The Best of Fashionably Geek: March 21st-27th, 2011

Here are the top ten Fashionably Geek Products for the week of March 21st-27th, 2011:

Robot Saves Us From a Space Octopus: Actually, I’m not even sure what that space blob thing is.

Normancies Aluminum-Framed Bag: Protects your precious laptop

Review: Phosphor Appear Magnetic Crystal Watch hands-on

R2D-WHO and CYB3R-PO: We’ve seen a lot of t-shirt mashups in our day, but this one seems like a natural fit.

Stormtrooper Moonlights As An Art Class Model: Hey, times are tough—even Stormtroopers need to take on second jobs now and then.

The Predator Ewok: They may seem all cute and cuddly—until they rip out your spine.

Hogwarts Mail: When a package absolutely, positively needs to get there overnight—send it by owl.

Goomba and Boo Ghost Laplander Hats: Who cares if the winter is over and its getting hot outside?

Time For Some Thrilling Heroics: This is definitely the time for some thrilling heroics, but I think I’ll just grab a beer and watch some Firefly in my underwear.

Street Fighter Reunion: l Fuerte, Cammy, Dhalsim, and Zangief pose on a street corner.

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