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Twitter user Nama Gundam loves Gundam and snowboarding. The sensible thing to do would be to combine these two passions—so that’s exactly what he did.

And yes, that Gundam armor is custom made to be functional snowboarding gear.

See him and his Gundam gang in action after the break.

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hotel cosplay

So my friend checked into a random hotel, and then this happened

She accidentally nailed that hotel cosplay is what happened.

(via Reddit)


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jubilee top

This X-Men Jubilee cosplay by Song Ja Park is based on the Bishoujo statue by Kotobukiya, and it’s absolutely magnificent.

Photos by JW Cosplay Photography.

Check out more pics below.

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star wars tfa samurai

Samurai-inspired Star Wars costume designs are certainly nothing new, but this art by Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey is the first we’ve seen based on The Force Awakens. My guess it that it won’t be long before we see something like this in the Movie Realization figure line.

Check out the entire series below.

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rey cat

Rey the cat is pictured here just seconds before committing murder.

(via cat cosplay)

kylo smashes stuff

Even Deadpool doesn’t want to mess with Lil’ Kylo Ren.

Check out the tweet fro D-Piddy below.

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Those “hoverboard” scooter things that don’t hover are lame. However, we have to admit that they can take Dragon Ball cosplay up a notch.

However, given all of the dangerous things Goku is doing on the streets of Taipei in this pic, his license to drive a Flying Nimbus should be revoked.

(ETToday via Kotaku)

Jawa Cosplay Done Right

jawa cosplay top

Luis Linares aka luisprojects has created some Jawa cosplays for his kids that are pretty damn spectacular.

Check out more pics of their travels below.

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lil bob top

The weather sucks outside and there’s nothing to do. That’s a good enough reason to dress your girlfriend’s sister as Silent Bob.

Check out the entire pic below.

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