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We have a shirt store full of nerdy designs from the best independent artists and they’re all on sale for just $14! Better hurry though, the sale ends tonight, July 12th at 11:59 pm EST.

In fact, the prices of everything have been slashed:

-T-Shirts – $14
-Tanks – $18
-Kids Tees – $14
-Hoodies – $35
-Crew necks – $30
-Prints and Canvas 25% Off

We have added lots of new designs, so head on over to the store and grab your favorites at a discount while you still can!


French artist Christophe Guinet specializes in recreating familiar objects with flowers and other organic materials. His most recent project is a Batman cowl made with a foam mold covered in tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen and fungus. As you can see it’s actually wearable.

What are you?

I am Grootman.

Check out more pictures after the break…

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harley quinn

It’s awesome to watch this Harley Quinn makeup come together. Check out Made U Look’s tutorial after the break with a bonus Poison Ivy version.

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Everyone wants more Widow, and Funko’s delivering with this adorable Pop-themed shirt.

In fact, it’s part of a first wave of new Pop tees that you can check out after the break…

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krieger cosplay

This Krieger and his virtual girlfriend cosplay from Archer by Sorenzo Props and Kitty Lappin is pretty fantastic by itself, but the clever photography by Alasdair Watson really puts it over the top.

Head on over to the Alasdair Watson facebook page for more photos from this series. While you’re at it, check out their other work. They have a knack for adding cool effects to their photos.

her universe sdcc

Many of the new fashions that Her Universe debuted for SDCC 2015 are now available for purchase! But before you shop, check out some of our pics from last night’s Her Universe Fashion Show after the break (Updated with our full album of images)…

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doof conan 2

Conan and Andy are heading to Comic-Con, and they’re taking the Fury Road in some killer Mad Max cosplay. Check out the video after the break…

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sherlock mustache episode

As you probably already know, the upcoming Sherlock special will be set in Victorian London. It’s a one-off thing, but here’s hoping that Watson’s mustache will get it’s own spin-off.

Clearly, it’s a star.

(via BBC)

pokeball skirt

Etsy seller oxygenimpulse has some cute skater skirts in her shop—including this all over Poke Ball print.

But that’s not all!

Check out some equally cute game controller and sushi versions after the break…

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The “Giant Robot Cap” is standard issue for every Gundam pilot to be worn on formal occasions.

Maybe they should rethink that.

Product Page: ($14.99)