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Loot Crate has unveiled the theme for May 2015 and, not surprisingly, it ties in nicely with the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The theme is “Unite” and it is described thusly:

Two heads are better than one. There’s strength in numbers. And there’s no “I” in “Loot Crate.” This month theme all about amazing teams –– and we are calling on all Looters to Unite! Whether you’re traveling to alternate dimensions or through the universe, battling dastardly supervillains or just trying to capture a flag, it’s always better to have a group of like-minded individuals on your side to help you reach your goals … and an exclusive t-shirt couldn’t hurt! To celebrate all the ways that teams Unite, we’ve got amazing exclusives from Marvel’s Avengers, Power Rangers, Bravest Warriors, Valve’s Team Fortress and Rick and Morty.

Sounds good to us. If you’re interested in jumping in to a Loot Crate subscription with “Unite”, you can get 10% off your subscription when you use the code “FASHIONABLYGEEK” at checkout.

Check out the Loot Crate box reviews we did on Nerd Approved for April (Fantasy) and March (Covert) to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

And don’t forget that one lucky Looter will get the Mega Crate for May on their doorstep! See what amazing (and expensive) surprises await inside that prize box after the break…

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death star dress

This Death Star dress is fully operational and ready for a night on the town or a quick trip to the store. Just keep in mind that wardrobe malfunctions involving thermal exhaust ports are unspeakably catastrophic.

Take a closer look at the Death Star design after the break…

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joker top

Jared Leto has been teasing us with his Joker transformation for the last month or so, but Suicide Squad director David Ayer gave us our first good look last night in honor of the character’s 75th anniversary. It’s uh…different.

I mean that “damaged” tattoo though…

Check out the full image after the break and let us know what you think in the comments.

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What better place to store your stuff than Darth Vader’s shrunken head? I can’t think of one.

The Star Wars Darth Vader Molded Crossbody Purse is definitely compact, but still big enough to hold your wallet, phone and keys. Plus it’s undeniably awesome looking.

See it in use after the break…

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ultron makeup

Pompberry does some incredible things with makeup, and her Ultron is no exception. What’s more, she’s filmed a tutorial so you can try recreating the look at home.

Check out the video after the break…

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They say that few can endure the gaze of the Eye of Sauron, but not so with these earrings. Etsy seller CuriologyJewellery laser cut these acrylic Barad-dûr earrings and embedded 8mm glass “Eye of Sauron” domes to complete the awesome LOTR look.

Product Page: ($10.88)


You’ll never look more majestic lying on your couch watching Netflix as you will when you wear these magical unicorn socks.

Product Page: ($11.99)

(via Buzzfeed)

star wars hawaiian shirt

Call me crazy, but it’s kind of irresponsible to wear secret plans. There could be spies all over that beach.

Product Page ($49.99)

lady fett hanna solo

Lady Fett and Hanna Solo made an appearance at Star Wars Celebration. Gotta love that.

Image: Elliot Serrano

But things got even more interesting when Chewbacca got into the act. Check out the amazing pic after the break…

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We’ve all seen Game Of Thrones jewelry featuring house sigils and whatnot, but Daedra Jewelry takes her designs to creative new places. The House Targaryen-inspired antique silver necklace pictured above is a perfect example. Two dragons frame a Swarovski crystal that can be customized to the color of your choice.

Check out more necklaces and rings from the series after the break…

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