Black Widow And Scarlet Witch Loungefly Bags Complete The Set

Yesterday we unveiled these spectacular Agent Carter and Captain Marvel bags from Loungefly, but we were missing the Black Widow and Scarlet Witch versions that were first unveiled as renderings back in November. Now the set is complete. Take a closer look at the bags and matching Scarlet Witch wallet below.

There’s plenty of room inside this Black Widow Tote Bag to hold a wallet with fake identification, a S.H.I.E.L.D.-issued weapon, a burner phone, a Latin dictionary, and anything else we need to complete our mission. But the real beauty is in the subtle styling: the distinct Black Widow colors and design based on her outfit. It’s got a really nice feel to it, with embossed dots and crosshatching on the exterior fabrics. And the Black Widow insignia is a subtle signal to perceptive fellow Marvel fans, letting them know that you’re a friendly agent on an undercover mission.

Black Widow Tote Bag ($69.99)

This Scarlet Witch convertible purse also eschews the mess in favor of classic style and clever details. It’s vegan, because you don’t want animal cruelty messing with your magic mojo. It’s red, because sometimes you can’t help but stand out. It has double handles and a removeable shoulder strap, so you can make it work with any outfit (even purple tights). But what really sold us is the subtle way the bag mirrors Wanda’s emblematic headdress, not only in the seams on the front but also with the little gold badge near the top. This purse looks so good, no one will expect it’s based on an Avenger – and that is a powerful magic all its own!

Scarlet Witch Vegan Leather Convertible Purse ($69.99)

This Scarlet Witch wallet will help you keep your money more organized than Wanda’s life story – and that’s a very good thing. It’s made of quilted red vegan leather, because you don’t want animal cruelty throwing off your hexes. A zipper runs along three sides to open it wide, and inside there is a zipped coin pouch, 8 card slots, 2 bill pockets and room for receipts or whatever else you may need to stash away. And the best part is the subtle way the wallet nods to Wanda’s emblematic headdress, from the appliqué design on the front to the little gold badge near the top. Money and great accessories are the kinds of magic we can get behind!

Scarlet Witch Vegan Leather Wallet ($34.99)


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