dyson supersonic

Dyson has built a high-tech empire out of sucking and blowing air. So moving into the hair dryer space seems like a natural progression from vacuums, hand dryers and fans.

Enter the $400 Dyson Supersonic.

For such a “simple” device, Dyson put in an extraordinary amount of money and effort. Apparently, the process took four years, involved 103 engineers, 600 prototypes and a price tag of $71 million.

All that and I can’t even ride it around town on a stream of hot air.

However, the Supersonic was designed to be super light, super fast, and very quiet. With a price tag that clocks in at $400, it had damn well better leave my wife’s hair smooth and glossy—because she’s going to want this thing. She’ll point to how much I spend on frivolous gadgets and, well…that will be that.

The Supersonic will launch exclusively in the US at Sephora in September.

Check out the video below for more about the features.

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fake nail stockings

I don’t know whether this idea is genius or super genius, but leave it to Japan to come up with it.

Belle Maison has created stockings with pre-painted toenails in a variety of colors and designs. Don’t have time to get a pedicure? No problem!

Plus, they’re fitted to each toe, so you don’t have to worry about your “nails” moving around too much.

Take a closer look below.

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Artist Camilla d’Errico’s adventurous pop surrealism has been seen everywhere: from convention halls to private galleries. Where some artists leave droplets that ripple onward to inspire, d’Errico has taken the reigns on where the inspiration from her art is directed by penning books on pop surrealism and encouraging a new generation of female artists to find their place in the world. Some of her biggest fans/clients include the likes of Stan Lee, Scream Queens’ Emma Roberts, Geek & Sundry’s Felicia Day, and legendary author Neil Gaiman to name a few.

Now d’Errico is branching out with a gorgeous eyewear collection in collaboration with Derek Cardigan.

We sat down with the artist to talk about the collection, her books, her inspirations and where things will go from here.

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Ideal for cyclists (or spies on stealth missions) the Adidas Y-3 Sport Backpack has a trim, fitted design, so you can actually wear the bag like a vest.

Of course, its carrying capacity is limited—Adidas notes that it’s designed to hold “light luggage”. That means stuff like your phone, wallet, a clean shirt, etc.

The Y-3 also features waterproof zippers, ventilated padding, reflective fabrics and a hanging system that allows for the addition of a Camelbak. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a ridiculous $410 for the stylish convenience.

Check out an additional pic below.

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Nostalgia is IN. So the fact that MAC Cosmetics is introducing an all-new line of makeup based on Trolls (those colorful wiry-haired dolls that have been around since the ’60s) is only mildly surprising/confusing.

MAC’s Good Luck Trolls line is coming in August, and will coincide with the promotion of Dreamworks’ Good Luck Trolls film due out later this year. Ohhhh. Okay. There’s a movie, and Trolls are colorful, and there’s this whole nostalgia thing. I get it. Sorta.

Check out an additional pic and details below.

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What do I really need to say? It’s the DC Bombshells Harley Quinn on an umbrella. Rain wouldn’t dare fall on you.

Check out more pics below.

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The Internet is going nuts over Prism—a highlighter that lays down a perfect rainbow shimmer on your skin with just one swipe.

Not surprisingly Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty blew through their initial stock, but more is expected to arrive soon (starting at $28). Keep tabs on the shop and their Instagram account for updates.

In the meantime, check out the makeup magic that is Prism in the photos and videos below.

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sealing wand hair dryer top

Japanese fashion company SuperGroupies has unveiled a Cardcaptor Sakura Sealing Wand that features the power to summon The Windy to transform wet hair into the luxurious (and thoroughly dry) hair of an anime heroine.

Powerful magic indeed.

The Sealing Wand Hair Dryer features high, low and cool air settings and is expected to ship starting in July for 9,500-yen (US$89).

Check out more pics below.

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harley quinn swat

Your Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplay just got a boost thanks to this SWAT plush mallet and bat.

Based on the original screen-used props from the film, the mallet and bat have movie accurate design details. They also feature sounds that play when you swing them through the air or, y’know, bonk something.

Or someone. Multiple times. Just to see how many sounds it makes.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Mallet SWAT Plush $39.99 / Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Good Night Baseball Bat SWAT Plush $29.99


Fashion, uh … finds a way. At least, in this new collection of brooches by designer Kate Gabrielle, meant for the most clever of girls (and anyone else) who appreciates a pastel brooch that references one of the coolest films of all time.

The collection features Ellie Sattler, raptors and Ian Malcolm (in a manner that matches every pop-punk fashionista’s aesthetic). Check out the rest of the collection below.

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