Holy cybernetic ninjas, Batman! This Genji cosplay, as you can see from the pics, is absolutely insane. Overwatch has inspired some incredible cosplay so far, but this cosplay is one of the best.

But the most impressive thing about it is that Just Cosplay & Props, is apparently a newbie. Yep, he says that this is his first cosplay. And if that’s true, well…damn!

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animation (1)

Roughly three weeks ago, the Internet was introduced to the goth fantasticness of a black bath bomb sold by Bella Muerte clothing and promptly lost its everloving mind. Myself included.

Because of the popularity, the black bath bomb (aptly named Black As Your Soul) and other bombs like Nightmare (purple/black), Bathory (red) and Hell Fury (black/orange) have all sold out.

However, don’t cry and mess up your eyeliner yet because the lovely and talented Corinne over at ThreadBanger made a tutorial so you can DIY as many of these bath bombs as your dark little soul can handle.

She also made a couple of bathtime bonus items that are ready to blacken the rest of your body as you soak.

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cyclops visor

Fire, ideally, belongs in three places – in a fireplace, in a grill, and far away from Southern California’s many forests and brushes. Of course, it appears Sufficiently Advanced didn’t get the memo, as they’ve only gone and made a bloody mask that shoots flames out of your eyeballs.

Drawing inspiration from Cyclops, X-Men’s fearless leader and occasional whiny crybaby (in the movies, at least), this helmet shoots two streams of fire in whatever direction the wearer happens to be looking.

It makes this seem like a sensible DIY project.

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Bandai figured out exactly what anime loving ladies want—and they just opened it in Tokyo Station.

The store’s official name is Otona Joshi Biyori and roughly translates to “A Fine Day for Adult Girls”. That right there is the best name I’ve seen in a while because it perfectly describes this store full of anime themed makeup, accessories, clothes, and other little things you NEED right this minute.

This is Bandai’s first “character beauty shop” and it’s targeted directly at women in their 20s and 30s. If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty it will blow your mind.

Now I just need them to open one in L.A.

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tentacle stache top

Photographer Jessica Walker and model Leah Velocity show us the potential of Finger Tentacles and the Tentacle Mustache in the world of high fashion. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing this look on the runways in Paris.

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space cat

Since the dawn of humanity, we have gazed up at the stars, pointed at celestial bodies and asked ourselves: “What does that smell like?”

At long last we have an answer to the question that has burned at our very cores for millennia. Turns out comets smell a little like cat urine, rotten eggs and bitter almonds. [click to continue…]


No matter how old some of us get, we’ll never stop dreaming of becoming a Disney princess.

Now, these new tiaras may be listed as “for kids”, but I’m up for the idea of going full evil step sister and doing whatever it takes to make that glass slipper fit.

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Today in “things you don’t technically need but desperately NEED”, may I present Kailijumei lipsticks

These are jelly lipsticks with real flowers inside them. They come in four colors: Flame Red, Minutemaid, Barbie Doll Powder, and Pink Barbie Power. While they look clear, they go on with a color that can vary in shade depending on your body’s temperature and pH.

So mood lipstick with real flowers in them? Sign me up!

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Cosplaying as a sword-wielding character but don’t have the wallet-fruit for a proper sword? Not to worry – one ingenious cosplayer has come up with a practical and affordable solution.

Fukuoka, Japan based cosplayer Maxi posted the instructions to his Twitter page and, because we’re the sort of nice people who like sharing that sort of thing with people who might find it useful or even just cool, we’re going to share his instructions with you now. So let’s dive in. [click to continue…]


Summer is officially here and, if you’re like me, you need to hide from the sun. I think these new parasols by Sourpuss Clothing will do the trick nicely.

I may need to get the Kraken one just so I can say “Release The Kraken!” whenever I open it.

Yeah, I’d do that.

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