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Some might say that Batman V Superman smells a lot like hot garbage—but I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. As this official fragrance proves, the actual scent of BvS is broken down thusly:

Top-Lemon verbena, sparkling bergamot, rosemary
Mid notes: Lavender, juniper, fresh coriander, crushed tobacco leaves
Bottom notes: Black leather accord, vetiver, oak moss, patchouli, amber

‘Batman V Superman’ Men’s Fragrance ($19.50)


Trimming one’s nose hair is a resoundingly lame and yet thoroughly essential part of being an adult. Luckily for us Fred & Friends has made the process more amusing with this trimmer, which is modeled after classic ray-gun designs.

The only thing missing is an official endorsement by Zapp Brannigan.

Atomic Trimmer ($20)

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Everybody’s getting ramped up for Civil War next month, but just in case that ramp leads to an epic jump and you’re worried you might not stick the landing, the guys at HJC Helmets have you covered. Specifically, they have your head covered with these Iron Man and Captain America helmets, which drop in May. Cap’s is $174.99 and Stark’s is $249.99.

But hey, maybe you don’t have a horse in that race. Maybe you’re feeling a little more… revengey? Is that a word? Either way, they’ve also revealed a helmet themed around The Punisher, because why not. That helmet also comes out next month, and is priced at $174.99.

Check out more product photos below.

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When it comes to anime-style cosplay, getting the hair right is no easy task. Fortunately, Etsy seller Dreamholic has some really pretty and affordable wigs. Each wig is made from Japanese high-temperature wire and allows for multiple styles.

They’re also just beautiful to look at. I’d have fun just wearing some of these out in my daily life.

Check out more examples below.

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Whether you’re prepping for your next LARP or your a Mistborn in search of a more convenient way to carry around your vials, this bandolier from RawringCrafts has you covered. The bright copper artificial leather is backed with a soft black fleece padding on the inside, and it comes with tons of options for vial storage, along with a few good spots for weaponry. Plus it matches perfectly with these alchemist bracers.

Easily accessible vials to hold your potions (or liquors, for the mellow brewers) and a sturdy flask safely contains your healing elixir. Your ingredients and spell components are securely stashed away in a spacious pouch on your hip. Two loops on the back hold your backup weapon in place and finally a pauldron provides a minimum in protection.

The Alchemist’s Bandolier ($75)

sailor moon gashapon 2

Gashapon vending machines in Japan will be getting a Sailor Moon infusion in July with these transformation brooch watches and communicator compact combinations.

Based on the design of Sailor Moon’s brooch (each of the Scouts has their own version of the style), each includes a mirror and removable clock—so the brooch can easily become a compact. However, the Sailor Uranus and Neptune designs come without clocks and utilize a chain instead of a band.

At just 400 Yen a piece (US$3.55), it won’t cost a fortune to try and collect them all. I’m sure they’ll pop up on eBay or the Gashapon site at some point as well.

However you get your hands on one, they’re super cute.

Check out another pic below.

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MAC Cosmetics has announced another geeky collaboration for SDCC and this one is all about boldly going. broke the news that MAC will be releasing a 25-piece collection for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary that includes lip, eye, and face products inspired by Uhura, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine, and Vina, the Orion girl.

The Trek collection will be available online on August 25 and in stores on September 1, but Comic-Con attendees can take advantage of an exclusive one-day collection presale on Thursday, July 21 at MAC Gaslamp.

I have a feeling that line is gonna be loooooooong.

Check out the teaser tweets below.

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Have you ever felt like you needed a cloak? Of course you have. We’ve all been there. Perhaps you’re mulling over the right way to unveil yourself as the long-lost ruler of the Realm. Maybe you need something warm and dramatic to wear whilst traveling to distant lands on your bike. Worry not, future hero and/or conqueror—this cloak is for you.

BadWolfCostumes specializes in quality costume replicas, as well as beautiful original costume pieces perfect for a spring stroll through the Shire. Their Hooded Heavyweight Fantasy Cloak With Sword Buttons is not only stylish, but available in a wide array of colors to suit the mood of any adventurer.

Check out more pics below.

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salior moon top 2

When you have to fight evil by moonlight, and then win love by daylight (right after!) one way to get through your struggles is to feel good by suiting up in your favorite outfit. Thanks to Japanese department store Isetan and some of the world’s most famous designers, Sailor Moon fans can fill their closets with even more pieces inspired by the legendary anime itself.

See Also: High-Fashion Sailor Moon Handbags, Activate!

The collaboration reaches far and wide into the world of fashion to offer an array of choices in jewelry, sleepwear, and everyday clothing for the modern-day magical girl on the go. The line is now expanding to three locations in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, and now Nagoya.

The collection’s release features some incredible daily outfit ideas featuring the various products available from the line:

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That’s right, zombies finally have their own fragrance. Resident Evil‘s Umbrella Corp has expanded their business to include a T-Virus fragrance (4,200 yen – US $38) and deodorizing “first-aid” spray 1,300 yen – US $12) that will be sold in limited quantities at the Capcom Cafe in Saitama, Japan starting March 26 and April 2nd respectively.

So what do they smell like? No idea. But Rick’s group should look into this. After all, spraying on some perfume is a lot better than covering yourself in gore.

Check out the first-aid spray below.

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