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The Best of Fashionably Geek: Halloween Edition

Over the last month or so we have been including quite a few Halloween related products into our posts here at Fashionably Geek—and since today is the special day, it’s about time we listed ten of our best. Enjoy.

Vampires Have No Life T-Shirt: The curse of immortality: eventually you run out of shit to do.

Count Bakula T-Shirt: So that’s what happened to him…

Dental Damned T-Shirt: Because candy is the real Halloween monster.

Secret Spider Knife Necklace: Eight sharp legs and a hidden knife for your protection.

Sexy Ghostbusters Costume: It will make any guy a little stiff.

The last five gadgets are available after the break…

Zombama and McBrain Presidential Zombie Masks: The horrifying but obvious secret of every politician is revealed.

Instant Villain Disguise Kit: Perfect for wholesome 19th century mischief.

George Bush Drinks the Delicious Blood of Democracy T-Shirt: Put the rumors to rest…copper bleeds!

Star Wars Costumes For Your Dogs: Seriously.

Booooobs T-Shirt: I think your boobs may be haunted.


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