The Sony PlayStation Wallet

playstation wallet

The wallet should be obsolete. I’m looking forward to the day when I can use my phone to pay for things outside of Whole Foods. Sooner or later, even our IDs will be on there.

However, since we still need to carry one around, it might as well look like an obsolete (but awesomely nostalgic) piece of technology.

This PlayStation wallet is officially licensed and will hold all of our paper money and stupid plastic cards with magnetic strips.

Product Page (€19.95 or $29 via TIWIB)

groot mickey ears 2

Jenny Rae is one of the most creative people I follow on the interwebs. It doesn’t matter if she’s DisneyBounding, crafting, or making videos – everything she does is awesome. She recently put together a DisneyBound take on Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and made a pair of matching tree-like mouse ears for the occasion. The internet squealed in adoration so she decided to put some of the spectacular Groot mouse ears in her Etsy store.

The bad news? The six pairs she made have already been sold. The good news? She might make more. Keep your eye on Lil Rae Cakes.

See another picture and Jenny Rae’s DisneyBound Groot ensemble after the break.

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This lovely bouquet features roses made from the pages of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and The Princess Bride. Instead of holding stems wrapped in ribbon, there’s a sonic screwdriver worked into the arrangement. From the product page:

“Show your love of the Doctor as you walk down the aisle. This lovely bouquet of roses is made out of a combination of book page and colored roses is attached to a toy replica of the sonic screwdriver (choose the 10th or 11th doctor). The screwdriver lights up at the bottom and makes fun noises.”

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Corsages and bouquets can be custom made “out of any combination of book page, music pages, or colored paper”.

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geekweave leggings 1

The variety of leggings available on the market continues to dazzle me. It’s darn near impossible to choose a pair, and Geekweave Clothing is making the decision more difficult. The company launched in December and offers video game inspired leggings. The first release is all about the armor.

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The designs feature original artwork in three looks: Satina Paladin (a very World of Warcraft-esque style), Skull Reaver, and Mecha. I want them all.

More pictures of the fierce leggings after the break.

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Real tattoos are cool but they are a big commitment. It’s not the kind of thing that you just get rid of after only 14 days like these temporary versions.

See more examples after the break.

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Smartwatches may or may not be the wave of the future, but they sure do look good with this skin. It’s for Android watches and will give you a Metal Gear Solid Codec face complete with cheesy graphics and Snake’s likeness. You can download the skin at FaceRepo and add a little gaming flair to your futuristic watch.

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While I definitely think their nail wraps are cool, the brilliant minds over at Espionage Cosmetics have just announced new bath items that are so up my alley as a bath fanatic, that I actually squeed when I saw them.

Half sugar scrub, half bath bomb, new Espionage Cupcakes from their Nerd Preferred Clean (NPC) line will go on pre-sale January 15th.

They’ve previewed cotton candy scented Unicorn, Earl Grey tea and honey scented Union Jack (which includes a Union Jack charm from Optimysticals) and a coconut lime scented Tabletop version complete with tabletop dice. I  saw Steampunk, Comic Book, and Mermaid versions as well, but I don’t know if they were limited or if we’ll see them again.

I do know that I want them all.

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If you’re looking for a different, and more literal, form of self-expression, then you’ll probably dig these unique Typo Buttons. The buttons were designed by a Korean design shop called AND, and the basic idea behind them is that you can spell out a message with some creative stitching (and a couple extra button holes). Unfortunately, they aren’t available yet, but I have a feeling that these will be pretty popular, so expect to see them popping up soon.

Of course, you could probably make these fairly easy at home by modifying standard buttons.

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I think what I like most about this scarf is the way you get a mix of both Batman and Harley, but one doesn’t overpower the other. The design just…works. I could see this being used for numerous outfits (especially with these earrings).

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borderlands engagement ring box header

The creative engagement ring box designs that float around the internet never cease to amaze me. People turn items from franchises that aren’t necessarily thought of as romantic into beautiful keepsakes. Case in point: this Borderlands 2 loot chest box. It popped up on 9GAG, and this ring box is definitely memorable. The card on the inside says the ring comes with “100x Melee Damage.” Perfect.

See the inside of the box and the ring after the break.

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