New Geeky Hockey Jerseys With Wampas, Spaceballs And Ghostbusters

The latest offerings form Geeky Jerseys cover Star Wars, Spaceballs and Ghostbusters with three great new hockey jerseys. We’ve featured their jerseys before like the Transformers Optimus Prime version and these new styles are a welcome edition. If you’re not worried about Luke lopping off your arms, you can play for the Hoth Wampas. You can also choose to fight ghosts as a member of the Ghostbusters or, if you’re thinking merchandising, try the “Spaceballs: The Hockey Jersey” shirt. The choice is yours, but no matter which you decide to buy you’ll look fantastic!

See more pictures after the break…

Product Page Wampas/Spaceballs/Ghostbusters ($75-$95)


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