Guess What? PokéButt!

pokebutts 2

It’s all about cute PokéButts thanks to Japan’s Pokémon Center Hip Hop! Parade! collection.

Pikachu, Piplup, Chirutto, and more of your favorites are bottoms up and adorable in everything from plush to bags to boxers.

In other words, it’s a bunch of adorbz.

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After undergoing spinal fusion surgery, redditor “Penguinz90” was required to wear a large neck brace that she thought might “freak out” the kids she teaches in her science class. In order to reduce the risk, and add some style to what is otherwise a completely utilitarian object, she decided to unleash some steampunk imagination:

I dyed the foam insert hot pink, then got a black oil based paint Sharpie and colored the plastic and Velcro straps black, then added the steampunk gears with hot glue. I took it off and leaned my head back on a recliner to color it, put it back on to dry off then glued everything on while looking in the mirror.

As you can see in the photo above, the result could lead to a new career in the jewelry business—not to mention the burgeoning world of custom nerdy medical gear (which includes wheelchairs, helmets and prosthetics).

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Makeup artist Tamang Phan is planning a series of “creepy, cool” videos for the Halloween season, and kicked off the effort by showing the world how to create a “double vision” makeup effect that will not only terrify, but hurt the eyes and brains of all who come into contact with you.

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bird cloaks

Whether you wear them for a creative cosplay or just as a super unique dress cloak, these gorgeous hand painted bird cloaks by by Etsy seller Isles Of Day make one hell of a fashion statement.

Custom made to order, the bird wings are created in acrylic paint on lightweight black wool. They come without a hood, but you can request one at the time of ordering and all orders take roughly 4 – 6 weeks.

Plus, proceeds from the cloak sales go to feeding and medical expenses for rescued cats. Bird cloaks for rescued cats. I love it.

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The Barrette Of Dragons


Etsy seller PINSwithPERSONALITY is living up to that name with this brass barrette of dragons. But that’s only scratching the surface—she also has designs that range from steampunk to mermaids.

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Holy crap. Look at that!

And how about this…

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As Sailor Moon celebrates its 20th Anniversary, fans have been treated to awesome fashion themed accessories, like these Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa lip balm and chopsticks sets. Premium Bandai is adding more sparkle to their Miracle Romance line and DX My Chopsticks Collection.

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The lip balms will come in two-piece sets priced at 3,024 yen (US $25). Each pack includes a grape-flavored Sailor Pluto lip rod and a pudding-flavored one for Chibiusa.

The chopsticks fashion (or food accessory) includes two new additions to the collection: Sailor Pluto’s lip rod and Chibusa’s Space-Time key, which will retail for 1,620 yen (US $13) each.

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably been trying to get your hands on the new COVERGIRL Star Wars collection. Well, here comes “Resistance Pilot”, modeled by the super fierce Janelle Monae.

For many, it’s been difficult to find this makeup line in stores, but we did manage to find some items in stock here. Happy hunting!

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Laura is a left arm transradial amputee and a kick ass cosplayer who recently commissioned Michelle Sleeper of Overworld Designs to create a real, working Furiosa arm from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

It’s beyond awesome.

Their partnership originally stemmed from the idea to re-create a Terminator-style Endo Arm. but after seeing Fury Road, their plans quickly changed (naturally). Michelle details the process in a thread on RPF:

“We had a short conversation and I asked her permission to build her the Furiosa arm as a real actual prosthetic, much like we were going to do for the T-800 Endo Arm and she couldn’t have been more thrilled. Our plan was to finish it for Dragon Con 2015. Needless to say, I was excited too.

During our planning for the Terminator Endo Arm project, I took a 3D scan of her using an Xbox Kinect and a software called Scannect. It allows you to easily get a rough 3D scan of someone or an object. It’s not high enough detail to look photo realistic, but it’s enough to get basic proportions. I use this myself to scale Pepakura files and do other digital sculpting. We tried getting a 3D scan of her arm and the results were alright. Really it was just enough to use for scaling and “subtracting” her arm from the Endo Arm model.

When we shifted gears to Furiosa, I decided the first thing to do was to get a plaster cast of her arm – The prosthetic would have to actually fit her, and there was no way for me to “try on” the prop myself while building it. After an afternoon at the shop, I had one of the weirdest casts I’ve ever made, but it was exactly what we needed!”

It just doesn’t get any cooler than this. Check out photos from the build after the break.

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hobbes scarf top

Etsy seller LoopTeeLoops is offering warm, fuzzy nostalgia for Calvin and Hobbes fans with this crochet Hobbes-inspired tiger scarf.

Described as “super soft and squishy”, the garment is handmade from yarn and felt, measures 192 cm, and will help identify those who have great taste in comics.

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