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1-31In what could be one of the most ingenious advertising efforts ever, Kyrgyzstan-based I-Media has created concept packaging for Molocow milk that makes every bottle look like a UFO abducting a cow.

The company states that it used a common meme about alien cow abduction to re-imagine the bottle and packaging so it will appeal to children (and, we assume, everyone else on the planet—including those who are violently lactose intolerant).

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Batman just lost the theme song jam to the Man of Steel. While strumming in the park, his dissonant ukulele rendition of the 1960s theme was quickly upstaged by Superman playing his infinitely more majestic signature tune on flaming bagpipes while riding a unicycle.

As you’ll see in the video below, the Dark Knight was pissed.

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1-21Andy Elliott put boredom and popsicle sticks to a fun but dangerous use and created a miniature crossbow that shoots toothpicks. He also created a step by step construction video, which also demonstrates how the device can waste toy army men and plastic cups.

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ElectricStyles is reinventing the necktie as a stylish LED device that reacts to sounds with illuminated patterns.

The ties measure 17″ and require two AAA batteries that are stored in a pack that “hides comfortably” in the back of the tie. They’re also reasonably priced, which will no doubt inspire multitudes of people to push their company dress code to the limit.

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Swiss watchmaker Hautlence decided that a wristwatch doesn’t have to be a watch at all – it can be a $12,000 analog game.

Their new Playground Labyrinth allows wearers to navigate a tiny 18k gold ball around a maze by moving your wrist and making you look like your arm is having an uncontrollable spasm. The goal is to get the ball to fall into a hole on the face, at which point it will disappear into the game’s inner mechanism. By turning the crown dial on the side, it will magically re-emerge in a second hole at the beginning of the maze.

Although the device doesn’t include any provision for telling the time, it’s probably unnecessary, since those who can afford the massive price tag probably have schedules that consist of kicking back and rolling in money.

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1-7From That’s Nerdalicious: A man’s home is his castle, and if you need an appropriately tiny goblet from which to consume your libations while reclining on thy royal La-Z-Boy and watching thy noble TV, then check out this Knight’s shot glass set. It’s perfect for helping you forget the horrors of battle (aka your crappy job).

The stainless steel vessels can accommodate 1 1/2 ounces of His Majesty’s chosen booze and are available in a set of four, for those occasions when thy noble bros gather together to form the council of the sh*tfaced.

Each glass measures 2 5/8″ tall x 2″ diameter, but are not stately enough to withstand an encounter with thy regal dishwasher or microwave.

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Etsy seller “uvproductionhouse” has grappled with the problem of how to take goldfish for a walk. The result is this clear aquarium backpack that claims to be handmade to order, self-cleaning and equipped with with goldfish, rocks, snails and plants. The details stop there however.

But it is clear that you will have to shell out a whopping $500 if you want to give your goldfish a tour of the outside world.

Product Page: ($500 via IT)

1-34If you’ve never been to the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you may not have heard of Trdelník, but they are described as a sweet dough that’s rolled into long ropes, wrapped around wood or metal rods, then baked while rotating over a heat source. They are also frequently coated with sugar, cinnamon, or nuts after baking.

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1-26From That’s Nerdalicious: It goes without saying, but you should get two of these oven mitts and give yourself the T-Rex head hands that you’ve always dreamed of.

This ambidextrous, silicone tyrant lizard uses teeth ridges to grip your pots and trays and is ready to brave the elements for you, being dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. As an added plus, it will ask for nothing in return for its services – although this might just be an indication that it hates your cooking.

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1-22From That’s Nerdalicious: If you aspire to be a crazy cat lady when you grow up, you can advertise the fact in the school cafeteria with this themed lunchbox from Archie McPhee.

The metal box measures 8” x 7” x 4” and comes with a vinyl dangle and a free sticker reaffirming your feline allegiance. For added realism, you can fill it with a cat lady lunch, which would likely consist of partially stolen food covered with a fine layer of cat hair.

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