Spider-Man leggings

Do you have heart eyes for Spider-Man? Well now you can have heart legs, too! These eye-catching leggings from Wet Seal feature a repeated heart pattern of Spider-Man’s face (Mary Jane-style), and they would pair well with so many different tops. I hope to see more designs like this from Marvel featuring Captain America’s shield or Iron Man’s arc reactor. It’s simple and a bit more subtle than all over comic book cover designs but still bold.

Product Page ($18.90 via Instagram)


Sure, there was probably a dress code aboard the Death Star, but I’d like to think that during their off hours those stormtroopers liked to kick it old school. You know, throw on Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes latest record, chill out in a Imperial-issue hammock and throw on a sun hat and a pair of cool sunglasses.

Well, I guess there wouldn’t be much sun inside the Death Star, but if those troopers were going to wear some glasses, they’d probably wear these. The white theme matches the troopers’ armor, it comes with a nifty case and there’s even a Death Star on it! Too bad all those stormtroopers died in that epic fire ball, but if they’d worn these shades they would’ve kicked the bucket in style.

Product Page: ($19.99 via Geek Alerts)


Okay, this is seriously cool. Adafruit’s Becky Stern has figured out how to create flexible cyberpunk spikes that light up and can be turned into a fashion accessory.

The spikes are made using NeoPixel strip diffused by NinjaFlex flexible 3D printing filament and she’s even included a tutorial on how to create them.

Check out the video demo after the break.

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nerdy lip balm

There’s a lip balm for every fandom in this fantastic collection by Etsy seller GeekFireLabs. Each features a different scent with a choices like Time Lord Toffee, Tea With Inara, and Second Breakfast. You can buy them in a set of their most popular scents, individually, or in little gift sets packaged in organza bags with matching buttons.

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Nailasaurus has already designed some fantastic nail art based on The Lego Movie and now she’s added on one more character. This time it’s Unikitty in all her pink and pastel glory, complete with a few glittery nails for extra punch.

(via The Nailasaurus)

nail snaps

What if you could turn anything you photograph into nail art? Seems like a crazy idea, but Angel Anderson and Sarah Heering are raising funds on Kickstarter to make the app NailSnaps a reality. Here’s how it works: install the free NailSnaps app and use photos you’ve taken to create nail art. The design interface shows each fingernail so you can place the images from your photos as you’d like them. Once you’ve got the design down, you place an order and NailSnaps prints and ships high quality nail polish stickers to your doorstep. Then, you apply the stickers made from your photographs. Tada!

See more examples of the stickers and their Kickstarter video after the break.

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face paint 1

You don’t need a canvas for paint for when you have your own face! That seems to be DeviantArt user Blueberrystarbubbles’, a.k.a. Michelle, working theory. She loves to paint faces and her gallery shows an impressive body of work. She’s painted characters from anime (that’s Titan Eren from Attack on Titan pictured above), to Disney, and video games. You can see she has skills when it comes to blending depth and different shades into her work and also that she’s great at packing character details into a small area. She’s much better than any face painters we had at the local county fair.

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Keep warm and look adorable in this Okami fleece wrap. It will turn you into Amaterasu’s wolf with his beautiful red markings. There’s even a hood you can pull down over your face. Winter isn’t going anywhere and there’s no better way to keep warm until summer returns.

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bm got header

Black Milk Clothing gave us a taste of their upcoming Game of Thrones release last week, and now you can drool over everything in the collection. They’ve shared more pictures of leggings, dresses, and shirts and posted the list of all the articles of clothing in the release. I like the variety of different styles – body dresses, skater dresses, etc. – but I’m surprised they don’t feature more prints. I love the Westeros map dress and even the leggings covered in Littlefinger’s best lines, but many of the items feature the house sigils and it’s very Targaryen heavy.

Still, my wallet is still going to hurt when the collection is released on March 11.

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We all know bow ties are cool, but when they’ve got Doctor Who designs they’re even cooler. Each of these bow ties features elements from the world of Doctor Who like the seal of Rassilon, the TARDIS and even Gallifreyan symbols.

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