To the untrained eye, this handmade bracelet is just a bunch of pretty beads. Whovians will recognize it as a sonic screwdriver. They’re based on the sonic screwdrivers of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors so you can adorn you wrist with whichever is your favorite.

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These beautiful The Little Mermaid silhouette tights put one of the movie’s most famous scenes on your legs. There’s Ariel on one leg and Eric on the other, just as he’s about to kiss the girl and break the curse. If it wasn’t for that wicked Ursula, the whole movie would have ended with this moment.

Product Page ($11.60)

marge and mac

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons and you like makeup, get thee to SDCC.

MAC’s Marge Simpson collection will be available online on August 28 and in stores on September 4th, but if you’re headed to SDCC, you can get your Marge on early.

The Marge Simpson Collection will be available for sale for one day only during SDCC on Saturday, July 26th at the M·A·C Cosmetics Gaslamp store located at 234 Fifth Avenue in San Diego.

Fans are invited to visit the store for this opportunity to purchase the collection and also receive a Marge makeover from the ten piece collection that includes nail stickers ($16.50), eye shadows ($44), lipglosses ($16.50), and lashes ($18.50). You can follow #MACandMarge for more details.

I know where I’ll be Saturday. This sounds like so much fun!


It’s no fun having to wear a tie, unless it’s one of these silk space shuttle console neckties. They’re available in either narrow or standard widths in a variety of colors. Each has communications systems diagrams of the space shuttle and will put you in the company of real astronauts. From the product page:

Our spacecraft schematic and blueprint neckties have thus far graced the necks of the following astronauts: Scott Carpenter, Mercury-Atlas 7; Thomas Stafford Apollo 10; Neil Armstrong Apollo 11; Dick Gordon & Al Bean, Apollo 12; Al Worden, Apollo 15; and Charlie Duke, Apollo 16. (Really! We even have pictures!)

Just think, should you be called upon to fly a shuttle, all you;ll have to do is look at your tie and you’ll be good to go.

Product Page ($45 Crazy Abalone via Boing Boing)

iron man leggings hula hoop

I can barely make a hula hoop rotate, but Rachael Lust is a hula hoop Jedi Master. She does all kinds of insane movies with a hula hoop, and I choose to believe the Iron Man leggings she’s wearing are responsible for her success. Maybe. She wears them in a recent video that’s basically a supercut of awesome tricks, and it is very impressive to watch.

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Decorate your wrist with the latest in Dwarven style with this leather Dwarven wrist cuff. It’s an officially licensed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug product with an interlocking square design and a snap closure. Adjust to either 7.5″ or 8.3″ around.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans will definitely dig this TMNT Turtles Mask Acrylic Necklace. The necklace pictured above features the classic mask/eye combo of Raphael (my personal favorite), but all of the other masks of the Turtles are available as well. Anyway, I’m off to order a whole pizza for myself… not sure why I got a craving for pizza so suddenly.

Product Page: (£10.00 or $17.15 via Geekymerch)


This bat bow is handmade from leather with an alligator clip to secure it in your hair and measures 3″ across. There’s also a larger version made with sparkly fabric and vinyl for those days when you’re feeling a little fancy. And for the guys, it doubles as a bow tie.

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3d printed mst3k glasses

Joel Hodgson went to Albuquerque Comic Expo last weekend and was given a cool gift by a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan: 3D printed glass frames that, apparently, glow in the dark. They were made by Patrick Schierstein, and he’s posted the file on Thingiverse so anyone with access to a 3D printer can have a pair of MST3K specs!

(via @JoelGHodgson)

link dresses

Take a trip with Link to both the Light World and the Dark World in new dress and legging designs by Much Needed Merch. These pieces of clothing cleverly combine maps from the two locations. The skater dress is Light on one side and Dark on the other, and the leggings feature a leg in each realm. They’re both made from a polyamide and lycra blend and should be very stretchy and comfy.

See the Light and Dark World leggings after the break.

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