The Best of Fashionably Geek: June 20th-26th, 2011

Here are the top ten Fashionably Geek Products for the week of June 20th-26th, 2011:

Video: Kids Re-enact Green Lantern In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Red Swingline Stapler Necklace: We know how important your red Swingline stapler is to you.

Super Mario Chuck Taylors: Now Available For Pre-Order In The US!

Martin Freeman As Bilbo Baggins: First Official Images

Experience Bij: You! The one who is moving now! Look at this shirt! Respond!!!

Space Invaders Watch: Invades Your Wallet For $10,000

Video: High School Principal Shows Up To Graduation In An Epic Iron Man Suit

Wearable Tatooine Sand Wristwatch: Help save the Lars homestead and receive a unique collectible

Super Sub-Zero Bros: The younger Sub Zero returns for Sub-Zero Bros 2—and he’s out for revenge.

Geek Girl’s N64 Controller Tattoo: Unfortunately, you’ll need to know a secret button combo to get to the the next level.

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