It’s pretty cool that people can now print up their own prosthetic hands, but one guy has made them even cooler with the addition of Wolverine claws. Aaron Brown volunteers with Enabling the Future and he created a set of Wolverine claws to work with 3D printed prosthetic hands. From TechCrunch:

“The Comic loving nerd inside of me (along with some Facebook friends) said there is no way I can make a Wolverine hand without CLAWS…so I modeled some in Sketchup the morning before the makerfaire, printed ‘em, spray painted ‘em silver and velcro’d ‘em on there. Turned out pretty darn cool!

Brown has now been building the Wolverine claws for kids from a shop he recently set up after debuting them at the Grand Rapids Maker Faire. Plans for the hands themselves can be downloaded for free at Thingiverse.

(via TechCrunch)

rocky horror

MAC Cosmetics is giving new meaning to the words, “Don’t dream it, be it” with the announcement of a 21-piece collection based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

They’ve got a lipstick Frank-N-Furter, gold glitter for Columbia, a Riff Raff eye palette, lashes that Magenta would love and much more. Eye liners, both liquid and pencils, powders, mascara, even greasepaint pencils for those eyebrow accents we all know and love.

Something tells me a lot of the Transyvanians who still do floor shows at RHPS midnight showings are going to be thrilled when they hear the news.

The collection will be available online at MAC in October, but you can get a first look at some of the items after the break.

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It’s hard to hide one of those little square engagement ring boxes, so Andrew Zo has designed a case that holds a ring and is no thicker than your average wallet. It’s just 1 cm thick and holds the ring flat inside until it’s opened, unfolding like origami to present the ring on a little stand at just the right moment. They’re currently swamped with orders, but you can sign up for their mailing list and be notified when the case is back in stock.

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These gorgeous scarves are the creation of Roza Khamitova who has designed them to look like you’re wrapping yourself in the wings of an owl. Each handmade cotton scarf is digitally printed with a wing design and is large enough to use as a wrap, halter, or even a turban.

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If you’re a Time Lord that longs to be back home in Gallifrey, this bracelet from Etsy seller Spookyisland is for you. As you can see, it features the Time Lord’s Seal, the Master’s Seal and the Seal of Rassilon. Quick note, this bracelet is not made from wibbly wobbly, timey wimey… stuff. Sorry.

Product Page: (£10.99 or $18.24 via Geeky Merch)

dream melt crown final

Kaity O’Shea of Killer Tentacle Octopus and artist Camilla d’Errico have a new Kickstarter project to develop and create a wearable version of the tentacle crown from d’Errico’s painting ‘Dream Melt’.

However, the tentacular goodness doesn’t stop there. If you don’t want the crown itself, the project has all sorts of other items at different reward levels that will likely catch your eye. Earrings, art, accessories, make up bags, and even stickers are available at different reward levels along with a DIY version of the crown and even special colors.

Head after the break to see more pictures and the project video.

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Peter Capaldi is rocking as the Twelfth Doctor, but it’s okay if the Eleventh Doctor is still near and dear to your heart. You can keep a piece of Matt Smith’s time on Doctor Who with you by wearing this Eleventh Doctor cosplay capelet from Darling Army. It’s made from woolblend suiting fabric and has a burgundy tie. The capelet is ready to ship, and one size fits most.

Product Page ($85)


This steampunk prosthetic leg is the incredible design of Christopher Snell who specializes in making all kinds of prosthetics. This one is not one you’ll likely see every day, and features whirring steampunk gears with wood and brass accents that make it look like it’s doing all the work to propel itself. It’s quite a work of art!

Check out the video after the break to see it in action…

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Hey mind giving me a hand? How about 12 hands? Thanks to these new Finger Hands, it’s entirely possible to upgrade your high fives into high 30s. These little vinyl finger hands are 2-3/4 inches tall, and they come in a set of five. Sure, they look a little creepy, but just imagine how much you could get accomplished in a day if you had 12 hands? The world could be yours!

Check out some more pics of other ways you can use the Finger Hands…

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daryl poncho scarf

So, you’ve survived the initial onslaught of the zombie invasion. Congratulations! Now, the next step is to build up a tough image–you know, establish a the-apocalypse-is-actually-fun-for-me look. You can go with tire armor or a multi-colored mohawk, but personally, I’d go with this Daryl Infinity Scarf.

Then again, the design might look more badass as a poncho. It works either way.

This scarf is made from 100 percent polyester, and one size fits all.

Product Page: ($30.00)