At first glance, these scarves appear to be decorated with beautiful, random patterns—but they’re actually made with unique mathematical algorithms. KnitYak founder Fabienne Serriere combined her love of math and knitting and is now seeking funding to buy an industrial knitting machine to create these gorgeous scarves.

When I started out modifying knitting machines it was because I wanted patterning that was beautifully non-repeating. I wanted something that looked great no matter how I draped it or wore it. To find algorithms that produce great knit patterns, I set out on a journey to find code that created images that look great “pixelly” as a knit. Knitting is made up of tiny “v”‘s, not square pixels, so that also played into the choice of algorithms. One of the algorithms I ended up loving was an elementary cellular automaton that generates great knit patterns which are non-repeating in some lengths, and yet not noise. …All of the scarves are provably unique; no one has the same scarf as you and I can prove it. KnitYak scarves ship with the specific code and generating key used to make the pattern on your scarf. There is something powerful about knowing the mathematics and code behind the pattern you are wearing.

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If you grew up during the ’90s, then you probably remember slap bracelets. Well, the whole retro slap-style is back in the form of SlapSee sunglasses. They can slap-wrap around your wrist, or you can even attach them to the handlebars of your bike thanks to a hinge in the frames.

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You’ll have to sacrifice your sight for Disney style with these Alice in Wonderland sunglasses. The perforated lenses are printed with an Alice design that you can see through. Probably. Sort of.

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Keep your pants up and look awesome doing it with these Star Wars and Sailor Moon seatbelt-style belts. Choose from Rebel, Imperial, R2-D2, or Millennium Falcon blueprint designs in a belt that fits waist sizes from 28-46 inches. Sailor Moon comes in one style for waist sizes 26.5-46 inches. All are officially licensed products.

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We featured the first wave of Sunstaches mask sunglasses last month, but a whole bunch of ridiculous new options are on their way. We’re talking Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Minions.

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Entertainment Earth has just announced another exclusive for SDCC and the Bizarro Chair Cape is a fitting partner / nemesis / companion to the Batman Classic Chair Cape we posted a while back.

Promise me you’ll get one of each and so you can race those chairs around the office. Take pictures.

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Nope. Nothing at all.

Okay, maybe it’s a little weird. But it could be weirder…

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Etsy seller illumicyberwear has created a line of laser cut visors that light up with bright LEDs. This version has a J.A.R.V.I.S.-esque HUD and can be done in custom styles and colors.

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Everyone needs a good umbrella, and these Studio Ghibli-themed versions have the added benefit of changing patterns when they get wet.

The My Neighbor Totoro umbrella has an embroidered Totoro and, when it gets wet, a bunch of Totoros and clovers appear. Similarly, the Spirited Away umbrella features an embroidered No-Face. When it rains, a lot more No Faces are revealed along with Radish Spirits and Susuwatari images.

Both umbrellas have 28 spokes, have a matching cover and will retail in Japan for 3,500 yen or approx. $28 USD.

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Layla is the daughter of redditor Gfgrubb and she has to wear an eyepatch due to a small cataract in her eye. Her dad decided to make the best of it by decorating the patch with all sorts of wonderful nerdery. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Minions, and even Yoda have made appearances.

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