This cute, leafy utility belt from TalismanaDesigns has more than enough room for your phone, wallet, or your mana and health potions. There’s actually a total of six pockets including two hidden ones, all with zipper and button closures.

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Wolverine claws that retract and deploy on command are nothing new. However, MyoWare’s claw reacts to your muscle movements. It senses when you flex your muscle and the four inch claws come popping out in a fraction of a second. Then just relax your arm and the claw recedes into the glove.

The best news though is MyoWare has made their hardware technologies open source and has generously shared their step-by-step instructions to build the claws for yourself.

Aside from the awesome cosplay possibilities, their Kickstarter campaign is giving back to the community. They will be donating one of the new 4th generation sensors for every five backers to Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit that builds and donates 3D-printed myoelectric prosthetic arms to children in need around the world.

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These leather padded leggings are just so unique I had to share. It reminds me of the Xenomorph in the Alien series or some cool futuristic armor. Etsy shop owner Aakasha says these leggings are made for comfort combing 95% viscose, 5% spandex, and 100% genuine leather ribbing.

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen while cosplaying is having a wardrobe malfunction during a convention. This “Tailor’s Assistant” from Mardigan Enterprises can definitely be a lifesaver.

The beautiful handmade leather bracer is accented with rivets and brass filigree to match perfectly with your Renaissance-steampunk-knight-warrior-pirate-whatever cosplay. And check out the giant list of sewing essentials:

-replica vintage crane sewing scissors, very usable and quite sharp!

-removable brass thimble with a cut slot for attachment via a strap

-wooden needle case with needles and pins

-handmade red felted pin cushion

-removable wooden bobbins with decorative colored thread; thread and bobbins could be replaced for practical use

It’s even tied together with a cloth measuring tape. Just lovely.

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I’m such a huge fan of hip bags; they’re more comfortable than shoulder bags, and can always double as a cosplay accessory. These fashion flare bags from Etsy shop Cyber Gypsy Fashion are made from super soft suede and come in a ton of color and stitch variations.

I could easily add this to my gypsy, faerie, elf costume and it has a billion pouches and zipper pockets to hold all my stuff. That’s really the most important part. Plus the adjustable straps ensure that comfort and sizing will be a cinch.

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mathematic mister fox edit

Mr. Fox gets mathematic on this adorable wallet that will hold your money, license, cards, checkbook (we still use those) and whatever else you can stuff in it.

Dare I say, it’s fantastic?

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clockwork, steampounk, heart, necklace, pendant

This beautiful steampunk heart pendant is extremely intricate with some parts measuring less than 2mm. Etsy shop owner Steelhip Design has true passion for vintage and for making inspiring pieces like this. Her signature mechanical heart pendants take about 16 hours of labor and are made from tiny watch gears, optical screws, a 3D copper heart, and wonderful artisan detail.

This heart in particular is already reserved. Now I truly need a mechanical heart because mine is broken. However, like most Etsy shops, you can request another design.

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This sterling silver dragon atop and old castle bracelet began with a pencil drawing and was then hand sculpted, molded and cast into a magical piece of jewelry. Etsy shop owner Mystic Swan describes the piece thusly:

“A mystical dragon prowls the passages of an ancient keep, the magic he holds shows through the swirls on his wings. The stone archways of the keep are draped with vines that show views of the world surrounding his liar; another castle with a moon hovering overhead, yet the sun shines through another archway, and another dragons flying nearby. All these work together to make a truly magical and unique fantasy jewelry bracelet.”

See More: Dragon Bracelets

Although the price tag may make you want to spit fire, you have to admit this is truly a unique piece. Check out more pictures after the break.

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Imagine that your head is some distant planet around which TIE-Fighters and X-Wings are battling it out. That’s the scenario you can create with these Star Wars dangle earrings. You could even reenact the Battle of Yavin with the Death Star versions.

Of course, in order to do all that you would have to buy all three sets to mix and match.

Product Page: ($24.99)


Now you can look just like Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road without having to be a demented despot thanks to Etsy seller thomasotom:

This is a lifesize wearable mask measuring 19cm wide, cast in cold cast aluminium fibreglass with resin and rubber parts. It comes with an adjustable elasticated strap and foam padding on the inside.

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