Autistic Flower Girl Finds Courage Thanks To Her Yoda Backpack

This adorable little girl was more than a little nervous to fulfill her duties as a flower girl for her mother’s wedding. She also has autism, which made the prospect of getting up in front of all the guests particularly daunting.

She spent the morning hiding under her bed until her aunt coaxed her out with the promise of a Yoda backpack. After a quick trip to the toy shop, she appeared to feel safer with Yoda hovering over her shoulder. So, when it came time to head to the church, the girl refused to go without the backpack.

Her mother obliged of course, and the young Padawan was able to get through the ceremony without a problem thanks to her Jedi master. The result is one of the sweetest wedding pics ever taken.

(Offbeat Bride via The Mary Sue)


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