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The Best of Fashionably Geek: September 22nd-28th 2008

Here are the top ten Fashionably Geek Products for the week of September 22nd to the 28th 2008:

Ass-Hat: Become a proud member of the Association of Sasquatch Seekers.

F-ing A Shirt: Look at him go!

Hair Helmet For Bikers: Products that should exist but don’t.

Sarah Palin Hunting Shirt: Sarah bags the elusive Democratic Donkey.

Propaganda Brain Shower Cap: Eh?

The next five products are available after the break…

Ghost Boobs Shirt: Pardon me, but I think your boobs may be haunted.

Online Predator: You never know what sick, perverted freaks may be lurking online these days.

Boom Box Revenge Shirt: The boom box takes out its rage on the iPod.

F*ck the Rain Umbrella: Yeah rain…f*ck you.

Squirrel Underpants: Hide shameful squirrel nudity.

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