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Grab-It Pack ULTRA Gadget Holster [Review]

The Grab-It Pack gadget holster has been updated for 2011 with stronger straps, 1000D Ballistic Nylon construction, a wallet pocket zipper and stronger straps. We got a chance to try it out for ourselves and answer burning questions like “is this better than a fanny pack?”, “Is it better than cargo pants?” and “Will I feel stupid wearing one?” The answer is yes on all three counts.

First of all, anything is better than a fanny pack.

Second, cargo pants may provide more pockets that the Grab-It Pack ULTRA (there are three), but I always find putting my cellphone, keys or wallet in the lower pockets of cargo pants and shorts kind of annoying because they tend to move about in an annoying fashion as I walk or run. The Grab-It Pack fastens to your waist and your thigh—keeping the items tight to your leg, preventing movement. Overall it’s very comfortable to wear.

Third, I felt only slightly less ridiculous wearing this as I would have if I was wearing a fanny pack. At least a fanny pack is a little more inconspicuous. I mean, I wouldn’t be caught dead in it while jogging—though I admit that it would be a lot easier for the reasons mentioned above. No, if you are jogging wearing something like this I suggest accessorizing with some camo and a large rifle (it was developed by a stuntman after all).

On the other hand, the Grab-It pack wouldn’t look out of place at all on the jobsite. Plumbers, construction workers and photographers could get a lot of use out of something like this. It would also come in handy while engaging in outdoor sports like mountain biking or climbing. Plus, the extra durability means that it will be able to take more abuse while keeping your stuff secure. Just don’t expect it to keep your fragile gadgets safe from a direct blow. There isn’t any padding so it’s not going to take a bullet or anything.

Bottom line is that if you need to comfortably carry around a lot of stuff on your person and you don’t care what other people think, the Grab-It Pack ULTRA is worth looking into.

The Grab-It Pack Ultra is available now for $40. Earlier versions are available for as little as $25.


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