Beautiful Tattoos Inspired By Math And Science

science tattoos 1

People get ink for different reasons, and the art of science is a constant inspiration. From Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life to quotes from Carl Sagan to an amino acid sequence – there’s a huge well of history to pull from. One Tumblr, titled F**k Yeah, Math and Science Tattoos, showcases a ton of such tattoos, and it’s fun to see the different kinds of ink people opt to put on their skin.

See more awesome tattoos after the break.

bishop tattoo

Bishop’s solution to circular slope stability and associated freebody diagrams.

phylogenic tree tattoo

A modified version of the phylogenetic tree of life by Hillis, Zwickl and Gutell.

science tattoos 2

Homage to Darwin

science tattoos 3

Carl Sagan’s pulsar map

science tattoos 4

Molecular structure of Vemurafenib

science tattoos 5

An amino acid sequence

science tattoos 6

Quote from Carl Sagan

More tattoos on FYMAST.

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