These Gorgeous 3D Tattoos Have Amazing Depth

3d tattoo 1

Tattoos are a form of art, and I’m constantly impressed by the works of different artists. I find ink shaded to look like 3D illusions the most impressive, so I’m blown away by the work of Lippo Tattoo. He’s responsible for all of the 3D tattoo masterpieces in this post, and he’s done them in such a way that they look like they’re going to jump off the skin.

The level of skill it must take to create these convincing layers is hard for me to imagine. He’s applied the technique to make skin look like a ripped map and to make it appear as if insects are sitting on top of skin. Wow.

See more of Lippo’s amazing work after the break.

3d tattoo 2

3d tattoo 3

3d tattoo 4

3d tattoo 5

3d tattoo 6

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(Visual News via Neatorama)


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