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The Best Of Fashionably Geek: November 16th-22nd, 2009


Here are the top ten Fashionably Geek Products for the week of November 16th-22nd, 2009:

Three Brian Moon T-Shirt: This time, it’s Brian from Family Guy.

Game Boy, Bi-Fold, Black Leather Wallet: Takes fans of retro gaming down memory lane.

iPhone/Twitter Tie: Says “hey, I like to twitter…on my iPhone.”

Dungeon Master T-Shirt: Gaming in your parent’s basement makes you a Dungeon Master.

Brass Knuckles Necklace: Brass knuckles are just one weapon in your necklace arsenal.

Vintage Phone Home T-Shirt: What if E.T. was set in 1875?

DeLorean “BRB” T-Shirt: BRB to the future.

We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now T-Shirt: Man, Scooby Doo is more hardcore than I remember.

Who’s The Daddy? T-Shirt: That’s one scary sonogram.

Space Shuttle T-Shirt: Blast off with the space shuttle t-shirt.

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