Maleficent is powerful and beautiful, but she’s also the “Mistress Of All Evil”. Etsy shop AOS Design custom makes this silver ring, then plates it in black gold with lab created rubies to represent her dark and sinister look:

“The prong settings are shaped like horns with the main stone representing her face and the other rubies representing her robe.”

However, if you prefer princesses over villains, AOS has you covered with more affordable designs. Check out more after the break…

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The new Sailor Moon Crystal collides with gaming nostalgia for this awesome collection of 8-bit pixelated gear. Pop culture shop Bandai just launched the fresh line of adorable accessories featuring Inner Senshi characters as well as Tuxedo Mask, Chibi Moon, and the cats Luna and Artemis. The new merch is titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Dot Bit Series and it provides everything Sailor and pink you could ever need from totes to scrunchies and compacts to charms.

Get a closer look at these lovable friends in sweet pink awesomeness after the break…

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Every elf and faerie needs accessories that really stand out. Wings and cloaks help, but these stunningly intricate pendants from Etsy shop Lunarieen UK look like they were made with magic.

Every special piece is delicately wire-wrapped with silver metals and true gemstones. The design representation ranges from elvish crowns, to magnificent teardrops and daggers, to dragon eggs. Although the prices are steep, these one of a kind pieces would be cherished forever.

There are more beautiful designs after the break.

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Seriously guys, how unbelievably adorable are these cameos? According to Etsy shop Little Breezes Crafts, these sweet characters are made soley from polymer clay; nothing is painted. From head to toe these cameos are detailed, adorable, and super affordable.

Her shop has a ton of other super sweet pendants featuring characters from Frozen, My Little Pony, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and more.

Check out more of the charming cameos after the break.

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Inspired by the Omni Tool and Omni Blade from the Mass Effect universe, this gorgeously detailed ring is the work of Ammnra Creations. The design is 3D printed in wax, cast in bronze then hand polished and aged with black enamels to make the tool pattern pop. Although it won’t help you in a fight against Reapers, the super unique ring design will definitely make you feel powerful.

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This is the best How To Train Your Dragon wearable fashion I have seen so far. Etsy shop RozaBracelets hand fabricates each adorable pet dragon from black leather and decorates it with a burning technique for lasting detail. I especially love that it differs from other dragon accessories in that the dragon is perched on your arm ready to take flight.

Check out more views of this fantastic winged friend after the jump.

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If I could live in any fantasy realm, it would be the one that Etsy artisan Makolsla Creations has envisioned. Her world is full of vibrant and intricately designed baby dragons that you can adopt for your neckline, your hair, or your shelf. Every winged creature is hand molded from polymer clay and accented with Swarovski gems. She has captured the soul and character of each ancient dragon and meticulously carved every wing vein, scale, horn, and grin.

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Whether you’re casting spells or vampire slaying, this versatile velvet cloak can meet your needs.

“Super plush, heavy weight velvet featuring an oversized hood, matching string tie, and secret pocket.”

The luxurious hooded cape is available in three rich tones: Midnight, Black Velvet, and Oxblood.

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This Doctor Who cane is the perfect thing for Whovians who need a little help getting around. It’s made of aluminum and collapses for easy transport. It can support up to 250 lbs of weight and features a TARDIS design with Gallifreyan symbols that encircle the whole cane. I just may get one of these now and be ready for when I’m older.

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Super cosplayer Yaya Han has an Etsy shop filled with awesome accessories for your convention wardrobe. The shop’s latest adorable accouterments “designed by Yaya and lovingly crafted” are these mechanical-looking steampunk wings.

Though the wings look like they are sharp steel-cut blades, they are actually made from lightweight, flexible foam to resist bumping (and slashing) people and walls. So they are perfect for crowed conventions and steampunk events. The layered 3 dimensional design is mirrored on both sides so the wings look amazing from any angle.

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