unicorn scarf

Not sure if you can commit to that full back tattoo of a unicorn? Well now you don’t have to with these gorgeous scarves. Etsy seller VolareShop makes majestic unicorn scarves by hand. When opened across your back, the 5′ x 8″ wing span can be displayed in all its glory.

And amazing as this print is, the shop also offers scarves with images of a phoenix, Maleficent, and even a Hippogriff.

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These vintage-styled steampunk gauntlets looks like what Iron Man would have fashioned for himself has he lived in the 1800s.

Etsy shop owner SkinzNhydez makes each custom piece by hand using 8oz veggie tanned leather, LED lights, brass sheets fashioned with rivets and studs, and dyes and finishers to add an aged, worn appearance.

With the level of detail and craftsmanship involved here, each piece takes about a month to complete. You can even provide custom design ideas.

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Medieval Weapon Hair Sticks

One can never be too prepared for a spontaneous medieval battle. Protect yourself and those you love with these single bladed battle axe chopsticks, ready to be whipped from your lovely locks to taste the blood of thine enemy. *fist in air*

The dangerous devices of hair styling are actually made from 3D printed PLA plastic then mounted on 8″ solid oak shafts. Pieces are then hand painted, stained, and assembled.

I’ve never thought about flesh-wounding hair sticks before, but now I can’t live without them. Check out more weapon styles after the break.

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Well, save your shoes anyway.

If you’re having trouble slipping into a pair of shoes, there are superheroes out there that actually specialize in trivial problems such as these. Duncan Shotton offers a fun line of superhero shoehorns that are definitely ready to help you conquer your stubborn shoes!

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This Totoro wallet is an adorable way to carry your cash. It’s made by Bunkoya Oozeki, an 80-year-old company with a history of making a special white leather called bunkogawa. Images are pressed onto the leather and then details and varnish are applied by hand.

The wallet has a zippered pouch and divided pockets for holding credit cards and other small items. Look inside and you’ll even find a hidden Totoro image. There’s also a matching passcard holder. It isn’t cheap, but quality never is.

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sailor moon nail art top

There’s a new fashion trend taking over Japan, and it’s wonderful! With the brand new series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, new scouts are teaming up with the nostalgic fangirls from the original 1990’s series and taking over all the nail salons.

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Epic doesn’t even begin to accurately describe the tiny finger-sized masterpieces. The painted details and accessories alone will make you squee with jealousy. I’m pretty sure these nails have power.

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We featured an official Master Chief motorcycle helmet this morning, but if you’re looking for a custom job, look no further than Air Graffix. With over 100 designs, they offer everything from Wonder Woman to Spiderman and Goku to Boba Fett.

According to their website, all helmets are hand painted with “diamond hard, automotive grade, high gloss urethane clearcoat for a long lasting, lustrious finish. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!”

You can even provide your own like new, solid colored gloss helmet to save $50 on your order.

Check out more awesome helmet designs and short 360 video after the break.

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Hide your pearls and your gossip in the Golden Girls box! This wonderfully decoupaged box includes plenty of room for your sparklies.

And if The Golden Girls aren’t your thing, Etsy shop owner PZcreations22 offers a ton of super geeky boxes to match your personal decor.

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It’s been a harsh winter so why not warm up with a fun hooded scarf? The Attack on Titan Survey Corps scarf has the badge embroidered on one side of the scarf while Link has hearts on one side and the triforce on the other. The Harley Quinn version ventures even deeper into cosplay with a jester-style hood.

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After a hard day of work or an eight hour power nap, chances are you will awaken feeling as slow and sluggish as a sloth. Etsy seller appendageaccessories can help you illustrate this point with a canvas sloth sleep mask that comes equipped with breathable foam lining and a 3/8″ thick adjustable elastic strap. The hand drawn image also provides a pleasing, happy appearance that can help counter the under eye bags and scowls that accompany sleepiness.

If sloths aren’t your thing (how could they not?), you can choose from a number of different designs, including several pictured after the break.

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