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elder scrolls hoodies

These costume hoodies from Elder Scrolls Online include Nord Pact, Altmer Dominion, or Breton Covenant versions in a cotton/polyester blend. Each is an officially licensed product and the Breton hoodie even comes with a detachable face mask.

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These fantastic bags by MacGuffin Designs help define your fandom for the masses. Each features a definition for things like Cumberbitch, Hiddlestoner, and Superwholock. There are also matching wallets so you can make the look complete.

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These beautiful necklaces are designed by Kelly Zogheb. She’s a New York designer who produces jewelry in limited runs based on current games. The pieces are made from brass to they’ll age to a unique patina over time.

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These mittens are designed to look like you’re holding the Andromeda galaxy right in the palms of your hands. They’re just perfect for space-loving knitters and you can make them yourself by downloading the pattern. You can even change up the colors to get just the look you desire.

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This absolutely adorable Totoro costume dress is a Hot Topic exclusive by Her Universe. It’s a 100% cotton dress that will have you ready to go when things warm up and summer is here.

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This really well done Ame-Comi Wonder Woman features IvyCosplay. The costume is great and the detail on the sword is incredible. She’s beautifully photographed by MC Illusion Photography looking ready to take on anything.

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This lovely bouquet features roses made from the pages of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and The Princess Bride. Instead of holding stems wrapped in ribbon, there’s a sonic screwdriver worked into the arrangement. From the product page:

“Show your love of the Doctor as you walk down the aisle. This lovely bouquet of roses is made out of a combination of book page and colored roses is attached to a toy replica of the sonic screwdriver (choose the 10th or 11th doctor). The screwdriver lights up at the bottom and makes fun noises.”

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Corsages and bouquets can be custom made “out of any combination of book page, music pages, or colored paper”.

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The Nintendo Power Glove came out back in 1989 and, although was a cool idea, it was also complete flop. Still, it has not been forgotten even after all these years. In fact, one glove recently got a new life thanks to animator Dillon Markey who uses the glove as a stop-motion animator on projects like Robot Chicken and PES.

He worked with an electrical engineer to modify the device so that it now works with his stop-motion software via Bluetooth. Not only does it let him more easily calibrate where things should be for each shot, but they added gadgets to the glove like tweezers and sensors that emit the perfect (NSFW) phrase if you do a fist bump.

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Liam Porter just got a very cool 3D-printed arm that looks like it belongs to a Clone Trooper. It was made by e-NABLE who 3D print limbs for kids who are growing too quickly to qualify for regular versions. John Peterson made the limb for Liam after being inspired by a group of cosplayers at Maker Faire. They even showed up when Liam got his new arm making it a moment the boy will likely never forget.

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These gorgeous pictures show us how Frozen characters would look in traditional Chinese garb called Cheongsam. It’s the work of Constable-frozen who created these computer-generated versions of Anna and Elsa that puts them in China instead of Norway. We’d love to see this movie.

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