The Star Warsiest ‘Star Wars’ Socks

Stance SW Socks

Geeky socks have always been one of my favorite types of apparel because they’re subversive and fun. You may not being able to wear a Star Wars t-shirt because of a dress code, but socks are a whole different story.

Then again, these might not be the most subtle Star Wars socks.

Made in kid and adult sizes, you can get matching socks like R2 and Chewie, or you can mismatch with a theme like Luke and Vader or Jabba and Leia.

They’re also made from premium combed cotton and have 200 needle count stitching with a reinforced heel and toe so they won’t wear out on Trooper duty.







Product Page ($15 – $25)

(via Suit Up Geek Out)

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