That’s right, zombies finally have their own fragrance. Resident Evil‘s Umbrella Corp has expanded their business to include a T-Virus fragrance (4,200 yen – US $38) and deodorizing “first-aid” spray 1,300 yen – US $12) that will be sold in limited quantities at the Capcom Cafe in Saitama, Japan starting March 26 and April 2nd respectively.

So what do they smell like? No idea. But Rick’s group should look into this. After all, spraying on some perfume is a lot better than covering yourself in gore.

Check out the first-aid spray below.

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Dinosaurs may not roam the Earth, but they can still rule your head with these adorable hair clips.

The set includes six alligator clips with two T. Rex, two Stegosaurus and two Triceratops.

You can practically have Jurassic Park in your hair! Check out additional pics below.

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Truly, a Sword of Storms.

Valyrian steel is great in a battle, but when facing off against Mother Nature Valyrian ABS plastic and Valyrian polyester is far more useful.

Check out more pics below.

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These Supernatural faux thigh high tights have a Devil’s trap on one leg and an anti-possession symbol on the other. Get yourself an angel blade and you’ll be set for pretty much anything.

Except witches. No one’s ever really prepared for them.

Product Page: ($11.60)

bvs glasses

You’re looking at the special edition RealD 3D glasses that will be available at select theaters screening Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Not surprisingly, the designs focus on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman—but don’t worry! Eh…I’m sure you’ll be able to get your coveted Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash glasses when the Justice League movie comes out.

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masteryiringsword copy

In this episode of Man At Arms, the folks at Baltimore Knife & Sword recreate Master Yi’s Ring Sword from League of Legends.

It’s incredible to see how much time and effort (and steel!) go into making this sword, but the final product sure looks amazing.

Watch it come together in the video below, and stick around for the awesome cosplay at the end.

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188 2

Fans of Sailor Moon will be able to see the show a little more clearly thanks to these glasses from Japanese eyewear company, JINS.

The series features six glasses inspired by Sailor Moon characters, which come with a matching case for 8,532 yen or $75.36. You can also pick up a Sailor Moon-themed cleaning cloth for 1,080 yen or roughly $10. There are also two premium glasses which are based on the Princess Serenity dress and Silver Crystal. They can be had in a set with a cleaning cloth and case for 12,960 yen or $116.

The glasses are available for pre-order through Premium Bandai or JINS, and they’ll be ready for delivery this summer.

Check out more pics below.

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rey arm warmers

It’s getting to the point where every time I open Catherine Elhoffer’s Instagram I see something I need. Most recently, it’s these Rey-inspired arm warmers.

She’s also able to do a Kylo Ren version if you’re feeling like taking a walk on the dark side.

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star wars wrap

The opening crawl of Star Wars is iconic. After all these years, the thrill of seeing those words on the screen with each new film doesn’t really fade, but there’s no denying that the very first crawl has a special place in our hearts.

This new wrap bracelet by Love and Madness captures those words in gold plate and leather. It’s a beautiful accessory for any Star Wars fan.

Check out a quick video below.

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bleach umbrella

If you’re a Bleach fan, this umbrella would undoubtedly be your chosen weapon against the rain. But even if you’re not—I mean…come on. Badass samurai sword umbrella.

Product Page ($39.50 $29.62)