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It would be a shame to store a cellphone in this leather Woodland Adventurer Pouch (then whip it out in the middle of a fantasy LARP), but these are the times that we live in.

Besides, the pouch IS good for carrying small items—and maybe a magical potion in the included glass vial.

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star lord led shirt

Do you like Guardians Of The Galaxy? Are you thinking about what to wear for Halloween? Are you lazy?

If so, we have a solution.

This Star-Lord t-shirt features a hood mask with light-up LED eyes that can be turned on and off with a toggle switch.

You’re welcome.

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Etsy seller PipStarPop has a shop full of amazing steampunk designs—including a selection of intricate, eye-popping bracers with customizable acrylic gems.

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star wars bags

We got our first peek at the new Loungefly Star Wars: The Force Awakens bags on Force Friday, but the BB-8 dome bag and wallet are finally up for order.

They also continue to make gorgeous totes, purses, and wallets for folks who love the Original Trilogy. From Boba Fett to a cute Ewok, to the lightsaber battle between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader, there’s a lot to love in these new arrivals.

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tnbc bags

‘Tis the season for these awesome Nightmare Before Christmas Sugar Skull Jack bags from Loungefly. That backpack tho! Very unique.

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Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin along with Silicon Valley inventor Frank Cohen have created a whimsical collection of vintage pocket watches that glow in brilliant colors. Starling pocket watches are available in six intricate designs with a calming light show that illuminates the time:

“These remarkable time pieces are the tangible embodiment of intangible concepts. They illuminate with your touch, the Chillovean lights dance about as if to whisper the secrets it holds to its owner. Chillovean lights feature multitudes of different random color arrangements, more than you can see in a lifetime. This beautiful piece of fantasy jewelry is a wonderful family heirloom and an amazing unique gift”

The pocket watch collection is also part of a six chapter fantasy story that follows three time traveling characters as they unlock great powers with each timepiece. When you register on the Starling website, a new chapter is sent every week, beautifully illustrated in bas relief sculptures.

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This movie accurate jacket is based on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn outfit from the upcoming Suicide Squad. It features two outside pockets, a zip closure, and ‘Property of the Joker’ on the back.

It will definitely save you time on your next Harley Quinn cosplay.

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This Darth Vader pattern works as a Victorian Gothic-style dress, but it would also make for a pretty badass looking wallpaper.

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black widow long sleeve dress

ThinkGeek has unveiled an exclusive long sleeve Black Widow dress that’s 94% cotton, 6% spandex and 100% awesome. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for battle and it will definitely draw attention. Honestly, I don’t know what S.H.I.E.L.D was thinking with this design.

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First off, this is one hell of a combo. Isn’t that Dragon Draper necklace awesome? You can get them in several different colors from Art by Aelia.

Second, that Choco/Mog tattoo! It’s a fantastic addition to the body art on our friend EmmaLee (aka Feyith) who also sent us pics of her amazing Firefly tattoo earlier this year.

Choco/Mog artwork by lizspit. Inked by Aarron Laidig at Red Region

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