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Assimilate This Borg-Themed ‘Star Trek’ Backpack


Patterned after the Borg’s look circa Star Trek: The Next Generation and featuring the seldom-seen Borg symbol on the back, this snazzy backpack will set you back $89.99 of your American dollars.

Still with me? Because that’s expensive for a backpack.

Okay, so I’m sure you’re expecting me to throw in some clever TNG references here. Maybe I’ll suggest you “Make it so,” or that this backpack is your “Number One” purchase next month. But no! We don’t resort to such cheap wordplay here. That type of low-hanging fruit is beneath us. No, instead, we’ll simply give you the Data and leave you to La Forge your own ideas about whether you want to Picard this bag or not. Sorry to be the Crusher of expectations – we know some of you Worf these puns down – but that kind of cheap wordplay is simply a bridge too Yar. If you want that kind of coverage, you might want to Troi another geek fashion blog.


Product Page ($89.99)

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