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If you consider yourself an “Animeniac” and you’re old enough to remember the show Animaniacs, then you’ll fully understand why these shirts are mashup perfection. You’ll also be happy to know that both versions of the shirt are on sale for just $10 today only!

Product Pages: Version 1 / Version 2 ($10/Today Only)


I bet Donatello is pissed.

On the plus side, this crazy shirt is only $10 if you grab it today.

Product Page ($10)

awesome shirts

If you enjoyed The LEGO Movie, you probably think these shirts are awesome. Everything about them is awesome—especially the price. They can be had for $11 each today only!

Product Page ($11)

doctor selfie

I think the Doctor has finally broken down and set up a Twitter account. I bet his Instagram account would be amazing.

Grab “Doctor Selfie” and “Let’s Play Doctor” for just $11 each today only!

Product Page ($11)

She Said Yes!

lego proposal top

See why after the break…

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best time machine

If you want to travel back in time or to other worlds, all you need to do is pick up a book. Just try not to break your glasses.

“That’s not fair. That’s not fair at all. There was time now….”

Grab this shirt for just $12 today only with free shipping!

Product Page ($12)

link spirited away

This mashup of Legend of Zelda and Spirted Away is hard to resist—especially since you can have it for just $11. Better hurry though, the deal ends tomorrow!

Product Page ($11)

frozen who

It was only a matter of time before Frozen got the Doctor Who treatment, and who better to do it than Karen Hallion as part of her Fairy Tale Who series?

Both of these shirts are on sale for $11 each, but don’t wait too long to grab one. The deal is good for today only! As an added incentive, you’ll get a sticker playset with the purchase of two shirts.

Product Page ($11)

porkins yoda

Which will it be? Porky Pig Porkins and Darth Elmer or Pocket Yoda? Both t-shirts are on sale for just $11 today only, so grab them while you still can!

Product Page ($11)


We’ve seen a lot of stained glass / Zelda mashups but not many have made their way to shirts. As if this Link shirt wasn’t awesome enough, there’s also a Big Link shirt option pictured after the break!

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