Dress In Chic Armor With Black Milk’s New Chainmail Line

bmc chainmail 1

As much as I wish it wasn’t the case, wearing chainmail every day isn’t practical. It’s heavy, loud, and metal isn’t pleasant against the skin when it’s cold outside. Black Milk Clothing has another option though: fabric printed to look like chainmail. They have a new collection of apparel that includes skater dresses, a swimsuit, leggings, a body con dress, and more with the chainmail print.

See more photos of the chainmail line after the break.

bmc chainmail 2

bmc chainmail 3

bmc chainmail 4

bmc chainmail 5

bmc chainmail 6

The new line will be live on November 20th starting at 9AM (AEST).

Product Page (Prices Vary)


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