dragon-cuffsEtsy artist Liana Turnbull Bennett of In Art Studios sculpts beautiful, magical creatures into stunning cuff bracelets. They are not only extremely detailed and life-like, but also made to last.

Using what I can only assume is magic, she casts the turquoise cuffs in super strong resin to make them water proof, heat proof, and chemical resistant. And each dragon’s spirit is represented with fiery golden yellow Swarovski rhinestones.

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This perfume may be called “Dead Writers”, but you don’t have to worry about smelling like a corpse when you wear it.

The blend is meant to evoke the comforting smell of an old book. The feeling of paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Poe, and more while having a nice hot cup of tea.

Dead Writers is a unisex blend that contains black tea, vetiver, clove, musk, vanilla, heliotrope, and tobacco.

Product Page: 9 ml. ($28) 15 ml. ($40) 1 oz. ($80)

(NYMag via Consumerist)


So, you want an Apple Watch but you don’t have the cash. Hiné Mizushima has got you covered with this do-it-yourself felt version. It’s a simple blue strap with a watch face made up of brightly colored buttons. I bet Steve Jobs would have loved this thing.

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Now you can style your hair just like Sailor Moon thanks to WeHeartIt. They’ve created a how-to that shows you the steps needed to get that iconic hairdo with the little buns trailing to ponytails. It looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple and with a little practice, anyone could pull off the look.

Image: kazanami_shin

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binary watch

With the release of the new Apple Watch, there was a lot of talk about the more expensive version being some sort of status symbol –– because spending over $10,000 on a wearable device that will be obsolete in a year is so cool.

There’s another school of thought that it’s not the price of an item, but the depth of nerdery that makes it more awesome.

This new Binary Watch by Texas-based engineer Jordan aka Njneer falls squarely into that second category. It combines a bare PCB with a 9″ multicolored or gray ribbon cable as a strap. Two rows of LED’s display the hour and minute or the day and date.

Plus, the fact that it can physically harm you adds a badass element of danger.

It should be obvious, but this product is about as far from ESD safe and waterproof as you can get. All of the components, the circuit board, and the battery are exposed with no housing, leaving them susceptible to water and hazardous ESD conditions. I have personally worn one for months with no issues, but you should probably not wear it outdoors when it’s raining heavily or when you’re standing next to a Tesla Coil, Jacob’s Ladder, or EMP generator.

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These adorable hooded costume towels will turn kids (or kids at heart) into their favorite characters. There’s everyone from Princess Leia and Yoda to Anna. They’re each 100% cotton and measure 30″ x 54″ with a 7.5″ hood.

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These bright and shiny hair clips add some nerdy sparkle to your look. They’re each made with Swarovski Crystal rinestones applied over an embroidered patch. There are hundreds of rhinestones on each clip with Captain America, Harley Quinn Adventure Time, and even Firefly in the mix.

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Looking for the super unique accessory? Well mateys I’ve found you a mighty pirate ship being attacked by the monstrous tentacles of the legendary Kraken…on a ring!

Etsy shop owner KilroysAttic is literally going to sink my wallet because their jewelry designs are simply fantastic. The same shop that brought us Khaleesi Dragon and Egg ring, has traveled to the great seas to capture this iconic scene in resin.

“Meet Black Pearl, the fastest pirate ship in the Caribbean Seas! She won’t outrun your finger as long as her Kraken anchors her hull to your carcass!! Pearl will grace your scurvy fingers U.S. size 5 up to U.S. size 14.”

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Inspired by Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, these Kira fairy wings by Etsy seller TheFancyFairy are absolutely magical. The delicate wings are made from lightweight aluminum sheets, iridescent film, laminate vinyl, and clear elastic to give the effect of slightly torn butterfly veins.

And these particular wings are getting major attention having recently been worn by Barbara Fialho in the Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show (an even larger version was worn by model Eniko Mihalik).

The greatest news though is that you can order fairy wings customized in almost any color or style to fit your particular costume or character.

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unicorn scarf

Not sure if you can commit to that full back tattoo of a unicorn? Well now you don’t have to with these gorgeous scarves. Etsy seller VolareShop makes majestic unicorn scarves by hand. When opened across your back, the 5′ x 8″ wing span can be displayed in all its glory.

And amazing as this print is, the shop also offers scarves with images of a phoenix, Maleficent, and even a Hippogriff.

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