May You Never Regret Your Mockingjay Tattoo

From the description:

I was changed after reading the Hunger Games series. I read them while the revolutions were happening in the middle east, and after reading these books throughout the day then seeing the footage of the revolutions on the nightly news, they became so much more real to me. The characters I pictured as I read were modeled after people I really knew, and I felt for them like they were real, too. I cried for them, felt hopeful, was angry at their stupid decisions, and worried when they went away. I guess I can say this for many other books that I’ve read, but none have weighed as heavily on my heart as the Hunger Games trilogy has.

Suzanne Collins, here’s to you. You wrote a series that both broke my heart and gave me hope that not all Young Adult fiction has to be about vampires and young, stupid girls being hopelessly in love. I’ve had friends tell me that as they read the books, they pictured me as Katniss and my little sister, Hannah, as Prim. That’s the biggest compliment to me. I’m really proud to bear this Mockingjay on my skin for the rest of my life.

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Mockingjay tattoo inked by Nikki Sin at Valor Tattoo Parlor in Reno, NV.


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