missha minions

During my squeefest over Kawaii Box yesterday, I mentioned that I’d fallen in love with Korean beauty items. One of the reasons I love KBeauty, aside from the results, is how cute so many of the products are.

A great example is this Missha x Minions collaboration. The collection consists of Magic Cushion Moisture, Magic Cushion Cover, Eye Colour Studio Mini in two color palettes, Cushion Lip Crayons in five different colors, and 3 different Flower Bouquet cleansing foams in maylily, iris, and cherry blossom.

The collection originates from South Korea, but it appears that you can find everything on eBay and Amazon. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Considering how much I love cute things from Japan (and everywhere else with impossibly cute things that you WANT), I’m completely smitten with a new subscription service called Kawaii Box.

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box filled with 10 – 12 super adorable Japanese and Korean products. Coin purses, bangle bracelets, bedazzling kits, candy, pencils (OMG I HAVE SUCH A CUTE PENCIL FIXATION) and more in a neat little box.

Needless to say, it’s one of my favorite new discoveries right along with my new KBeauty boxes (I’ll tell you about those soon).

Subscriptions start as low as $17.90 a month (with free worldwide shipping) and they make it easy to both subscribe and cancel. I put a few pictures of the kinds of items you can expect below. You gotta take a peek. [click to continue…]

The Phoenix Scarf Rises


We’ve featured the amazing scarves of Etsy seller Shovava in the past, but this new installment really grabbed our attention with its striking phoenix design.

You can get the Phoenix Scarf in cotton, silk or silk cashmere for prices that range from $56 to $170. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

star wars cape

Star Wars.

Death Star.


I mean, come on.

Star Wars Death Star Reversible Women’s Hooded Cape ($69.99)


Chelsea Shiels is a florist by trade, but her Etsy shop really took off when she expanded beyond flower crowns to the kind of crown that any mermaid would covet. Check out more of her stunning work below. [click to continue…]


Pokemania has gone from a simple plague to full on armageddon levels. So now is the perfect time to unload related products—like, for example, this adorable female Pikachu on a new line of cosmetics and accessories coming out of Japan.

Stationary, totes, eyeshadow, nail polish and more have super cute female Pikachu art and colors. Prices range from 150¥ ($1.50 USD) to 3000¥ ($28 USD).

All of this is more cute than I can handle. Check out more products in the lineup below. [click to continue…]


You know, I was a bit irritated at the fact that my house didn’t have a proper coat closet—until now. Yes, now I am filled with joy because I am “Forced” to use these Vader and Skywalker lightsaber wall hooks for coats and bags and what have you. Hell, I’ll put one up in each bathroom for my robes.

A Jedi can never have too many robes after all.

Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks 2 Pack ($24.99)


Odds are you’ve been outside a lot more than usual lately. You feel compelled for some unknown reason.

If you’re going to be outside, it’s a good idea to bring and umbrella. A regular umbrella will do, but a Haunted Mansion-themed umbrella would be outstanding.

Haunted Mansion Umbrella ($34.99)

(via Boing Boing)

asos tails top

If you’re looking for a tail to spice up your wardrobe, ASOS has you covered. Their new line of clip on animal tails ranges from dinosaurs to foxes. Clearly, you need one.

Check out more styles below. [click to continue…]

got hair comb

Etsy seller Woodartukraine doesn’t mess around when it comes to Game Of Thrones-inspired hair comb designs. GO BIG OR GO HOME TO WINTERFELL.

The shop is filled with several slightly different variations on this design (not to mention other awesome non-GoT related designs), and they won’t break the bank at around $25-$30 each.