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sailor moon tiara

The Sailor Moon wedding we featured last month was fantastic, but there’s one thing it didn’t have—this gorgeous tiara.

The Sailor Moon Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara was created by famed tiara designer Taro Kamitani and it comes encrusted with Swarovski crystals and synthetic pearls that are placed by hand.

So yeah… expensive. Like, 370,000-yen ($3,100) expensive. Still, if that’s a small price to pay to have the nostalgically nerdy wedding of your dreams then by all means go for it. Bandai will be offering the tiara for pre-order beginning in March.

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Just the other day we featured a Doctor Who wedding ring set that was a real bargain. If Zelda is more your speed, you’ll want to check this out before you say “I do”.

This ring features both the Triforce and Legend of Zelda logo on a gorgeous tungsten carbide ring. It comes in a gift box and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes so you can sport a matched set.

The only question is, can you get it engraved to say “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”?

Product Page ($39.99 via Game Freaks)

dalek dresses

We’ve seen plenty of Dalek dresses over the years, but nothing like this version from Etsy seller Kaotichandbag. It’s not what you would call subtle.

It’s available in both black and gold versions.

Product Page ($101.17)

Give In To Your Feelings

craft something pretty


If you count yourself among the loyal legion of “Cumberb*tches” we have an outfit for you. It’s so intense, that if you were fortunate enough to actually meet Benedict Cumberbatch while wearing it, he would be justified in calling the police while sprinting away from you.

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The line from Poprageous includes a pair of leggings and a top—so you’ll be literally covered in Cumberbatch. Just like you’ve always dreamed.

Product Pages: Leggings ($80) Shirt ($45 via PopSugar)

moon landing tattoo

Conspiracy theorists might say it was drawn on.

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(via Reddit)

god of war tattoo fail

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Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

(via Reddit)


If you keep calling Link “Zelda” then this femme Link cosplay by Talia Mira Cosplay will only make things more confusing.

However, it’s pretty clear that the photos are spectacular. Kudos to Beethy for that.

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shirt sale

The entire collection of shirts in our Fashionably Geek / Nerd Approved Merch store (and TeePublic in general) are on sale for just $14 through the rest of the week. This includes hundreds of nerdy shirts from the best independent designers. The full breakdown looks like this:

  • Shirts: $14
  • Tanks: $18
  • Kids Tees: $14
  • Hoodies: $35

So head on over to the store and get your favorite designs while you can!

Zelda And Mario Map Scarves

zelda scarf

This Zelda Overworld map scarf looks toasty, and nerdy. But the Mario version looks awesome too.

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