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This tattoo belongs to 52-year-old Michael Baxter who is, unsurprisingly, a huge fan of The Simpsons. This grandfather who is a prison guard in Barwon, Australia only got his first tattoo about ten years ago, but since then has just kept adding more. His incredible back tattoo was created by Jade Baxter-Smith of Twisted By Design Tattoo and Piercing. He told the Herald Sun:

It’s an addiction. Once you get one you want more and more.

He is hoping to set a Guinness World Record for having the most cartoons tattooed on his body. David Mirkin (who works on the show) even chimed in with his humorous thoughts.

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A Star Destroyer is generally a thing that strikes fear in the hearts of men, but not this one. Okay, maybe there were some nervous jitters on the part of Stephen Dempsey who built it to propose to his girlfriend, Amanda. She’s a big Star Wars fan so he hid the ring inside the ship. He told The Daily Dot:

“Our love is like this ship,” he told Amanda. “Its shields defend from any outside force wanting to get in and destroy us.”

Isn’t that just the cutest? And yes, they plan to have Star Wars integrated into their wedding day by playing the theme as the enter for the reception.

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Just imagine you’re driving around your peaceful neighborhood and see this standing on a street corner. It would likely make you drive faster in the opposite direction. Redditor number784 recognized Pyramid Head and snapped this picture so we could all enjoy the wonderful creepy of this cosplayer taking full advantage of a foggy day.

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This fantastic Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon 2 features cosplayer miasundance along with Odinia Cosplay as Toothless. She created the props and did most of the sewing herself except for a little help on the tricky bits from her Aunt who is a seamstress. Both characters are captured perfectly by Ricardo Espiau.

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horror story makeup

Makeup artist Jan Bonito resides in Colorado and his skills are truly mind blowing. He’s used nothing but makeup to become the characters from American Horror Story: Freak Show and the results are so good it’s creepy. It’s not just that show either, as he’s got Lana Del Rey and others in the mix, too. He shows you exactly how he achieves each look and even has walkthroughs so you can give it a try.

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Riot Games has just launched its League of Legends store, so prepare to start emptying your wallet. There are hoodies, track jackets, and t-shirts along with the most adorable plush hats. You can choose from a Teemo or Corki hat and look fantastic while you’re keeping warm this winter.

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The HDD Watch takes a tiny piece of old technology and turns it into a unique and super nerdy timepiece. It’s the work of a Frenchman named Jean Jérôme who builds the watches out of obsolete Microdrives and even gives them hands that look like reading arms. He also created a printed watchband that looks like a circuit board.

The watch is currently up for funding on indiegogo where he set a goal of raising enough cash to build 500 additional watches. He’s more than doubled his funding goal with several weeks still remaining on his campaign. You can secure a watch for about $120 and have it on your wrist sometime later this month.

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Harley Renshaw is only 5-years-old and he is facing the battle of his life against a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. The cancer is in his kidneys, neck, lungs, and bones and Harley is now being treated at Royal Manchester Children’s hospital in a clinical trial. He’s had over 80 days of chemotherapy, and he’s gotten through it all in part by wearing a special Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit.

The Manchester Evening News reports that it’s actually the protective mask that helps him stay still during treatments and he says the TMNT decoration makes him feel stronger. He also has special “beads of courage” that he wears to help him keep his spirits up. He’s already had one surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney and now thinks of the scar on his stomach as a “pirate scar.”

He was recently awarded a Cancer Research UK Little Star Award, which honors the challenges kids like Harley face when battling cancer. Cowabunga, dude, you keep up the fight!

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The latest offerings from Anovos feature two new Star Wars costumes with a decidedly Imperial slant. There’s a TIE Fighter Pilot’s outfit and Darth Vader’s helmet which comes apart to reveal the interior as it was seen when Vader died. As we’ve seen in the past, Anovos makes the most screen accurate Star Wars replica costumes money can buy. These appear to be no exception.

The TIE Pilot’s outfit includes:

Helmet with finished, lined interior and adjustable helmet suspension rig.
Built-in environmental/air system in helmet for comfort.
Bubble lenses installed in helmet.
Chest armor and chest box, with flexible hoses that plug into helmet.
Back armor.
Leather belt with metal belt buckle.
100% polyester black jumpsuit, with pockets and zip-front. Silk-screened Imperial emblem on jumpsuit.
Faux leather gloves.

Both the TIE Pilot’s outfit and Vader’s helmet are currently available for preorder with delivery expected this summer.

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Now you can wear your favorite places as maps printed on a skirt or tank top. There is a huge database of maps from which to choose. You pick your clothing, align the map exactly the way you like, and your custom piece with your favorite place will be made specially for you.

Product Page ($45-$85 via Boing Boing)