We’ve already seen Batman and Bizarro Superman Chair Capes, but now it’s time for the ladies to take charge.

The capes are now available in Wonder Woman and Batgirl versions that secure to the back of your desk chair so you can feel heroic whether your closing that big account or watching cat videos until the clock says it’s quittin’ time.

See the Batgirl cape after the break.

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Finally, a cheaper alternative to unicorn hoof boots.

These black and white hooves are attached to thigh-high leggings for the ultimate in fawn fashion and comfort. Etsy shop Chaos Costume notes:

“The construction of these hooves will be of high strength resin fused to a heelless 4 inch shoes. The arch is rigid plastic, and does not bend, so it keeps that beautiful silhouette, effortlessly.”

Apparently, the hoof shoes are so stable, you could even run in them. I’ll take their word for it.

You can even order the leggings and hooves in any color you wish. Check out the leggings with an entire costume after the break, along with some additional styles.

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Etsy shop Little Literature crafts these tiny Harry Potter papers in incredible detail.

In addition to the Daily Prophet, there’s also miniature Quibbler Magazine, Advanced Potion-Making book, and a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book.

Check out these adorably tiny books that you can keep close to your fangirl heart after the break.

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Underneath this Magical Unicorn Umbrella, you’ll be secure in your own bubble of cheerfulness even in the gloomiest weather. Surely, a rainbow will follow you wherever you go.

The moment you open it up, the pastel striped fabric will make you feel like you’re in your own personal little pastel circus tent. The majestic plastic handle features the unicorn’s head and mane and the umbrella’s pointy bit is the tip of the unicorn’s golden horn. Basically, you can’t find a more magical umbrella.

Take a closer look after the break…

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Yuck, who wants to see cat butts? Twinkle Tush aims to cover up that butt with a shiny jewel and give your cat some class.

Of course, Twinkle Tush is just a gag gift. You can buy this dangling sparkly for $6, but please don’t leave this thing on your cat’s butt. It won’t be so fancy after your cat has visited the litter box.

Now click below to watch the ridiculous Twinkle Tush commercial. 

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Made from laser cut acrylic, these Harley Quinn-inspired earrings are super eye-catching. Her signature diamond shape is embellished with what looks like an upside down jester hat. Hmmmmmm.

Etsy shop Pint Sized Maria uses nickle free backings and swarovski crystals to add a little extra bling (although I think Harley would prefer a little extra bashing).

Check out another photo of these crazy cute earrings after the break.

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daisy ridley star wars manicure

During Comic-Con, I saw a picture of Daisy Ridley (Rey in The Force Awakens) with a fan and noticed that her nails were different colors, which I already thought was cool. Now it turns out that Ridley was sporting a Star Wars themed manicure with hand painted designs. So cute!

(via Catrina Dennis)


We’ve seen silhouette tights for everything from Batman to narwhals, but finally…FINALLY there are Star Wars versions. Grab ’em while you can because these tend to sell out quickly.

Product Pages: R2-D2 Faux Thigh High Tights / Darth Vader Faux Thigh High Tights ($14.50)


Take your pirate cosplay to the next level with this amazing steampunk-style pirate ship tricorn hat. Handmade in milliners quality buckram and covered in your choice of fabric, Etsy shop Ooh La LA Boudoir intricately decorates your hat with a mixture of fine textures, fabrics, feathers, and accessories. And of course, it’s finished with a vintage wooden galleon ship.

In addition to pirate ships, the shop offers other wonderfully outrageous hats and fascinators inspired by steampunk, science fiction, Doctor Who, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Check out more incredible hats after the break.

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Sometimes even faeries need armor, and these beautiful iridescent arm bracers are the perfect accessory. Christina McCallister designed these cuffs to honor the Queen of the Fairies, immortalized n Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“Graceful, organic swirling shapes suggest the flutter of magical wings and Art Nouveau style. It does not have a leather base layer, so the iridescent film retains it’s transparency, creating a shifting spectrum of colors that blends with your individual skin tone. Embellished with iridescent Czech crystals.”

Check out more images of these colorful cuffs after the break.

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