The Latest Night Vision Goggles Make Our Soldiers Look Ridiculous

SA Photonics’ new High Resolution Night Vision System (HRNVS) promises to vastly improve the resolution and field of vision for military pilots flying nighttime missions while, at the same time, making them look like they just stepped out of Skymall catalog.

Of course, pilots will be happy to look ridiculous because HRNVS offers high resolution night vision imagery and over an 82.5 degree field of view. That’s more than double the field of view of most night vision systems. It also processes the images digitally, much like a fancy DSLR. That means enhancements and video recording that traditional night vision simply can’t pull off.

SA Photonics also claims that the helmet is lightweight—something I was concerned about at first glance. I pictured pilots ejecting from aircraft and plummeting to the earth head first like a shuttlecock.

(SA Photonics via BusinessWire)


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