Seriously, how could a gamer say “no” to this?

This handmade Zelda rupee engagement ring box was crafted by Etsy seller IndyFurniture, and it should be all you need to seal the deal.

Well, I would make sure a ring is inside the rupee. Duh.

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I’ll admit, we’re addicted to Etsy. We’re also addicted to Doctor Who.

That having been said, we’ve collected some fun and stylish finds for fans who share our passion. The kind of passion that would lead you to wear a crochet Ood hat ($60).

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Another talented designer on Etsy, Louiseblack, makes gorgeous custom-sewn corsets sized for your specific measurements. Constructed from seven panels of thick cotton twill canvas, this corset is reinforced with an additional layer of canvas for mega cinching power and lined in a comfortable toile canvas.

It also has steel boning throughout. Although the under-bust style is more of a decorative corset, it will still pull in your waist a couple inches for a “waspy, hour glass appearance”. Plus, I’m pretty sure showing off your spine will make you look thinner.

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It’s a thing that nail polishes have to have cool names. Companies get pretty creative, but this lot is one of our favorites.

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Sephora’s Formula X polish has fun science-themed names like Fine Like Einstein, Naughty Newton, and Hubba Hubble.

Product Page ($12.90 AsapScience Twitter via The Mary Sue)


You may have worn cat ears on your head, but this headband lets you wear the whole cat. The headband was designed by Campanella who combined her love of cats and fashion in one piece. First she made this as a barrette, but when it kept sliding out of her hair she changed it up to a headband.

Unfortunately she does not have her headbands available online so you’ll have to catch her at a convention. Previously she’s appeared at Design Fiesta in Tokyo, so if you’re lucky you’ll see her there again this year in May.

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r2 sarong

Summer will be here before you know it, and this R2-D2 sarong is going to look great on the beach. You might even want to accessorize with a matching hair band.

Truth be told, everything in RoobyLane’s Etsy store is fantastic. It’s loaded with nerdy skirts, bags, scarves and more.

Product Page ($38.53)

sailor moon tiara

The Sailor Moon wedding we featured last month was fantastic, but there’s one thing it didn’t have—this gorgeous tiara.

The Sailor Moon Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara was created by famed tiara designer Taro Kamitani and it comes encrusted with Swarovski crystals and synthetic pearls that are placed by hand.

So yeah… expensive. Like, 370,000-yen ($3,100) expensive. Still, if that’s a small price to pay to have the nostalgically nerdy wedding of your dreams then by all means go for it. Bandai will be offering the tiara for pre-order beginning in March.

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Designed to resemble a stainless steel watchband, Leatherman’s forthcoming “Tread” bracelet will put 25 different tools at your disposal, including a set of hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a can opener and other essentials that will be readily available on your wrist whenever needed.

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A complete listing of the tools included hasn’t been released yet, but you may notice one glaring omission right off the bat: a freaking watch. Thankfully, the company is covering that base and plans to sell the Tread with swiss-made timepieces in the fall, while the basic bracelet is due out this summer.

Hit the jump to catch a glimpse of some of the Tread’s tools along with the upcoming watch.

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Nico-Tech (NicoNico) is a site that’s popular with hobbyists, and one user named Frisk_P recently shared this sexy steampunk creation.

Frisk has a thing for fashion and steampunk, so he created a unique steampunk heart rate monitor that actually works! Basically, it’s a modern heart monitor that’s attached to a thigh garter. The monitor features a heart rate circuit board that reads blood flow via a photoelectric transistor (so yeah, it’s not steam-powered). Then Frisk added a few rivets and brass fixtures to give it a real Victorian vibe. You can check out a video of the monitor in action after the break.

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Also, Frisk has some other unique fashion-y steampunk projects that he’s shared on Twitter in the past, and we posted some of those below as well.

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These Doctor Who (or “Doctor Shoe” as it were) sneakers feature an allover print of the TARDIS that make them perfect for taking on all your adventures. They’re available in a range of sizes for both men and women. The top part of the sneaker actually zips off and you can swap it out for other styles, but why would you ever give up the TARDIS?

Product Page ($74.99)