The Best Yoga Bag Looks Like A Quiver Of Arrows

yoga mat 4

I don’t care how many times you tell me yoga is relaxing, I still consider it exercise. And working out? So not my favorite thing. A silly technique I use to work through the pain is buying wacky accessories that will make me smile, and these Broga Mats definitely fit the bill.

The designs are meant to look like anything but yoga bags and mats and instead resemble items such as a quiver of arrows, a burrito, and a log (hey, you could pretend to be the Log Lady from Twin Peaks). I’m not saying these kitschy bags will make me more likely to go to the local yoga studio, but they don’t hurt.

Check out the rest of the funny collection after the break.

yoga mat 2

yoga mat 3

yoga mat 5

yoga mat 6

Product Page ($40 and up via Incredible Things)


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