While I’m a big fan of intricate nail art, I don’t have the patience to try it. I can barely apply a single color of nail polish without ruining it. So, these new nail wraps from ThinkGeek were pretty much made for people like me. The prints feature cool designs like chainmail, roleplaying dice, cats, and book pages.

Each set comes with 14 stickers varying in width so you can choose the ones best suited for your nails. You peel off a top coat, press the wrap to your nails, file or trim off any excess, and add a clear top coat to make them last longer. It’s that easy. And, if you use a top coat the wraps can last up to three weeks. I can’t wait to put chainmail on my nails!

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This fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier nail art was posted over at Amateur Manicure in honor of the movie’s release. Her goal was to capture the looks of Captain America (index/middle/ring), Black Widow (pinky), and The Winter Soldier (thumb) all together. The finished manicure is just beautiful.

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Even if you don’t live on the sunny surface of Tatooine, you should always don sunglasses when you’re in the bright outdoors. ThinkGeek has your back with six classy Star Wars Wayfarer-style designs that manage to be both awesome and subtle and the same time.

You can choose from green, red, or blue lightsaber shades that light up with corresponding LEDs, or you can opt to wear character sunglasses with designs based on Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or a stormtrooper. I’m partial to the Boba Fett design with its dark olive green, red, and yellow tones. It’s great new way to wear my favorite fandom.

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GOT Nail Art nailasaurus

More details on The Nailasaurus.

lego hair headline

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tumblr_n3a6awkCgw1qdbp1ro4_500 copy

As far as I know, Commander Shephard was never really down with the whole “casual winter wonderland” look. But if he (or she) had been, and if the N7 military code had been cool with commanding officers wearing scarves, then Shephard probably would’ve rocked this N7 scarf from Sanshee. It looks rather comfy. Not intimidating in a military sense, but definitely comfy.

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So, do you consider yourself a true League of Legends master? If so, now you can show off your love for the immensely popular arena game by wearing one of Esty shop LockHornsJewelry’s League of Legends necklaces. They feature mini-versions of some of the most popular champions’ preferred weapons (like the Fizz Trident necklace, pictured above).

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candy crush nails 1

Advertisers are always experimenting, and Candy Crush fingernails is definitely a new approach. They’ve worked with tastemaker Harutamu; she gained recognition online by helping create the “hair smiles” trend. That was weird, but her nails go even further into the bizarre.

She’s transformed her fingernails into a vividly colored advertisement for the popular game. The Candy Crush logo is so huge you can probably spot it from several feet away. I have no idea how long Harutamu wore the oversized nail art, but hey, if the money’s good…

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a constantly changing variety of perfumed oils based on your favorite characters and the places they call home and I was fortunate to sample some of their newest offerings.

This was the first time I’ve experienced these incredible oils and, now that I’ve tried them, it is very possible that I’ll be stalking the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab site to keep up to date on their latest creations. I received over 30 vials of perfumed oil along with two products from their sister site, Black Phoenix Trading Post, which specializes in things like jewelry, clothing, bath and body, and room sprays.

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She Said Yes!

lego proposal top

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