This Chainmail Dress Protects Against 500,000 Volts Of Electricity [Video]

tesla dress

Fashion incorporates electronics into designs more and more these days, but Anouk Wipprecht and ArcAttack took that to the next level with their plate metal, chainmail dress that serves as a Faraday cage. Wipprecht stood on a stage between two giant Tesla coils and withstood zaps of raw electricity. The dress is made from 600 rings of chainmail, a spiky metal helmet, toy plasma balls (they add yet another impressive touch), and plate mail.

See the dress in electrifying action after the break.

Wipprecht wore the dress herself at Maker Faire because her models said no, and I don’t blame them. While you might not want to wear this ensemble or recreate it, learning how it’s made is fascinating. Wipprecht posted a complete step by step at Instructables.

(Daily Mail via Kotaku)


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