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narwhal slippers 1

Winter months and cold weather are approaching, and it’s never too early to start planning how you’re going to keep warm. Consider a pair of adorable narwhal slippers that are not only cute but are also heated. They’re literally warm and fuzzy. The baby narwhals are heated with USB-powered foot warmers so you can plug in while you’re working.

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samus varia suit

When redditor talaaya set out to make a Samus Aran cosplay, she went all out and created this amazing 3D printed Varia suit.

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Sometimes a mask is all you need for a great Halloween costume. This alien mind control mask from The Horror Dome definitely fits the bill. It’s filled with foam so it’s lightweight but will still retain its shape as you go to parties and hand out candy. Add blood and a dirty costume to make it even more frightening.

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Keep your feet warm in these Batmobile slippers based on the 1989 Batman film. They’re available in a range of sizes with a soft inner lining with no-slip grip soles so you won’t fall while you’re busy fighting crime, or heading off to bed.

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Kids can make any costume precious. Whether they’re dressed as a hero like Star-Lord or a villain like Thanos, they usually manage to steal the show with their adorableness. Photographer Kjersten Gallagher photographed the little Star-Lord pictured above at Fan Expo Canada, and I love that he has a potted Groot and the headphones. He rules.

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cozday admiral skirt

Want more everyday cosplay items for your wardrobe? Then you might want to take a look at the offerings from Cozday Clothing. The company’s collection is designed by Leetal Platt, and she draws inspiration from pop culture. Cozday has just opened their shop and are accepting pre-orders through October 1st. Plus, everything is on sale.

The Admiral skirt pictured above is just one example of the creative looks available. It was inspired by the jackets worn on Battlestar Galactica, and it’s a chic and different style. The shop also has Admiral jackets, a silk version of the BSG double tanks, and Viper pilot pants and shirts. Besides Galactica, there are also some Princess Leia and Han Solo styles in the store.

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black knight cosplay

This brilliant Black Knight cosplay is the work of Daniel who undoubtedly stole the show at the Edmonton Expo.

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Remember when we showed you these fantastic, comic book-inspired swimsuit designs by Suckers Apparel?

They’re available for order now and they look even better than we expected.

Each suit is hand made to order and they also do plus size and custom orders with no additional charges, which is amazing for some of us fuller figured gals.

As this is considered a “soft launch”, the suits will be available until October 10th. They do plan to be fully up and running later in 2015, with these suits and much more.

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brienne lightane main

I love a good Game Of Thrones cosplay, but I do find that a lot of ladies tend to cosplay Danaerys and, as much as I love Dany, I think Brienne is one of the most interesting female characters on the show.

So a good Brienne cosplay, like this one by cosplayer Lightane or this one by Galacticat will always get a little extra love from me.

With this Brienne from The Bear and the Maiden Fair cosplay, Lightane gets all of the details perfectly and the photography by Torrance Levon Neal takes it to a whole new level.

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Hogwarts sleeve

When I think of Harry Potter tattoos, I usually picture the Deathly Hallows symbol or Harry’s lightning scar – not Hogwarts. This sleeve done by Roly at Tattoo Technique in Clarksville, Tennessee features the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and it’s freaking gorgeous. Magical even. The details in the clouds and on the castle (those lit windows!) are incredible, and it’s hard to believe this ink is still a work in progress.

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