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While we’re all still holding out for flying cars, we can at least have these sneakers that look just like the self-lacing ones worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. Plus, they are a million times cheaper than the Mags Nike released on eBay back in 2011.

In fact, these are officially licensed by Universal so they look exactly like the real deal complete with LED lights in the insoles. If only they actually laced themselves, too.

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This Chewbacca dog might not pull your arm out of its socket, but he could kill you with cute. The picture was posted by redditor ejara80 whose friend dressed up the little pooch and entered him in a Star Wars costume contest at Petco. He won third place, which seems entirely unjust because he is the cutest ever. Perhaps there was a Jedi mind trick involved in the judging.

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These beautiful Harry Potter dresses let you relive your glory days at Hogwarts. Each features fabric patterned with the crest of the house of your choosing. Since they’re custom made, you’ve also got a little room to customize choosing either a tank or skater style and the option of short sleeves or even longer or shorter hems.

Product Page ($75 Geekymerch via Boing Boing)


We know Sonic is fast in the game, but how fast is he in the real world? Emlyn Lewis decided to find out by having a guy cosplay as the hedgehog and run through the streets of Dublin against a public tram. Sonic seems to have no problem keeping up, but that’s a given. We would like to see him take on a bullet train.

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The Attack on Titan dancing cosplayer is back! First he terrorized random citizens on the streets of Japan, but this time, it’s a little kid. She makes an awesome Mikasa in a costume created by Yuto Akaboshi. Don’t run away, little one. You can totally take him!

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Those of you looking to cosplay as Boba Fett at your next convention, or this Halloween, can now build your very own Z-6 jetpack just like he wore in the films. The plans come from Kyle Gilbert who has posted the full how-to over on his blog and also created an instructable. Now you’ll be ready to claim the next bounty Vader sends your way.

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This lovely crocheted version of Princess Anna’s hat is the work of Laura at Over The Apple Tree. It’s absolutely perfect from the colors to the tassels to the 3D pink flowers. You can download the pattern and make this for the Frozen-crazed little girl in your life. Better yet, make one for yourself.

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We already have ugly Christmas sweaters so why not expand the concept to Halloween? This depressing sweater has the very serious image of Edgar Allan Poe and it’s even got a raven flying off into the gloom.

Product Page ($42.50 via Geyser of Awesome)


This Katarina from League of Legends features Midlane Props and Cosplay in a costume she wore at PAX Prime this year. Amazingly, she put it together in just a week and a half! Photography by M. Groah Photography.

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It’s pretty cool that people can now print up their own prosthetic hands, but one guy has made them even cooler with the addition of Wolverine claws. Aaron Brown volunteers with Enabling the Future and he created a set of Wolverine claws to work with 3D printed prosthetic hands. From TechCrunch:

“The Comic loving nerd inside of me (along with some Facebook friends) said there is no way I can make a Wolverine hand without CLAWS…so I modeled some in Sketchup the morning before the makerfaire, printed ‘em, spray painted ‘em silver and velcro’d ‘em on there. Turned out pretty darn cool!

Brown has now been building the Wolverine claws for kids from a shop he recently set up after debuting them at the Grand Rapids Maker Faire. Plans for the hands themselves can be downloaded for free at Thingiverse.

(via TechCrunch)