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Gnome It All Skirt

gnome skirt

Bring your wardrobe’s whimsy level to the max with this “Gnome It All” skirt.

I mean, the gnomes are riding bees! How cute is that?

May we suggest this bag to go with it?

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borat spidey

Never stay inside the lines kids.

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walking dead cosplay

The cosplay videos from SDCC 2015 are already starting to roll in, and Sneaky Zebra is first up to the plate.

Check out some of the awesome cosplay you might have missed after the break…

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thor loki dinner

UPDATE: As many of you have pointed out, this kick ass cosplay is the work of ThorTV and Loki Hates You.

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You only have a couple more days left to get in on Loot Crate’s “Heroes 2″ subscription box for July 2015. And don’t forget that one lucky Looter will find a Mega Crate on their doorstep! More about that after the break, but first, here’s the official description for Heroes 2:

Every awesomely epic undertaking deserves a stunning sequel, and so Loot Crate presents: HEROES 2! This month, we have several brave and bold items from DC Entertainment, a licensed Legend of Zelda wearable, an enterprising Star Trek item with a whiff of whimsy and our very first hardcover Looter Edition book! Exclusive items this month include an item from DC Entertainment and our Looter Edition book.

Sounds good to us.

If you’re interested in jumping in to a Loot Crate subscription with “Heroes 2″, you can get 10% off your subscription when you use the code “FASHIONABLYGEEK” at checkout.

Read our reviews of the Loot Crate boxes for June (Cyber), May (Unite) and April (Fantasy) to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

See what amazing (and expensive) surprises await one lucky Looter inside July’s Mega Crate after the break…

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Star Trek TNG cardigans are definitely hot right now. We featured similar designs previously and Her Universe just came out with their own version. However, ThinkGeek has gone the extra mile with a complete set that’s unisex and slightly more affordable.

These 5-button, v-neck sweaters feature combadges embroidered in place so you can’t lose them. Choose Sciences Blue, Command Red, or Operations Gold. We could totally see Dr. Crusher adopting this as part of her uniform for when she wasn’t seeing patients. Couldn’t you?

Product Page ($49.99)


Underneath this Magical Unicorn Umbrella, you’ll be secure in your own bubble of cheerfulness even in the gloomiest weather. Surely, a rainbow will follow you wherever you go.

The moment you open it up, the pastel striped fabric will make you feel like you’re in your own personal little pastel circus tent. The majestic plastic handle features the unicorn’s head and mane and the umbrella’s pointy bit is the tip of the unicorn’s golden horn. Basically, you can’t find a more magical umbrella.

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We’ve seen silhouette tights for everything from Batman to narwhals, but finally…FINALLY there are Star Wars versions. Grab ’em while you can because these tend to sell out quickly.

Product Pages: R2-D2 Faux Thigh High Tights / Darth Vader Faux Thigh High Tights ($14.50)


If these Marvel-themed marshmallows were in a cereal, I would eat it. If I had lady legs, I would wear them as leggings.

There’s also a skirt version! Check that out after the break along with a close-up of the design.

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minion dad

See Also: Dad Builds A Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Chem-Ball Purse For His Daughter

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