Approved Products

Her Universe is adding to their Studio Ghibli lineup with this Spirited Away No-Face-themed kimono wrap. So, it would seem that a third player has entered the kimono recruitment game. [click to continue…]

However, people that enjoy infuriating fans will undoubtedly be very happy with this “Classic Movie Night On The Bridge” shirt. Plus it’s only $10-$13 right now. [click to continue…]

The owls are going to be pissed. [click to continue…]

You can carry Groot around on your shoulder everywhere you go thanks to this cute backpack. The “I am Groot” tag roughly translates to “Did you just put paper books in me? You bastard!”. [click to continue…]

The Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance are fighting for recruits on every level, including fashion. Clearly, the most sensible thing to do is to base your decision on who has the prettiest floral kimono wrap. The Empire went with a colorful pattern while the Rebels chose something that would double as camouflage on a desert planet. Which side do you choose? [click to continue…]

Etsy seller LanternPins is adding to their popular minimalist Star Wars pin collection with these Han and Leia-inspired “I Love You” and “I Know” versions. The only question is do you prefer them in pale gold, rose gold, or silver? [click to continue…]

The Galactic Empire appears to be undergoing a major shift with their marketing strategy. By the looks of this very subtle kimono wrap and this sun walk scarf, they’re going for less Dark Side and more “Fun And Sun”. Plus, I hear the cookies are even better now. [click to continue…]

The Women of NASA LEGO Set is going to be a reality, and this “Star Women” design by pacalin is the perfect companion. It’s available on everything from shirts, to totes to mugs. [click to continue…]

If you can find a necklace with more chibi Disney princesses, you buy it. But wait! Before you completely freak out about how cute this is, you should know: it has only just begun. [click to continue…]

Earlier this month ThinkGeek unveiled Wonder Woman And Harley Quinn caged-back sports bras, and now you can add Zelda and Spider-Man (a Spider-Gwen version would be REALLY awesome) themed versions to the list sans the caged-back. However, these versions do come with matching shorts. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]