This Girl Is Dating Her JanSport Backpack And It’s Amazing

jansport date

Let’s be honest, cutesy photos of couples plastered across social media can get annoying.

However, there’s an Instagram account we can all enjoy for fun and relationship amusement thanks to a gal by the name of Genevieve Blau. She’s been chronicling the “dates” she has with her pink JanSport backpack.

As Blau told the Daily Dot:

“I was going to a nice restaurant and I was wearing this backpack, and I was like, you know what? I’m going to choose to not feel bad about the fact that I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt going to this fancy Italian restaurant and make this about something fun that I can do while I dine by myself.”

Her 10 year old JanSport gets out more than I do!

Experience the love affair after the break.

Happiness is a Brooklyn backyard on a beautiful Sunday with your love. #springinnewyork #brooklyn #JansportDate

A photo posted by Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) on

Day dates are fun!! Met up with JanSport for an iced tea and a stroll in the park. #springinnewyork #JansportDate

A photo posted by Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) on

We're splitting a marg!! #yolo #thursdaylunch #jansportdate

A photo posted by Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) on

Double #JansportDate.

A photo posted by Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) on

You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

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