In Psycho Pass, a cyberpunk-crime anime, cops carry a futuristic sidearm called the “Dominator”–which, as you can see above, is a pretty apt name. Needless to say, cosplay props don’t get much better than this.

This amazing replica is a one-to-one scale recreation and it features a whole mess of crazy features like 217 RGB LEDs, built-in speakers that play sound effects (as well as 100 quotes from Noriko Hidaka, the actress behind the voice of the gun in the show), a small camera that provides real-time streaming capabilities to a smartphone and touch sensors on the grip that enable you to lock the gun.

However, the main feature is the gun’s ability to shift between “Paralyzer” and “Eliminator” modes just like in the show.

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When John Hodgman says to put him on a fashion blog, you do it. Just look a that shirt—he’s clearly a fashion icon.

Here he is modeling a Dark Crystal trading card pack as a pocket square. I’m sure this will spark a hot new trend.

Check out his Instagram post below.

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Etsy seller Lenny Mud has a love for all things ceramic. This includes, mugs, bowls, pencil holders, tea sets, and these adorably nerdy yarn bowls for those who enjoy knitting and crochet.

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Check out more examples below.

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Russian company Nitrinos Motostudio has been making cat-themed motorcycle helmets since 2011, and have developed four distinct styles available in a number of colors ranging from single-color to full “aerography” design with cat patterns and faces printed on them.

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The cat ears aren’t just cool to look at, either – they’re functional, providing ventilation for your warm, sweaty head.

Check out a complete set of product photos below.

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deadpool eye

Well, of course he would. We’ve already established how awesome Tal Peleg is.

See what Deadpool himself had to say about her latest work in the Instagram post below.

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This Darth Vader Briefcase definitely makes an impression. It tells everyone in the room that you mean business. Declining profits? Someone’s gonna get choked.

It’s officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and features a handle that’s shaped like Vader’s lightsaber along with a padded sleeve for your laptop or tablet.

Check out more pics below.

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LEGO fashion just got an upgrade with these new fabric clothes by Korean accessory shop Leese Design. They’re made for LEGO minifigures and can be switched in and out in a snap.

You can get each outfit for $5 or get the entire set for $25—which is a pretty good deal.

There are plenty of stylish and professional options here already, and Leese plans to release more designs in the future. Take a closer look at some of the designs below.

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If there’s one thing I know as a woman with long hair, it’s that you can never have too many hair accessories.

Take, for example, these two owl and Mortal Kombat-themed hairpins by Etsy seller MankID. If you get invited to a Harry Potter party or, uh, attend a gaming convention you’re covered.

I know, I’m pulling at strings to justify my need for these things, but you have to admit, they’re very pretty.

Take a closer look in the pics below.

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startrekphaser copy

If you’re planning on doing some Star Trek cosplay—you’re going to need a phaser. Official versions can be had for less than $30, but if you enjoy DIY projects and want to go even cheaper, the latest DIY Prop Shop episode has you covered. In it, Dylan Thomas highlights how to build a phaser from the original Star Trek series for only $12.

Remember, there are giant lizard men in space, so always be prepared! Watch the video below.

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Who says food and makeup don’t go together? Tim O. takes the two and makes an epic combination: a foodie fashion statement.

The intriguing part of this is how he draws our attention to the packaging on our favorite snacks. As you’ll see, Tim O. finds inspiration in the funky tones of Funyuns, Pop-Tarts and more.

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