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OppoSuits has redesigned the conventional men’s business suit with a retro nerd flare by covering it with the classic stage layout from Pac-Man. The suit also includes a matching tie and an unexpectedly affordable price of $109. Classy.

There doesn’t seem to be any information about materials, but chances are this is just a trifling detail to classic arcade fanatics.

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1-4Artist Lingvistov has an obsession with coffee. So much so, that she created a series of illustrated quotes that fellow caffeine addicts are sure to relate to.

They also make it pretty clear that in many cases, the humble coffee bean is the difference between alert and productive workers and those who go through their day with a perpetually extended middle finger.

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1-2Love Taco Bell but worry about where all of the ingredients come from? Maybe you just want to improve the quality or get more for your money. If so, the Brothers Green can help.

The duo have created a series of videos showing how to make the chain’s classic menu items at home, including (among others) tacos, Mexican pizza, quesadillas, Baja gordita, chalupa and grilled stuffed burrito as well as the basics such as ground beef, refried beans, fire sauce and nacho cheese sauce.

The creations can reportedly be made using ingredients that can be found a typical supermarket, although they will likely require you to “splurge just a little”.

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1We all know what happens when a LEGO brick meets a foot – swearing and pain. But what happens when it meets a hydraulic press?

Sweet, sweet revenge.

YouTuber “Hydraulic Press Channel” subjected a brick, a minfig and two LEGO vehicles to the the press. There were some miraculous escapes before complete destruction, but the bricks that couldn’t get away ended up getting crushed like Play-Doh.

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bazooka-topBakers at Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney, Australia have supersized the cannoli with a creation called “The Bazooka”.

The mega dessert consists of a massive cannoli shell filled with 50 standard sized cannoli. Being huge, the result attracted a lot of attention on the Internet, leading Pasticceria Caruso to teach several bloggers the art of its creation while attending a recent Barilla AUS event.

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1-31In what could be one of the most ingenious advertising efforts ever, Kyrgyzstan-based I-Media has created concept packaging for Molocow milk that makes every bottle look like a UFO abducting a cow.

The company states that it used a common meme about alien cow abduction to re-imagine the bottle and packaging so it will appeal to children (and, we assume, everyone else on the planet—including those who are violently lactose intolerant).

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Batman just lost the theme song jam to the Man of Steel. While strumming in the park, his dissonant ukulele rendition of the 1960s theme was quickly upstaged by Superman playing his infinitely more majestic signature tune on flaming bagpipes while riding a unicycle.

As you’ll see in the video below, the Dark Knight was pissed.

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1-21Andy Elliott put boredom and popsicle sticks to a fun but dangerous use and created a miniature crossbow that shoots toothpicks. He also created a step by step construction video, which also demonstrates how the device can waste toy army men and plastic cups.

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ElectricStyles is reinventing the necktie as a stylish LED device that reacts to sounds with illuminated patterns.

The ties measure 17″ and require two AAA batteries that are stored in a pack that “hides comfortably” in the back of the tie. They’re also reasonably priced, which will no doubt inspire multitudes of people to push their company dress code to the limit.

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Swiss watchmaker Hautlence decided that a wristwatch doesn’t have to be a watch at all – it can be a $12,000 analog game.

Their new Playground Labyrinth allows wearers to navigate a tiny 18k gold ball around a maze by moving your wrist and making you look like your arm is having an uncontrollable spasm. The goal is to get the ball to fall into a hole on the face, at which point it will disappear into the game’s inner mechanism. By turning the crown dial on the side, it will magically re-emerge in a second hole at the beginning of the maze.

Although the device doesn’t include any provision for telling the time, it’s probably unnecessary, since those who can afford the massive price tag probably have schedules that consist of kicking back and rolling in money.

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