mlp hair

Instagram user mirtzuu has the MLP hair, but check out the nail art from getbuffednails after the break…

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These double layered mummy leggings are stained, tattered, gross…and full of awesome.

Etsy shop Refuse To Be Usual has really lived up to that name here. The under layer is a thin, translucent material while the top opaque layer has been distressed, cut, and burnt to give it a corroded look.

Whether you’ve just stumbled out of a sarcophagus or you’re on a mission to find brains, these leggings would be a perfect fit. Check out some additional pics after the jump.

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While real cats never offer a paw to help, these cute cat gloves will keep your hands toasty while you text with their tail.

A collaboration between online retailer Felissimo and the YOU+MORE! brand, cat gloves are designed with a suede-like material and a special conduction pad on the tip of the thumb and index finger so you can use your smartphone without taking the gloves off.

Check out more pics and a video after the break.

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Earlier this year we posted about the upcoming official Master Chief Halo motorcycle helmet and now we have info on all of the features along with some additional pics.

The DOT-approved limited edition helmet is already available for pre-order (shipping slated for October) and is available in four different sizes.

After the break, check out the full specs as well as more images of the helmet and packaging.

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More looks have emerged in the COVERGIRL Star Wars collection along with videos on how to achieve them with help from makeup artist Pat McGrath.

While I tend to lean Dark Side personally, I have to say that the Mystic look may be my personal favorite here.

See more of these gorgeous looks after the break.

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crazy bags

Bob Basset Studio makes leather bags and masks using fantasy, steampunk and film as inspiration.

Everything they produce is an over-the-top masterpiece, but we were drawn to these insane nerdy bags. I mean a dragon in a basket? Cthulhu? The head of Hannibal Lecter? If you have the means, you’ll probably never find a more unique way to carry around your essentials.

Take a closer look at the designs after the break…

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In celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary, you can transform your eyes with these contact lenses. Each lens color and pattern represents a different character from the series: Jupiter (green), Venus (orange), Mars (pink), Mercury (blue), Moon (yellow).

See More: Sailor Moon Fashions

It’s really all about the details when it comes to great cosplay, and these contact lenses are a unique way to achieve that. Check out how they look on a model after the break.

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homer hedge nails

This is brilliant…

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slash code scarves

Dedicated to sharing their love of geek culture, SlashCode offers digitally printed scarves featuring some of the most iconic titles in literature, gaming, comics, and television.

“SlashCode has extracted the emotions and beauty of some of the most iconic Geek Culture figures and integrated their vision in a truly one-of-a-kind premium scarf with hidden details and twisted codes.”

Each scarf has been gorgeously designed to pay homage in the most subtle and intricate way. Some of the styles looks like ancient, delicate paintings while others boast bold and vibrant graphics. With three sizes to choose from, the cotton and silk scarves feature tributes to The Walking Dead, Super Mario Bros.The Never Ending Story, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wonder Woman, Pokemon, and more.

Check out some of our favorite designs along with an exclusive discount code after the break.

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If Bugs ever decides to get into the spice smuggling trade, we have a feeling that good ol’ Gossamer from Looney Tunes would be more than happy to cruise along with him. Though, I have a suspicion that he’s just looking to feed his addictions for spice and rabbit.

Product Page ($19.95 / Also Available In Hoodies, Sweatshirts And More)