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It doesn’t matter how badly your day started because this little cosplaying Corgi will put a smile on your face. His name is Kiba and he’s cosplayed everyone from Link to Mario to an assassin. He is adorable and I would very much like to steal him and make him my own.

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This steampunk prosthetic leg is the incredible design of Christopher Snell who specializes in making all kinds of prosthetics. This one is not one you’ll likely see every day, and features whirring steampunk gears with wood and brass accents that make it look like it’s doing all the work to propel itself. It’s quite a work of art!

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This super-cute Sonic and Tails cosplay features two sisters who go by the name Opposite Cosplay. Their gender-swapped versions of the characters are adorable and you’ve got to love those matching shoes.

Photography: Meg Super

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These cartoon versions of the crew of Serenity are even cuter than their real-world counterparts. If we can’t have more Firefly with the original cast, maybe we can get an animated version instead. Please?

At least we have this t-shirt.

Product Page ($19.95 via TeeCraze)


Just imagine looking out the window while you’re driving down the highway and seeing Batman. On his Batcycle. That’s what happened to Ryuuchan this weekend in Chiba Prefecture. He snapped these pictures of Batman speeding down the highway, apparently on his way to fight crime somewhere.

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These Disney princesses are more than capable of saving themselves, thank you very much. This group of cosplayers imagined much tougher versions of the ladies and debuted their look at Anime Revolution in Vancouver, B.C. last weekend.

Jasmine: Gladzy Kei
Megara: Megan Langan
Elsa: Jessica Nigri
Anna: Vivid Visions
Cinderella: Jessica Roh
Snow White: Andy Rae
Ariel: Caroline Dawe

Photography: The Will Box

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The Ninth Doctor wasn’t around for long, but he’s still got a place in our hearts. This dress is a subtle tribute to him that only the most die-hard Whovians will recognize. It’s a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend that will make you look like a Time Lord.

Product Page ($40)

I Am Creepy Groot


There will likely be more than a few people running around at Halloween dressed as Groot, and hopefully none of them will be wearing this mask. I think it’s because there’s no makeup around his eyes, but this guy looks like a deranged serial killer. Please, when you dress up as Groot, do not be this guy. If you are this guy, please stay away from me.

Product Page ($29.21 via Cheezburger)


Here’s the perfect shirt for those addicted to taking selfies.


It was designed by Timur Kim to help frame your face and create the perfect shot. This involves a kind of odd geometric design adorning the neckline of several different shirts. Also, these shirts cost roughly $166 so the price of the perfect selfie is a little high, but if you’re into selfies, then it’d be worth it. Right?

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Each of these gorgeous handmade dresses features elegant renderings of the moon and galaxies. You have your choice of styles and prints with everything from snug tank dresses to flirty skater dresses to a stunning maxi dress. Images are custom designed and digitally printed.

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