bolt on the belt piece. Even his staff is awesome!

Take a closer look at the costume in the photo after the break.

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This is probably, no, definitely, the most amazing Khal Drogo and Daenerys cosplay you will ever see. We’ve featured cosplayer René Koiter once before in the role of Khal Drogo, but now he’s joined by Rebecca Watts and photographed by Kenneth Pfeifer, Patrick Eger, and Alexa Pilato in Laguna Beach, California.

A photo shoot this amazing takes a lot of people to pull off and a team of professionals all volunteered their time to make it a reality. The finished product is so good, they look like they could have stepped right off the set.

Drogo: Costume by Nora Holley and Jessica Dru Johnson, Physical Conditioning by East Coast West Coast.

Makeup: Steven Dwyer, Marishka Bekeshka

Hair: Celeste Aviva Nelson

Set Coordination: Nora Holley

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science tattoos 1

People get ink for different reasons, and the art of science is a constant inspiration. From Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life to quotes from Carl Sagan to an amino acid sequence – there’s a huge well of history to pull from. One Tumblr, titled F**k Yeah, Math and Science Tattoos, showcases a ton of such tattoos, and it’s fun to see the different kinds of ink people opt to put on their skin.

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Attack on Titan is super popular these days. Case in point: Cosplayer Megan Coffey – starbuxx showed off her love for the show (and manga series) during one of her latest cosplay shoots at Tate’s Comics in Florida. Photographer Chasis Photos knocked it out of the ballpark with these awesome pics.

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dany trains her dragon

I really didn’t realize I needed this How To Train Your Dragon/Game Of Thrones crossover tee until I saw it. Dany and Drogon look so adorable that it almost hurts my face from smiling.

Product Page: ($15 via Tee Craze)

TIE fighter ring

If you read us regularly, you know we love Paul Michael Design, so when we spotted a new X-Wing ring and a new TIE Fighter ring, you bet we had to show them off.

I love the colors on the X-Wing version pictured after the break. As someone who’s partial to sapphires, I’d love to see a version with them, but it looks pretty just the way it is. I’m also putting in a couple new Star Trek Bat’leth necklaces because, well, Bat’leth necklaces!

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These photos feature Warhammer fans at Smrtihlav 2014 which is held on the grounds of Orlik Castle in the Czech Republic. The group got together and went to battle, so now you can see how those little miniatures you painted would look walking around in the real world.

Photos: veverka983, Lukas Makovicka, Martin Janca

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