The Future Of Accessories Includes 3D Printed Handbags


Every day companies are finding new and fantastic ways to put 3D printing technology in the hands of consumers. Reaching for a next level in tech and customization is Italian company XYZ Bag, which has begun offering sleek, custom 3D printed handbags.

XYZ Bag’s brand philosophy is simple:

The best handbag you can use is the one that wears your sign and soul. We want to transfer your intimate self-expression into a handbag, an everyday product that represents you. You’ll find your style in your emotion. A fashion statement of yourself.


XYZ presents users with two methods to design and order their bags: you can use the site creator to choose between two standard options with customizable text, or you can contact them directly to take their customization capabilities even further. As you can see, users have already come up with some pretty stunning designs.



Each bag comes standard with a leather strap and a smaller fabric pouch that attaches to the interior with velcro.

As it often does, being on the cutting edge comes with a hefty price tag. Even choosing one of the standard options will run you approximately $280. However, for those looking for something fun and unique, you can get an idea of how your custom bag will look with the online bag creator here.



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