As if we didn’t already love Marvel enough, all the recent cinematic universe news has Marvel front and center in our fashionably geek brains. We have a feeling many of you might also be looking for ways to display your excitement for Marvel in your style, so we assembled some everyday cosplay outfits that perfect for showing your love of their classic heroes and villains in just about any situation.

For each outfit we found dresses inspired by Marvel characters along with some heroic cosmetics and accessories to continue the theme and really capture the spirit and style of each character.

From Captain Marvel to Iron Man, after the break you can find seven Marvel-inspired everyday cosplay outfits that will make you the stylish hero (or villain) our universe needs!

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Heh, did we get you with that one? This puntastic creation is the work of Geek Cameos Etc. and was originally commissioned for Stan himself. It’s available in a variety of colors as a brooch, lapel pin, hair pin, necklace, or all on its own so you can use it as the foundation for your own creation.

See Stan wearing himself after the break.

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We just can’t get enough of the Guardians of The Galaxy, so imagine our excitement when we discovered this new makeup collection inspired by the quirky team of heroes! The line was created by Geek Chic Cosmetics who named it rather appropriately “Awesome Mix.” It features six eyeshadows inspired by the film. The colors include “I Am Groot”, “Deadliest Woman In The Universe”, and “My Prince, My Starlord”. In these colors we can all save the universe and look good doing it too!

See the entire the collection after the break.

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You may be proud of your neatly groomed facial hair, but these guys take it to crazy new levels of awesome. They were all competitors in the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships (sponsored by Just For Men) which were held last Saturday in Portland, Oregon. Over 300 people competed in 18 different categories that involved more than just having a ton of hair on your face.

OregonLive spoke with event organizer Phil Olsen who said they were looking for facial hair that “best enhances their overall appearance, style and personality.” If these pictures are any indicator, personalities ranged from soldiers to adventurers to Gandalf.

All Photos: Craig Mitchelldyer / Competitor: Unidentified

See more crazy beards after the break.

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peggy carter

If you were wondering exactly what nail polish color you needed to match Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter, we have it straight from Hayley herself thanks to a recent tweet.

Peggy’s nail color is Cinnamon Sweet from OPI’s Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection.

I want to know what color other Marvel and DC ladies wear now that I think about it!

Check out the tweet after the break.

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We’ve previously featured adorable Luna and Artemis earrings from Nerdy But Still Girly’s etsy shop, and now there are even more wonderful styles to decorate your lobes. All of them feature a front stud that is the character’s face with a back that looks like the bodies. You can get Watson and Sherlock, Groot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even more to show off your devotion to your favorite fandom.

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The weather is turning colder and pretty soon you’ll be freezing so you’ll need a scarf to keep warm. This roll-up Pokéball scarf is just the thing with it’s red, black, and white pattern. This two-ply scarf is handmade with acrylic yarn and measures 6′ 5″ long. It looks like a regular striped scarf when it’s around your neck, but roll it up and you have an instant Pokéball.

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Most of us don’t get as much sleep as we need and there are times when we’d just like to take a nap. You can put your head on your arm, but that’s uncomfortable. Instead, try out the Ostrich Pillow Mini that slips over your arm and turns it into an instant pillow for nap time. It’s currently up for funding on kickstarter and has far exceeded its goal already. A pledge of $25 will have one on your arm this December.

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These headphones are both cool and very cute. Designed by artist Wenqing Yan and entrepreneur Victoria Hu, Axent Wear headphones feature ears that house external speakers and light up in a variety of colors. There’s also a removable jack with USB charger. They’re currently up on indiegogo where $150 will snag you a pair when they ship next April.

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Women in Japan are going to have one more choice in sanitary napkins this November with the introduction of a whole line inspired by Sailor Moon Crystal. According to Sailor Moon Collectibles:

Ultra Guard Safe Until Morning (navy blue packaging): these are made for wear overnight when you’re asleep, they are thicker for quick absortion and have fitted leak guards. 330: 33cm, 16 pieces per pack, 360: 36cm, 14 pieces per pack, 400: 40cm, 12 pieces per pack.
Ultra Guard Gokusui (white packaging): these are made for wear during the daytime when you’re active, they are slim and comfortable. Pink: 20.5cm, 26 pieces per pack, Orange: 24cm, 21 pieces per pack, Green: 27cm, 16 pieces per pack.

This is an officially licensed product, too, not just some weird knockoff although it really seems like it should be a joke.

(Kotaku via The Mary Sue)