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james hance designs

If you’ve been reading our sites for a while, you’ll know that we can’t get enough of James Hance’s delightful illustrations. Now we’ve added an entire series of exclusive (and adorable) designs to our Nerd Approved Shirt Store!

If that wasn’t enough, they’re all on sale for $14 through the weekend. Check out the entire lineup in the link below.

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gaston wolverine

I think there is only one person that could put this guy in his place.

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Iron Merman [Cosplay]

iron merman

This…this is awesome. We’ve seen a lot of creative costumes that incorporate a wheelchair, but aracknoid3 Cosplay took the cake at Tampa Bay Comic Con.

Photo by Toivo Voll

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Everything is awesome? I wouldn’t say that. Parts maybe.

Which parts?

Wanna find out?


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devil cat shirt

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. That’s how the cats will win.

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gaming tatoo

This sleeve is the work of @MartinMooreTattoos in Southampton, UK. It was custom designed for a client who wanted to focus on some of her favorite video game characters.

As you can see, the result is stunning.

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Transform into a Colossal Titan in this full zip hoodie! You’ll be the one Titan that prefers to spend all it’s time devouring Taco Bell instead of humans.

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Sorry to upset you with bad news, but a person like Lenny B. Robinson deserves to be recognized and remembered.

Lenny B. Robinson aka Route 29 Batman was one of the good guys. According to the Washington Post, he was killed in a highway crash along I-70 in Maryland last night when he pulled over with engine trouble.

If you are unfamiliar, Robinson was a wealthy 51-year old Maryland man who became well known for dressing like Batman and driving his black Lamborghini (and later a Batmobile replica) to local children’s hospitals where he would hand out toys and cheer kids up with a visit from the Caped Crusader. In fact, he was on duty right ’til the end:

Robinson had just stopped at a gas station, where he met a family whose children were interested in his custom-made car, Maryland state police in Hagerstown said. Robinson gave the kids some superhero paraphernalia before leaving about the same time as his new acquaintances. When they saw him pull over, they did the same and witnessed the 10:30 p.m. accident, state police said.


totoro family

How adorable is this?

Fashionably Geek reader Stephanie L. writes:

My family and I dressed up as Mei and the three different sized Totoros at last week’s Animethon! We purchased my husband’s kigurumi pajamas but we modified our two girls’ dress and hoodie to make them like the blue and little white Totoro! I also put together my own Mei costume using simple items from the mall :) We also purchased a giant leaf from Ikea to serve as our Totoro leaf!

You can get all the details about how this cosplay came together (along with more cute pics) on All About Ami.

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